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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 12.06:
Corp Reporting - CRM changed total rooms to zero
CRM Export did not export the total number of rooms in the export file causing the number of rooms to constantly get reverted back to zero in the CRM application.
  1184 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

Corp Reporting - CRM Export did not process DEMHIST table
CRM Export did not process DEMHIST properly and did not export the data
  1183 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink could fail with large messages
If a message was greater than 64,000 bytes (ie: Rates and Inventory), there is a chance that the message would be formatted wrong causing the remote GDS (SynXis for example) to not update on their end and give a generic XML Error message back. All GDS users must upgrade to this version of WorldLink immediately.
  1190 Serious Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink to handle Weekly and Monthly Rates
iQ-WorldLink will now send Weekly and Monthly rates through the GDS/OTA specification. It would be something that the vendor can handle before it is turned on.
  1163 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added ability to add, change, delete email addresses within PDF window
Enhancement: You can now add, modify, delete or delete all email addresses which are part of the PDF/Email option.
  1181 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Auto Override Rate cannot be removed manually
When the option to default reservation and checkin screens to override the rate is selected, the override rate option cannot be manually removed to apply a rate code. The system will always default back to overriding the rate after you uncheck the override rate box.
  1166 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - BIND Errors during call to City Ledger lookup functions
Call to lookup City Ledger Direct Bill and Company accounts that ended with an error (Account Inactive, Invalid Account, etc.) would not release the file buffer or unbind the file buffer, causing a BIND error. In addition, it would cause the buffer's USED count to be out of sync which could cause issue anywhere else in the thread.
  1186 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Do not mail and email option ignored on guest profile label report
If the option for 'Do Not Mail and Email' is selected on a guest profile, the guest profile is not excluded when running the guest profile label export report. If 'Do Not Mail' is selected on the guest profile, the guest profile is excluded from the report.
  1179 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Foreign currency conversion on total stay not converting all fields
The option to convert to foreign currency on the total stay (F11) screen does not convert all of the fields. The following fields are not converted: First Night with tax, First Night without tax, Two Night with tax, Two Night without tax and Average Night with tax. All other fields are correctly converted to the selected foreign currency.
  1178 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Frequent Stay File Name change
Frequent stay file was changed to have a prefix of "FS_" in front of the XML file. This was done because all XML files in the RM directory were being sent during the FTP transfer (including non Frequent Stay files) so this was done so the FTP process would only send the correct files.
  1182 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Image is no longer included in PDF
Regression: The PDF library no longer includes images in the PDF because the img_xchg.dll file is missing from the installation/distribution since the new library (2.5) is now being used.
  1164 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - No audit warning error for cancelled reservation with unposted deposit
If a reservation is in a cancelled status with an unposted deposit, there is not a warning error received during the night audit pre-check. A warning error is received for either an inhouse or history reservation with an unposted deposit. This is by design, however, because of a suggestion, it is now changed to look at future reservations as well.
  1176 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Overriding rate on Guest Properties would not clear Rate Change Group
When checking the box to override rate on Guest Folio Properties screen, if there were any rate changes in the record from the Rate Code or Yield Management, they would not be cleared out. Checking the box to override the rate on Guest folio properties now will clear the Rate Change information as well.
  1189 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Print statement automatically selected on import of Direct Bill accounts
When importing companies into city ledger, if the Direct Bill flag is set to true, the print account statement will now automatically be set to true as well.
  1175 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Regression in More Options logic caused Guest Profile/Notes to overwrite
Regression: When user would select More Options in a Guest Folio Properties, the MoveFromVip routine would fire, causing the Guest Profile information to always overwrite existing values on the Guest Properties screen including the Notes.
  1188 6/4/2008 Serious Resolved

Main System - Reservation rules display incorrect days of week on availability screen
Premier Edition only:The days of the week for reservation rules display incorrect on the F4 availability screen. The rules are correctly applied on the reservation; this is a display issue only.
  1169 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Translations for default language do not print on folio and/or sign-in sheet
If a translation is entered on either the folio or sign-in sheet for the default language, it is not saved and does not print on either the folio or sign-in sheet. The translation works correctly if the translation is entered on any added foreign language.
  1185 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Unable to view change journal from availability breakdown for a reservation
An error is received when trying to view the change journal entries for a reservation from the availability breakdown screen. The change journal entries are correctly displayed for an inhouse room. When selecting to view the change journal for a reservation, user receives an error message stating only able to view change journal entries for an inhouse room or reservation.
  1180 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - VAT taxes are not included in the Group Folio
Regression: This is a regression issue caused by the addition of the ability to rollup taxes on a detail folio for inclusive VAT/GST only. If this option is selected and a group folio is printed, the group folio does not include the VAT/GST taxes.
  1174 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Never print credit card receipts on workstation level has no effect
The option to never print credit card receipts from this workstation has no effect on credit card receipt printing. When the option is selected, the credit card receipts continue to print from that workstation.
  1173 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Added ability to force Yielding Recalculation on adults/child change
Enhancement Added ability to force the Unlocking of Yielded Rates when changing the number of Adults and/or Children on a reservation. These new options are in the Yield Management setup screen.
  1187 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - SQL Wizard Enhancements
Many Interactive and Embedded SQL Enhancements:
  • Added ability to set FontName, FontSize, FontStyle and FontColor to report fields
  • Added ability to override field Justification to report fields
  • Added ability to override field width and field height to report fields
  • Added ability to skip DataGridPreview and go directly to producing the report.
  • Ability to set Report Field Picture on Detail and SubTotal level
  • Ability to highlight formula fields
  • Ability to suppress fields if duplicated in printed report.
  • Ability to hide fields but use them elsewhere such as in Sorting
  • Added new enhanced formula window
  • Ability to set Printed Report as single, 1.5 or double space.
  • Ability to set whether or not to AutoSave Report Wizards when you are modifying it.
  • Added ability to select Report Fields from within the WHERE clause
  • Enhanced Formula Editor in Group By and ability to change Grouping option once it has been added as a field.
  • All keys have been described to the SQL Wizard to join fields are automatically populated for all common links.

  1177 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - C/L Open Invoice Listing Report
The option to only show past due items on the C/L Open Invoice Listing is ignored. The report always shows all open invoices instead of only showing the past due invoices.
  1165 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Reports - Confirmation Letter export changes and enhancements
The confirmation letter export does not include the header information for the fields in the CSV file. In addition, all money fields did not handle values greater than N7.2 - The amount fields were also changed to handle negative numbers and also suppressed commas in numeric values so they correctly imported into Excel. Premier Edition Only The confirmation letter sent date (when chosen to be updated) did not update properly under the Premier Edition.
  1171 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

Reports - Unable to select years greater than 2005 on Charts
The Occupancy by Month charts would only allow a range of years between 1997 and 2005.
  1167 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Minimum stay restrictions for multiple rate entries
The system only handled the first six rate entries for min/max stay override and deposit 100%. In addition, once a rate type is matched, the min/max and 100% deposit is carried forward to the next rate types.
  1172 6/4/2008 Low Resolved
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