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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 12.08:
Common Library - Normalize and make FTP functions consistant through-out roomMaster 2000
All FTP functions have been changed to use a consistant setup and transmission routine. All FTP functions in roomMaster 2000 (Dayend Close Options, CRM, Frequent Stay, IDEAS, QuickBooks Export, ISQL, etc.) will all use the new standard routines. You can also indicate on the server configuration if you want to use Passive Transfer Mode and Delete the local file after transmission. See new Help Text (Internet - FTP Settings) for more information.
  1225 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

Common Library - Regression issues from Socket Tools Upgrade
The following regression issues occurred from the upgrade of the socket tools in version 12.07.
  • If no SMTP configuration information is entered in roomMaster and the EPI, rM.Net and/or iQWorldLink are configured to send emails, a blank error message is returned.
  • Failed IQWorldLink messages being sent to the remote server do not moved to the failed directory instead they are continually being sent to the GDS.
  • Some SMTP servers would return an invalid response code when sending emails in roomMaster. This was caused by an additional NULL character which has been removed.

  1235 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

Enterprise - QuickBooks Export enhanced to handle FTP functions
Added ability to transmit files within the Import/Export Wizard including QuickBooks, PeachTree, MYOB and all other exports.
  1226 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

EPI - Micros sales buckets would only pick up first bucket
12.08b The EPI Micros sales buckets would only pick up the first bucket for posting.
  1254 11/8/2008 Serious Resolved

Functions - Auto assign room function will now assign Vacant/Clean rooms first
The API function which auto assigns the room for reservations booked through roomMaster.Net, iQ-WorldLink and group blocks rooming list assignment will now assign vacant/clean rooms (if available) for same day reservations. If there are no vacant/clean rooms available, the system will assign the room number using the normal process. The API function previously assigned rooms based on the auto location.
  1253 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Added Rate Translations to iQ-WorldLink
Enhancement Added ability to do Rate Code translations on the vendor level in iQ-WorldLink. They will work in the same manner of the existing room type translations.
  1229 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-Worldlink sending hotel booking rules for rate types to GDS
Premier Only
The hotel booking rules message being sent by iQ-WorldLink would contain the rate types instead of room types. This has been corrected and the interface will now correctly send closed to arrivals and departures for the room types to the GDS.

  1231 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink would not close when opened more than once
If iQ-WorldLink was opened more than once on the same computer, a window would prompt that it was already opened and press OK to shut it down. Once OK was pressed, it would still be in Windows Processes and must be ended by the Task Manager.
  1228 10/24/2008 Serious Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Levert Defaults added to iQ-WorldLink
12.08b Added Levart defaults to iQ-WorldLink defaults.
  1256 11/8/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Availability could be incorrect when overbooking on group block exists
If there are multiple group blocks for the same date and room type and one of the group blocks has more rooms sold than blocked, the overall availability for the room type could be incorrect. The issue is caused by the blocked total in the forecast file including the negative amount when calculating the total blocked. The breakdown of the availability is always correct.
  1237 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Change in charge incidentals flag added to external interfaces
If the charge incidentals flag is changed on the guest record properties, a change message will be sent to the EPI bi-directional file for external interfaces. The properties change option must be selected on external interfaces for the change message to be created. Previously, the option on the external interface tab was name change and only created the change message when the guest name or optional checkbox flag were changed.
  1243 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Fixed by column not updated in the MAINLOG table
The fixed by column in the mainlog table would not get updated when marking maintenance items as completed.
  1245 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Group reservations created from rooming list could exclude rate exceptions
If the rate code on a group block has exceptions and the reservations are created from a rooming list, the reservations could not include the proper rate changes for the exception. The issue would cause the reservation created from a rooming list to prompt a user regarding rate changes being applied when selecting the reservation.
  1244 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - iQ-Messenger contained invalid information from last enhancement
iQ-Messenger would show incorrect information for Last Year Room Revenue Sales. This is only a regression for the new information appearing as of 12.07b
  1227 10/24/2008 Serious Resolved

Main System - New/Additional logic to handle non rates for maximum persons
Both roomMaster 2000 and iQ-WorldLink rate logic has been enhanced to handle non person rates. If there was a zero rate for any persons greater than 1, and rate exceptions or additional adults/children charges existed, then the rate would not be zero but show an incorrect quoted rate in roomMaster 2000 and the GDS interface. For example, if the room only allowed 2 people and the rate was setup as $90,$90,$0,$0 and there was a rate exception for +$100, the rate for 3 people would be $100 instead of $0 both in roomMaster 2000 and also sent to the GDS.
  1230 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Reservation created by rooming list could have incorrect room revenue account
When creating reservations from a rooming list on a group block, the room revenue account could be pulled from the rate record instead of the room revenue account selected on the group block. The issue would cause the reservation created from a rooming list to have the incorrect room revenue account selected.
  1236 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - roomMaster and roomMaster.Net Setup Tutorials
Enhancement: Two full tutorial videos on the proper configuration of roomMaster and roomMaster.Net are being released.
  • The hour long video on roomMaster provides step by step instruction on the basics of configuring everything from user profiles, room types, rates, account codes, user fields, folios, sign-in sheets and much more. A link to the tutorial video has been added to the Setup > Configuration screen inside all editions of roomMaster.
  • The video on roomMaster.Net provides step by step instruction on the proper configuration of the innres control panel. The tutorial provides examples and how to instruction on adding room types, rates and customizing the look of roomMaster.Net. A link to the tutorial video has been added to the Innres control panel.

By selecting the quick start video link, the video will begin downloading and provides the ability to begin viewing the video while the full download completes.

The link to the tutorial videos can be removed by disabling all Web menu options on Setup > Configuration > Security. This is a workstation specific setting and would need to be selected on each workstation where the link should be removed from the configuration screen.

  1240 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - ToDo items not displaying at start up
Premier edition only The ToDo items would not automatically display at startup even if the option to show all items at startup was selected on the user profile.
  1249 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Unable to select foreign language
If a foreign language is added, the language is not able to be selected from the drop down menus throughout the system.
  1242 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Added ability to charge deposit in iQ-WorldLink
Enhancement: Added ability to charge an advanced deposit to GDS reservations posting through the iQ-WordLink interface. The option will only charge one night room/tax and requires the credit card interface.
  1241 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Payment Application - Credit Card encryption displaying on reservations
The credit card encryption would display on a reservation if the check in of the reservation was cancelled. The display issue would only occur if the check in of the reservation was started and then cancelled prior to being completed.
  1232 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Electronic processing report did not show voids processed in city ledger
If a credit card payment processed in the city ledger was voided, the void would not be included on the electronic processing report. The void would write to the journal and correctly process to Shift4 and the $OTN website. This has been corrected and any credit card voids processed in the city ledger will now appear on the electronic processing report.
  1248 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Enhancements to Shift4 Credit Card Interface
The following enhancements have been added to the Shift4 ($OTN) credit card interface:

  • The terminal ID will now appear on the $OTN website for all credit card transactions processed through the interface. The terminal ID will be the computer name (NETBIOS) of the workstation where the credit card transaction was processed. A terminal ID for each credit card workstation can also be defined in the configuration of credit card processing in roomMaster.
  • The clerk ID on the credit card transaction in $OTN will now represent the module in which the credit card was processed. The following clerk ID's will be used for each module:
    • 1 - roomMaster
    • 2 - iQ-POS
    • 3 - roomMaster.Net
    • 4 - iQ-WorldLink
    • 5 - to be determined
  • The name on credit card will now appear on $OTN for all returns. In previous versions, the name on the credit card did not appear on $OTN for returns.
  • If a credit card is processed in the guest ledger and iQ-POS with no scan, the transaction will be processed as manually keyed, card present. All non scanned transactions processed in the city ledger, roomMaster.Net, iQ-WorldLink and advance deposit ledger will continue to be processed as manually keyed, card not present.

  1252 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Credit card expiration date displaying as YY/MM instead of MM/YY
If the one step scan feature is used in iQ-POS, the expiration date on the processing screen when confirming the payment would display as YY/MM instead of MM/YY. This would cause the confirm of the payment not to process until the expiration date was corrected.
  1234 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

POS - Daily Posting Report suppresses item description
The item description would only be listed the first time it appears on the Daily Posting report in iQ-POS. The item description does not repeat on the report when the item does.
  1239 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

POS - POS Track Server Window
12.08b Attempt to clear SALESPER record buffer so track server ID window would always appear when starting up the POS terminal. (random issue - we are unable to duplicate this issue at this time but this is an attempt to correct the issue)
  1257 11/8/2008 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Closed to arrival / departure booking rules could be bypassed on reservation
If a user selected cancel on the prompt for the override password, the user could then save the reservation and bypass the closed to arrival or departure booking rule. This has now been fixed and the user must either enter the override password or correct the arrival and/or departure dates to save the reservation.
  1246 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Kiosk Settings and Integration
Fixed in 12.08b Enhancement: iQ-Kiosk functionality added to Premier Edition.
  1255 11/8/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Prompt variables for ISQL queries and reports
Prompt Variables in the I&E SQL are now only saved in Interactive SQL but not in the Embedded SQL.
  1238 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Tables not properly created after system reset due to language setting
If the language option in Windows is set to something other than English, the program would not properly create needed tables after a Reset System was performed or be able to properly recover from a Terminated Connection.
  1251 10/24/2008 Serious Resolved

Reports - Increase character length for Room Revenue Detail Report
The room number column on the Room Revenue Detail Report has been increased to 6 characters to display the entire room number. The report would previously only display the first 4 characters of the room number.
  1233 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

Reports - Increase column width for folio number on journal listing report
The folio number column on the journal listing report has been increased to 7 characters. It is currently at 6 which leave off the 1 if folio numbers are 100,000 or greater.
  1250 10/24/2008 Not Important Resolved

Reports - Travel agent ID added to Travel Agent Billing report
The travel agent ID has been added to the Travel Agent Billing report. The Travel Agent ID was removed in version 12 when the invoice and reference numbers were added to the report.
  1247 10/24/2008 Not Important Resolved
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