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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 14.01:
Common Library - Domain checking could falsely return OK if a domain was part of a domain cache
If the domain was part of the internal domain cache, then it would return as valid such as GMAIL.C would be part of GMAIL.COM
  1695 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Common Library - Enhanced information on Dayend Close Results for better troubleshooting
Added additional information to the Dayend Close Results log.
  1679 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Common Library - Forecast TRUNCATE operation could freeze during night audit
If the Forecast file had a lock on it, the night audit would freeze when rebuilding the forecast. The system was changed to only try to obtain a lock for 8 seconds rather than infinite.
  1684 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Common Library - Some META data would appear in text portion of HTML emails
XML Library would put META data and CSS Style information as text in the Text representation of the HTML email.
  1688 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Conversion - Standard/Enterprise (TPS) conversion does not create RATCLOSE file
During the 14.00 conversion, the RATCLOSE file was not being created which would cause an error stating File Not Found when attempting to load RM.NET.
  1710 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Conversion - Standard/Enterprise (TPS) Version would drop VIPFILE notes
The Standard/Enterprise (TPS) version would drop the notes from the VIPFILE when executing the conversion.
  1703 7/8/2011 Serious Resolved

iQ-Keylocks - SAFLOK did not respond properly for multiple encoders
If SAFLOK 5000/6000 were used, and an encoder ID other than blank/zero were used, the response would be sent to the wrong encoder if multiple encoders were used.
  1677 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

iQ-Keylocks - Ving 2100/2800 will now simulate multiple copies
Ving 2100/2800 does not support multiple key copies, but the interface will now access the number of copies and send multiple messages to the encoder to simulate multiple copies for the keys.
  1699 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-Keylocks - Ving 2100/2800/Vision response issues for Encoder ID
The encoder ID in the response for VING was not interpreted correctly. Also changed OneShot key to issue Auto CheckOut request prior to creating the one shot key.
  1687 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Default rate code is always included in HBR message for min/max stay
The minimum and maximum stay restrictions for the default rate code are always included in the HBR message regardless of the rate code entered in the configuration of iQ-WorldLink.
  1682 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Post Now window has a maximum display of 10 items
The Post Now window in iQ-WorldLink is currently designed to display a maximum of 10 entries. Properties running more than 5 configuration entries will receive a runtime error when attempting to select the Post Now option in iQ-WorldLink.
  1700 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Rate Closure Message had incorrect closing tag for StatusApplicationControl
The Rate Closure GDS message had the wrong StatusApplicationControl close tag causing the messages to be aborted or ignored.
  1693 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - Added Description field to Pre-Defined Messages
A description can be added for the pre-defined messages when emailing a guest folio and/or emailing a report.
  1717 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Always hide rate header option moves extra folio field into rate header box
If the option is selected to 'Always Hide Rate Header Box for all Folios' the extra folio field (Direct Bill) is being moved into the rate header box when the folio is printed.
  1675 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Main System - Changed Group Checkout Option to be safer
Changed the Group Checkout options to be "By Group, By Reference, By All" instead of "By All, By Group, By Reference" to avoid serious mistake of checking out entire hotel.
  1680 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Connecting rooms were calculated incorrectly during Rebuild of Forecast
The connecting rooms are being calculated incorrectly during the rebuild of the forecast which will cause the total available rooms by room type to be incorrect. This issue will only occur during the rebuild of the forecast and not during normal updates to the Forecast.
  1691 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - Disable Delete All button in Internal Mail when looking at Outbox view
In internal mail, the Delete All button will be disabled when looking at Outbox and Archive/Save.
  1707 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Main System - Export file from Chart/Graph could fail to open with Excel
The XML export file generated from the charts/graphs would fail to open in Excel if the any of the attributes contained two words with a space. This has been resolved and all XML exports can be opened without error in Excel.
  1708 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - Firing Override Rate Checkbox won't clear Discount field
When the checkbox is selected (On or Off), the discount percent would not clear on Reservations and Folio Properties.
  1690 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Frequent Stay Export could contain invalid XML characters
The Frequent Stay export could contain invalid XML characters. The invalid characters would cause import issues with CRM and third party applications using the frequent stay export.
  1711 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - Special Receipts can use its own printer assignment
Special Receipts can use its own printer assignment and also handles a different printer assignment for Terminal Services sessions.
  1706 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - System allowed unavailable room to be assigned when changing CheckIn date
If an existing reservation is changed to a different arrival date, the system is only checking for conflicts against the room bookings. This could cause a reservation to be changed without alerting the user the room is unavailable for the new dates of the reservation.
  1676 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

POS - Adding a TIP to a Shift Closed Check will reopen the check and remove shift
If a check is closed to a shift, and then recalled later on, and a TIP Is added, the POS system will now unclose the check, so TIPS can be declared properly.
  1715 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Auto hide of toolbar in terminal mode and adjustments to placement of screens
Multiple adjustments to the placement of various POS Terminal screens and the toolbar will be automatically hidden in terminal mode to accommodate smaller monitors.
  1709 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

POS - Clicking unused space in Modifer List will duplicate line above
Terminal > Modify Item > Clicking the separator space between the modifier groups will fill the space with the modifier from the line above and leaves it as selected
  1713 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

POS - Modifer window could exclude sub-modifier when displaying multiple modifers
A POS item which has multiple optional modifier categories selected AND one of the modifier categories is the last entry (ie the last category number), any items with that modifier plus at least one additional selected will not properly display all of the modifiers.
  1714 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

POS - POS Discounts could be rolled back incorrectly
Rolling back (Removing) a discount could cause the discount to be applied twice or incorrectly.
  1689 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

POS - POS item entry field was not returning focus after each item entry for scanners
FIX: POS item entry field would not receive focus after entry of an item, causing issue with scanners.
  1673 7/8/2011 Serious Resolved

POS - Printing a receipt from Check History causes check to be recovered
Printing a receipt from a POS check in history would cause the check to be recalled and added to the current day's reports.
  1716 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

POS - Select button missing from Declare Cash Tips
Declare Cash Tips > Change Employee Information > Select Button is missing from Employee Lookup screen, which prevents user from being able to select a different employee from the list
  1712 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Day of week labels display incorrect on Housekeeping chart
The labels on the x-axis for the day of the week always start with M (Monday) regardless of the actual start date.
  1701 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Standard to Premier Conversion did not check version
The Standard (TPS) to Premier (SQL) Conversion would allow 13.50 and higher when it should be 14.00 or higher only.
  1678 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Yield Management percent and percent rounded calculation incorrect
The system did not properly calculate the percentage increase/decrease for yield management profiles. The issue has been corrected and the yielding increase/decrease will calculate correctly for both percent and percent rounded options.
  1697 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

Reports - Payment by User report displays either no total or incorrect totals
The Payments by User report either displays no totals or could display incorrect totals for the payments. The DEBIT and CREDIT fields were not binded to the report.
  1681 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - RM.NET Availability Calendar would not display properly when days prior used
If the room types are configured to require a certain number of days prior to checkin, the two week availability calendar will not display for dates within 7 days of today's date.
  1683 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

rm.Net - RM.NET Rate breakdown suppressed for weekly and monthly rates
The rate breakdown will automatically be suppressed if a weekly or monthly rate is selected from the rate dropdown. This will enable the rate breakdown to be used for daily rates only.
  1694 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

rm.Net - RM.NET Two Week Availability Calendar excludes yield modifications
The two week availability calendar does not include the rate modifications from yield management. The rates displayed are the base rate without the increases/decreases from yield management being applied.
  1705 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - RM.NET Two Week Availability doesn't display weekly and monthly rates properly
The two week availability calendar on roomMaster.Net will now properly display both weekly and monthly rates. The calendar will display either the weekly rate or monthly rate for each day.
  1692 7/8/2011 Low Resolved
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