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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 12.05:
Common Library - Added ability to print Table configurations
Enhancement: Added Print button to generic Table configuration browse screen, allowing user to print out configuration options like Room Types, Hold Types, User Fields, Rate Types, etc.
  1146 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - Changed to newer PDF Engine
All PDF functions have been upgraded from the 2.0 PDF-Tools library to the 2.5 PDF-Tools library. Some WMF files could GPF when being converted to PDF and it seems the newer library resolves this issue.
  1144 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - Currency Picture did not adjust properly
Currency Pictures with a "B" or "-" in the currency name would not work properly, for example, BHT for Thailand.
  1134 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Common Library - Date and Currency Pictures use standard lengths
Even though the currency picture was STRING(15), the global memory space allocated for this pictures in all the dlls were CSTRING(12) causing 4 characters to be missing should these pictures be greater than 11 characters. All libraries are now changed so there should be no issues with the size of the date or currency pictures.
  1150 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

Common Library - Foreign Currency Enhancements
Enhancement: A number of enhancements were made to the foreign currency functions in roomMaster 2000.

  • Foreign Currency amounts will now print immediately after the balance line and before tax summary.
  • Added ability to show Exchange Rate on the folio in addition to the name of currency.
  • The currency code was changed from 2 characters to 3 characters max to be compatible with standard abbreviations.
  • Made foreign currency window easier to use, making buttons bigger and having cursor default to proper field when printing Ctrl+K
  • Made Foreign Currency receipt easier to read, and corrected lengths of some fields.
  • Added ability to round converted exchanged amount to whole unit amount.
  • Added ability to show Foreign Currency on iQ-POS Detail Receipts.

  1135 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - PDF Reports did not always attach to email message
Depending on the file name entered (as the PDF) and the location of the running target (drive map, UNC path, or fully qualified path), the PDF after creation may not attach to the MAPI which causes it not to attach to an email message. Functions have been changed to handle all qualified and non-qualified mapping.
  1145 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

Common Library - POS Breakdown by account code may not void properly
If the iQ-POS Post to Room was "By Account Code", and the account code on the roomMaster side was marked as taxable, the system would not void the entire transaction if done at a later point. In addition, the same would occur if the void was done via the POS as well. The system has been changed to link child tax transactions to their parent transaction as well as the master parent/original transaction so the void would work properly.
  1155 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

EPI - Added Bi-Directional compatibility for Ericsson CIL4HOTEL Format
Enhancement Add EPI Bi-Birectional compatibility (checkin, checkout, move room, name change, housekeeping) for the Ericsson CIL4HOTEL format.
  1128 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

EPI - Mitel 2103 dataset could change from IP device to COM
There is a remote chance that the 2103 dataset session would change from being an IP connection to a COM connection and stall the interface. This would only happen if the 2103 dataset were running as a non COM1 device and the COM1 device was not in-use, and would only happen after a move-room command.
  1154 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - GDS Inventory updates not sent for multiple configuration entries
Inventory updates are not sent for multiple configuration entries in IQ Worldlink. Only properties running multiple configurations for different GDS providers and/or multiple property ID's would be affected. The inventory updates are always sent for the first configuration entry in IQ Worldlink.
  1152 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink GDS Address Changes
If the StateCode is included with the StateProv, the State Code is used instead of the State Province.
  1153 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink issues with large files
12.05d Multiple issues may occur with large outbound IP transmissions in iQ-WorldLink.
  • Posting data buffer length was 2MB instead of 4MB causing only up to 2MB of data to be posted.
  • Large files being read in to memory before an IP HTTP POST was using the ASCII file driver with a 1024 record length string. This was changed to use the BINARY/DOS file driver and a 64K CSTRING giving a major performance boast (ie: 3 minutes to 3 seconds on a 2.6MEG file) iQ-WorldLink would hang for up to 3 minutes on large files causing close connections by the GDS.

  1161 4/21/2008 Serious Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink Memory Resource issue
The iQ-WorldLink system does not release resources after registering HTTP socket events to the Windows event handler. Sometimes iQ-WorldLink would consume excessive memory (128MEG and more) and may also cause the iQ-WorldLink application to hang. The socket resources are now flushed after each process and the system no longer watches HTTP events. In addition, the iQ-WorldLink is now running under a threaded module rather than as an SDI application allowing better allocation of memory and resources.
  1149 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - WorldLink always returning NOTIF documents
The iQ-WorldLink GDS interface always sends back NOTIF documents (OTA_HotelResNotifRQ) even if the GDS is sending non NOTIF documents (OTA_HotelResRQ). WorldLink is changed to respond back with the cooresponding response document that the orignal booking was from. (ie: Notif > Notif and NonNotif > NonNotif)
  1143 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Better display of Rates on F4-Availability
Enhancement Display of Rates on F4-Availability screen was not properly justified, showing a snake-like column when the inventory is 1 versus 10 for example. The rates are now properly aligned as much as possible of what can fit in the column.
  1133 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Better resizing of Multi-Folio Window
The MultiFolio window (Folio Display) will now resize (height resizing) better when opening in 1024x768 mode rather than just larger monitor settings.
  1131 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Changing to weekly rate does not update next posting date
When changing from a daily rate to a weekly rate on a folio and using the adjustment wizard to void and repost room/tax, the next posting date is not correctly updated for the weekly rate. The next posting date remains as the daily causing room/tax to post with the auto post.
  1127 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Direct Bill and Company was not validated on Desk Folio properties screen
When adding/changing company and direct bill information on the desk folio / properties screen, the information entered was not being validated when pressing OK.
  1129 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Extra Adult/Child Charge Ignored for Weekends Only
12.05c If the rate is setup to only charge for extra adults/children on the weekend, the system is ignoring the amounts and they are not added to the rate amount. If the charge is entered for both weekday and weekend, the amounts are correctly added to the rate amount on a reservation.
  1157 4/10/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - List Journal shows Foreign Currency Amount
The List Journal Report (from Display Journal) would not format to the set currency picture.
  1130 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - LogOut issue on ROOMS can occur after running night audit
12.05c Regression: The ROOMS file was still attached to the night audit main procedure, causing the file inuse flags to be misread, leaving the file in an incorrect state. This would cause a host of issues including LOGOUT issues after the night audit was run with any procedure touching the ROOMS file.
  1159 4/10/2008 Serious Resolved

Main System - ORIGDEBIT and ORIGCREDIT fields were not set properly
Australian Long-Term Accommodation did not reduce ORIGDEBIT and ORIGCREDIT amounts after long-term tax reduction so the fields would show the original (overstated) posting amounts.
  1132 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Package Rates on Availability Screen incorrect on Weekend
Package rates do not properly show the weekend rates on the availability screen. The weekday rates display correctly when using the show rates option.
  1124 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Rate information not suppressed on sign in sheet when printed from folio
If a rate code has the option selected to hide rate information on sign in sheet, the rate is not suppressed when the sign in sheet is printed from a folio. The rate information is suppressed correctly if the sign in sheet is printed from a reservation or during a batch print.
  1121 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Report Wizard Notes fields added
Additional Notes fields added to the Report Wizard (RESERVE.GUESTNOTES and FOLIOHD.NOTES)
  1123 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Request for Inspection added to Housekeeping screen
Added the ability to turn on/off "Request for Inspection" from the F-10 Housekeeping screen and the ability to have all occupied rooms automatically marked as Inspection Requested during the night audit.

  1151 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - View Error received when entering work orders on Room Properties
Standard and Enterprise Only
Adding a work order through the Room Properties on the housekeeping screen causes a view error when selecting OK to close screen. The work order is properly saved, however, a VIEW Error appears. In Premier Edition, no error appears, however, the record cursor is incorrectly repositioned to the bottom of the Housekeeping browse screen.

  1120 4/2/2008 Not Important Resolved

Main System - Watch Folios could remote all TABLE entries
12.05d Premier Edition Only An issue could occur (rare) where going in and out of folios via the Watch Folios window, and making changes to the folio, could cause all the entries in the TABLES file to be removed. Once this occurs, all configuration is removed/missing from the system.
  1162 4/21/2008 Serious Resolved

Payment Application - More names causes credit card encryption to show
When going into Folio Properties > Other Information > More Names > OK, the credit card number shows the encrypted value on the GTD_NUMBER field rather than the readable value. This is just a display issue and is now corrected.
  1148 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Payment Application - QuickPay flag remains on causing issues after printing detail receipts
When any SpeedKey button is pressed off the main terminal window (Print Detail Receipt, Print Summary Receipt, fast cash), the QuickPay flag remains on causing any subsequent payment being made on the order to bypass the Amount entry display. When using Shift4, a zero credit card transation is initiated. When not using Shift4, an empty/blank transaction is added to the order.
  1141 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

POS - POS Payment was highlighted in red, for all seats
If a POS check were split with multiple seats, and authorizations were done on each of the seats, the Payment window would highlight the payment type in red for ALL seats rather than just the authorizations for the current seat selected.
  1156 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Added Highlighting capibilities to SQL Reporting
Added Highlight ability to Interactive and Embedded SQL as a Vendor extension. The Highlighting extension enables you to apply conditional formatting to all fields. Based on a user condition (using Clarion Syntax), the appropriate highlighting is added to both the SQL grid view and the printed report.
  1138 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Added Weighted Average to ISQL
Enhancement: Added ability to use "Weighted Averages" in the SUBTOTAL SQL Extension. SUBTOTAL 2,3,WAVG(4:2:3) - See online help for more information.
  1136 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL - Issues with Currency pictures, totals and extensions
A number of issues have been resolved in the Interactive and Embedded SQL.

  • Using multiple InnQuest Vendor extensions in the same query could cause incorrect "SUBTOTAL" error message
  • Subtotaling Vendor Extensions would be incorrect when greater than 1000
  • Subtotaling did not use the column format picture
  • Added NOCURRENCYPICTURE extension to supress using roomMaster currency picture
  • Empty grand totals could appear if using InnQuest vendor extensions without SUBTOTAL.

  1147 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL now uses roomMaster 2000 Currency Picture
If the field being returned in a query is DECIMAL(13,2), it is assumed to be a MONEY field and is converted to the roomMaster currency picture rather than @n-13.2 allowing foreign currency to appear correctly in Interactive and Embedded SQL.
  1139 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Reservation could show incorrect deposit amount on Total Stay screen
Total stay screen and sign in sheet (when printed from checkin wizard) could show incorrect deposit amount if a future reservation with same guest profile exists. This is a display issue only affecting the total stay screen on the guest record properties.
  1117 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Yield Management fails to close out discounted rates
Regression: When closing out discounted rates in Version 12.03 and 12.04, the Yield Management functions failed to see that the rate code is marked as a Discount, so the rate would just be yielded rather than moving to RACK. This is now corrected.
  1140 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

Premier Edition - Yielding ignored for future days of guest stay on walkins
If the option is selected to not apply yield rate modifications for the current audit date, the yield modifications are also ignored for future dates of the guest's stay. This only occurs for walkins. A reservation made for arrival on current audit date only ignores yielding for the current audit date and correctly applies the yield rate modifications for the future nights of the guest stay.
  1142 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

Reports - All Invoices by Account, Due Date report incorrectly calculates aging
The All Invoices by Account, Due Date report is calculating the aging incorrectly. It is subtracting the Due Date from the Audit Date. The All Invoices by Due Date is correct. It is correctly calculating the aging by subtracting the Invoice Date from the Audit Date.
  1137 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Reports - Open Items Maintenance Report
The current status of a room on the open items maintenance report is incorrect for unavailable rooms. If the current status of the room is unavailable, it will show as Occ (occupied) on the report.
  1122 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

Reports - Reports menu running Crystal Reports sends blank report name
12.05c When running a custom Crystal Report from the Reports menu, the report name is blank and is not sent to the Crystal Wrapper.
  1158 4/10/2008 Low Resolved

Reports - Room Availability report no longer displays in Forecasting category
Standard and Enterprise Only
The Room Availability report does not display in the Forecasting and Availability category. The report does show when searching and when viewing the reports screen by name.

  1119 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Discount incorrectly applied on roomMaster.Net
If a rate with a discount is initially selected on roomMaster.Net and the availability screen displayed, the discount is being applied when going back and selecting a promo code that does not have a discount included.
  1126 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Maximum Night Stay restriction displays incorrect message
12.05c The maximum night stay restriction on a rate would display the minimum night stay in the message on roomMaster.Net. The maximum night stay is properly enforced; the message received was incorrect.
  1160 4/10/2008 Low Resolved
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