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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 12.10:
EPI - EPI continously sending heartbeat message on IP based connection
If the TCP and socket were not connected (i.e. remote system down), EPI would continue sending a heartbeat and link message to an empty socket rather than waiting for the remote device to be online.
  1280 12/16/2008 Medium Resolved

iQ Anywhere - Enhancements to iQ Anywhere
Added guest likes, dislikes and number of visits to IQAnywhere, enhanced some screens, and made the main menu for PDA devices more efficient.
  1268 12/16/2008 Suggestion Resolved

iQ Anywhere - Guest history search by folio number returns error 500
An error 500 is received when searching guest history by folio number and viewing the sub folio transactions.
  1278 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

iQ Anywhere - Snapshot returns error when all rooms in unavailable status
If all rooms are in a status of unavailable, the snapshot in iQ Anywhere would return a run time error. This has now been fixed and the snapshot will display correct.
  1269 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Added option to allow sellable products for GDS interfaces
Enhancement: In 12.10b An option has been added to the Inventory/Rates tab in iQ-WorldLink configuration to allow the sellable products feature. If the GDS accepts sellable products, the option should be selected in the configuration.
  1287 1/5/2009 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Discount not removed on overriden rates from GDS
A reservation posting from a GDS with an overriden rate could not remove a discount which was applied from the rate code. This has now been fixed and the discount will always be removed when the rate code is overriden to match the room rate coming from the GDS.
  1270 12/16/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - CSV import ignored single character fields
Fixed in 12.10b CSV imports through out roomMaster would return blank if the value was only one character in length.
  1288 1/5/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Group checkout does not update reservation status
The group checkout feature does not correctly update the reservation status from inhouse to history.
  1272 12/16/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Housekeeping arrival notes omitted from housekeeping reports
Regression: Fixed in 12.10b The housekeeping notes on arriving reservations can be excluded from the housekeeping reports. This is a regression issue caused by the change to include shares in the number of adults/children on housekeeping reports (issue #1274).
  1286 1/5/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - HTML Help files will now install locally
The HTML roomMaster help file will be installed to C:\Program Files\roomMaster Help locally on the workstation when the workstation components are installed. This will resolve the issue of the HTML help files being blocked by Windows settings when accessing across the network.
  1285 12/16/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Internal users not filtered from internal email and ToDo's
Regression: The four internal users (*AP, *KI, *RM, *WL) were not being filtered from the available names in the internal messages and mail and the ToDo's. The users will now be filtered and no longer appear in either list.
  1267 12/16/2008 Not Important Resolved

Main System - Remove old rates option removes rates even if no is selected
The option to remove old rates in the rate information will remove the old rates when selected even if the user selects 'No' on the confirm screen. This has been fixed and the system will not remove the old rates when selecting 'No'.
  1271 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

Main System - Room chart on quick room display could be greyed out
Standard and Enterprise Edition Only: The Quick Room Display would not preload the room statuses on the room chart when initially opening the screen. By selecting refresh after opening, the room statuses would be correctly displayed on the room chart.
  1279 12/16/2008 Medium Resolved

Main System - Special package filter by type incorrect
The filter by package type on the daily charges and packages screen of a reservation did not properly filter the special packages.
  1277 12/16/2008 Not Important Resolved

Payment Application - Credit card receipt reprint incorrect when selecting from journal
When a credit card receipt is reprinted from the journal screen, the receipt could be incorrect. The credit card receipt reprint from the folio is always correct.
  1282 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Credit card receipts could print to local default instead of assigned printer
If the option to print using the printer driver is selected and print only customer copy selected, the credit card receipt will always print to the local default printer, even if another printer is assigned on the workstation.
  1284 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Update to credit card receipts auto printing from roomMaster.Net
If a credit card receipt is auto printed through roomMaster.Net, the receipt would previously state "Purchase - Internet Reservation". The receipt will now state "Purchase - Auto Process" for credit card transactions processed through roomMaster.Net, iQ-WorldLink and iQ-Kiosk.
  1281 12/16/2008 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Group folio print returns a general error message
When selecting the group folio printout, an error retrieving the record from FOLIOTRN is returned. The group folio will print after selecting 'Ok' on the error message.
  1275 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Scroll bars in ISQL Wizard do not allow scrolling
The scroll bar on the selected fields in the Interactive SQL Wizard would not allow for proper scrolling.
  1276 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - SQL driver could cause numerous issues
Regression: The updated SQL driver released in version 12.08 could cause the adjustment wizard not to properly void and repost all items. The driver could potentially cause numerous issues and all Premier clients have to install version 12.10 update to ensure there are no issues experienced.
  1283 12/16/2008 Serious Resolved

Reports - Guest history labels report not properly selecting records
Premier Edition: The Group History Labels report does not properly select records based on the criteria entered on the report parameters. The report would return zero records for all parameters.
  1273 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

Reports - Housekeeping associate reports not including shares
The housekeeping reports, associates and custom associates, did not include the shares in the total adults and children on the report. The report would only include the number of adults/children listed on the share master.
  1274 12/16/2008 Low Resolved
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