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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 16.13:
iQ-WorldLink - Enhanced to handle MessageContent in any order for Adds, Changes and Cancels
iQ-WorldLink required all reservation messages to appear in an order of Adds, Changes and Cancels to process messages properly. The system has been enhanced to handle messages in any order to ensure a better intergration with all GDS providers.
  2430 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

Main System - Additional options added to RMCONFIG Registry tab
Added SQLIsServer, File, FileLog to RMCONFIG Registry tab.
  2411 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Balcony and Kitchen Room Amentity added to Room Type setup
Two OTA room amentities, Balcony and Kitchen added to Room Type setup and OTA Sellable Products message.
  2421 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Enhanced display of Read Only notes on Reservation records
A reservation record which contains notes in the Read Only section, with no staff notes, will display the Read Only notes in a full screen for better display.
  2433 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Most Recent option added to Room Properties
A Most Recent button has been added to the Out of Service, History and Work Orders tabs of the Room Properties screen to quickly move to the newest entry.
  2426 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Profile Lookup button for No Match changed to No Match, Create New
The No Match button on the Guest Profile Lookup window has been changed to read No Match, Create New for ease in knowing the functionality of the button.
  2431 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Room Amentity Types added to Reservation Form Room Type Drop Down
The selected Room Amentities on each Room Type appear in the Reservation Form Room Type drop down. The option can be turned off in the Advanced Options and Settings.
  2423 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Room Note does not properly display on multiple screens
The Room Note field does not always display when a manual note is added to a room number.
  2417 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Room Properties and Room Type tool tip display more information
The Room Properties and Room Type tool tip will include the OTA Amentity Type codes selected on the Room Type setup.
  2422 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Sign-In Sheet Excludes Stay Totals When Rate Information Is Not Shown
Both the Rate Information and Stay Totals are excluded from the Sign-In Sheet when only the Show Rate Information option is turned off in configuration.
  2412 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - SMS Option Added For Australia, UK, Europe And New Zealand
Added SMS Provider information for UK, EU, AU and NZ. System will now allow you to enter a phone number and find the provider, but, the hotel clerk can ask the guest which provider if they are in UK, EU, AU and NZ and send text messages. Turn on this feature in Setup > Configuration > System > Internet > SMS Gateway.
  2419 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Tax Incidentals Option No Longer Displays On Folio Properties
The Tax Incidentals option is no longer displayed on the Guest Record Properties (FOLIOHD) regardless of the setting in Advanced Options and Settings.
  2409 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Hide field option did not suppress field on Labels for SQL Queries
The HIDE column format option in SQL would not properly suppress the field when printing Labels. It only functioned properly for reports.
  2428 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler Non Marketing Letter flag added to scheduled jobs
A Scheduled job in Letter Scheduler can be flagged as "Non Marketing Letter" for jobs which are sending Confirmation and/or Follow Up information to guests. The 'Do Not Email' flag on the Guest Profile will be ignored since the email is solicited or expected.
  2429 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Lock Rate Only option added to Yield Management Types
A new Yield Type option, Ignore Yielding Profiles - Lock Rate Only, has been added to Yield Management. Option enables use of rate locking, Closed to Arrival, Closed to Depature, upgrades and manual rate adjustment features without applying increase and decrease rate modifications from Yield Profiles.
  2425 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Order By automatically updates when removing a field in SQL Wizard
If a field which was part of the ORDER BY is removed in the ISQL Wizard, the field is also removed from the ORDER BY to prevent syntax errors in the SQL statement.
  2427 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Prevent reconnect to database when in a disconnect state for 3 seconds
If database is in a disconnect state, a reconnection to the database is not allowed for at least 3 seconds to avoid ODBC/Connection corruption which is stopping MDI windows from being opened.
  2416 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - Purge All option added to Active Rate Adjustments screen
A Purge All option has been added to the Display Active Rate Adjustments screen for ease in removing all manually entered rate adjustments.
  2420 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - SQL Statement option added to Letter Scheduler
A SQL Statement option is available in the Letter Scheduler for scheduled jobs on the Profile level.
  2424 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Added new column, AddOn, to Daily Charge and Packages report
A new column, AddOn, has been added to the Daily Charge and Packages report to indicate if the daily charge was added through iQ-WorldLink.
  2434 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Custom Associate And Associate Reports Include Blank Pages
Housekeeping Associates Report footer band had empty PageAfter element and was using a random blank band to force new page incorrectly.
  2413 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - Group Reservations Report can include Allotments
The option to Include Allotments on the Group Reservations Report has been added back to the report.
  2418 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - Guest Ledger Sub Folio report not able to run when added to Favorites
The Guest Ledger by SubFolio report would not properly execute when added to Favorites.
  2432 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - Reservation Detail Report Excludes Guest Name And Address Information
The Reservation Detail report does not include the guest name and address details from the reservation record.
  2408 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - Transaction History Detail report can be filtered for specific account code
You can now enter a single account code rather than using an Account Filter on the Transaction History Detail report.
  2415 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Transaction History report incorrectly formatted for Grand Totals only
The Transaction History Detail report would start a new page for each date when Grand Totals only is selected as the Total Option.
  2414 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - Vacant and Unavailable room status not included on Custom Associates Report
When exiting Custom Associates Report using FINISH button on Setup by Assignment, the Window display would not display the true state of the Include Status checkboxes.
  2410 4/20/2015 Low Resolved
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