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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 17.09:
Functions - Socket Tools upgrade from version 8 to version 9
The software used for all communication has been upgraded to version 9.
  2646 5/22/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Added Advanced option to disable Checkin Wizard
An option to suppress the Checkin Wizard has been added to the Advanced Options and Settings in the Reservation section. To Disable CheckIn Wizard, select Setup > Configuration > System > Advanced Options and Settings and set the Option to Yes.
  2641 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added Advanced Option to disable voiding zero value transactions
An Advanced Option has been added to disable the ability to void a transaction for an account code configured as a zero value code. Turn on this option by selecting Setup > Configuration > System > Advanced Options and Settings.
  2650 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added Amount 3 to Credit Card Surcharge option
Enhanced the Credit Card Surcharge configuration by adding Amount 3 to the configuration. This enables Australian clients to configure three separate surcharge amounts to apply to credit card transactions.
  2642 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Prompt added when attaching Group Code to reservation records
A prompt to allow end user to select whether to apply group stay information when attaching a group code to a reservation record has been added. An Advanced option (Setup > Configuration > System > Advanced Options and Settings) enables turning off the prompt and always applying group stay information.
  2649 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Text updated on Reroute Charge Options screen

  2645 5/22/2018 Low Resolved

Main System - Total Stay screen would suppress text
Regression: The Total Stay screen would suppress projected amount due text when a history record was in the memory buffer.
  2647 5/22/2018 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Added HttpTimeout to Payment Express interface messages
The HttpTimeout option has been added to all status messages sent on the Payment Express interface to resolve issues with responses not being received.
  2648 5/22/2018 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance enhancements
GDPR is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all European Union (EU) citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations approach data privacy. The enforcement date for GDPR is May 25, 2018. The GDPR not only applies to organizations located within the EU but will also apply to organizations if they offer services to or monitor behavior of EU citizens. GDPR applies to all companies processing and storing personal data of individuals residing in the EU, regardless of the company's location.

roomMaster Premier and roomMaster Cloud 17.09 contain enhancements to assist with GDPR compliance.

Enhancements include:

  • Option to default mailing preference to Do not mail or E-Mail
  • Procedure to set existing guest profiles to Do not mail or E-Mail, with date selection
  • Procedure to purge all personal guest data from both guest profiles and guest history where checkout date prior to date selected
  • Field placement changes for Email address, Mailing Options and Group Code on reservation form
  • Mailing Option added to Profile tab of Guest Record Properties

  •   2640 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Added totals for revenue to the Transient/Group Forecast report
    Enhanced the Transient/Group Forecast report to total the Group/Transient revenue columns.
      2644 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Added user column to Transaction History Detail report
    A new column, User has been added to the Transaction History Detail report to provide the initials of the user who posted the transaction.
      2643 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved
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