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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 15.58:
Common Library - Added "root" error messages to Gift Card screen response
The Gift Card XML response would ignore "root" message and respond back as "Invalid Formatted Response". This is now resolved where "root" message responses are always checked first before parsing the document.
  2142 12/26/2013 Low Resolved

Corp Reporting - CRM build changes
More efficient building of CRM messages when building for multiple days.
  2132 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

iQ Anywhere - Changed/Enhancements for iQ-Anywhere
Changes to handle Assign/Unassign rooms, corrections for Messages being Marked as Delivered and Remote Notifications for maintenance.
  2136 12/26/2013 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - IQ-WorldLink Could Incorrectly Set Rate Closures When Outside Of Max Days
If a Rate Closure is in the system that is further out than the Max Days Setting, the From or To dates could be incorrectly set to not really reflect the actual desired Rate Closure.
  2129 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Length of Stay restrictions not sending for 365 days for iQ-WorldLink Trigger
Using the Trigger iQ-WorldLink Update option would not send a full 365 days of length of stay (LOS) restrictions. The system would send based on the Max Days setting in the iQ-WorldLink configuration.
  2131 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

Main System - Enhancements to Group Folio
  • Streamlined the ACCOUNTS read to make large group folios faster.
  • Corrected all Orphaned bands for Group Folio so all details lines are included with the header/footer, and a better printing for orphan headers/footers.
  • Changed *FD (Front desk folio) to print with the actual Desk Folio ID (shows SADTU instead of *FD) when checked out.
  • Better printing of the Guest Name on Summary (could get cut off)
  • Print the actual Rate Name instead of (Package Amount) when there is a rate description --- helps with reconciliation and looks better.

  2134 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

Main System - Rate Charge Type of Anniversary Date posting incorrect
The rate record charge type of Anniversary Date for a monthly rate was not properly setting the posting date for the same day each month. The posting date would incorrectly be set to the first of each month of the guest stay.
  2130 12/26/2013 Low Resolved

Main System - SSL Option removed from configuration on Shift4
The system had an option (/SSL) to run the UTG in SSL mode. This option has been removed and all connections are forced to only use SSL, regardless of the configuration.
  2137 12/26/2013 Low Resolved

POS - Added Employee Tip Report
Premier Only: Added new report to provide totals for Employee Tips from check history. Report can be used for payroll purposes to obtain total of employee tips for specified time frame.
  2138 12/26/2013 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Disburse Employee Tips Function could revert to incorrect employee ID
The Disburse Posted Employee tips function did not properly save the Salesperson assigned to the tip item if/when the Disburse Posted Tip screen was accessed a second time after initially assigning the Salesperson.
  2139 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

POS - Enhancements to Touch Screen for POS
Enhancements to general areas of POS to make it more Windows 8 / Touch screen friendly. Also added two new Layouts for DELL 8 Tablet. (portrait and landscape)
  2135 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

Premier - Ideas Interface Would Report 1 Room Instead Of Multiple Rooms (reservations)
The IDeas Revenue Interface would always report 1 room, regardless of multiple room reservations. The total revenue was correct, just the number of rooms sold/arrivals/departures being incorrect.
  2128 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

Reports - City Ledger Transfer
When transfering an invoice from one city ledger account to another, the actual history transaction (HistTrn) is now updated as well by changing each CITYNUM posting on the transaction to reflect the transfer. This allows printing of transferred invoices when printing C/L statements.
  2141 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

Reports - Corrections for Room Group on Forecasting Revenue Report
The system would base the Occupancy percentage always on total rooms instead of rooms in the group, when running the Forecasted Revenue Report by Room Group.
  2133 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

Reports - Forecasted Revenue Report and Connectors
When the Forecasted Revenue Report is run, based on Daily Posting, and Connector Rooms are used - they were ignored in Occupancy %. This is now corrected.
  2140 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved
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