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Version 17.10.60
Posted on February 19, 2019 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.10.60). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.10
Change Date
Version 11.08:
Common Library - Checkbox to not send Optional Track Data
The Keylocks Processor can now be setup to not send Optional Track data to the VING interface. This was needed for special encoders which coud not handle optional track data.
  911 7/19/2006 Serious Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Empty Inventory Updates are not longer sent
If the iQ-WorldLink is setup to send Inventory Updates (SynXis, Xenon) and there have been no changes to the inventory since the last transmission, then no transmission to the GDS will occur. Currently, an empty XML message is being sent and sending nothing will make the interface more efficient both on the roomMaster side and the GDS side.
  908 7/19/2006 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - HTNG Header was always being created
When the XML Inventory and Rate messages were being created, it would always wrap the data with an HTNG Soap Envelope, regardless of whether an HTNG Header was checked to be sent.
  906 7/19/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Cannot refresh training environment in Premier
The RMCONFIG utility would not successfully refresh the training environment. In order to apply this patch, you must manually run the activeis.exe program inside the RM directory on the server, or Reregister Workstation Components while running roomMaster 2000 on the main server.
  927 8/4/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - "Only Supervisors can remove all items" checkbox
"Only Supervisors can remove all items when voiding" checkbox would not update when being saved.
  921 7/26/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Best Western Interface may not cancel reservations
If a Best Western reservation came through as cancelled, it would not be able to find the proper reservation and error out.
  920 7/26/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Changed layout of Folio for Tax Summary
Changed "Balance" line on the Detail Folio when printing the "Tax Summary" at the bottom to come first before Summary of Taxes, and print in bold. This makes it easier for the guest to see the balance due.
  905 7/19/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Custom External Folios did not execute
Adding External Folios using Clarion Report Writer or Crystal Report Writer would not execute when actually printing it. The settings were not being saved properly causing the folio to not be found when executing.
  917 7/20/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Enhancements to Embedded and ISQL
Enhancement: Embedded and Interactive SQL Reports have been enhanced including the ability to do counts and averages to SubTotals as well as new Export facility allowing you to export the report in Excel, XML or Text. There were also some corrections to totals bolding properly.
  923 7/28/2006 Not Important Resolved

Main System - F3-Room Descriptions would not appear properly
Premier Edition Only - Room descriptions would not appear properly in the list.
  915 7/20/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Filter (42000 View Open Error) in POS when ' used
If a check was held with an ID using an apostrophe ('), the Recall Held Checks window would no longer be able to be opened and cause a View Open Error. This has now been corrected.
  933 8/10/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Guest Profile Import corrections
All the Imports in the Import/Export Wizard have been fine-tuned with regards to the Save and Open buttons, which did not work properly. In addition, all Date fields are now in the Clarion/Compute format and must be deformatted before being placed in the file. This allows all dates to be in any format before being imported, and works properly in all countries.
  939 8/23/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Guest Profile No-Match
When entering a reservation, and then pressing "No Match" on Guest Profile Lookup screen, the window would come up again when saving the reservation.
  925 8/4/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Guest Profiles Showing as 100001
* Regression * - Guest Profiles set as "No Match" would end up attached to profile 1000001. This is only an issue with 11.08b.
  918 7/26/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - Inhouse Reports does not print desk folios
If "Include Desk Folios" is checked for Inhouse by Room or Inhouse by Name report, they would be excluded. This is corrected.
  913 7/20/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Interactive and Embedded SQL Enhancements
Premier Edition: 1) If a prompt variable is duplicated in an SQL statement, the value is automatically populated after first prompt. 2) If an error occurs in the SQL statement, it is always returned in the status bar back to the Create Query window to make it easier for the user to correct. 3) Small corrections make to the XML export facility such as XML characters appearing in the data could cause invalid XML. 4) You can now set the maximum number of records to be retrieved via the Options button on a workstation level.
  930 8/10/2006 Not Important Resolved

Main System - iQ-WorldLink Green/Yellow/Red lights
The lights (colors) have been corrected to work properly for FTP and WorldRes communications. Sometimes the lights would remain green even if files were picked up as well as remained green, even if there were an error instead of changing to Yellow.
  914 7/20/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Meter bar in Export more accurate for SQL
When running any of the Exports in the Import/Export Wizard using the Premier Edition, the Progress bar was not 100% accurate as it could be when using SQL.
  902 7/19/2006 Not Important Resolved

Main System - Miscellaneous Enhancements to I&E SQL
Added Field Descriptions to new tree layout of Field List. Also added "Special Fields" option.
  934 8/23/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Opening Reservations screen can be slow
When opening F5 screen, and "Only Future Reservations" is checked, the screen would a very long time to open (minutes). This is only an issue in the Standard Editions only.
  922 7/26/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - POS Drawer Open Issue
POS If the employee is set to not open a drawer, and they press Cancel on the Recall Check window, the Drawer would still be able to be opened.
  929 8/10/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - POS Summary Report incorrect data
Premier Edition Only - The POS Check List Summary would display all Check Statuses as the first status on the report.
  919 7/26/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Quick Room in SQL would duplicate room number
Premier Edition Pressing Up arrow or Page Up on the Room Listing could duplicate the entry (room number).
  932 8/10/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Return Transfer Items back to Folio causes error
If the user selects the "Return Transferred Items back to Folio", and the items being transferred back were posted on the same audit date, they are deleted from the JOURNAL during the night audit procedure (with a warning message) and causes the system to become out of balance.
  910 7/19/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - Room Revenue by Room Type could be incorrect
Due to a regression as of V11.05, the Room Revenue figure posted to the Rooms Analysis File could be incorrect, especially when there are Meeting Rooms and most likely will post as zero. This calculation is now corrected going forward after the update is installed. A change was also made to increase the speed of the night audit when calculating these figures.
  937 8/23/2006 Down Time Resolved

Main System - Sign-In Sheets would print in ConfNum Order
Premier Edition Only: Signin Sheets could sometimes not print in Alpha order.
  935 8/23/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Sped up Cancel Non-Gtd Reservation Screen
When filtering only Non-Guarenteed reservations on the Cancel Non-Gtd Reservations screen, it could be slow to respond ... and is now dramatically faster.
  936 8/23/2006 dium Resolved

Main System - Travel Agent Envelopes missed Street2
When printing an envelope, and the Travel Agent record had both a Street and Street2, the Street 2 would be dropped.
  938 8/23/2006 dium Resolved

Main System - Updated XML Library
Updated XML Library (iqxml.dll) which corrects some issues with converting XML character data properly such as John "Bubba" Smith which could cause an error in Synxis interface because of the quotes.
  931 8/10/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Ving 2100Plus corrections
Many corrections to the VING2100Plus keylock interface. Any customer using Ving2100 should upgrade and use this version.
  924 7/28/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Voiding C/L Batches on another day
When voiding a C/L Payment batch on a day other than the day that the transaction occured, the transaction type would be incorrecting ... using the transaction transaction type that was actually posted at that workstation.
  926 8/4/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Windows being closed would apply focus incorrectly
When closing a Selection or Lookup browse screen on a MDI parent window, and if another window was active/opened on another thread, that window would become the new active window losing focus to the current 'task' the user was working on.
  928 8/4/2006 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - allowed unaccepted credit cards
If the site is setup to allowed cards to be taken, but no deposit amount is being charged at time of reservation, then disallowed credit cards would be allowed. This is now corrected.
  912 7/20/2006 Serious Resolved

Premier Edition - Assigned rooms to Unavailable Rooms
In the Premier Edition only, you can assign a room on a reservation to a room that is actually Unavailable.
  907 7/19/2006 Serious Resolved

Premier Edition - Embedded SQL Enhancement for Sub-Totals
Added new SUBTOTAL ... [ON ...] clause to the Embedded/Interactive SQL reports to allow the user to quickly and easily added subtotals and/or grandtotals to any of the columns based on a level break. See the ONLINE HELP for more information and examples on this subject.
  904 7/19/2006 Not Important Resolved

Premier Edition - Filter on City Ledger Invoices would fail
Premier Edition Only - The Filter button on the City Ledger Invoices screen would fail with "Programmer Error"
  916 7/20/2006 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Workorders would not deduct or appear
Premier Edition Only. Work Orders would not appear on Commission Statements and Owner Statements.
  909 7/19/2006 Serious Resolved

Reports - Custom Reports menu Enhancement
Enhancement: Added ability to add up to 7 custom Report Categories to the Reports menu to allow the user to further group their Custom Reports and SQL Embedded Queries rather than placing them all under "Custom Reports".
  903 7/19/2006 Low Resolved
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