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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 13.01:
Common Library - Australian Long Term Tax and Reduce Tax after certain days no longer works
Because of the new enhancement in V13.00 for Alternative Tax rates (based on dates), a regression caused Long Term tax reduction not to work properly and be ignored.
  1442 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

Common Library - Credit Card max workstation license check ignored
When processing Shift4 in a training environment, the product registration does not need to be checked or validated for number of workstation licenses. This is ignored for /SIMULATE, /SIMULATEALL and Training Environment.
  1444 11/30/2009 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - Folio Alternate Languages never worked and conflicted with Signon Language
The Folio Alternate Language setup was always sharing the configuration with the Sign-in Sheet Language setup. There were inconstancies in how Folio and Sign-In Sheet language entries were handled. This is now corrected and user's may have to reenter their language entries after this fix.
  1421 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

Common Library - Some tabs, prompts and checkboxes do not show full text
* Account Codes / Languages * POS Category Form Sometimes the workaround is to hit CTRL+TAB until the tab appears.
  1418 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Expedia extraPersonFees were being ignored
Expedia new field "extraPersonFees" was being ignored fro the Daily RateStay amount.
  1436 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink could incorrectly change Discounted Rates to Rack for Weekend Rates
Because of an issue with testing Weekend versus Weekday, the IQWorldLink Rte (OTA Rate document) could incorrectly assign a Weekend Rate when the Weekend Rate was yielded, was a discounted rate, and was suppose to change the discounted rate to the Rack rate.
  1416 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink for iQ-CRS compatibility
Assignment of room numbers to OTA/iQ-WorldLink as well as compatibility to handle Extrafields via TPE (trading partner extensions) was added as a requirement for GDS providers.
  1420 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink will not prompt for Clear Status Updates with single configuration
Change: New in V13, the iQ-WorldLink would prompt to clear all Forecast Status Updates, however, a change is made so if there is only one active configurartion, the Forecast Status Updates are automatically cleared since there is only one configuration.
  1428 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Added ability to set left margin indent on credit card and POS receipts
The ability to set the left margin indent on credit card and POS receipts has been added to the workstation level to assist with centering the receipts (if needed). The setting can be found by selecting Setup > Configuration > Guest Ledger > Credit Card Processing > Workstation > Ident Adjustment.
  1441 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Credit card number not added to reservation from profile for clerks and auditors
If the system is configured to save credit card information to guest profiles, the credit card information was not copied to the reservation for users with clerk or auditor level access.
  1437 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Expand credit card window on cancelled, historical and inhouse reservations
The expand credit card window can now be accessed on reservations in a status of cancelled, inhouse or history. The viewing of the full card number by a supervisor or manager is logged to the 'Credit Card Audit Log'.
  1432 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Invalid Group Description on Rate Header Entry for Min/Max Stay Restrictions
TPS only: Rate Code > Restrictions need to add IQW to MIN/MAX stay restrictions; currently only says
  1423 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Move history detail option in guest profiles allows move to profile number 0
The option to move guest history detail in guest profiles will allow the move to a guest profile number of 0.
  1433 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Out of Service rooms (Range of Rooms) only allows four characters
Housekeeping > Out of Service > Range of rooms: Increase room number field to 6 characters. It currently only allows 4 characters to be entered.
  1424 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Rate Changes Window in TPS not resized properly
TPS only: Rate changes window (More Options > Rate Changes) needs to be resized to show the clear all rates changes option
  1422 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Main System - Voiding City Ledger Payment Batch could cause existing credit to be doubled
If a payment batch which contained an invoice with a credit balance being applied to an open invoice is voided, the credit is doubled and applied as existing credit. The original invoice which had a credit amount now has an open balance for the same amount. This has now been resolved and the invoices will be put back to the original balances (both credit and debit) when the payment batch is voided.
  1443 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

POS - iQ-POS does not show Connecting Modifiers properly
iQPOS: Connecting modifiers no longer show in the terminal.
  1426 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Ideas XML files not being cleared once zip file is created
The Ideas interface would not clear the XML files being created during the extract from the roomMaster folder after the ZIP file was created. This has been corrected and the XML files will now be cleared from the roomMaster folder.
  1440 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Interactive/Embedded SQL may fail to run Batch Queries (GO)
The GO; and GO_SKIPERROR; commands would fail to execute in I&E SQL if there was no space in front of it. This is resolved.
  1431 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - iQ-Messenger cuts off sometimes at October for YTD Room Revenue
The iQ-Message HTML (Email) alert which sends Cell Phone/Email notifications will cut off YTD Room Revenue at around "October". The issue is that the response string buffer is not long enough to handle the full response.
  1419 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL HTML Export is now CSS (Style Sheet) driven
The HTML Export in ISQL layout has been changed as well as uses an external CSS (style sheet file) called "iqsql.css". You can modify the iqsql.css file and then all HTML exports are generated with those changes embedded in it.
  1439 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL Join screen on SQL Wizard did not retain values when going back in
When going back into the JOINS screen on the SQL Wizard after the first time, the original values were not maintained and would have to be entered again. In addition, the wizard will allow for a JOIN ON clause rather than a WHERE clause for all joins when creating an SQL statement using the wizard.
  1438 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Reports - External Report - Externals cannot be updated immediately
Regression: When entering a new custom report and selecting "External" as the option, the Command Line option is not accessible to enter the external program. The temporary resolution is to press OK and then select Change to re-access the entry and then the Command Line is accessible. (Display Update issue)
  1415 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

Reports - Inhouse Guest Master Report shows Firstname, Firstname instead of Lastname
-Inhouse Guest Master Report: First name/last name selection displays first name/first name on the report.
  1425 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Multiple image additions to RM.NET Lightbox pictures
The LightBox Large Picture Images have been enhanced to allow multiple images to rotate. To use multiple images, use the pipe character between images such as KINGROOM.JPG|KINGKITCHEN.JPG|KINGBATH.JPG - in addition, the images per room types are going to scroll related to the selected room type rather than all images on the page.
  1430 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

rm.Net - RM.NET "No Availability" option in V6 issue
The "No Availability" message next to the room type is not showing the "No Availability" when a room is not avail able due to inventory. It is showing the message properly when a room type is not available due to not being available for the rate selected.
  1429 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - rM.Net does not charge deposits and apply stay restrictions for default rate
If there are no rate entries in the roomMaster.Net control panel (Innres.exe), the deposit requirement and minimum/maximum stay requirements are not being applied to reservations booked via roomMaster.Net.
  1435 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - Show Nightly Rate Breakdown changed in V6
In Version 13.00, the Show Nightly Rate Breakdown was an "On or Off" switch for all rate types. You can now select whether or not to show the Nightly Rate Breakdown by Never, Daily Rates, Package Rates or both Daily and Package Rates.
  1434 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - The IQReservations.exe API only sends 5 rate types for RM.NET
Regression: The IQReservations.exe sends back only 5 rate types to the RM.NET API rather than 10. This is an issue if the user is showing more than five rates types on (Affects V5 and V6 of Rm.NET)
  1427 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved
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