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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 15.51:
Common Library - Possible Issues when printing under Terminal Services
Under certain circumstances, when printer names with registry value were long, the Terminal Services Override Printer would not be selected. To fix, we have increased Printer Registry Name from 64 to 256 characters to handle Terminal Services Printers of long names.
  2073 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

Common Library - SMTP Email/Name variable lengths
Corrected SMTP (Local Workstation) property name and email addresses to be 128 characters in length each.
  2076 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

Common Library - You can now scan credit card without hitting Scan Card
You can now scan a credit card on the Credit Card (Shift4) window without having to press the SCAN CARD button. This makes it so there are fewer accidents (%b) as well as makes it quicker/easier for POINT OF SALE credit card transactions to no longer have to press the SCAN CARD button first.
  2074 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

EPI - Added /SIMPLEINQ formula for EPI
Added /SIMPLEINQ special foRmula to allow for Micros to check an inquiry of room occupied, but not look further at authorizations, charge incidentals or pay types.
  2063 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-Keylocks - KABA and Atlas CRC was missing from Send String
Regression: NAK would be received from Atlas and Kaba systems because the CRC was not being included in the Send string.
  2065 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

iQ-Keylocks - Keylock corrections to IP Connectivity
IQ-Keylocks would not try to reconnect if it disconnected once during the session. It would only reconnect if the remote wanted to reconnect, not if RM had a key to be made. In addition, IQ-Keylocks will now show a proper message while making keys if the remote device is not online (listening mode) rather than a constant meter bar.
  2075 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-Keylocks - Keylock issue with receiving two messages at once
Keylock system would not check if [etx] was received if [stx] was sent and could end prematurely if the system was too slow in sending the data.
  2068 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

iQ-Schedule - iQSchedule Confirmation number displayed on event form and searchable
The event confirmation number will be displayed in the title bar of the event form and can be searched using the Find option.
  2078 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Changes to avoid Wallpaper issues
In Setup, if the user selects a wallpaper, outside of the roomMaster directory, the system will now automatically copy the wallpaper file into the roomMaster directory and set the wallpaper to not include the Path or Folder. This avoids issues when clients using a wallpaper on one machine but it does not work on another machine, or AppFrame lockups when searching for another machine IP address.
  2070 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - GDS/Web Bookings would not work with TPS (Standard Edition)
GDS/Web Bookings did not work in TPS (applog.evt file name not set) and cause a system failure (Dump with errorcode 45)
  2062 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

Main System - Possible GPF when going in and out of Account Codes
GPF/Corrupted Memory Block if user setup more than 5 languages and went in and out of Account Codes.
  2067 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

Main System - Show User/Date/Time when changing rates
In Configuration / Rates Management / Rate Setup ... added Date/User who changed rates. These changes have to do with either the individual rate entries or changes to Rate Setup.
  2069 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

POS - POS Modifications (New and Fixes)
  • NEW: Added pipe character (|) to split new lines in POS Receipt Messages. Such as: Visit us on the web!|
  • NEW: Added POSAllowMultiple to allow multiple copies of POS to run. (Not recommended unless Citrix and uses different TMP directories)
  • NEW: Ability to print TIP/GRATUITY blank lines on Detail Receipts (Workstation Setup Option)
  • NEW: Check Exclusive (End of Day) rewritten for Premier Edition using new logic, compatible with both Sybase 9 and Sybase 12.
  • NEW: Dayend Close Check Exclusive will now show the workstations using IQPOS applications so the user will know which workstations they need to go to.
  • NEW: Added layout support for FHD (Full HD) Tablets running at 125%
  • NEW: Added simple layout for 800x600
  • NEW: Added Date/Time to POS Service Menu
  • NEW: Added Slim Receipt option for 3" Impact printers
  • CHANGE: Tip/Gratuity consistency for all receipts. The Tip/Gratuity Description on receipts was using both TIP and GRATUITY. The system now uses "TIP" item description from the Item Master. If no "TIP" item exists, it will use the word "Gratuity".
  • FIX: Print Room/Signature uses consistent look between SUMMARY and DETAIL receipts, and fills full receipt left to right.
  • FIX: Corrected sequence of print detail receipt to be Total Before Discounts, Discounts, Sub Total, Total Due, Gratuity Suggestions.
  • FIX: Pay Button did not flush order to POS Recovery File
  • FIX: If POS Order is Recovered, the recover file is deleted afer recovery. However, if the system immediately went down again after recovering the check, there would be no subsequent recovery.
  • FIX: When POS order is recovered, the Sales Person's credentials (security) was not applied to be the sales person of the recovered order.
  • FIX: When removing all modifiers from an item, the NEXT item would be selected rather than the current items you are working with.
  • FIX: If Payment screen buttons had a & sign in the description, it would appear as _ (ie: F_B instead of F&B)
  • FIX: Reprint POS CC Authorization would full check amount rather than original authorization amount.
  • FIX: Reprint POS CC Authorization would only print one authorization, even if there were multiples for the table or seat.
  • FIX: POS tax rates did not synchronize properly when adding / returning a Special Item.

  2059 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Regression: SignOn Message stopped displaying
iQ-POS Regression - POS SignIn Message stopped displaying in 15.50
  2060 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Alternate Backup to SQL Backup
Added Alternate Backup to SQL Backup so there are now two timed backup events that can be morning and afternoon. Also SQL Backup was not remembering the Backup Times when going back into SQL Backup.
  2066 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL (Interactive SQL) Enhancements and Changes
  • Find Table option in ISQL - see ToolTip on Button near new field
  • Corrected CTRL+SPACE popup menu in ISQL Create query to show what keys can be pressed
  • Corrected CTRL+SPACE selection of entries and multiple tables to work much smoother and better during selection

  2071 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL GPF
ISQL could GPF if a previous handle to the hstmt (ODBC) was trying to be used when an invalid SQL query was executed. Also, ISQL could return a GPF when a Stored Procedure or Internal Procedure is called but was called incorrectly.
  2061 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

Reports - Error during dayend close when report had zero pages
If Report during dayend close had zero pages (did not produce a report), standmsg error 506 would appear.
  2064 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

Reports - Group Sales Report did not run
Regression: In the past two versions, the Grou Sales Report would not run when user selected the option.
  2072 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

Reports - Reservation Pickup Value report
New report (Enterprise/Premier) to show Reservation Pickup Values. Can show as Report or Graph.
  2077 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved
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