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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 13.02:
iQ-WorldLink - Change to how rate exceptions are sent for OTA interfaces
Rate Exceptions being sent through iQ-WorldLink (OTA) are now sent in reverse order (9 through 1) so the GDS/CRS will process rate exceptions to behave in the same way the rate exception precedence logic takes place in roomMaster.
  1455 1/8/2010 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Rates message could incorrectly set all rates to the weekday rate
All rates in rates message appearing after a weekly rate will show as ‘True’ for all days on the weekday entry.
  1447 1/8/2010 Medium Resolved

Main System - Changes to foreign currency options on the total stay screen
The two and three night figures are now converted to the foreign currency figure properly. In addition, the selected Foreign Currency is now "CHECKED" in the pull-down list. In addition, now the BASE CURRENCY will always populate the Add Transaction window, no matter what foreign currency is selected.
  1456 1/8/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Changes to rate code notes and deposit requirements on total stay & rate detail
Two changes have been made which effect the notes on rate codes:
  • The notes tab has been removed from the individual rate records and will now only be available on the rate code setup. Any rate notes will only be entered on the rate code which will flow to the individual rate records automatically. In addition, derived rates will correctly use the rate notes entered on the rate code rather than displaying the notes from the rate record of the derived rate code.
  • The notes tab has been changed on the rate details screen and the total stay (F11) screen. The tab is now a split screen with the rate notes at the top of the screen and the deposit requirements at the bottom of the screen.

  1457 1/8/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Confirmation letter batch printing not generating print job
The confirmation letter batch printing would not correctly send the print job to the printer. This has been resolved and the batch printing will now correctly send print the confirmation letters.
  1458 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Time out value increased for validation
The time out value for validation has been increased from 4 seconds to 8 seconds in an effort to prevent errors during the validation of roomMaster.
  1454 1/8/2010 Medium Resolved

Main System - Validation added to prevent keying errors on rate exceptions
The 'End Date' on rate exceptions is now validated to ensure it is properly keyed and is greater than the 'Start Date'. The system will not allow the record to be saved until the end date is corrected.
  1453 1/8/2010 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Check Listing Summary could be incorrect when two checks are combined
The Check Listing Summary report would incorrectly show a combined check as 'Still Open' and include the balance fo the closed check causing the total of all checks to be incorrect. The issue would only occur when the feature to combine two open checks was used in iQ-POS.
  1451 1/8/2010 Medium Resolved

POS - Control report incorrectly displays price override for modifiers
The POS control report includes a price override for any modifiers due to calculating the difference between the price of the parent item and the price of the modifier. This has been resolved and the modifiers will no longer be displayed as a price override on the control report.
  1450 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

POS - Happy Hour pricing could be ignored
In certain cases the happy hour pricing could be ignored if the user selected 'Exit' on the prompt to enter the number of guests on the check.
  1452 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

POS - Kitchen and secondary printer do not remain selected on the category
The check box for kitchen printer and secondary printer on category level is not saving as selected, go out of record and back in, checkbox is no longer selected
  1449 1/8/2010 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Detail of checked out folios can show incorrect address information
Detail of all checked out folios (Printed during audit, if selected) shows the address information from the first folio in FOLIOHD for all folios included on the report.
  1445 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

Reports - Forecasted Revenue by Userfield could have incorrect amounts
The Forecasted Revenue report could have incorrect totals when selecting to run it by user field.
  1459 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Check box to show deposit but do not post does not remain selected
The option to show deposit but do not post in the roomMaster.Net control panel (Innres.exe) does not remain selected upon saving changes and exiting. This has been corrected and the setting will remain checked.
  1446 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

rm.Net - 'No Availability' message will only appear for no inventory
The 'No Availability' message will now only display when there is no inventory available for the room type. Previously, the message was displayed when the room type was not available for the rate code and/or inventory. This has been changed and the room type will not appear on the check availability page if it is not available for the rate code/promo code entered. roomMaster.Net will not display a room type on the check availability page which has no rate and/or a zero rate.
  1448 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

rm.Net - roomMaster.Net could lockup when exiting the billing page
Fixed in Version 13.02b
Regression: roomMaster.Net could hang when exiting the billing page due to a memory overrun in the credit card encryption if the CVV2 number was entered. This has been resolved and released as version 13.02b.

  1460 1/14/2010 Serious Resolved
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