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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 16.03:
iQ-WorldLink - SiteMinder And Other GDS May Fail Rate Loads
Some GDS would not handle the missing DayOfWeek elements (@MON, @TUE, etc.) so it would fail the Rate Load message without a response. These were taken out to make the XML/Rate Load more efficient but some GDS's could not handle this change so it has been put back.
  2327 1/27/2015 Serious Resolved

Main System - Added SignOn And Open Buttons To The Main Toolbar
Ability to have signon/open buttons in toolbar. (Good for Internal use, support, multi-company clients, etc.) - These can be turned on in the Setup / System Advanced Settings screen.
  2328 1/27/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Change ZONE Easily In Assignment Of Associates In Housekeeping
Added ability to change the Zone easily in the Assign Associations in Housekeeping Reports. There is a new button now called "Zone" which can change it easily on a day to day basis.
  2329 1/27/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Corrections And Enhancements To Room Moves
  • If housekeeping report move room is the same room (TO/FROM), then it will now show as a "Stay".
  • If Associates report move room is the same room (TO/FROM), then it will now show as a "Stay".
  • Corrected room moves to use a cumulative deposit amount of the subsequent reservations that also had deposits.
  • On Room Moves, the Deposit amount was being added instead of subtracted on the signin sheet
  • When opening a reservation with a room move, but it is the same room, the popup window will say "Reservation Change Notification" instead of "Room Move Notification".
  • Changed Confirmation letter to have *ROOMMOVES* and *ROOMMOVESEX* (extended) so one will show just the room type while the other will show the actual room number.
  • Room moves were not able to be done to same room (Reservation Change)
  • Additional deposits on subsequent reservations will now transfer when the move room happens.
  • No bi-directional messages are sent to the EPI/Phone systems if the move room is just a reservation change to the same room

  2322 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Drag/Drop does not properly update Forecast
The Forecast is not properly updated when changing the room type on a reservation using the Drag/Drop feature from the Availability by Room Number screen.
  2325 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved

Main System - Folio Issues
Regression: Australian Long-Term Accommodation could print the wrong Tax Exempt amount. Also, long-term reduced tax amount may not appear in the Taxes and Summary section.
  2320 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Folio VAT Tax Summary Could Be Incorrect For Reduced Long-Term Stay
When there is a VAT Roll up for the printed folio, the figures are correct in the total but the VAT breakdown ( VAT option unchecked in folio ) calculation for the reduced tax amount is incorrect. The inclusive tax breakdown is not reduced properly.
  2321 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Group Folio Running Balance
Regression: The Group Folio, running balance, could be incorrect and is the actual line total.
  2319 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved

Reports - Forecasted Revenue by Company Class/Company could be incorrect
The Forecasted Revenue by Company Class/Company report could contain incorrect forecast data for both rooms and revenue. Historical dates would contain correct totals for both rooms and revenue.
  2326 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - History Detail Report By CheckIn Date
REGRESSION: History report could show empty/missing information. Details: The HOHCalculateRevenue would fail because HISTHD buffer was being cleared incorrectly. Could cause some History reports to show blank / empty information. (History Detail by Checkin Date)
  2323 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

SetupBuilder - Active-X For Standard/Enterprise
Active-X for Standard/Enterprise is not registering the new Chart and Calendar controls (OCX)
  2324 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved
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