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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 15.03:
EPI - EPI Changes/Fixes
  • CHANGE: EPI to correctly open the threads in a consistent (Alphabetic) order for both TPS and SQL.
  • FIX: EPI Memory overrun when closing sessions.
  • FIX: EPI Buffer overrun when accepting very large amounts of data.

  •   1952 10/8/2012 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Failed file name written to iQ-WorldLink log file
    When failed files are created, the file name is written to the IQW Log file.
      1949 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Designate if the Group Notes will popup in Folio Properties on Group Blocks
    On the Group Block record, three options have been added to enhance group notes displaying on reservations and folio properties. The new options include having group notes popup on reservations only, folio properties only, or reservations and folio properties.
      1955 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Find Entries would supress duplicates incorrectly
    Regression: In 15.02, the system was enhanced to supress duplicates. The system incorrectly supressed based on the icon displayed rather than the section.
      1953 10/8/2012 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Minor Fixes Related to Active-X and Help Documentation
  • Not all programs checked for latest Active-X installation at Startup (RMNET Setup, Print Manager, IQ-Messenger, EPI)
  • Not all programs used the local copy of help (RMNET Setup, Print Manager, IQ-Messenger, EPI)
  • F1-Help would not use the local copy of the help file on 64-bit Operating system.

  •   1956 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Seven digit folio numbers would not display properly on F8-Current Folios and Gu
    Folio numbers which are seven digits in length would not display properly.
      1944 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    POS - Recall Check did not clear POSLOGDT
    Recalling a closed check did not clear the POSLOGDT and could cause an error to occur when voiding items on the recalled check.
      1950 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added FORMATCOLUMN to ISQL Function Editor
    Added FORMATCOLUMN to ISQL Function Editor to make it easier to enter FORMTCOLUMN functions in Free-Form SQL Syntax.
      1954 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Hidden columns included when exporting to a chart in ISQL
    Hidden columns in ISQL would still be included when exporting to a chart.
      1946 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Fixes and Enhancements
  • NEW: ISQL Now handles “Pick Multiple Values” both in Free-Form and Wizard
  • CHANGE: Pick from Date Range on F8-SQL Prompt moved to pull-down option instead of checkbox for consistency
  • FIX: Return Values in Prompt fields were limited to only 50 characters – fixed to 2048 characters
  • FIX: If a Prompt Field Return Value contained an apostrophe, it was not allowed. It is now properly allowed.

  •   1957 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Special Fields added to SQL Wizard
    Added SQL Special Fields to the SQL Wizard where pull-down to allow PICK fields to be used in the Wizard.
      1945 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Wizard enhanced to support HAVING SQL clause
    The SQL Wizard now supports using the HAVING SQL clause to enhance options with SQL queries.
      1951 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Figures over 1 million converted to be easier to read on Charts/Graphs
    Charts/Graphs will convert figures over 1 million to thousands and display as "x K" instead of full numbers to make charts easier to read.
      1947 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Sort order incorrect on Monthly Account Balance chart/graph
    Monthly Account Balance Graphs did not sort months properly on the graph and in the legend.
      1948 10/8/2012 Low Resolved
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