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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 16.60:
EPI - Alcatel Hotel Link release 4.1 now supported for TCP/IP connections
EPI now supports the Alcatel Hotel Link release 4.1 for TCP/IP connections. Initialize message and keep alive message added to the interface to be compatible with the 4.1 release for TCP/IP.
  2512 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

EPI - Incorrect account code could be used when transaction amount is credit
The External Posting Interface (EPI) will incorrectly use debit account code when a credit amount is received on Micros interfaces causing incorrect posting on guest folio.
  2516 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

iQ-Schedule - Tilde character would cause an Access Violation (GPF) when opening the calendar
If the Tilde Character (`) appeard in either the body or subject of an iQ-Schedule Event (LINE1 or LINE2), an Access Violation (GPF) would occur when attempting to access the calendar.
  2511 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Available to Use days of the week on Rate Records supported for all interfaces
The Available to Use day of week settings on Rate Records is now supported on all interfaces for all rate types: Daily, Package, Hybrid and Derived.
  2543 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Group Block notification is now supported for Standard and Enterprise Editions
WebBook Interfaces Only: Group Block notifications are now supported in iQ-WorldLink for Standard and Enterprise Edition clients.
  2540 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Invalid package rates included in Full and Delta load rate messages
A Package rate which is not valid for being included on an iQ-WorldLink interface could be included in Full and Delta load rates messages causing rates with a blank description to appear on WebBook.
  2538 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Room Types excluded from Inventory Messages based on Max Packet setting
Room Types can be ignored/skipped past a Max Packet setting or if there were less room type than the number of Max Packets when inventory messages are created.
  2528 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Sellable Products messages does not include Extended Room Type Description
Standard and Enterprise Only: The Sellable Products message would not include the Extended Description from each room type.
  2532 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Single day exceptions on rate records could cause incorrect rate on iQ-WebBook
A single day exception on a Rate Record would be sent twice in a rates message sent to iQ-WebBook possibly causing the rate to be incorrect.
  2525 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - Advanced Option added to control VAT Reduced Tax Postings - Net versus Gross
VAT Reduced Tax postings can be based on either the Net or Gross amounts determined by an Advanced Option setting. By default, the system will use the Gross amount for calculating reduced tax postings for VAT. To switch to the Net amount, set the Long Term VAT posting is based on Net to Yes in Advanced Options.
  2544 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Attach a literal to company name on Detail and Group Folios
A literal, such as Hotel Registration Number or License Number, can be attached to the company name on the top of the Detail and Group Folio. The literal is configured at Setup > Configuration > Folio Setup > Customize Folio Layout > Logo/Image. Enter the desired literal in the Attach to Name field.
  2524 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Average Night could be incorrect on confirmation letters for Room Moves
The Average Night confirmation letter variables (AVGNIGHTNOTAX and AVGNIGHTTAX) would be incorrect for Room Moves. The calculation was based only on the nights from the first reservation instead of total night from all room move reservations.
  2514 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Best Match Room Assignments
Using the Best Match option in Room Assignments, the system makes 3 passes to locate the best room to assign to the reservation and ensure tight blocking. The first pass locates a perfect shoulder to shoulder, second pass to find a checkout on same day as checkin of reservation and third pass will use the Auto Location. The option can be turned off (if desired) using the Advanced Settings.
  2513 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Duplicating Group Block could cause removal of Group Block Detail
Duplicating an existing Group Block and attempting to use the same Group Code would cause a warning and all the Group Block Detail would be removed from the original group block record.
  2539 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - External Folio printing option will suppress Currency prompt
When the Folio printing is configured as External Folio, the prompt for Currency will be suppressed since it is not supported.
  2519 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Folio Detail footer now uses Dynamic Height
The Folio Detail footer fields will now use a Dynamic Height dependant on font size which will prevent any vertical spacing issues.
  2523 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Folio Summary and Taxes enhanced to include Priority Account and grand total
If a Tax Priority Account is configured, the Summary and Taxes section of a folio will include the Tax Priority Account first, then a sub-total, the other VAT/GST taxes and finally a grand total of the invoice. This enables separation of Services Charges from GST/VAT in the Summary and Taxes. Two literals added, Taxable Total and Invoice Total, can be changed in the Folio Languages.
  2522 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Foreign Language table not updated properly for subsequent changes
Premier Only
The Foreign Language table would not clear properly when making subsequent changes causing updates not to be properly saved.

  2518 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - GST/VAT/Inclusive taxes not posted properly for split folios
Taxes configured as GST/VAT/Inclusive would not post properly when More Folios is used to split charges between sub folios.
  2520 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - iQ-Currency Web Services unable to update Foreign Exchanges
The web services used by iQ-Currency to update foreign exchange rates were no longer functioning properly due to changes to the formats and API's. Barclay's has been removed and replaced with Bloomberg.
  2531 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - Purge could delete all Package and Special Package components
The Purge routine could randomly delete all components on Package Rates and Special Packages due to reading an incorrect field in the table.
  2533 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - Reservation Title Bar includes More Names
The title bar on Reservation records has been enhanced to include the first entry in More Names for a better display of secondary guest names and shares.
  2534 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Tax Rounding Options would not Always Round Up properly
The option in Tax Rounding Options to Always Round Up would not properly round to the next nearest nickel for all amounts.
  2535 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Updated CommIdea links in Night Audit menu
The link to CommIdea - WebComm has been updated in the Night Audit menu.
  2542 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Enhanced error responses for invalid CVV and Address Verification
The error response received from Shift4/$OTN for invalid CVV and/or invalid billing address verification has been enhanced to provide more specific information on which data is invalid.
  2541 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Payment Application - Tax Amount added to the Shift4 008 Purchasing Block
The amount of taxes collected is now included in the Shift4 008 Purchasing Block section of the data sent to the UTG. The tax amount will be displayed on $OTN for each credit card transaction.
  2529 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Gift Card Authorization amounts would not write to Folio Authorization table
The authorized amount for a Gift Card was not writing to the folio authorization (FOLIOAUT) table causing issues with split gift card payments in POS.
  2515 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

POS - Print Manager Debug and Recovery enhancements
The POS Print Manager Debug/Trace will remain active and display information even when the window is not active. Database recovery for both TPS and Premier enhanced for more effective recovery/restart if issues occur.
  2530 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Premier - Pace Booking Report could have incorrect number of rooms for occupancy figures
The Pace Booking Report increases the number of rooms each time the report is run causing the occupancy figures contained in the report to be inaccurate. Exiting the application will resolve the issue and show the correct number of rooms on the report.
  2517 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Reports - Added Value As-Is option to Graph Control
An option to show the Value As-Is has been added to the Graph Control data point picture.
  2537 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Reports - Charts/Graph control stopped at 32 legends
The Charts and Graph control would stop at 32 legends.
  2536 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Reports - Date Range Prompt added to Guest Analysis Report
A Date Range Prompt button has been added to the Guest Analysis Report.
  2526 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Pick Date Range incorrectly formatted date when Last Month selected
The Pick Date Range button would incorrectly format start date when the last month is in a previous year.
  2527 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Purge option added for tables
A complete purge option has been added to the Control Panel (INNRES) to enable removing data from the tables when migrating over to iQ-WebBook.
  2521 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved
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