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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 13.52:
Common Library - Current Snapshot enhanced to show rooms filled.
The Snapshot (CTRL+P) now shows the number of rooms which will be filled.
  1530 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

Enterprise - Forecast Revenue Report regression
The Forecasted Revenue report had a regression where it could produce the wrong numbers. When the report runs, it is very clear to the user that the numbers are wrong because they are only including one room type.
  1517 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

Enterprise - QuickBooks UK 2008 Edition supported
There is now a checkbox that will allow the QuickBooks export to export dates in DD-MM-YYYY format for the QuickBooks 2008 UK Edition.
  1516 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - City Ledger Statements enhanced to show breakdown of POS checks
The city ledger statement has been enhanced to show a breakdown of all POS checks which were billed to the city ledger account. The statement will display the check number, voucher information (if entered in POS), POS outlet name and the amount of the check on the statement. The detail will only be displayed when the option is selected to show guest detail and POS checks for Combined Daily invoices on the city ledger account statement options.
  1522 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Enhancements to Total Stay Screen for Reservations/Folios
The summary tab of the total stay screen has been enhanced to include the total pretax and total taxes for the guest's stay. This enhancement provides the ability to quote the total pretax amount of a guest's stay including any daily charges and package items added to the reservation.
  1524 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Forecasted Revenue Report Enhancement
The Forecasted Revenue report has been enhanced to provide the ability to select how the room revenue is calculated on the report. The three options available are room revenue only, package rollup into room amounts, and package rollup into room amount plus all Daily Charges.
  1523 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Group Reservations imported from rooming list could have incorrect rate
A group reservation created using the rooming list function could have an incorrect rate if the group block was configured to override the rate. This issue would cause the reservation to have an incorrect rate and cause the group folio to be incorrect. The issue has been resolved and reservations created from rooming lists will correctly use either the overriden rate or the check-in override rate (if entered) on the room type.
  1526 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - HTML Editor can now allow source code changes in Header
You can now change the source code area between and in HTML confirmation letters, and the information is now saved and restored properly. This allows you to add your own Meta Tags within the HTML documents if you wish.
  1520 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - HTML Letter buffer size corrected
When saving HTML source code inside the letter editor, or saving a letter, the record size buffer could incorrectly cut off at 10K (10,240 characters) instead of the proper buffer size of 64K (64,000 characters). This would only affect people with large HTML confirmation letters. NOTE: The maximum size of the HTML source code inside an HTML letter is 64,000 characters.
  1531 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

Main System - HTML tables duplicated cell spacing and ignored cell padding
When creating a table in HTML confirmaton letters, the Padding was ignored and duplicated the Cell Spacing.
  1529 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Quick Room Display would miss a room
In TPS, rooms would be missed in the Quick Room Display if they were more than four digits.
  1514 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

Main System - Runtime Variables in Confirmation Letter True/False
When changing True and False Runtime variables in the confirmation letter, the True value could end up in the False value when changing each True/False value.
  1518 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Shows rates Popup in Availability increased from 10K to 20K
The Show Rates popup drop down used a 10K buffer to fill in about 240 rates. It has now been increased to 20K and can now fill about 470 rates.
  1515 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - View Error when adding a Group Block
Users could receive a View Error 37 when entering a new group block and not entering any block information for the group.
  1527 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

POS - Misc. Point of Sale issues
There are a number of issues caused by the ITEMTYPE of modifiers changing from Blank to "M". This caused issues with Print Manager, POS Video as well as Discounts, Summary Receipts and report totals.
  1513 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Ideas Interface could include meeting room types in forecasting figures
The Ideas interface could include revenue figures from room types configured as a meeting room. The interface has been changed and will now ignore all room types configured as meeting rooms.
  1528 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - iQ-Messenger enhanced to show Last Year/This Year information
Added the following additional information to iQ-Messenger - both for This Year YTD and Last Year YTD. ADR, Rooms Sold, Total Unavailable, Total COMPS, Total Groups, Yield Variance, Payments
  1519 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Pace Booking Report Enhanced
The Pace Booking report has been enhanced to include the current occupancy percentage and an option has been added to reduce the expected pickup of rooms when the pace occupancy percentage would be over 100%. By selecting this option, the report will reduce the expected pickup numbers to show a maximum pace occupancy percentage of 100%.
  1525 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Yearly Report does not show credits properly (Non-Premier Only)
The Yearly Account Balance shows Credits as Debits in the non-Premier Edition.
  1512 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - Allow Travel Agent to book by room type does not work
If you check the box that says that a room type can only be booked by a travel agent, in the setup, this does not seem to make any difference. The room type is still displayed and bookable by anyone.
  1521 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved
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