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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 11.50:
Common Library - RWTotalStay API Function structure changed
The RWTotalStay API function second parameter has been changed from "Optional" to "Required" to be compatible with changes made to the Clarion 6 RunTime Library and the Clarion Report Writer. The second parameter must be either a '0' to indicate the first parameter is a reservation confirmation number or a '1' to indicate that the first parameter is a folio number.
  990 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

Corp Reporting - CRM Data Export mixed Debits and Credits
When the CRM (Corporate Reporting Module) export ran, it did not mark Credits in the TRANHIST portion of the export properly. Everything appeared as "Debits".
  998 12/7/2006 Serious Resolved

Enterprise - Owner Statement "Percent of Fee" fee is zero
If a "Fee" is selected as "Percent", it is not shown on the Owner's Commission Statement. You must use the "Before Fee's" option. This has now been corrected and you can base your fee on either Before Fee's or on the Full Amount.
  985 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

EPI - EPI database swap could skip rooms
Under some circumstances, if the EPI starts a database swap (Centigram, 2103, etc.), then some rooms could be missed. This is a regression as of Version 11.00
  995 12/4/2006 Serious Resolved

EPI - EPI record buffer changed from 1K to 4K
The EPI record (COM and IP) buffer has been changed from 1K to 4K to allow for larger data streams and systems which send large amounts of data.
  991 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

EPI - Lodgenet/Otrum interface sends extra ACK in POST
Lodgenet and Otrum interface ACK's the incoming POST message as well as another ACK is sent after the post to the folio is successful. Since these interfaces use a full message response, there is no need to ACK the actual posting. Lodgenet will show the following error is this patch is not installed: "Error: Received ACK without corresponding outgoing packet"
  989 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

EPI - Micros Posting now allows billing to City Ledger
Enhancement: EPI now has new special formula of /PREFIXRC which indicates that the user (server) will prefix all room numbers with an "R" and all City Ledger/Direct Bill accounts with a "C". This allows servers to post directly to the City Ledger from within Micros POS. When posting to the City Ledger account, the Credit Limit is checked (prior to posting), as well as Inactive Status, Direct Bill and Credit Hold flags.
  986 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Rate Description in OTA_RateNotifRQ incorrect
The Rate Description element was putting the description on the Formatted= attribute rather than as its own element causing an invalid document. This has been corrected.
  999 12/7/2006 Serious Resolved

Main System - C/L Memo will print adjustments as invoice
When C/L invoices are Added, and a Debit/Credit Memo is printed, the amount is showed as the Original Amount rather than as an Adjustment to make Added Invoices look just like regular invoices.
  987 12/4/2006 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Guest Profile Expiration reading wrong date
When entering a "Last Responded Date" on the Guest Profile, the profile is unable to be used if that date has passed. The system mixed up the Last Responded Date with Guest Expiration Date.
  984 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Guest Profiles not auto-created on ChangeRecord
"Require Guest Profile Information" checkboxes on the Setup / History tabs are only fired on InsertRecord. If the record is created in the database without a Guest Profile (RM.NET, API, WorldLink, and if checkbox changed after records created), Guest Profile information is not created/updated when OK or CHECKIN is pressed.
  992 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Inhouse Browse and QRD significantly faster
Enhancement: Changes were made to the VIEW engines of the F8 and QRD screens giving a huge performance boost both in TPS and SQL versions. These changes are significant making it so a large hotel could open the F8 screen now in sub-second time rather than 1-2 seconds.
  997 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

Main System - Travel Agent Billing Report missed names
Premier Edition Only, the Lastname/Firstname would not print on the Travel Agent Billing Report. This report was also reworked to use SQL statements to generate much faster.
  988 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

Main System - Unwelcomed Guest List did not work on WalkIn
The Unwelcomed Guest List would not pull up properly on the Guest Checkin/Properties screen.
  994 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

POS - Multiple Qty Priced Modifiers are not discounted
If a Modifier has a price, and the item is rung up as a multi-quantity item, and then a discount is applied to the entire order, the modifier is discounted or reduced to the first quantity. This is corrected.
  996 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

rm.Net - CreateReserve API does not store Workstation ID
Regression: When creating reservations using the API (RM.NET, WorldLink, etc.), the COMPUTER/Workstation information is not stored in the Change Journal.
  993 12/4/2006 Low Resolved
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