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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 13.50:
Common Library - Process Interac (Canadian) debit payments through Shift4 interface
Interac debit cards do not have a specific numbering scheme, so they cannot be processed by the Shift4 interface screen due to the Special Account Assignments and roomMaster comparing the account code type to the actual card being processed.
  1506 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

Common Library - TPS File Checker Enhanced
The TPS file checker has been changed to have a much larger buffer on pass 2 (four times the size) and then an extra third pass which an extremely small buffer. Some network cards can corrupt very small packets but succesfully transmit and handle large packets. This enhanced the TPS file checker to be more aggressive in testing.
  1494 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

EPI - Add 'Vacant Dirty' housekeeping status to NEC 2400IMS interface
The housekeeping status to mark a room as 'Vacant Dirty' will be added to the NEC2400IMS interface. The code to on the NEC2400IMS will be 5 to change the status of a room to 'Vacant Dirty'.
  1465 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

EPI - LG-100 and LG-200 systems may not process housekeeping status properly
LG-100 and LG-200 systems may not process "Maid Status Clean" messages properly.
  1464 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

iQ-Keylocks - Tesa Keylock interface does not send number of keys to make additional keys
The interface only sends the CC command operation to the key encoder for making additional keys. The CCx command needs to be sent where x indicates the number of copies to be made.
  1482 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

iQ-Keylocks - Ving Vision keys may not always work for iQPOS Bill to Room
Ving Vision keys made from roomMaster would not work with Stealth Touch POS (double-track and no CR/LF) when using the keys for Bill To Room in iQ-POS.
  1486 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Hotel booking rules message excludes chain code and brand code
The hotel booking rule XML message does not include the chain code and brand code configured in iQ-WorldLink.
  1467 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - More OTA Mapping Options available
Four more mapping options have been added to automatically include Market and Business Source information sent from the GDS in the roomMaster 2000 reservation.
  1505 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - "Three nights with tax" advance deposit option enters three nights without tax
The charge three nights with tax option from the total stay screen on a reservation enters three nights without tax on the transaction screen. The display on the advance deposit options correctly shows three nights with tax.
  1471 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Added ability to have unlimited VAT/Inclusive taxes and hide tax percentage
Enhancement: The system has been enhanced to properly calculate multiple VAT/Inclusive taxes on an account code. An option has also been added to hide the actual tax percentage in tax summaries on the folio printouts.
  1485 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added HTML Confirmation Letters
Enhancement: Added the ability to create HTML confirmation letters for printing, emailing and faxing.
  1488 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added iQ-Schedule
Enhancement: Added iQ-Schedule module.
  1484 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Advanced queries are not saved
When using the advanced query option, the advanced query is not saved and also does not apply to the report.
  1481 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - City Ledger query for inactive accounts returns no results
The query option for inactive accounts on reports and quick reports over the City Ledger returns no results, even if there are accounts marked as inactive in the city ledger.
  1478 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Confirmation letter Print/Email Preview Option
A new option has been added to display a prompt window allowing you to edit Confirmation and other letters prior to printing or sending them. For emailing, the option will apply for sending letters using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) or MAPI.
  1507 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Dayend Close / End of Day PDF can now be emailed using SMTP
Enhancement: The PDF of the dayend close in roomMaster and end of day in iQ-POS can now be emailed using SMTP instead only being able to use the default email client.
  1489 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Group Checkin can cause MDI error when inventory only reservation exists
If an inventory only reservation exists for a group, the Group CheckIn will cause a MDI window error and the system will GPF.
  1473 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

Main System - Group folio could be incorrect for POS bill to room when using VAT taxes
The Group Folio could be incorrect when using the breakdown bill to room options for POS transactions and using VAT tax settings. The taxes are not rolled up and the balance will be incorrect on the group folio. The detail folio is always correct.
  1472 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

Main System - Hide tax percentage on folio
A new option is available allowing you to hide the actual tax percentage from printing in the tax summaries of a guest folio.
  1498 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Miscellaneous Fixes and Changes
  • All messages in the standmsg file which contain ‘File Maintenance’ need to be updated to ‘Manage’.
  • Socket error message needs to be updated from Net API to UTG2.
  • TPS to Premier conversions: IRTable2 will not convert, receive an error 47 on the conversion.
  • The check digit verification message (credit card invalid) needs to be suppressed when charging deposits thru iQ-WorldLink.

  1483 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - New Fully Formatted Address variable in Letter Editor
*FORMATADDR* is a new Letter Editor variable that allows you to add the entire address to any letter with a single variable.
  1497 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Prompt to change rate to default rate for city ledger account
The prompt to use the default rate on a company/direct billl account is not populating when adding a guest profile to a reservation. The user must remove the direct bill account and add it back on to the reservation in order to receive the prompt to use the default rate for the company/direct bill account.
  1461 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Shares included in total rooms for Group Sales reports
Group Sales Revenue, Group Sales Detail, and Group Sales Recap reports would include shares in the total number of rooms for the group.
  1509 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Some Deposit amounts are incorrect on total stay and confirmation letter
The two and three night with and without tax deposit options include the daily charges in the total deposit amount for package rates. However, all "night" fields did not take into consideration the Setup/Reservations setting "Packages roll up in room amounts for Total Stay information". Now, first, second and third night amounts on the F11-Total Stay as well as Confirmation letters are correct and also reflect an amount based on this setting.
  1474 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Voiding a COMP room posting incorrectly calculated for profit center reporting
Voiding a COMP room posting would count as a +1 instead of -1 for city ledger, travel agent and group profit centers.
  1508 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Voiding transactions on history folios not prompting to return to guest ledger
If the net result from voiding history transactions equaled zero, the folio would not be moved to current/guest ledger, resulting in an error during the dayend close regarding missing transactions. The system will now bring the history folio into current/guest ledger correctly.
  1475 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

POS - Ability to Reassign line items to another employee
With this new option, you can assign line items from a check to specific servers or staff members. This is helpful to assign different line items to different users for commission reporting.
  1502 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Added ability to prompt for Automatic Employee Tip Reassignment
Enhancement: Added workstation specific setting to automatically prompt for Employee Tip reassignment in iQ-POS.
  1490 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Added enhancement to POS Screen Image Display
Added additional option (via checkbox) in POS Workstation Setup (Image Name) to flash in random portions of the screen so the image would have a smoother effect.
  1495 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

POS - Added option to show individual tip line on the item level
Enhancement: Added option on the item level in iQ-POS to show an individual tip line per item on the summary receipt.
  1491 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Attach Guest Profiles to checks (Premier Edition Only)
You can now attach checks in iQ-POS to Guest Profiles in roomMaster 2000 allowing you to create guest specific reports on previous purchases.
  1504 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Changed Other Options to be single Screen instead of another layer
Changed the "Other Options" screen on the POS so that "Transfer, Combine, Rename and Change Guest Count" are on the primary screen, rather than on an additional (background) screen for faster entry.
  1496 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

POS - Check history header could contain duplicate entries
Premier Edition Only
The POSHSTHD table which contains the check history for iQ-POS could contain duplicate check entries. The duplicate entries would affect queries/reports written over the POSHSTHD.

  1487 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

POS - Prioritizing Modifier printing in the kitchen
Modifiers can be designated as Priority Modifers, having them display first in the check display screen and on the kitchen ticket. This emphasizes any modifiers the kitchen needs to take care of first, such as modifiers that need to be handled by the grill and then modifiers that have to happen after the item is cooked.
  1503 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Enhanced InnQuest vendor extension to ISQL
HIDEDETAIL is a new extension that makes it easy to display only the subtotals and grand totals of a query. HIDEGRANDTOTAL will hide the total amount derived from a query.
  1499 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - In ISQL, Automatically append date to exported filename
An option has been added to automatically add the system date or audit date to an exported file name on ISQL.
  1500 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL Wizard could enter an 'AND' incorrectly in the WHERE statement
When using the ISQL wizard, the wizard could incorrectly enter a 'AND' at the beginning of the where statement which will cause the query to error when attempting to run it.
  1480 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - New option to store room items and attributes (Premier Only)
You can now maintain an inventory of the items in your rooms and log when items are replaced all within roomMaster 2000, such as Artwork, Warranties, Serial Numbers, furniture.
  1501 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Right clicking in certain browse screens could corrupt record buffer
Right-clicking on some browse screens (F5 and F8) could cause the record buffer to be corrupted with the previously selected record.
  1510 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Voucher can be duplicated for adjustments on City Ledger Memo
Premier Only: If a voucher is used when entering adjustments to the invoice then the last voucher is repeated for all entries when printing the memo in the city ledger.
  1476 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Yielding modifications could be incorrect when all rooms are out of service
Yield rate modifications could be incorrect for dates in the future where all rooms are set to be out of service. This would cause incorrect results being returned in the Y/M return set affecting iQ-WorldLink and in a very rare occassion under very rare circumstances affect a booking locked under yielding.
  1468 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

Reports - Advance Deposit report hold type summary and balance summary could be incorrect
The Hold Type and Balance Summary section of the Advance Deposit Report includes records with a zero balance in the deposit ledger of the reservation.
  1470 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Reports - Commission statement does not use Global Currency Pictures
The Commission Statement does not use the currency picture selected in roomMaster and instead always displays the US dollar ($).
  1479 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Reports - Filter for specific classes on Sales Center reports produce incorrect results
The option to filter for a specific class on the Company Sales report and Travel Agent Sales report produces incorrect results and does not include companies within the selected class.
  1477 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Reports - Reservations Cancelled by User displays incorrect results with filter for user
The filter option for User Initials on the Reservations Cancelled by User report was filtering by the user who entered the reservation rather than the user who cancelled the reservation.
  1466 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Reports - Room Revenue Detail report does not include all room revenue accounts in Occ'd
The Room Revenue Detail report only includes revenue posted to account 100 and 101 in the Room Rev and Occ'd totals. Any other account codes configured as a room revenue account will be included in the Other Room Rev totals on the report and will not count in the occupied totals.
  1469 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

Reports - Yearly Account Balance Report does not display credits properly
The Yearly Account Balance report would print Credits as Debits, so all figures are added together rather than showing a difference between Debit accounts and Credit accounts.
  1493 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Deposit amount displays on confirm reservation when hidden on rate code level
When 'CheckAvailDepositLbl' is configured to hide on the rate code level, the label is also hidden on the ConfirmReservationInfo.asp page in but the deposit amount still appears.
  1462 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Reservations booked via rM.Net could exclude the guarantee information
On rare occassions, a reservation booked via roomMaster.Net could not include the guarantee information. This was caused by the session not properly timing out on the BillingInfo.asp file. This has now been corrected and the guest will be prompted to start the reservation over if the session times out on the billinginfo.asp page.
  1492 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - Reservations booked via rM.Net could use the default rate code
A reservation booked via roomMaster.Net could be booked using the default rate code instead of the rates configured in the control panel (innres.exe).
  1463 5/26/2010 Low Resolved
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