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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 11.56:
Common Library - POSLOG would not reset in Premier Edition
The POSLOG table would not reset (Clear) when choosing Reset System in the Premier Edition.
  1058 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

Common Library - Premier Conversion
Premier Edition Conversion can now set the initial database file size. Main entry screen closes before conversion runs to lower screen updates to make conversion faster.
  1051 5/15/2007 Not Important Resolved

Common Library - RMCONFIG Default Database
The RMCONFIG utility for the Premier Edition would always default to the database name of "roommaster". This would not work when sites would use the same server to server multiple databases on the same network. It will now use the default database engine name from the registry.
  1053 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

Common Library - RMCONFIG fixes for restoring Night Audit
Active-X controls changed to Version 25 to install this update. RMCONFIG would not restore Night Audit Image (Premier Edition) when roomMaster was installed in any location other than C:\Program Files\roommaster. It will now use the database properties to find the proper location of the roommaster.db
  1060 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

EPI - /NOSLASH parameter for Micros POS (Nomadix)
Case # 738 was implemented in 10.09, however, not rolled into 11.x -- this is now implemented as well for 11.x. (Nomadix HSIA interfaces)
  1047 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

EPI - EPI - Isolation Level and Critical Stops
The EPI Posting routines will wait to fire for up to 2 seconds if another thread is in the middle of a posting routine, controlled by a Critical Stop windows function. In addition, if EPIBusyHandling was used, the Isolation level for threads 2 through 8 would still run at the database's default Isolation Level instead of 0. Finally, all I/O to the database within the EPI CommSession routines are framed in a LOGOUT/COMMIT causing the database to commit all SQL transactions. This was causing a roomMaster workstation freeze randomly.
  1052 5/15/2007 Serious Resolved

Main System - Enhanced Curent Active Users
Enhanced Current Active Users Database Connections to show any Blocking Connection Numbers. (Premier Edition Only)
  1050 5/15/2007 Not Important Resolved

Main System - Package Rollup was by Audit Date vs. Display Date
All Daily Package RollUp's were by Audit Date rather than Display Date. When adjustments were made to packages, all rollup would occur as one item since the adjustments were all being done on the same audit date. RollUp's are now done by which Folio Print setting (Audit vs Display Date).
  1062 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

Main System - Rechecking in Desk Folio Inventory Reservation
When checking in an Inventory Only Reservation (to desk folio) and then selecting the Recheckin Option during Checkout, it would recheckin the desk folio as a Room Folio rather than a Desk Folio. This was caused by the First Name properties of the reservation being extended into the Desk Folio properties.
  1061 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

Main System - Refresh on F4-Availability
F4-Availability screen would not refresh and show new information when right-clicking and starting a new reservation.
  1048 5/15/2007 Low Resolved

Main System - Right-Mouse click on F4 - MouseDownField issue
Right-Mouse click on F4-Availability Room Block Detail would update hte MouseDownRow but not the MouseDownField FEQ. This would cause the selected column to not be accurate until a MouseLeftClick.
  1049 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

Main System - Rooming List database record corruptions
Premier Edition Only When creating rooming list entries from unfilled groups, a corruption could occur on the database driver level causing incorrect forecasting numbers. This was caused by the C60SQAX driver corrupting key fields when using SEND(key, /WHERE) clauses.
  1054 5/15/2007 Serious Resolved

Main System - Rooms placed Out of Service would flip too soon
When putting rooms Out of Service, they would be flipped to Unavailable one day too soon. This is a regression around version 11.02 and is a serious regression. Users putting rooms Out of Service should update as soon as possible.
  1056 5/15/2007 Serious Resolved

Main System - Sub-Folios during Group CheckIn
If sub-folio changes are selected during Group CheckIn, the next regular checkin has the Sub Folio from the Group Checkin created.
  1046 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

POS - Re-order Round in POS would cause sorting issues
Once you chose Reorder Round in POS, splitting checks would cause the line item to randomly appear in the guest check.
  1059 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

Reports - Manager Daily Report Changes
The COMP/RACK/OTHER section of the Managers Daily Report is now in the same order and text as the Dayend Close report for consistancy. The Override Rooms line has been removed because it served no purpose with the other data and caused confusion.
  1057 5/15/2007 Low Resolved

Reports - Monthly Booked Occupancy Report filter text
When selecting Unfilled Group Rooms or Unavailable Room check boxes when running the Monthly Occupancy Booked Rooms report, the filter text printing on the report was incorrect. This is now fixed.
  1055 5/15/2007 Low Resolved
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