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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
Change Date
Version 17.12:
Conversion - Read only guest notes not properly converting for Premier upgrades
When performing a Standard/Enterprise to Premier upgrade, the read only guest notes were not properly converted.
  2721 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

iQ-Schedule - Cancelling guest reservations fails to send IQ-Schedule Cancellation notices
If a guest had both a reservation as well as appointments in IQ-Schedule, roomMaster would provide a prompt to cancel appointments in the case that you cancel the guest reservation. If you selected to cancel the appointments the staff member (people resource) assigned to them would never receive a cancellation email.
  2709 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

iQ-Schedule - Messenger does not send iQ-Schedule event email notifications
Messenger wouldn’t send out notifications to assigned people resources when appointments were being made/cancelled.
  2712 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Availability total stay preview not displaying
At the bottom of the availability by room number screen a preview of a 1 to 5 night stay cost was failing to appear when highlighting a date
  2707 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Company overridden rates don’t copy over when attached to a profile
If a guest profile had a company profile attached to it which had a overridden rate/rate code the overridden rate would fail to transfer to the reservation. Now a prompt will appear when attaching a profile with a company record that asks if you would like to use the overridden company rate.
  2706 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Company rate amount character limit extended
The company override rate under the company’s detail tab had a maximum limit of 999.99. That has now been extended to 9999.99.
  2705 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Guest profile mailing preference doesn’t copy to reservation record
When a reservation was made with a suggested profile the mailing preferences weren’t pulling over.
  2703 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Guest profile notes fail to copy to online reservations
If a reservation was made online through WorldLink and you associated a guest profile with it that had notes set to copy to a reservation, they would fail to do so.
  2711 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Letter Scheduler sending to profiles marked as ‘Do Not Email'
Letter Scheduler would send to everyone regardless of the mailing option selected on their guest profile/reservation. Scheduler has been updated to only mail to profiles/reservations marked as ‘Always Send.’
  2702 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

Main System - Room move overridden rate changes missing end dates
When performing a room move the second reservation’s rate changes were missing the end dates therefore giving the guest a zero dollar rate each night.
  2708 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

Main System - Updated Innquest UK address under about roomMaster
The About roomMaster option under Help has been updated with InnQuest UK’s new contact information.
  2710 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Wrong card number showing on detail folio for multiple deposit transfers
When a folio had multiple deposits listed on it, the card number from the first entry would repeat itself instead of displaying the actual card number used for each deposit.
  2704 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Payment Express card on file failing for approvals
Any cards that were saved on file through a deposit using Payment Express would decline when used to take payment after the initial deposit.
  2720 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

POS - POS Modifier Window Display Character Limit Extended
When in terminal mode modifiers that were higher then 999.99 would display as ###,##. The character limit has been extended to display as high as 9999.99.
  2716 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Add a profile to InnQuest Payments for Stayfull interface to determine card type
InnQuest Payments was configured to correctly identify card types through the Stayfull interface, so that the ‘Use this Type’ button could be used when taking payment from a guest
  2719 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - InnQuest Payments not pulling the correct card type during tokenization
During the initial tokenization process for customers using InnQuest Payments all reservations in the database would be unable to click the ‘Use this Type’ option located under the payment screen.
  2718 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

RM Cloud - Multiple POS Outlet MIDs not sending to Shift4 properly
If a cloud property had a different Merchant ID account for each POS outlet they would only send as the roomMaster MID. Now each outlet will send as it’s assigned Shift4 MID.
  2717 12/17/2019 Serious Resolved

Stayfull - Stayfull adding more names on all reservations
All Stayfull reservations were coming through with a more names entry on them that had the same name information as the main record.
  2715 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

Stayfull - Stayfull error handling for reservation modification and cancellation
Reservation modifications & cancellations from Stayfull were not being accepted by Worldlink if there wasn’t a matching reference ID on a reservation record. This resulted in reservation changes never making it to roomMaster. Worldlink will now acknowledge all modifications and cancellations by Stayfull regardless of reference ID. If a matching reference can’t be found on a reservation record, then an alert email will be sent out to the address assigned under the Stayfull Worldlink configuration. The reservation modification information will be stored in the Web/GDS log located under the Reserve screen within the Stayfull tab. Staff will need to locate the reservation record identified in the Stayfull tab or email and make the necessary changes manually.
  2713 12/17/2019 Serious Resolved

Stayfull - Update Stayfull error code display
Error codes were being shown in a numeric form. Now they will be shown with the text of what caused the error.
  2714 12/17/2019 Suggestion Resolved
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