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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 14.03:
iQ-WorldLink - Exception dates now checked prior to generating rates messages
The Rate Exceptions sent through iQ-WorldLink are now checked to make sure the Exception Date Range is always between the Rate record's FROM and TO range. If it is not within the range, the exception will no longer be written out.
  1748 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

Main System - Cancellation Warning for GDS Reservation did not always display
The GDS reservation cancellation warning on the cancellation screen of a reservation would only appear if there was no room assigned to the reservation. This has been changed and the text will always appear if the reservation was booked by iQ-WorldLink.
  1738 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

Main System - Closed Rate display issue on Availability Screen
Availability screen would display 'Closed' for day prior to start of closed rate period. Issue is display only as system applies closed rates correctly for booking reservations.
  1746 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

Main System - Confirmation Screen would not always save new entries
Under certain circumstances, entries to the Confirm Screen in configuration would not be saved.
  1742 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

Main System - Do Not Rent list will now be checked after scan of image using iQ-Scan
The routine to verify name entered on folio properties against the Do Not Rent list will now execute after an image is scanned using iQ-Scan and alert the end user if the name matches a profile listed as an unwelcome guest.
  1747 9/26/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Adjustments posted to an invoice in City Ledger could have incorrect balance
The adjustment balance on an invoice could exclude the tax amounts for taxes. The issue could cause the invoice to have an incorrect balance.
  1744 9/26/2011 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Wizard changes
The following changes and fixes were made to the Interactive SQL Wizard.
  • Ignore highlighting on sub-totals will default to ON
  • Scroll bar did not function properly in the listbox when selecting all fields
  • Enhanced Change Field Values screen
  • Combine SUM and > into one button (Group By)

  1751 9/26/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Daily Charge and Packages Report did not include Voucher field
The Daily Charge and Packages Report did not include the voucher information entered for the daily charge/package. This has been corrected and the report will now include text entered into the voucher field.
  1739 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

Reports - Rate Variance Report could contain incorrect Rate Code amount
The Rate Variance report could contain an incorrect amount in the rate code amount field.
  1745 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Package rates could display incorrect rate in two week availability on RM.Net
A package rate could show an incorrect amount in the two week availability feature on roomMaster.Net. Package rates will now be completely suppressed from the two week availability and the word Avail will display for package rates when available and Sold for sold out dates. Language table entry 36 has been added to control the word displayed in the two week availability.
  1749 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Two Week Availability chart could have incorrect rate on 14th day
The Two Week Availability could have an incorrect rate on the last (14th) day of the calendar.
  1750 9/26/2011 Medium Resolved
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