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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 15.70:
EPI - Special formula added to enable sending alphanumeric room numbers
Added /ALPHAEXT special formula to EPI. This will allow Alpha characters in Bi-Directional messages sent and received from the remote system. By default, all interfaces will not send room extensions with alpha characters, but if needed (and approved by the remote system/vendor), this special formula can be used.
  2283 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-Messenger - Revenue figures for previous year to date could be incorrect
IQ-Messenger could contain incorrect last year to date revenue figures if the hotel was not actually opened at that time.
  2272 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - interface can now handle max persons of 8
The interface can now handle a max person setting of 8 instead of the previous maximum of 6 persons.
  2263 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added new variable to include assigned room in Sign-In Sheet message
Added new variable *ROOMNUMBER* to be used in Sign-In Sheets message and hide AssignedRooms.
  2262 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Changed default MIME Creation from 7-bit ASCII to Multi-Byte Encoding
All options are still there, however, the first pull-down is now "DEFAULT" of what InnQuest thinks you should use for the formatted message (HTML).
  2288 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Main System - Group Blocks included the check out date for rate closures
Group Blocks would incorrectly include the check out date when verifying rate closures. The Rate code on Group Block would show as closed if check out date was the same as start date of a rate closure.
  2276 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Main System - M3 Accounting Export enhanced to include net change to ledgers
The M3 Accounting Export has been enhanced to export the net change for each ledger and external account following the General Journal report. The export can now export in Foreign Currency and handle an override currency code (blank defaults to USD).
  2287 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Reservation rate changes would not be removed when attaching a Guest Profile
Reservation Rate Changes would not be removed when attaching a Guest Profile which contains a Rate or Rate Override.
  2274 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Main System - Reservation variable COCONTACT attached to incorrect database field
The Reservation Variable COCONTACT would display the Travel Agent Contact instead of Company Contact field in Reservation Letters.
  2280 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Main System - Tax percentage now displays as 3 decimal places on Detail folio
The Tax Percent on Detail folio will consistently show as 3 decimal places to match all detail line items.
  2265 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Tax percentages on Detail folio did not display Alternate Tax Amounts
The Tax percentages on Detail folios would not use Alternate Tax Amounts if period changed.
  2267 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Main System - Tax summaries on Detail folio changed to show same description and format
Consistently show same descriptions and format for both types of Summaries on Detail Folio.
  2268 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

POS - Inventory Items cannot use account codes below 110
Prevent roomMaster accounts below 110 from being used in iQ-POS Inventory roomMaster account code. (Inventory Setup).
  2273 6/4/2014 Medium Resolved

POS - Taxable Item is now checked by Default on iQ-POS / Special Items & Returns
The Taxable Item option will default to checked when using the Add Special Item or Return feature in the POS terminal mode.
  2284 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Updated SQL ODBC Drivers included in ActiveIS Installation.
Sybase released new ODBC drivers.
  2266 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Deposits Due report would only run until 12/31/2015
The Deposits Due report would exclude reservations with a check-in date beyond 12/31/2015.
  2270 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Reports - Forecast Revenue Report by Room Group calculates historical data using ROOMSOLD
The Forecasted Revenue report will calculate historical data when selecting by Room Group in a new way. It no longer uses HISTTRN/FOLIOTRN and uses the ROOMSOLD table to calculate Rooms Sold. This will avoid issues with Recheckin Folios, Same Day Stays, Adjustments made to folios through Recheckin and Room Moves.
  2285 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Reports - Forecasted Revenue by Room Group could have incorrect historical revenue totals
Forecasted Revenue by Room Group report would not correctly calculate historical revenue figures when charges were routed to a desk folio.
  2271 6/4/2014 Medium Resolved

Reports - Housekeeping fee calculated incorrectly when transactions routed to Desk Folio
The housekeeping fee on Commission statements would calculate incorrectly if transactions were routed to a Desk Folio.
  2281 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

Reports - Voided COMPS would count as a +1 instead of -1
Voided COMPS would count as a +1 instead of -1 causing total COMPS to be incorrect on various reports.
  2282 6/4/2014 Low Resolved
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