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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 15.02:
Common Library - Better/More efficient handling of reading Configuration Record
Better/More efficient handling of reading Configuration record during startup of new threads, and setting up SQL ODBC Parameters.
  1939 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Common Library - New GPF / Access Violation Functionality
GPF functionality has been enhanced so LogFiles are created automatically with no User intervention. The Exceptions are now accessible through a new option Setup > Configuration > Manage > Event Log > Exceptions. The name of the log file appears as well in the Exception Window.
  1941 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - Possible GPF when accessing GetConfigValue in very fast manner
When starting up threads in an extremely fast manner or accessing the config record at the exact same time (millisecond), a GPF could occur. This has been resolved using a critical section of code.
  1937 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Common Library - Slowness in Typing and/or Slowing with Screens
Some users on some workstations report slow typing which can also result in incorrect CAPS in entry fields, as well as slowness opening screens.
  1943 10/1/2012 Serious Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Expedia interface could not handle more than 3,000 rate updates in single messag
The system will now no longer send more than 3,000 rate updates in a single update message to meet Expedia’s requirements on the Expedia Quick Connect interface.
  1922 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Negative exclusions on the room type level did not affect inventory counts
Entering a negative exclusion (overbooking) on the room type level had no effect on the inventory count included in inventory messages on OTA interfaces.
  1917 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Main System - Access Violation (GPF) could happen when exporting rooming list
End users could receive an access violation (GPF) in drvmakeCSTRING when exporting Rooming Lists in Group Blocks.
  1919 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

Main System - Attempting to run invalid custom reports would cause MDI window errors
Invalid custom reports, such as a custom report configured as a Clarion report with no library attached, would cause MDI window errors. This could cause issues during the night audit if the invalid reports were configured to auto run.
  1920 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

Main System - Auto capitalization could incorrectly capitalize letters in input fields
Typing into input fields could be sluggish and cause the auto capitalization feature to incorrectly capitalize letters in the middle of a word. Runtime fix from Clarion was required to correct the issue.
  1935 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Main System - City Ledger Auto Pay feature would incorrectly apply payments to open invoices
Regression: The Auto Pay feature would apply the payment to all open invoices regardless of the remaining balance left to apply to subsequent invoices.
  1926 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Main System - Credit card payments to city ledger do not appear on Electronic Processing
Credit card transactions processed in the city ledger do not appear on the Electronic Processing report. The payment posts to the city ledger account and the credit card transaction does appear in $OTN. The transaction will only be missing from the Electronic Processing report.
  1913 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Main System - Emailing HTML letters and large PDF files could cause access violation error
Some large confirmation and HTML letters could GPF when sending via email. The buffer length has been increased to stop this GPF and handle emails with large embedded attachments and images.
  1928 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

Main System - Find feature enhanced to filter out duplicate results
The Find feature will now only return one result for each entry, even if there are multiple fields on the record which match the search criteria.
  1929 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - GPF when right-clicking on F4-Availability
A GPF would occur on F4-Availability / By Room Number, in the Room Type column.
  1938 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Main System - Group Block Discounts are ignored in Rooming List Reservations and on Group Cont
Discounts added to a group block would be omitted from reservations created using the rooming list feature. Group contract did not include the discount when calculating the rate for the rate details section.
  1931 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Main System - Line breaks added to HTML letters using runtime variables
Runtime variables added to HTML letters would cause two line breaks (/line /line) to appear before the text from the runtime variable.
  1923 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Main System - Possible memory corruption on F4-Availability
Possible memory corruption can occur when rates are being displayed, and user clicks on an empty room in days 12, 13 or 14. Memory corruption can occur or a GPF.
  1942 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

Main System - Scrollbar behavior in F5-Reservations screen improved.
Dynamic scroll stop values have added to the F5-Reservations / By CheckIn routine to have more accurate positioning of the vertical scrollbar.
  1940 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Shift4 Purchase Card Block Arrival Date incorrect on reservation deposits
Shift4 Purchase Card Block Arrival Date for Deposits would not put the correct checkin date - it was putting an erroneous checkin date.
  1936 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

POS - POS Monthly/Year Usage Report enhancements
The POS Monthly/Year Usage report will no longer print orphan header or foot totals from a detail line. The report can now be printed in a compressed font format to ensure large values print properly on the report.
  1930 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Denials table could fail on conversion
TPS to Premier conversion could fail with Error 47 when reaching Denials table. Premier conversion could also fail with a hard halt.
  1914 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Copy Column does not copy all values in the column
Interactive SQL Copy Column function could miss values being placed on the keyboard due to a Windows Timing Event error. This has now been corrected.
  1921 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Enhancements
  • Added MIN() and MAX() attributes to SUBTOTAL function to allow printing MIN and MAX values for sub-totals
  • Added TIGHT attribute to FORMATSPACING to print more lines on a page to save paper (FORMATSPACING TIGHT)
  • Better Orphan line printing on SQL reports so sub-totals and totals would not print on a separate page than the detail lines. Sibling lines (totals) will print with at least one line of the parent.
  • Better formatting of detail lines for A4 Paper sizes to print more detail data in Portrait Reports.

  1927 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Multiple database connections from too many MDI windows open on workstation
If a user opened many MDI windows, which caused more than 150 active tables to be opened, another SQL Connection would be raised to the database engine. This could cause a licensing issue for users who were not using the Unlimited Sybase license or cause random exclusive access errors when starting the Dayend Close
  1933 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

Reports - Arrivals, Stayover and Departures report defaults to A4 paper size
Arrivals, Stayover and Departures report will always use the A4 : paper setting rather than the default paper setting for the selected printer.
  1918 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Reports - Daily Charges and Package report always contains child entries
The Daily Package report picks up the child entry, even if there is no child. The child entries are now ignored in the Daily Charges and Package report if there are no children on the reservation.
  1925 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

Reports - Forecasted Revenue Report could have incorrect totals for historical dates
Regression: The Forecasted Revenue report could contain incorrect room revenue totals for historical dates. The revenue totals for future (forecasted) dates would always be correct. The regression was caused by enhancements to the report for inclusive versus non-inclusive taxes.
  1924 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

Reports - TXR reports do not show properly when adding custom reports
Adding new TXR reports did not show properly in the Report names drop-down. The drop-down was blank instead of listing each report name.
  1934 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Java messages would not display in RM.NET when CR/LF was in text
To ensure that Advanced Rules display properly during, the characters ' " & # \ / are removed as well as CR/LF - and all converted to spaces.
  1915 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

rm.Net - keeps package entries assigned to non-package rates
In rare cases, if the session tied to a RM.NET user switched between Package rates and non-Package rates, the Package entries could still be attached to the reservation when it were entered into roomMaster.
  1916 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - Shopping cart items could have the quantity type incorrect after upgrading
Regression: The quantity type could be changed to Set to Number of Adults when upgrading to version 15.
  1932 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved
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