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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 15.04:
Conversion - Premier Conversion Fixes
  • Premier Conversion program did not embed Windows Manifest causing it a look/feel of non-Windows Vista/7.
  • TPS to SQL 47 Errors that occur on the iQ-Schedule files will be ignored/skipped and assumed the user is not using IQ-Schedule.
  • Premier Conversion could show 47 error on Denials because of invalid OPT attribute on KEY.

  •   1971 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Functions - New HTML function library (CLAJHTM.DLL)
    Replaced previous version of HTML function runtime library, as supplied by vendor.
      1976 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - iQ-Keylocks Changes
  • iQ-KeyLocks has additional Room Number formatting options.
  • iQ-Keylocks has additional debug information.
  • Fixes to IQKeylocks to properly handle Encoder ID's across all keylock devices, regardless of numeric or alphanumeric
  • NEW: Ability to strip out Dashes from room numbers in IQKeylocks

  •   1970 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - Fixes to iQ-Schedule
  • If no date was set in a calendar resource, and Calendar Resources was pressed, an SQL error would occur.
  • The user could save a calendar resource even if there were no Start Date.

  •   1966 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Changes to the number of rooms writes to the event log
    Changes in Setup to number of rooms add an entry to the event log.
      1968 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger Print Invoice Detail in Foreign Currency
    The Print Invoice Detail option in City Ledger can print all amounts in a foreign currency.
      1958 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Corrections made to WriteTODOSFile procedure
  • WriteToDOSFile will wait 2 seconds on error and attempt opening one more time.
  • Spelling error corrected on WriteToDOSF error message.
  • WriteToDOSFile can handle silent errors (IQW, EPI, API) and not display a message window which holds up the interface.

  •   1965 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Corrections to some column titles (FOLIOHD / HISTHD)
    The field descriptions have been updated to maintain consistency in FOLIOHD and HISTHD for: OUTBY, OUTDATE, OUTTIME.
      1972 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Currency conversion or including Tax Summary on folio could cause error when pri
    Currency Conversion or Tax Summary of a folio could cause the folio to "lock up" and go into an infinite loop.
      1967 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Exception information is retained in one file
    New GPF functions that will combine Clipboard Results to Exception log so all Exception information is retained in one single file without user intervention
      1963 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Frequent Stay Data can be rebuilt and sent for a specific checkout date
    Frequent Stay Data can now be rebuilt for a specific date and retransmitted from the Night Audit menu.
      1964 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Full Windows 8 Manifest Support
    Windows 8 is now fully supported.
      1961 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Group Block Contract could display incorrect totals and figures
    The Group Block Contract could display incorrect totals for room commitments and rate commitments for groups with more than 9 days included in the block.
      1978 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - New City Ledger Adjustment could post incorrectly as Void/Has Void
    Posting a new City Ledger Adjustment transaction when the highlighted record is either Voided or Has been voided could be used/copied into the new posting transaction.
      1977 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - New phone type added for Phone1 and Phone2 fields
    A new phone type, Pickup Contact, has been added to the Phone1 and Phone2 fields to ensure the phone types match the OTA standard.
      1959 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Travel Agent commisions can be created for folios already in history
    The travel agent ID can be added to a folio in history and the travel agent commission will be automatically created during the dayend close procedure. This enhancement prevents the need to manually add travel agent commissions if the travel agent ID was not on the folio at checkout. Supervisor or Manager access is required to pull a folio from history and add the travel agent ID to have the commission created during the audit.
      1975 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Warning message added when closing an active interface to prevent GPF issues
    If an interface is active during CloseDown or CloseWindow event on AppFrame, a warning will appear. This may stop potential GPF when closing down the system when a thread is active
      1979 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    POS - Column header renamed for Sales Person to "Sales Owner"
    The column header/name for Sales Person on the Header (HD) tables renamed to "Sales Owner"
      1973 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Housekeeping Charts and Graphs enhanced
    The Housekeeping (F10) Charts and Graphs now include Blocked/Unused Group Block rooms.
      1962 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL
  • ISQL has a new vendor extension, PIVOTRESULTSET
  • ISQL Wizard last tab rearranged and also has access to more extension options
  • Additional WHERE options added in ISQL Wizard (does not start with & does not contain)
  • Added option to suppress the number of records from appearing on reports (NORECORDSCOUNT)

  • Fixes:
  • Special Prompt fields that are used more than once in the same query will not be prompted a subsequent time (ie: using a prompt field in a where clause and a header/footer)
  • All prompt fields including Special Fields are now remembered between subsequent runs
  • ISQL RateTotalStay Extension would not return rate when ROOM TYPE and RATE TYPE were different
  • ROUND, DATEADD functions would not SQL Clean properly (CTRL+K)
  • ISQL Subtotals are not written during GrandTotals when there are no SubTotals (ON statement)

  •   1960 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - All Shopping Cart items would not display and select quantity option incorrect
    The reservation options page would not display all shopping cart items and the option to select quantity (1-9) incorrectly displayed a select box instead of input box.
      1974 11/8/2012 Low Resolved
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