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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 14.50:
Common Library - Enhancements to Print Preview Engine
Print Preview engine has been enhanced: * Mixed document pages (Portrait and Landscape) are now displayed properly such as displaying the Night Audit Pack of multiple Paper type. * Paging Up/Down is now much faster/smoother with no flicker.
  1796 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - Night audit reprint would produce extra blank pages (regression)
Changes were made to CLARUN causing extra blank pages to print during the night audit for reports. The reprint functionality has also been corrected to properly place the image on the page in the exact same location it was originally (xpos/ypos) rather than 1/2 inch off.
  1795 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Enterprise - Quick Reports no longer print correctly
Regression: The Report Wizard would no longer be able to reformat the detail band for Landscape reports and incorrectly print the header.
  1772 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Enterprise - Report Wizard added to City Ledger Invoices
Added Report Wizard to City Ledger Invoices. Also corrected some text for the City Ledger Detail fields.
  1779 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - CompanyProfileModifyRQ sending empty fields (OTA Requirement)
Changed iQ-WorldLink to not sending empty address/phone/fax and contact information in the message for company profile updates (IQCRS)
  1789 11/23/2011 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink communication error detection enhanced
The error handling in iQ-WorldLink has been enhanced in many ways to handle communication issues.
  • Communication errors that receive blank/no response will gracefully retry in the next interval.
  • Root error messages returned by iQ-CRS will now be gracefully retried in the next interval rather than deleting.
  • Root error messages will now display in iQ-WorldLink.
  • Service Maintenance messages are now detected for most remote systems including iQ-CRS.
  • Full Load Inventory/Rate message will not be deleted/lost if there is no response or service maintenance.

  1791 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink will send Rate Closures during each inventory update
Since rates are being updated during a daily update, it could reopen a rate closed by a rate closure. Rate closures are resent during each update for room types affected by the change.
  1811 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink would send wrong rate if Deriving Rates after Yielding
If Yielding is turned on, and Apply Yielding Before Derived is selected, and the rate is in a derived and yielded situation, the rate is calculated incorrected when being sent to the GDS. Expedia rate updates are not affected by this issue.
  1786 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Modifications to existing reservations could fail if were More Names attached
Modifications to existing reservations could fail if there were more names on the reservation.
  1806 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - Access to Guest Profile from Availability Screen for Folios/History
You can now right-click on Folios and History Folios and have direct access to the Guest Profile, similar to how user can access Guest Profile by right-clicking on a reservation.
  1787 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added ability to include Group and Company information on Special Receipts
You can now check a box to include any GROUP or COMPANY information on a special receipt.
  1782 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added CheckOuts for Tomorrow to Current Snapshot
Current Snapshot feature now includes number of checkouts for next audit date.
  1802 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added new "Locate Group" functionaity to Availability (F4) screen
Added new functionality on the F4-Availability screen (Show by Room Number) to only show the items which pertain to a particular Group Code, while everything else is grayed out.
  1790 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added Occupancy with Unavailable wording to Availability by Room Type screen
The option to 'Include Unavailable Rooms in Occupancy' on the Availability by Room Type screen is no longer a workstation setting. The option would have to be selected each the time screen is loaded and when selected the wording will change to 'Occupancy with Unavailable' to indicate the figures include unavailable rooms.
  1805 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added prompt to automatically unassign a room number when changing room type
Users will now be prompted to remove the assigned room on a reservation when attempting to change the room type.
  1804 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added Tax Invoice number to City Ledger Memo
Added Tax Invoice literal and number to the City Ledger Memo.
  1785 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Availablity screen now automatically resizes all columns dynamically
Availability screen would not display daily columns with equal widths. Screen now shows all daily columns with equal widths at all times -- when resizing window or selecting different range of dates (one week, 10 days, two weeks).
  1797 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Display Date on voided charges not same as original transaction date
When voiding a Guest Ledger charge, the Display Date (FOT:DISPLAYDATE) will now be the same as the original transaction's display date.
  1775 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Enhancements to Messages and Mail
1. When a reply is sent to Messages and Mail message, the message's icon reflects a reply has been sent. 2. The Return Receipt icon has been changed to a Return Receipt icon similar to icon used by Outlook. 3. There is a new "Unread Only" checkbox in bottom-left corner of Messages and Mail screen to filter the list to only show unread messages.
  1792 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Enhancements to Total Stay window on a folio/checked in guest
The Total Stay window will include Actual Posted charges when using Total Stay from a Folio/Checked in guest. This will allow the Total Stay to reflect a more accurate amount when a guest changes their rate or different rates are actually posted than the current rate type/rate amounts.
  1776 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Increased Room Type selection to 30 room types on Reserve & Availability screens
The pull down which displays room types on the Reserve screen and Availability screen has been standardized to display 30 room types.
  1798 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - iQ-Gift Card report enhancements for expired cards
InnQuest Gift Card users can now run a report to list all cards prior to an Expiration Date. Cards will only appear in the report if there is a balance. This is located under Gift Card Maintenance. In addition, the Card Inquiry report will display an expiration date if the card is expired.
  1809 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Keyboard shortcut changed to access Help > About roomMaster
Help/About would use CTRL+A which conflicts with Windows Standard CTRL A on a TextForm. The keyboard shortcut has been changed to CTRL+SHIFT+A.
  1771 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Letters that failed under MAPI reported as successfully sent in Change Journal
When sending an RTF confirmation letter, using MAPI, and the user clicked cancel in the Outlook form, the system would report the user cancelled out, however, it would still mark the letter as successfully sent and still journal that the Email was sent.
  1777 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - Many fixes to Global Currency Pictures
Many fixes to screens using global currency pictures that were still showing as US Dollar, especially in City Ledger, Shift Reports and Chart of Accounts.
  1784 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - No error displayed to user when Updates directory could not be created
If the creation of the updates directory failed, no error would be displayed to the user.
  1773 11/23/2011 Low Resolved

Main System - Quicker Access to reservation via Folio Special Properties
In addition to showing the Reservation Confirmation or Share Confirmation on the Folio Special Properties screen, the confirmation number is a clickable link to the actual Reservation. Also, Folio Special Properties will show "WalkIn" for Confirmation Number instead of "0".
  1781 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - System would appear to freeze when printing large Group Folios
When very large group folios (500+ entries) were generated, the progress window would not update to reflect the actual progress. This has been corrected, and the generation of group folios is now faster.
  1778 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - TotalStay would reflect wrong amount when using custom rate with credits
If there were a Daily Charge or Package, and one of the entries were a credit, the amount would be added to the TotalStay rather than subtracted.
  1794 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Main System - Unwelcome Guest List not checked after "good" Guest Profile is already selected
If a Guest Profile without Unwelcome List checkbox is assigned to a reservation, system would continue to check other similar Guest Profiles for Unwelcome List checkbox. System no longer checks for similar profiles if Guest Profile without "Unwelcome List" option is already attached to a reservation.
  1803 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Added ability to Print a Server Report from a previous business date
Premier Only: A Server Shift Report can be printed for a previous date after the end of day processing after been completed in iQ-POS. The option is available by selecting Reports > Reprint User Report in iQ-POS Premier.
  1800 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Added Global option to suppress confirmation of closing a check in iQ-POS
A Global setting was added to suppress the prompt to confirm closing a POS check. When selecting, the end user no longer receives a prompt to close out a check after posting payment.
  1808 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Business Date added to Server Shift Report
The business (audit) date has been added to the Server Shift Report in iQ-POS. Previously, the report only included the system date and time of printing.
  1799 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

POS - POS Server Report now shows checks on hold as well as Classification Breakdown
The POS Server Report will now show the number of checks on hold as well as classification total breakdown at the end of the report.
  1810 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Tips processed on a date other than audit date could be excluded from reports
The check which is added for TIP processing would set the check date equal to the system date instead of the audit date in the system. This could cause Server Shift Reports to exclude the tip processing and affect custom SQL queries.
  1801 11/23/2011 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Enhanced Report Wizard to use existing Filter List in Premier Edition
Where a Filter List option exists and the Report Wizard feature is selected, users are prompted to to use the active Filter List filtering instead of selecting/creating a query with the Query Wizard.
  1780 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Extended functionality for Wait List added to Premier Edtiion
Renamed Upgrades function to be "Upgrades/WaitLists" and added full functionality to display reservations on the waitlist, and what the inventory/room status is for each reservation on the waitlist.
  1783 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - iQ-WorldLink could freeze when accessing Configuration
The system would hang when shutting down or going into Configuration option if the database connection was terminated.
  1770 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL reports can print incorrectly in landscape format (Regression)
Because of the change in the Clarion report engine, landscape reports being printed/previewed in ISQL could be incorrectly formatted (header overrun)
  1788 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - TPS-to-Premier Conversion could drop surcharge and profit center fields
The TPS to Premier conversion could mix up or drop the Surcharge and Profit Center fields in the ACCOUNTS table.
  1812 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

SetupBuilder - TPS installer can be incorrectly installed over SQL/Premier installation
The TPS Edition was allowed to be installed over a Premier/SQL installation. This was corrected.
  1793 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved
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