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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
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Version 13.54:
EPI - EPI could freeze during posting cycle due to sleep timer setting
In rare cases, the sleep timer setting in EPI could cause the software to freeze during a posting cycle. To prevent the freeze issue (if it does occur), the sleep timer setting can be set to zero in the configuration file in EPI.
  1553 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

EPI - Non POS postings could go to a share folio rather than master folio
If there is more than one folio for a particular room (Share Folio), a Non-POS posting could be posted to the Share Folio rather than the Share Master. The system will now ensure that it will post always to the Share Master. This issue would only happen if the Share Master was changed at another point to another folio.
  1556 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

iQ-Schedule - Calendar with no attached resources could cause system to shutdown
A calendar with no resources added to it would cause the system to shutdown (GPF) when viewing iQ-Schedule by week or month.
  1563 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Expedia interface sends inventory and rates based on number of availability days
TPS Only: iQ-WorldLink will create and send AR messages for the Expedia interface for the number of availability days set in roomMaster anytime a full load of rates and inventory is completed on the interface.
  1554 11/6/2010 Medium Resolved

Main System - C/L Finance charge cycle incorrect when invoice manually added
The late payment date defaults to net + grace when manually adding an invoice to the city ledger instead of calculating the late payment based on the finance charge setting. This will result in the finance charge being applied as net + grace instead of 1st of the month.
  1560 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - City Ledger invoice remains open when using terms discounting
City ledger invoices which include a terms discount will remain in an open status and does not update to closed once payment is applied to zero out invoice.
  1555 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - CRM registration logic would fail when iQ-Scheduling is purchased
The registration logic for the CRM export would fail if a property had purchased the iQ-Scheduling program. The error returned indicates the CRM module has not been purchased.
  1562 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - System not always prompting to use overriden rate on city ledger/company account
If the overridden rate from the company account matches either the weekday or weekend rate of the rate code selected on the reservation, the system is not prompting to override the rate when adding a city ledger/company account which has an override rate configured.
  1559 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - VAT/GST tax would post incorrectly if no tax is needed
If the amount of the VAT/GST posting did not need tax (ie: the posting was small enough to not have a tax associated with it), the posting would be increased or posted incorrectly. (Example: a five cent posting with a 5% tax)
  1558 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

Main System - Weekly Rate discount percentage incorrectly applies to the daily rates
The discount option to 'Apply discount as percent for weekly rate only' on the rate code will apply to the weekly as well as daily amount configured on the rate.
  1552 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

POS - POS discount 1/2 price will only apply to item and not modifiers with a cost
Regression: The discount option to modify the price by half only applies to the item and not a modifier with a cost. The system previously applied the 1/2 price modification to the item and modifiers with a cost.
  1561 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

POS - Room Inquiry button not working for left handed terminal display
The Room Inquiry button on the left handed terminal display in iQ-POS is not displaying the room inquiry screen. Left handed users would need to use the room inquiry option under Payment/Print screen.
  1546 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

POS - Voucher information not properly updated for POS transactions
Regression: Any POS account code which is configured to require the voucher field no longer records the data entered into the voucher field on the POS transaction.
  1548 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - System fails reconnection to database on first attempt
External applications (IQW, EPI, etc.) could fail reconnecting to Premier database when the connection has terminated on first I/O attempt. This would result in an incorrect CONFIG buffer containing the old audit date, shift and ledger balances.
  1549 11/6/2010 Medium Resolved

Reports - Nights Analysis report could have incorrect totals for 22+ days
The Nights Analysis report will include any same day stays in the totals for 22+ days.
  1547 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

Reports - Room Revenue Detail report excluding other room revenue
The Room Revenue Detail report excludes totals posted to a room revenue account code which is configured not to count as a room sold.
  1545 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

Reports - User Activity Report does not provide totals for last user on report
The User Activity report does not provide the user totals for the last user included on the report.
  1550 11/6/2010 Low Resolved
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