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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 16.14:
EPI - EPI Changes and HTNG Status Notifications
Added HTNG_MoveRoomNotification message (Room Move)
Added HTNG_HotelStayUpdateNotifRQmessage (Name Change)
Added HTNG_ProfileMessageStatusNotifRQ (Message Waiting)
Added more debug information for HTNG messages
Waiting for response could fail - now waits 7 seconds and response must be within 7 seconds.
EPI had ROOMBOOK and RESERVE opened all the time since V16
BI-Directional Name Change Message will now also be created when CheckOut date changes. (FNAME, LNAME, PRIVATE, CHARGEINC and CHECKOUT)

  2444 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-Schedule - iQ-Schedule Calendar did not have vertical scroll bar active
iQ-Schedule Calendar would not show more than 7 resources due to the vertical tool bar not being active. The screen size has been increased to display more information.
  2460 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-Schedule - iQ-Schedule would cause conflicts to appear during refresh event
iQ-Schedule would trigger a Move Event on calendar refresh, which would cause the conflict window to appear during the refresh event.
  2468 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Added EchoToken and Timestamp to IQW Log
Added EchoToken and TimeStamp of reservation messages to the IQW Log for troubleshooting.
  2447 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Booking Source CompanyNameCode added to mapping
The CompanyNameCode has been added to the availabile mapping options for the Market and Business segments.
  2461 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink Rate Exceptions may be skipped
iQ-WorldLink would skip exceptions in Rate Updates if the ToDate was outside of the MaxDays Inventory Range.
  2442 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - IQ-WorldLink XML Set/Freestate Memory Leak
IQW Memory leak for iQ-XML Restore/Free states during multiple cancellation of reservations.
  2435 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Minimum Booking Days incorrectly formatted in Hotel Booking Rules message
The Hotel Booking Rules message did not use the proper format for number of days for MinBookingOffsets. Proper format is PnightsD instead of simply Nights.
  2464 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - XML object could fail to parse XML objects
Regressions which could cause failures on parsing XML objects for GDS/OTA interfaces.
  2463 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

Main System - Ability to disable creation of Desk Folios
Added ability to disable creation of Desk Folios for Clerks, Auditors and Supervisors (Can be changed in Setup > Configuration> System > Advanced settings)
  2467 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Allow creation of Master Folio when No New Reservations option is selected
A Group Master Folio can be added and deposit posted when the No New Reservations option is turned on for a Group Block. Only a reservation with the number of rooms set to 0 (Inventory Only) can be added if No New Reservations is selected.
  2454 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - City Ledger reported combined invoices wrong in memos
Additional CL transactions added to a folio do not update properly in the Invoice Detail on the Invoice Memo. The additional two CL transactions are not reflected in the Invoice Detail on the Memo; they are properly added to the open invoice amount.
  2449 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Clerk and Auditor users can expand transactions on history folios
A user designated as either Clerk or Auditor can expand a transactions on a folio which has moved to Guest History. The user cannot make changes to the transaction on a history folio; the expand is for view only purposes.
  2452 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Create Master Folio will use defaults from Contact tab
Creating a Group Master Folio from the Group Block record will automatically add the defaults from the Contact tab of the group.
  2453 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - iQ-WorldLink status added to the AppFrame in roomMaster
The current status of iQ-WorldLink will display in the 8th position on the AppFrame to assist with alerting end users of possible issues with interfaces.
  2465 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - More Folios tab names not being set properly
Adding a new tab name using the More Folios option will create the sub-folio and enable updating the Name properties without the need to select OK first.
  2455 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Right-Cick / Create reservation on Room Type would not refresh page
F4-Availability Right-Click on "By Type" would not refresh page after new reservation causing Inventory to not be displayed accurately after making New Reservation.
  2437 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Snapshot Today, Tomorrow, next day could be wrong
Current SnapShot four figures in bottom right (today, tomorrow, etc) would not be correct or blank if any of these four days began with the following month (ie: snapshot on May 30th for example would only show TODAY and TOMORROW)
  2450 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Update CheckOut Serial Number when printing folio
Advanced Option available to increase CheckOut Serial Number on first attempt of Printing Folio in addition to CheckOut. The feature can be turned on in Advanced Options and Settings (Setup > Configuration > System).
  2462 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Allow quicker entry of table ID's with special names or prefixes
Hold table identifiers added to the number keypad for quick entry of a special prefix or name of a table ID. Customize the identifers by selecting Maintenance > Hold Table Identification.
  2457 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

POS - IQ-POS - Ability to create duplicate printers
iQ-POS - Printer Duplication allows up to 5 duplications of printing Kitchen Tickets. This is found in Print Manager. Printer Setup > Printer Duplication.
  2439 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

POS - IQ-POS - Enhancement to PSVideo for touchscreen
IQ-POS - Double click in PSVIDEO Multi-Column Display will Kill the order (TOUCH SCREENS)
  2438 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

POS - POS Training Environment error in Standard/Enterprise
POS TPS did not work properly when switching to Training or Sample environment.
  2436 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

POS - Profile name attached to guest check will print on kitchen receipt
The first name and last initial of the guest name attached to a POS check will print on the bottom of all receipts printed to Kitchen Printers.
  2456 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - Force Yield Type to Lock Rate Only instead of No Yield Management
The system will no longer allow Yield Type to be set to No Yield Management if Yield Type has previously been set to one of the Base By options. End user will receive an error message and Yield Type will default to Ignore Yielding Profiles - Lock Rate Only instead of turning off yielding once it has been active. This will prevent issues with existing reservations where yielding or rate adjustment has been previously applied.
  2466 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - ISQL Note Field issues
* ISQL note fields (greater than @s128) would not show in the Grid Display
* ISQL note fields would not display properly if a field prior to it was hidden by FORMATCOLUMN.

  2443 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler Change in Process View
Rewrite of Letter Schedule Process View - email pass through Letter Schedule is no longer dependent on the Process View which would lock up the Letter Scheduler if there were wait/sleep delays or internet SMTP delays that were longer than the driver process view delay.
  2445 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler would not save jobs where days was zero
Guest Profile and Reservation Letter scheduler jobs could not be saved when the Days value was zero (it was being switched back to 1)
  2446 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - New SQL Drivers
Updated SQL Anywhere drivers to Build 4231. Also triggers an Active-X reinstallation during this upgrade on all Premier Workstations. Updates to the firewall settings are also added to handle PRIVATE, PUBLIC and DOMAIN networks.
  2451 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Not Equal Filter added to SQL Results
The right click in a cell on the SQL Results window has a Not Equal option to filter results.
  2459 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Premier Edition - SQL Driver could GPF during SQL Reports
New SQL Driver to stop GPF during SQL Reports - Exceptions during PROP commands. (CLASQA.DLL)
  2440 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

Reports - Forecasted Revenue Export for Userfield1/Userfield2
Forecasted Revenue Report did not export properly for UserField1/UserField2 causing the final three columns to be missing.
  2441 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - Guest who checked out included guests to checkout
Guest Who Checked Out report includes folios scheduled to check out on current audit date instead of only folios which have already checked out
  2448 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

Reports - High Balance Report no longer querying on High Balance Amount
The High Balance Report was not correctly applying the High Balance Amount entered when selecting the records to be included in the report results.
  2458 6/8/2015 Low Resolved
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