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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 11.09:
Common Library - Added Fee/Service Charge in Room Tax Options
Enhancement: In Setup > Guest Ledger > Room Tax Options, added "Global Tax/Fee" option. This allows you to post a fee to every Room Revenue posting regardless of the Tax Options or Room Revenue type. It could be used for Room Levy's, Room Surcharges and Safe Charges so tax accounts no longer have to be used.
  951 9/22/2006 Serious Resolved

Common Library - Cancelling Reservation did not journal changes
When changing the Deposit Amount or Assigned Rooms on a reservation, and then hitting the Cancel button (cancelling changes), the Change Journal would not be updated with the affected changes.
  950 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

Common Library - Event Log can now be sent to support
Enhancement: AppLog can be sent to InnQuest Software support.
  941 9/22/2006 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - ODBC/Excel Import of Rooms includes blank lines
When importing room numbers from ODBC or Excel, blank spreadsheet lines are included stopping the import from working.
  949 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

Common Library - Tax by Adults or Flat rate does not split
Old Issue. When adding a tax "By Adult" or "By Flat Rate", and splitting the posting among sub-folios, the amount would not split and become double-posted.
  952 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

EPI - Alcatel OmniPCX Bi-directional messages invalid
The Alcatel OHL OmniPCX interface creates invalid Checkin messages because of the length of the Language Set. (1 versus 4) - In addition, the password field is now created and the proper CRC/CC is attached to the messages.
  958 9/22/2006 Serious Resolved

EPI - Interface with LG LDK-300 Hotel
Enhancement: Added PMS Integration with LG Telephone System using LDK-300 Hotel software interface.
  973 10/12/2006 Suggestion Resolved

Functions - Premier Edition Active-X change
When Active-X components are installed under the Premier Edition, on the server, the Sybase ODBC components (DLL's) are not installed as they would already be handled via the Sybase Installations and EBF's. This will avoid rebooting the file server during Active-X reinstallations. Note: This change has been rolled back and removed in 11.09b as the ODBC components were found to be needed in some cases.
  957 9/22/2006 dium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - XML Files between 4meg and 19meg
If a message of reservations came in with a size between 4meg and 19meg, it would not be processed properly.
  940 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Ability to quote rate on RM.NET with 100% deposit
Enhancement: Finalized abilty to quote/use a rate on, but require that the deposit be 100% of the entire stay. Example: RACK rate at $150 a night, with 50% of 1st night deposit OR a $100 special provided the guest pay the entire balance up front at time of booking. This flag is on the Rate Setup tab of setup, on the Advanced ... button.
  970 10/12/2006 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added Label functionality to ISQL
Enhancement: Added Label printing to the Embedded and Interactive SQL. Instead of just creating reports from queries, users can now easily create a labels. The user can select from 18 different label formats.
  977 10/12/2006 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Assign Room taken by another workstation
If two workstations pressed "Assign Room" at the same time, and a room was used by both workstaions, the second workstation would receive a 'hard-halt' error rather than a graceful message stating that another workstation (or Rm.NET) has taken the room. This would only happen if the window did not lose and gain focus between assigning the room.
  942 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Availability showing rates display issue
Cosmetic issue ... when showing rates on F4-Availability, there are instances where the rates would be in parenthesis and other times when they are not.
  954 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Available Rooms screen faster
The F3-Available Rooms screen should open and display data faster both in Standard and Premier Editions due to an improvement in ignore duplicate rate calculations.
  953 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Changed iQ-WorldLink to remove old Inv/Rte Files
Before iQ-WorldLink sends Inventory and Rate XML messages, the system will remove all previously unsent Rate and Inventory messages. Since the new messages override all previous inventory and rate states, and could cause an issue with the remote system, these unsent messages are deleted and only the new inventory and rate messages are sent. In addition, all outbound re-queueing of messages is now done in chronological order to make sure all messages are processed in the proper order.
  974 10/12/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Dayend Close "Ignore Unavail Rooms in Occ%"
Regression: Dayend Close checkmark "Ignore Unavailable Rooms in Occ%" was being ignored.
  965 9/30/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - DUPLICATE(key) returns true after DELETE(file)
DUPLICATE(key) function returns true in the SQL Driver after a DELETE(file) is peformed. This causes an issue actually in many different points in the program. It seems to be an issue in the Clarion compiler, which we have reported to Soft Velocity and are waiting for a response. In short, if using Premier Edition and a record is deleted, then subsequent changes to that file would produce a "Duplicate Key" type of message even though this is not the case. (some places affected are Group Block Detail, Groups, User Profiles, ...) Work Around- Exit the screen that is producing the error and retry the function.
  966 11/6/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - Enhanced Restore Window
The Restore window/function now also allows the user to select the "Shift" backup directory as an option. It also shows the date/time of the backups as well as the Shift backups.
  980 11/6/2006 Not Important Resolved

Main System - F3-Rooms always includes Blocked Rooms
Regression - Premier Edition Only F3-Rooms screen will always include blocked and booked rooms.
  961 9/30/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - Folio Display Height Adjustment code reworked
The resizing of the Folio Display (Regular vs. Tall) was being adjusted based on the Video Display settings of the computer rather than the height of the Application Frame at the time the folio was being displayed. This has been reworked so the folio buttons are no longer clipped when the size of the AppFrame is smaller than 800x600 regardless of the Video settings in Windows. In addition, two common sizes (800x600 and 1024x768) were added to the Window menu option.
  975 10/12/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - GROUPNAME does not work on confirmation letter
The *GROUPNAME* (Group Name) variable did not work in confirmation letters.
  982 11/6/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Hitting Cancel when Voiding Batch
When Voiding a Batch Payment in C/L if you select "Cancel" rather than "Ok" it still Voids the batch.
  947 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - iQ-WorldLink rates sent with Discounts
When rates are setup with Discounts to apply "For Entire Stay", these discounts are not applied to the rates being sent to the GDS (WorldRes, SynXis, Xenon, etc) This would work for both by Percent and by Amount, however, impossible to do for specialized discount period/days and is not supported.
  981 11/6/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - ISQL Label Wizard
Enhancement: Added Label Wizard option which will write an address label SQL Statement simply by selecting any of the tables in the list.
  979 11/6/2006 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Maintenance Log slow when many completed items
If the Maintenance has 100's and 1000's of completed items (not purged), opening the Maintenance Log could take a long time. This is not seen in the Premier Edition since the prop:filter of the data is handled by the SQL backend, but only in Standard Editions. Coding changes are being applied to the screen to filter the records via the driver rather than the application itself, speeding it up considerbly.
  968 10/12/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - OTA XML Rate message more efficient
The OTA XML rate message (OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ) will now combine Weekday and Weekend amount StatusApplicationControl content when the weekend and weekday amounts are the same. This will create a smaller and more efficient transmission of rate notification to the GDS.
  976 10/12/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Packages do not RollUp VAT on Group Folio
Package Folios that have a VAT posting will not rollup the tax on the Group Folio. It does however work on Detail and Summary but not the Group Folio. This is only an issue when Folio Type is set to VAT RollUp.
  946 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Premier Edition updates
Many small changes to the Premier Edition including RMCONFIG fixes, ability to display correct database size, some enhancements to purging, elimination of Shift backup, path database information expanded, and HISTORY OFF parameter added to the BACKUP command to avoid History conflicts with other loaded Sybase applications loaded on the machine.
  983 11/6/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Purge History - Travel Agent Detail ignores date
When purging Guest History, and selecting to purge Travel Agent detail, all paid invoices are purged regardless of the purge T/A date entered.
  978 11/6/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Quick Assign Room corrections and Assign Rooms
If there were connecting rooms assigned to a reservation, the room would appear on the Quick Assign Rooms list even if the "Show Unassigned Rooms" checkbox was checked. In addition, for Premier Edition, the backend processing for this screen was changed for considerable speed enhancements. In addition, the flicker of Assign/Remove buttons on the Assign Rooms screen was corrected when using XP-Themes.
  955 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Quick Room Display (Premier) locator corrected
The locator of room number (keying in a room number and having the browse screen auto-locate to the match) did not work in Premier Edition. This is now corrected.
  959 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Quick Room Display issues
Regression - Premier Edition Only The Quick Room Display will not refresh sub-windows when a change is made to one of the sub-windows.
  962 9/30/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - Right-Click on Quick Room Display
Regression The Right-Click options stopped working on windows which have more than one browse screen on them because of a change in the compiler (Build 9054).
  963 9/30/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - Room Import ignores connector rooms
When using the Room Import features, the Connector room column was ignored both in Excel and CSV formats.
  956 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Room Revenue account not assigned on Groups
If the user creates reservations using the Rooming List in Group Block's, and uses the Group CheckIn option to checkin the group, and the rate for the Group if Overridden, then the Revenue Account assigned to the reservation is zero. Then, if the reservation is also setup to transfer room revenue charges to a Desk Folio, and the room revenue charges are then voided, the room revenue is incorrectly reflected in the Dayend Close Recap and Manager's Reports. This type of scenerio is very rare but has happened to one client.
  971 10/12/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Room Revenue Detail report skips deleted rooms
If a room is deleted from the system, and then the Room Revenue Detail report is run for a previous month when the room existed, it is not included in the report. The Room Revenue Detail report now includes all rooms where Room Revenue were posted including deleted rooms, front desk folios and history folios without a room number attached, so it always balances with the Room Revenue from other reports.
  969 10/12/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Toolbar Colors mismatch
Regression When changing the Toolbar colors in 11.09 only, four of the colors are not saved properly and saved as another color.
  967 9/30/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Uniwell special formula option added
Enhancement: For Uniwell POS, if the third position of Special Formula is Y, then the ECR ID is added to the voucher in the form of ECR: (aa:).
  964 9/30/2006 Not Important Resolved

Payment Application - Shift4 POS Transactions that affect C/L Fail
If an account is marked for Credit Card Interface, as well as marked for Affect C/L with C/L Account attached, it will prompt a total of three times during the process for a Tip. This is because it is prompting for tips under Credit Card functions as well as C/L billing functions. The system is now corrected to treat an Affect C/L Interface account code that is also flagged as a Credit Card Interface account only as a Credit Card interface transaction until final posting.
  972 10/12/2006 Medium Resolved

POS - Entering more than 255 Guests on POS Check
Max number of guests allowed in iQ-POS is 255 (byte field) - Changed to stop the user from entering more than 255. In Version 12, we will allow unlimited.
  948 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

POS - POS Modifier Window when changing price
Add an Item in POS > Modify Item > Manual Note > Modify Item again > Change Price = It will 'Ring' another of the same item at original price. The issue is that the pricing buttons behave as the OK button on the Modifier Window, but does not post event accepted to the OK button.
  943 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

Reports - Room Type Filter does not work on Rooms Analysis
Room Type Filter on the Room Type Analysis Report does not work and ends the report prematurely.
  945 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - Add Orange Flag to Setup
The 7th (Orange) Flag that was added for iQ-WorldLink does not display in the drop down on setup program. It will only show 6 flags.
  944 9/22/2006 Not Important Resolved

SetupBuilder - Vista Installation Supported
roomMaster 2000 Version 11.09 is ready to be installed on Windows Vista. Beta versions of Windows Vista is not supported.
  960 9/22/2006 Suggestion Resolved
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