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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 14.04:
EPI - LodgeNet/Otrum interfaces will use override extensions
For LodgeNet/Otrum interfaces, the system will use the override extensions added to the configuration file for LOOK/DISP/STAT messages.
  1759 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-Messenger - iQ-Messenger Alert could have incorrect forecast occupancy percentage
The occupancy forecast figures included in the alert message included any room types which are configured to be excluded from occupancy percentages (meeting rooms). This would cause the forecast occupancy percentage to be lower than actual.
  1754 11/2/2011 Low Resolved

iQ-Schedule - iQ-Schedule Events can now be added to reservation confirmation letters
Enhancement:iQ-Schedule events can now be added to reservation confirmation letters to confirm events and tours scheduled for the guest. The new variable *IQSCHED*will work for both HTML and RTF letters.
  1762 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Hotel Booking Rules message could include room types specified to be excluded
The hotel booking rules message (HBR) could include closed to arrival and departure inventory controls for room types which are not included on the interface.
  1753 11/2/2011 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink could not recover when remote system aborted connection
iQ-WorldLink would try to continue the next transmission on the same disconnected socket if the remote system disconnected during a previous transmission rather than disconnecting and opening a new socket. This has been resolved. Expedia clients should definitely upgrade to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  1761 11/2/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - Added ability to reply with quote when replying to a mail message
When replying to a mail message, the ability to select 'Reply with Quote' and include the original message in the response is now available.
  1757 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added ability to start a new reservation from Availability by Room Type screen
NEW: On the Availability by Room Type screen, you can now double-click on an entry in the column to immediately start a new reservation. The reservation will be created for the date/room type which was double clicked and will use the default number of nights and adults from configuration.
  1756 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Duplicate Reservation feature from Availability by Room Number screen
The duplicate reservation feature does not prompt to use existing profile/name when creating the new reservation. This has been resolved and the system will now prompt whether to use existing profile and name when using the duplicate reservation feature from the availability screen.
  1755 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Enhanced Reservation Detail, Folio Properties, and Folio Display screens
Streamlined process for opening these three screens to make program faster and more efficient. Terminal service users will benefit as screens will open much faster.
  1766 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Enhanced screen display on City Ledger Payment Record
The display payment record screen in the city ledger payments will now show the actual posted amount and batch amount as two separate entries on the screen. The enhancement will clearly indicate the applied amount in red if the two figures do not match due to an existing credit being applied as part of the batch. The total amount applied will also appear on the C/L Customer History Report.
  1764 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Enhancements to Frequent Stay Export
The Frequent Stay XML file has been enhanced to include the RoomType and NumberOfUnits of the Guest Stay as well as the LoyaltyID and Gender from the Guest Profile if it exists.
  1768 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Added automatic formatting option to Interactive SQL
Added a keyboard shortcut option to the Interactive and Embedded SQL which will clean up the SQL query and properly format it. The keyboard shortcut is CTRL + K to initiate the SQL Cleanup.
  1765 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Added Header and Footer format options to Interactive and Embedded SQL
Two new vendor extensions, SETREPORTHEADER and SETREPORTFOOTER have been added to the Interactive and Embedded SQL. The extensions provide the ability to add a report header and report footer text string up to 255 characters to custom reports. See SQL Syntax help topic for proper formatting.
  1767 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Added SQL Statement to Filter on Letter Scheduler
SQL Statement has been added to the filter options in the letter scheduler to further filter the group of guests to receive the letters.
  1758 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler prompt to resend email when fixing an email address
The Letter Scheduler now allows you to resend any emails previous sent by the Letter Scheduler, including those emails “bounced” back to your inbox due to an error.
  1752 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - New Prompt Options added to Interactive SQL
Additional prompt options have been added to the interactive SQL for added flexibility with SQL queries. Users can be prompted for True/False, Date, String, Numeric and Decimal values when running embedded SQL reports. For detailed information, please refer to the help topic "SQL - Prompt Fields".
  1763 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved
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