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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 12.11:
Common Library - Added new iQ-Scan functionality (ID and Passport Scanning)
New Product iQ-Scan now added to handle full ID and Passport scanning. Allows all drivers licenses (in all 50 states plus D.C. plus Canada) to be scanned and information placed inside roomMaster fields (name, address, etc.) as well as ability to copy both ID and FACE image and integrate it directly into roomMaster 2000 for security purposes. (See InnQuest website for more information)
  1295 2/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - Freeze and Lockups
Version 12.09 - Version 12.10b was distributed using the Clarion 6.3.9059 runtimes (C60RUNX.DLL) - once this was released, InnQuest received many calls from customers that involved freezing when opening forms (windows) and having to wait minutes for it to release or end the task. After a very indepth test of going back and forth with the previous runtimes (9058 versus 9059), we have found that the freezing is related directly to the C60RUNX 9059. InnQuest has no control over the codebase of C60RUNX but is trying to work with the vendor to resolve the issue. Rather than waiting for the issue to be resovled, we decided to release V12.11 of roomMaster with the 9058 build of C60RUNX to correct the issue. We will continue to work with the vendor to resolve the C60RUNX issue for future builds.
  1303 Serious Resolved

Common Library - iQ-Keylocks now handles Virtual Encoding for Ving Vision
Fixed in 12.11c: The iQ-Keylocks can handle Virutal Encoding for iQ-Kiosk for Ving Vision systems.
  1316 3/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - IQScan workstation functions moved to Global Area
12.11b - Change The original design of iQ-Scan settings were saved on the Workstation level. To make on-going support easier when switching out workstations or adding new ones, only the IP and PORT address will be saved on the Workstation level. The rest will be Global.
  1308 2/12/2009 Low Resolved

Common Library - QRD remember last screen regression
There was a change in the QRD (Quick Room Display) to no longer save the last screen you were on when you exited and restore it when opening it. This is now corrected/put back to previous behavior.
  1294 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

EPI - Database swap sends incorrect guest name
Fixed in 12.11c: Regression: Any PBX interface that requests a database swap could contain the same guest name for all rooms in a checked in status. This issue is a regression caused by the enhancement to control how a guest name is sent for bi-directional interfaces.
  1313 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

EPI - Enhancement to name display caused voicemail passwords to be incorrect format
Regression: The enhancement which gives the ability to change the name display for bi-directional interfaces caused the voicemail password to be incorrect for Alcatel Omni PCX, InnLine Voicemail and Guestworks.
  1302 2/3/2009 Low Resolved

EPI - Point of Sale (POS) interfaces will use sleep timer setting
Fixed in 12.11c: The sleep timer setting will be used for all POS interface communication to prevent messages being returned too fast for the POS server to properly handle.
  1314 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Enhancement to handle decimal place attribute for GDS interfaces
Regression: Adding the enhancement to read the OTA decimal place attribute for certain GDS interfaces caused a regression for other GDS interfaces which forces the rate to be overriden on all reservations posting through iQ-WorldLink. A checkbox has been added in the configuration of iQ-WorldLink to ignore the decimal place attribute.
  1298 2/3/2009 Serious Resolved

Main System - Amounts printing on folios in the training environment
Fixed in 12.11c: The training environment was not suppressing the amounts on folios when displaying and/or printing the folio. This has been resolved and amounts will no longer display on the folio when previewing or printing in the training environment.
  1311 3/3/2009 Serious Resolved

Main System - Check for updates routine causes MIDI window error to occur
Fixed in 12.11c: If an update is waiting to install and there are waiting messages, ToDo's, or notes, the system will show a runtime error and cause a GPF to occur. The system will now check for updates prior to checking for messages, ToDo's or notes to prevent the MIDI window error.
  1315 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - Enhancement to Guest Profile lookup for Standard/Enterprise edition
The guest profile lookup for the Standard/Enterprise (TPS) editions will not function in the same manner as the Premier edition. The auto lookup will provide exact matches on last name and display all possible first name matches. The auto lookup will continue to display any exact first and last name matches highlighted in red.
  1299 2/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Guest profile YTD total sales could ignore voids
The guest profile YTD total sales would ignore voids on a folio pulled from guest history. This can only occur if a folio is pulled from history and a previous day void was applied to the folio.
  1301 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - Having more than 10 rate exceptions
12.11b - When making a reservation that uses all of the exceptions, the last exception reverts back to the first exception amount no matter what is on the last exception in the table. This only happens when you use all of the exceptions on one booking.
  1309 2/12/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - Help text updated to include new InnQuest products
12.11b - The help text has been updated to include documentation on two new products, iQ-Scan and iQ-Kiosk.
  1306 2/12/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - iQ Keylocks could not create keys for 6 digit room numbers
iQ Keylocks would not successfully create keys for room numbers that are six digits long when using the keylock toolbar option to create the key.
  1296 2/3/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - iQ Keylocks KABA/Atlas Interface
All KABA/Atlas interfaces must be running version 12.11 or higher for the interface to function correctly.
  1297 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - iQ Messenger payments total could be incorrect
The payments total on the alert message from iQ Messenger was not including refunds. This has been corrected and the total payments now correctly accounts for payments and refunds.
  1292 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - iQ Messenger YTD/LYTD room revenue totals could be incorrect
The YTD/LYTD room revenue totals contained in the alert message from iQ Messenger could be incorrect if negative room revenue adjustments were included. The negative adjustments were being added to the total amount instead of subtracted. The LYTD room revenue figure was based on last year through the system date rather than through the audit date.
  1291 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - iQScan Enhancements
Added in 12.11e
  • Added ability to scan up to six ID/Passports on a folio
  • Added ability to print scanned ID/Passports from the folio
  • Purge options enhanced to include number of days
  • Enhanced ID image tab on folio properties to display up to six ID/Passports

  1324 3/19/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Level 2 password security not applied when creating new users
Level 2 password security was not correctly applied when creating new user profiles. A password could be entered on the user profile which did not successfully meet level 2 security. This has been corrected and the password will be checked against level 2 security (if turned on in configuration) when creating new user profiles.
  1290 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - Rate changes not clearing on group reservations with rate overriden
Fixed in 12.11c: Rate changes could not clear from a reservation when a group code is added to the reservation and the group block has the rate overriden.
  1312 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - Version 12.11d Changes
  • KEYLOCK: Ving Vision can now successfully create 30-minute (ONESHOT) keys
  • KEYLOCK: KeyLock will not go into sleep mode between 5:00 PM and 8:30 PM for faster checkin responses

  1322 3/13/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Version 12.11e Fixes
  • Mass print inhouse folios could turn off ability to print summary/group folios. This has been fixed and the mass print will no longer turn off printing of summary/group folios.
  • iQ-WorldLink will now include the deposit amount (if charged) in the confirm message being returned to the GDS/CRS.
  • EPI/Lucent GuestWorks interface has been changed to wait for a single character and pass the remaining bytes on to the next waiting message.

  1325 3/19/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Workstations would try to install waiting updates
Fixed in 12.11c: All Workstations would try to install waiting updates if they were downloaded by another workstation who had authority to Check For Updates
  1317 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Desk folio could send transactions as manually keyed
Fixed in 12.11c: If a desk folio was configured not to save scanned credit cards, all credit card transactions processed on that desk folio would be sent through as a manually keyed transaction.
  1319 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Enhancement to Shift4 Processing screen
Fixed in 12.11c: Enhancement added to the Shift4 processing screen to display either 'Card Not Present', 'Scanned' or blank in the lower right corner of the screen. If 'Card Not Present' is displayed, you should always attempt to obtain the card from the guest and scan it. If 'Scanned' is displayed, the current card number in memory also has the scanned track data. If the field is blank, the system does not know if scanned data exists and you must check Shift4's $OTN website to see if the original authorization was processed as a scanned transaction.
  1320 3/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Guest profile YTD total sales could be incorrect
The Premier Edition could duplicate YTD/Total sales if a folio was brought back from history and changes were made. The issue only existed in the Premier edition and all YTD sales totals will be corrected for 2009 during the conversion to 12.11.
  1300 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL - Added ability to suppress highlighting on totals
Enhancement: Added ability to suppress highlighting in sub-totals and grand-totals of the I&E SQL. This is done by a new attribute called "IGNORETOTALS" on the HIGHLIGHT extension. This can be done using the SQL Wizard new checkbox or by regular coding. Also added COLOR:NONE as a highlight color to remove highlighting from a previous statement if needed.
  1289 2/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL - Subtotals could be incorrect
12.11b - The SubTotal column would not show all the digits if the digits in the total were greater than the digits of the field column.
  1304 2/12/2009 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL Misc. Fixes
12.11b - Miscellaneous changes/fixes in ISQL including Sample Font in Column Title shown on Button, Label Wizard incorrectly would generate wrong table name if "Show Descriptions" was checked, added {ThisField} to Wizard so if field positions changed, it would always be correct.
  1310 2/12/2009 Not Important Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL Regression - Total stay extensions return an error
Fixed in 12.11d: The total stay SQL extension would return an error. This was a regression caused by the enhancement for multi-query.
  1323 3/13/2009 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Journal export excluded city ledger payments
12.11b - The journal export would exclude any payments processed directly in the city ledger. This has now been corrected and all city ledger payments will be included in the journal export.
  1305 2/12/2009 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Save/Load Query Wizard in ISQL
12.11b - 12.11 Regression Only The Load/Save Query wizard option in ISQL could be incorrect creating an extra picked field which always needs to be deleted.
  1307 2/12/2009 Serious Resolved

Premier Edition - Version 12.11d Changes
  • KIOSK: Added ability to checkin and checkout from the Admin Screen easily.
  • KIOSK: Added Maintenance Remote Notification
  • KIOSK: Added "Kiosk Reported" to Maintenance departments
  • KIOSK: KeyRetries did not work and was always 1
  • KIOSK: Manager key creation now asks if New Key or Additional Key
  • KIOSK: Auditor can now control Kiosk functions from Night Audit menu (Menu Class Security)
  • KIOSK: Ability to create Employee Access Cards to access Administrative Menu without keying in Password
  • KIOSK: Kiosk now correctly handles credit card unaccepted by the hotel.

  1321 3/13/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Reports enhanced to show *OVR for overriden rates
Fixed in 12.11c: All reports which contain the rate code will now show *OVR instead being blank for overriden rates.
  1318 3/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved
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