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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 12.12:
iQ-WorldLink - Reinstate reservation not working for GDS interfaces
Version 12.12c Reinstating a cancelled reservation did not work properly in iQ-WorldLink. iQ-WorldLink will now properly create a new reservation when a Add > Cancel > Modify messages are received. If the vendor does not support reinstating reservations, a warning message will be returned that the reservation is already cancelled.
  1334 4/17/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - Calculation run time variables unable to be created
Version 12.12c The calculation run time variable in the confirmation letter editor would always return an error and never be created. This has now been fixed and the calculation variable is correctly created.
  1335 4/17/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Changes to Group Block could not update forecast
If a user made changes to the block information of a group block and selected the red X to close out of the group block, the FORECAST would not get updated with the changes made. A rebuild of the forecast would correct the availability. This has been changed and the user will now be prompted to save changes when attempting to close a group block by either selecting 'Cancel' or the red X in the upper right.
  1329 3/27/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - Guest profile could be updated with incorrect guest information
If a guest name is changed from the guest record properties, incorrect guest information could be added to the guest profile. This was a regression caused by checking for 'Do Not Rent' during walkin procedure.
  1327 3/27/2009 Medium Resolved

Main System - Housekeeping reports will ignore no service rooms
Version 12.12c Enhancement: Added ability to ignore rooms marked as 'No Service' on the housekeeping and associates reports.
  1336 4/17/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - iQ-Messenger could have incorrect LYTD total
The LYTD room revenue total could be incorrect if the total for the previous year is zero. The message from iQ-Messenger would display the same total from YTD in the LYTD instead of the zero amount.
  1328 3/27/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Rate changes cleared when adding group code to reservation
Regression: This was a regression caused by a fix to clear rate changes when a group code is added to the reservation and the rate code changed for the group. If the reservation has an overriden rate with manually added rate changes and a group code is added, the system was clearing the rate changes. This has been fixed and adding a group code to a reservation will no longer clear overriden rates and rate changes.
  1331 3/27/2009 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - CommIdea Interface not populating card number for reservation deposits
Version 12.12c When posting a deposit on a reservation using the CommIdea credit card interface, the user was not receiving the prompt window. This has now been resolved and the user will receive the prompt window populated with the credit card number from the reservation.
  1338 4/17/2009 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - iQ-POS Changes to mask all credit card numbers
Version 12.12c Six items were changed in the way credit cards were handled in the iQ-POS terminal display, reports and credit card processing to allow for PCI PA-DSS Certification. This masks all credit cards numbers through-out the entire iQ-POS system, for all levels of security. Full card numbers must be obtained through the roomMaster 2000 journal only.
  1333 4/17/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Displayed rates on availability screen could include incorrect yield amount
If the yield type is configured to yield by room type occupancy and one rate type is valid for multiple room types, the rates displayed on the availability screen could be incorrect. The reservation would always contain the correct rate as the issue was specifically related to the rate displayed on availability screen. This was caused by the system using the occupancy percentage for the first room type within the rate type. The system has been changed and will now process on the room type level instead of rate type level.
  1330 3/27/2009 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL Wizard Enhancements
Version 12.12c
  • Added relationship window to show all related tables
  • Added ability to group subtotals by every change, when exists, every month or every year
  • Added ability to change font in ISQL
  • Added ability to use row number for the highlight calculation

  1337 4/17/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Version 12.12b
The following issues were fixed in version 12.12b as a work around to resolve issues with the SQL driver which could cause the night audit to freeze in the Premier edition.
  • WorldLink had an error where GROUPS table was not closing after inventory creation.
  • AddReserve (update to forecast) would keep the GROUPDTL file opened incorrectly each time it was called.
  • The API would hold the ACCOUNTS file incorrectly opened after a Cancel happened.
  • Any reports configured to auto run during the audit could corrupt the file buffer and stay opened until the program (RM) would be completely closed.

  1332 4/2/2009 Serious Resolved

Reports - Changes to Dayend Close, Manager's Daily and Manager's Yearly reports
The Dayend Close, Manager's Daily and Manager's Yearly reports have been changed to ensure all reports are using consistent titles for the information contained in the report. The help text has been updated to provide detailed explanations on each report. Please review the online help for detailed information on the changes to each of these reports.
  1326 3/27/2009 Suggestion Resolved
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