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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 17.06:
iQ-Messenger - Color theme updated to match InnQuest branding
The color theme on emails sent by iQ-Messenger has been updated to reflect the new InnQuest brand color.
  2618 3/15/2018 Not Important Resolved

iQ-Schedule - Check digit verification incorrect on credit card field for events
The check digit verification on the credit card field of iQ-Schedule events will always indicate a card is invalid.
  2617 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

Main System - Browse Country list window open when exiting company master
Each time the record is accessed if a country is listed the Browse Countries window will display forcing the end user to select the country to save changes to the record. Correct behavior is the Browse Countries window should only open if the data in the Country field does not match any of the countries listed in the table. If country field is accurate, Browse Countries should not open when exiting the record.
  2615 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

Main System - Correct URL for Software Piracy information
The hyperlink located at Help > Software Piracy Information has been updated to
  2627 3/15/2018 Not Important Resolved

Main System - Display issue on folio print for summary and taxes
In the Summary and Taxes section, the total tax posted after a reduction in taxes for long term stay will use an incorrect description for the tax account code. This is only a display issue on the printout of the folio. All of the actual postings and transactions on the folio are accurate.
  2632 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

Main System - External interface configuration setting do not properly save
Standard and Enterprise edition only: This is a regression issue related adding 4 additional bi-directional interfaces for the EPI (rw5post) application.
  2631 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Folio Summary by Account can have incorrect description
Transferring taxes only to a sub folio will cause the Summary by Account feature to display an incorrect description for the Room Taxes category.
  2625 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

Main System - Gift Certificate records have default room type and rooms
Gift Certificate records added to the RESERVE table contain the default room type and number of rooms which displays on the Reserve browse screen.
  2621 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

Main System - Group block override rates not properly applied to reserve records
Override rates from both the GROUPS and GROUPDTL tables are not properly added to reservation to reflect the appropriate rate changes based on the override rates configured for the group block. The issue can cause the Forecasted Revenue report to contain incorrect revenue figures. Secondary issue restricts end users from being able to override a group rate and manually enter the Weekday and Weekend rate amounts. An optional procedure has been added which can be run after installing the update to V17.06 to correct any existing group reservation records which do not have the rate(s) properly applied from the GROUPDTL table. This procedure is available by selecting Setup > Configuration > Updates > Run Group Reservations Fix Process. Any group reservation records which have the rate changed by this procedure will write to the roomMaster Event Log using the category Group Reservations Fix. There are specific criteria to be met for this procedure to change a rate on a group reservation and these are listed on the screen message when selecting the procedure. Any property whose end users are overriding group rates on the reservation level should not run this procedure. This procedure will set the rate back to the rate specified in the group block.
  2634 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Hide Projected Amount Due on folios in history
The Projected Amount Due located on the Total Stay window will no longer display when a folio has been moved to Guest History.
  2620 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Hotel Booking Rules not enforced on reservation modifications
Hotel Booking rules and restrictions are not enforced when a modification of an existing booking is completed. The reservation changes are allowed even if the change conflicts with a booking rule or restriction.
  2628 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - New reservation record from Availability screen always uses default nights
Reservations started from the Availablity screen will always set the number of nights to the default regardless of the number of nights seleted in the New Reservation menu.
  2624 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Rate changes not prompting to keep existing rate
Changes to rate amounts when rate locking is not being applied must prompt any existing rates on reservations record to override to keep the original quoted rate when accessing the res record. This works accurately with the exception of changes to only the weekday or weekend rate amount. Changing the rate amount for weekday only and then accessing an existing reservation for weekday dates only will not prompt to keep the existing rate and instead will change the rate to the new amount.
  2626 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Room type minLOS restrictions not properly applied to reservations
Standard and Enterprise edition only: Minimum length of stay restrictions configured to both rate code and room type are not properly applied to reservation records. The issue is present only in Standard and Enterprise editions of roomMaster.
  2630 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Update link to Shift4 training video
The hyperlink to access the Shift4 training video located at Night Audit > Dollars on the Net Training has been updated.
  2619 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Point to point encryption using IDTECH devices added to Shift4 interface
Point to point encryption (P2PE) using IDTECH devices has been added to the Shift4 interface. The P2PE devices ensure all manual card entry is encrypted and only tokens are stored in the payment application. The P2PE feature supports both IDTECH and Ingenico EMV devices for manual card entry and swiping (non EMV). All credit card fields throughout the application are read only and accept no input from keyboard when the P2PE feature is enabled. Contact our sales team for more information on adding P2PE to completely encrypt credit card data. P2PE does require purchasing IDTECH devices for all workstations entering credit card data into roomMaster or POS.
  2629 3/15/2018 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Changing quantity of an item does not update priced modifiers
Priced modifiers are not updated when changing the quantity of the parent item on a POS check. The cost of the modifier does not reflect the change in the quantity.
  2616 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

POS - Multiple modifiers added to an item not assigned account code
Issue occurs on items with multiple priced modifiers. Reporting is inaccurate due to no account code associated with the modifier.
  2614 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

POS - Priced modifiers added when a check is recalled do not have taxes applied
Priced modifiers added to a check which has been recalled after being placed on hold do not have taxes properly applied.
  2623 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

POS - Priced modifiers are not split by the advanced split quantity option
Priced modifiers attached to an item are not properly split between seats when using the Advanced Split Quantity option.
  2622 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved
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