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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 16.10:
iQ-WorldLink - Blank rate and inventory transmissions will be rejected
iQ-WorldLink will reject blank rate and inventory transmission files. Files could be blank due to old room types and/or rate codes listed in the translation tables.
  2345 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Day of week attributes could be incorrect in a rates message
iQ-WorldLink could have incorrect DOW (day of week) attributes in the first rate after a rate closure in rates messages on OTA/GDS interfaces.
  2332 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Package Rates supported for all GDS/OTA channels
Package Rates can be included in rate uploads to GDS/OTA providers with iQ-WorldLink. Package Rates with components marked as 'Post on a certain day' are not supported. Only Package Rates with components set to post every day of guest stay are included in rate messages.
  2330 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Accessible (ADA), Rollaway, and Crib attributed added to Room Types
Room type attributed Accessible (ADA), Allow Rollaway and Allow Crib added to the room types and integrate with Sellable Products message in iQ-WorldLink.
  2350 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Acknowledge All option added to the Web/GDS Log
Added new option, Acknowledge All, to the iQ-WorldLink Errors tab of the Web/GDS Log to enable quick clean up of messages in the screen.
  2355 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Child dropdown no longer displayed on Availability (F4) screen
The Child dropdown no longer appeared on the Availability (F4) screen due to an issue with the Advanced Options feature to hide children from personal information.
  2339 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Deleting a rate code removes rate from all translation tables in iQ-WorldLink
Deleting a rate code in roomMaster will automatically delete the rate code from any translation tables in iQ-WorldLink to prevent issues with orphan records being sent to the GDS/OTA channel.
  2353 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Deposit account added to Reservations Import
The Reservations Import can post the deposit amount as a real time posting (Advance/Journal tables) using either one account code or by reading the account code from the import file. Account code must be a credit account code already existing in roomMaster.
  2342 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Housekeeping Note and Initials added to Reservations Import
The Housekeeping Note and Initials fields were added to the Reservations Import in the Import/Export Wizard.
  2349 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Move Rooms no longer appeared on Housekeeping reports
The Room Move and Room Change no longer appeared on the Housekeeping reports on the day of the move/change.
  2348 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - POS Items and Inventory added to Import/Export Wizard
iQ-POS Items and Inventory can be imported from a CSV file using the Import/Export Wizard in roomMaster.
  2343 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Prevent roomMaster from opening when running from the _Install directory
Attempting to open roomMaster from the _Install directory will alert end users the program is running from an incorrect directory. Windows Explorer is automatically opened and users are prompted to install workstation components (Activeis.exe) to correct shortcuts.
  2335 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Remove Rate Information from Guest Profiles
The Guest Profile Cleaning Tool enables the removal of the rate information from guest profiles.
  2346 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Room Move feature could cause issues for reservations with no room assigned
The Total Stay could be incorrect on reservations with the same guest profile, continous stay dates and no room assigned when the Room Move feature is turned on.
  2337 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

Main System - Show Past Stays reverted to logic from previous version
The Show Past Stays window has been reverted to the old logic from previous versions due to issues with missing data for room moves.
  2354 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Tax ID added to Commission and Owners Statements
The Tax ID has been added to the Commission and Owner's Statements.
  2347 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Validation check when adding Room Numbers to prevent * or ! characters
Adding new Room Numbers will no longer allow * or ! characters to be part of the room number field.
  2340 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

POS - Price amounts can be up to 3 decimal places for Inventory Items
The price on Inventory Items can be three decimal points enabling entry of a price such as 1.999.
  2331 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Return of an Inventory Items drops as a positive number to the kitchen
Returning an item using Add Special Item or Return would drop to the kitchen/remote printers as a positive number instead of a negative (-1) number.
  2336 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

Premier - Meeting Rooms can be included in Yield Management
Meeting Rooms can be included in yielding using an option in Yield Management.
  2341 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier - Option added to Interactive SQL to set the report paper printing size
The SETREPORTPAPER variable was added to the Interactive SQL syntax to enable setting the paper size when printing SQL reports. The valid values are LETTER, LEGAL and A4.
  2344 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Show Future Use option added to Rate Codes
New option added to Setup Rate Codes window to enable viewing rate codes future use to assist with determining if rate code can/should be deleted.
  2352 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Update IDeaS queries for both procedures
The queries used in the two IDeaS procedures will automatically be updated during the conversion process to increase speed of the IDeaS export.
  2351 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

Reports - Company Ranking report could have duplicate entries
The Company Ranking report would not clear the module queue causing duplicate entries on the report.
  2333 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - Forecasted Revenue report did not include descriptions
The Forecasted Revenue report (By Rate, By Userfield) did not properly print the descriptions in the header and detail.
  2334 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - Literal changes added to the Owner's Statement
Literal changes for Materials, Labor, Room Revenue, Taxes and Commission added to the Owner's Statment to be more specific to the property and country.
  2356 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Owner's Statements can be PDF and emailed individually
The Owner's Statement can be emailed individually using the email address listed on the Owner details of the room number.
  2357 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Streamlined the Combine Reports feature
Streamlined the process of the Combine Reports feature for ease of use and less confusion to the end user.
  2338 2/16/2015 Low Resolved
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