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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 15.07:
Common Library - Calendar Popup supports ESC key
The popup calender will report ResponseCancelled when using ESC key and not update date field to a new value.
  2013 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Common Library - Regression: Track 3 data could be lost during Drivers License Scan
Track 3 of ScanCard was being moved into Track 2 buffer - causing issues with Drivers licenses missing ZIP Codes.
  2025 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

Conversion - TPS conversion failed on customers on V14.00
TPS conversion did not work properly if user was on Version 14.00
  2021 2/4/2013 Low Resolved

EPI - EPI Room Number Increases
  • EPI Squirrel interface did not work for room numbers greater than 4
  • EPI Lucent interface changed to handle 5 character room numbers

  2020 2/4/2013 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Created an "Unseen" Event Log status for iQ-WorldLink
Separated Event Log System messages to Unseen and Seen. All messages that pertain to errors in WorldLink show as different status (UNSEEN) until they are double-clicked and acknowledged. User can now access these UNSEEN messages via F5 > GDS/WEB LOG new tab. Tab will be red when messages exist. User/Date/Time stamp will be added to message when acknowledged.
  2015 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - XML would form incorrecty when no group detail records
iQ-WorldLink Groups Export would export incorrect XML if there were no Group Detail records.
  2018 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

Main System - Corrections to City Ledger Account Fields
Corrected C/L account field data types from SHORT to LONG to handle long C/L numbers. Also, corrected C/L account field pictures in Report prompt screens.
  2026 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

Main System - GDS Ready flag for groups not updated on Audit Change
iQWorldLink GDSReady flag was not updating during Night Audit Group Process, so groups being released were not updated in the CRS.
  2017 2/4/2013 Low Resolved

Main System - Group blocks in Tenative status released during night audit
The group block details of a Tentative status group were released during the night audit.
  2027 2/4/2013 Low Resolved

Main System - Group CheckIn/CheckOut date change on Popup Calendar
When selecting the popup calendar in Group Blocks, Checkin/Checkout dates, and pressing Esc key, the dates would previously always adjust, and change to a one night stay. This has been corrected.
  2014 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Import/Export Wizard Corrections
  • IE Wizard Dayend Close Export number of records was always 1 off.
  • IE Wizard Guest Profiles Export did not report when no records were selected.
  • IE Wizard Import Folio Transactions is now handled in the same way as all other imports
  • IE Wizard can now support import of City Ledger transactions
  • IE Wizard can now support import of Reservations
  • IE Wizard can now support new Excel (xlsx and xlsm)
  • IE Wizard import functions significantly enhanced with new functionality including Excel ability.

  2019 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Regression: Inuse Name/Workstion no longer appears in "InUse" window
The in use Folio Number and Clerk Initials was no longer appearing in the message when pulling up a folio that was in-use by another user.
  2023 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

Main System - Sort options enhanced to be both Ascending and Desending
Screens Find, History, SQL Tables, SQL Pick Value and Filter List have been enhanced to handle column sorting, both in Ascending and Descending order.
  2011 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Enhancements to iQ-POS
  • NEW: Ability to track voids on items in POS once check has been printed - even if not dropped.
  • NEW: Added POS Discount Tables to CheckFiles system.
  • NEW: Added Checks and Covers to Hourly Breakdown of POS Statistics Page.
  • NEW: Added Payment / Tip information to POS Statistics Page.
  • CHANGE: POS Receipts (Detail and Summary) will now print the "Total Due" in a larger font to make it more readable for the it is the most important item on the POS receipt.
  • CHANGE: POS Summary Receipt will now print one additional blank line between AMOUNTS and ROOM to space out the items which are similar.
  • FIX: Voiding an item immediately after printing a POS check would not work properly.

  2024 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

POS - iQ-POS Print Manager enhanced
  • PSPRINT can now use DirectPrint or Fully Functional Printer Driver (WMF)
  • FIX: PSPRINT can now use Printer Supported Font on WMF (Impact Printer) with Print Manager new option.
  • FIX: PSPRINT will now Bold "ToGo" order message and center it properly.
  • FIX: PSPRINT allows option for debugging printer/print manager activity.
  • FIX: PSPRINT will now report invalid printer assignments in Error tab
  • FIX: PSPRINT will turn tab red if there are reported errors
  • FIX: POS Reprint Options would allow Course Notification and Resend Order even on blank check. (causing a Recall Order)

  2012 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Enhanced RateTotalStay function to handle Nights Parameters
ISQL new parameter on RateTotalStay to indicate number of nights instead of always 1.
  2016 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - New "Before Dayend" and "After Dayend" options for Autorun Reports
Two new "Run Report" options for Dayend close allow you to select that these particular reports will run during the dayend close, not be included in the Audit PDF Pack, but actually/always print to the printer. For example, Housekeeping reports can be set to now always print to the printer and NOT be included in the Audit Pack.
  2022 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

rm.Net - Group Blocks Override rate for RMNET/API
Group Blocks Override rate should use Override Rate Deposit Requirements in RMNET/API.
  2029 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

rm.Net - Group reservations booked via RM.Net could have incorrect deposit amount charged
Reservations booked using a Promo code for a group block with an overriden rate would incorrectly use the deposit requirements of the default (RACK) rate. The issue only occurs when group block has the rate overriden and reservation is booked using a group promo code on
  2028 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved
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