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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 11.52:
Common Library - Interfaces will now reconnect to DB Engine
Premier Edition Only: - Hot Issue If the database is brought down and then brought back up, or an interface computer drops from the network and then reconnects, all interfaces (EPI, WorldLink, Keylocks, POS Print Manager) will end as a HungApp, GPF or would just freeze. Changes were made to the common library to disconnect from the database and try and reconnect to gracefully bring the application back up. If the POS disconnects from the DB, it will try and reconnect every 15 seconds. All other interfaces will try and reconnect every 5 seconds.
  1011 1/9/2007 Down Time Resolved

EPI - EPI will not reconnect to dropped IP hosts
11.52.03 When connecting to an IP device (such as Comtrol Device Master or an IPX Phone) and the remote host drops it's connection, most systems will come back online only in listening mode (slave). The EPI will now try and reconnect to all dropped connections every 5 minutes until a reconnection has established.
  1016 2/8/2007 Serious Resolved

EPI - Updated CLACOM drivers
This version recompiled with newest CLACOM32 drivers (EPI and Keylocks) for COM Port integration.
  1012 1/9/2007 Medium Resolved

Main System - Change to how To Do's are handled
11.52.03 Change A change has been made to the way the system handles past To Do items. Currently items older than 30 days are being purged from the system during the Day End Close. This function has been removed and will be re-evaluated for Version 12 for a more efficient and better solution.
  1018 2/8/2007 Medium Resolved

Main System - Discount on rate level always applied
11.52.04 If you add a Discount on the Rate Type Level in Rate Setup, and only select certain Checkin day of the week's it is valid, the discount would always been applied. This was correct.
  1021 2/19/2007 Medium Resolved

Main System - Group Blocks Room Assignment(s) Issue
11.52.03 Premier Edition Only Groups blocks that are booked by room number can cause Room Assignment Display Issues when two or more group blocks covering the some or all of the check in to check out date range have remaining assigned rooms without reservations. This issue causes assigned rooms to appear in the Available Room Display
  1017 2/8/2007 Serious Resolved

Main System - Guest Profiles History Detail Display Issue
11.52.03 Premier Edition Only When selecting the History Detail from a Guest Profile, the detail is duplicated and upon selecting and leaving one of the history folios the list is resorted to show only the last record in the display
  1014 2/8/2007 Medium Resolved

Main System - Selecting Rate Lookup on Groups causes SQL Error
Premier Edition Only: If a Group Block is set up to not have Checkin/Checkout dates, and the magnifying glass is used to look up rates, an SQL TimeStamp error would appear.
  1013 1/9/2007 Low Resolved

POS - Point of Sale Bill To Room Sub Folio selection
11.52.04 When selecting Sub-Folios C and/or D on the POS Bill To Room, there is a chance that it won't work or that the sub folios can be flipped.
  1025 2/19/2007 dium Resolved

Premier Edition - Browse sorting issues fixed
Premier Edition 11.52.04 Minor sorting and refreshing issues fixed on Guest Profiles and Work Orders. Work Orders can only be fixed on new ones entered.
  1022 2/19/2007 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - New Environment option on command line
11.52.04 New command line option (Environment) can be used to start RM in another default environment. This switch overrides any entry in the registry. Example: rw5main environment=Site2 would start the Site2 database engine instead of roomMaster.
  1023 2/19/2007 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - QuickRoom display Arrival column was blank
11.52.04 The Arrival column on the Quick Room Display was always blank.
  1020 2/19/2007 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Shift Report User Filter
11.52.04 When selecting Shift report, transaction details, filtered for a particular user, all the transactions for the user would appear in the report instead of those for that particular account code being selected.
  1024 2/19/2007 Low Resolved

Reports - City Ledger Statements with no Invoice Detail
11.52.03 Premier Edition Only When running C/L Account Statements, and selecting Invoice Detail, and printing statements without any detail, SQL TimeStamp errors can occur.
  1019 2/8/2007 Serious Resolved

Reports - Payments Received Today Report Issue
11.52.03 Premier Edition Only The Journal Summary of the payments on the lower left of the report are displayed incorrectly when a Payment made on a reservation is received.
  1015 2/8/2007 Medium Resolved
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