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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 12.03:
Common Library - Error on Config File during File Conversion
Standard and Enterprise Edition Only: An error message is received during the conversion process on the config.dat file stating the file is not open. Selecting OK on the error message allows the conversion to complete without additional issues.
  1078 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

Common Library - roomMaster in Stopped Mode after Upgrade
roomMaster is not automatically coming out of stopped mode at the completion of an upgrade. To manually start roomMaster, select Night Audit > Restart roomMaster.
  1077 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

EPI - Added ability to send EPI Event Notifications to email
Enhancement: Added ability to attach an email address to an EPI configuration (on the session level) so that any changes which affect the EPI Status (Red, Yellow, Green lights) will trigger an email notification to a designated user. This could be used so a support person can be notified immediately if the EPI session goes into a disconnected state or a failed state. See the new /ALERT special formula in the Online Help for more information.
  1088 1/17/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Functions - Final Fixes/Changes to the RestoreWindow Standard Functions
Regression in Version 12: The standard window functions were no longer trying to bring Windows which were out of range of the AppFrame back to the center of the screen. In addition, the system has now been enhanced to try and correct these orphan windows when they are also Non-MDI windows as well reducing issues with windows that 'fall off the screen'.
  1083 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Batch Print Signin Sheets with More Names Incorrect
Standard and Enterprise Edition: If the batch print contains more name on one of the reservations, the Signin Sheet is printed with the previous guest's name under the first signature line. Once another reservation with a more name is reach in the batch, the correct name prints under the first signature line.
Premier Edition: If there is an additional name on the reservation, the registered guest's name is not appearing below the first signature line. The text reads 'Signature' instead of the registered guest's name.

  1089 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Duplicate Group Master Folio
When the first reservation that is part of a group block with charge routing is checked in, the desk folio (group master) is automatically created even if a desk folio for the group master already exists. System is not checking for the desk folio prior to automatically creating one and setting the charge routing to the new desk folio rather than the existing one.
  1075 1/17/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Filter List Removed from Journal Screen
Standard and Enterprise Edition Only
The filter list button no longer appears on the Journal screen.

  1084 1/17/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - FTP Passive File Transfer Checkbox
Passive file transfer is still being used even if the check box for passive file transfer is null.
  1087 1/17/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Group Blocks - Book by Room Number
If a reservation is started for a room within a group block from the Availability screen and the user selects cancel on the reservation, the room number is removed from the Group Block. This issue only affects groups which are setup to block by room number. Also, it was found that if the GROUPCODE was changed or blanked out on a reservation which was originally using rooms from another Group Block, they could have been removed from the original group rather than put back into inventory for the group.
  1080 1/17/2008 Serious Resolved

Main System - When printing history folio from City Ledger, VAT is applied to first recored
Premier Edition Only The key to retrieving and printing history folios transactions was in TranType order instead of Posting order which caused the VAT posting amount to always be applied to the first record on the folio. This issue will only show when printing a folio directly from a City Ledger invoice.
  1090 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

POS - Incorrect Service Name Prints on Kitchen Receipt
If the services have been renamed in the global settings of IQPOS, the kitchen receipt is still printing the hard coded ***TAKE OUT ORDER*** and ***ROOM SERVICE ORDER*** for the services in the third and fourth position.
  1086 1/17/2008 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Closed to Arrival/Departures
The Closed for Arrival/Departures option in Yield Management is not affecting reservations in roomMaster.Net. In addition, if the Room Type is different than the Rate Type, the Closed for Arrival/Departures was not working properly in roomMaster 2000. was not designed to handle this new function but is now enhanced to show language table entry 792 and 793 when Closed for Arrival/Departure is active. This functionality is added to Version 5.01 and higher.
  1079 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Prompt to keep Prompt Parameters on re-execution
Enhancement: In Interactive and Embedded SQL, if a report has Prompt Parameters, and the query is executed in succession (ie: during development of a query), the system will prompt the user whether or not they want to keep the existing Prompt Parameters rather than having to enter them again.
  1081 1/17/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Rate Exceptions are not cleared on override rate and connectors
If a rate has Yielding or Rate Exceptions, and the rate is then overridden (either by selecting a Company Rate or just selecting Override Rate checkbox), the Rate Exceptions and Yielding colors are not cleared. This also occurs when checking in Connector rooms.
  1082 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

Reports - Yearly Account Balance Report has Incorrect Totals
The yearly account balance report is placing the totals from 2007 in the 2008 column causing the report to be off by one year.
  1085 1/17/2008 Low Resolved
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