InnQuest Software Release Notes and Known Issues
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Version 17.01
Posted on June 7, 2017 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.01). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.01
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Open Issues
Version 16.71:
iQ-WorldLink - Expedia Quick Connect (EQC) interface new endpoints
Expedia is adopting the use of dynamic IP addressing for the Expedia Quick Connect interface. This results in a new domain name being required for all endpoints for each path to EQC messaging. Clients on the direct connect interface to Expedia are required to install this update to prevent disruption of reservation delivery on the interface.
  2593 3/2/2017 Serious Resolved
Version 16.70:
Main System - Auto Logoff could cause application to appear frozen
The Auto Logoff feature could cause roomMaster to appear frozen depending on which windows were open at the time of logoff due to inactivity.
  2591 9/19/2016 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - SQL Repository XML messages not including all reports
The messages sent and received by roomMaster for the SQL Repository report synch service did not include all reports from the repository category due to an issue with IQXML incorrectly parsing the data.
  2592 9/19/2016 Low Resolved
Version 16.65:
Main System - Initiate DBA password unique to each installation
Initiate a new DBA password per site using an SHA-256 HASH and store it in a secured manner.
  2587 9/8/2016 Serious Resolved
Version 16.64:
iQ-WorldLink - Channel Manager billing validation to occur every 3 days
The billing validation in iQ-WorldLink has been changed from every 5 days to every 3 days.
  2582 8/11/2016 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Day of Week attributes excluded on package rates causing rate message to error
Regression: The Day of Week (DOW) attributes were excluded from yielding modifications for Package Rates in rate messages on GDS/OTA interfaces. This could cause rate messages to receive error responses for interfaces which require the DOW attributes.
  2583 8/11/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - Follow-up Flags 8-10 added to Query Wizard
The new Follow-Up Flags, 8 - 10, did not appear in the Query Wizard list of constant values.
  2585 8/11/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Session time out after 15 minutes of inactivity per PCI PA/DSS 3.0 requirements
roomMaster and iQ-Point of Sale sessions will time out, requiring end users to sign-in, after 15 minutes of inactivity. PCI PA/DSS 3.0 requires all sessions for payment applications automatically time out at 15 minutes of inactivity. An Advanced Setting (Setup > Configuration > System > Advanced Options and Settings) enables decreasing the time out setting to 10 minutes on the global level.
  2584 8/11/2016 Suggestion Resolved

POS - POS Print Detail (Extended Options) caused ITEM to contain invalid entry
When executing any of the green extended options (Print Detail, Print Summary, Print Both) - at the end of the procedure, the PSL:ITEM (item number) would contain an invalid entry. It would execute that line - for example, if it were a tip, it would prompt for a tip.
  2586 8/11/2016 Medium Resolved
Version 16.63:
Payment Application - EMV Receipt text switch to prevent incorrect receipt text
In certain circumstances, incorrect receipt text can be returned from Shift4 for EMV credit card receipts. An internal switch will automatically print roomMaster credit card receipts instead of the incorrect receipt text block returned by Shift4.
  2556 6/8/2016 Low Resolved

Payment Application - EMV Receipt Text with TIP line
Final adjustments were made for the TIP line being included in the receipt text blocks received from Shift4 for EMV credit card processing.
  2555 6/8/2016 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Revenue Management Extract reporting incorrect amount of sold rooms
The Revenue Management Yielding Extract reported an incorrect amount of Sold room for the Historical Summary section of each audit date. The Sold room amount would equal the number of Arrivals for the reported date. This has been corrected to accurately report the number of occupied rooms. The issue affects clients using either the IDeaS or RevPar Guru interface.
  2557 6/8/2016 Medium Resolved
Version 16.62:
iQ-WorldLink - Delta loads of rates could cause Weekly Rates to be incorrect on GDS interfaces
The delta loads of rates could cause Weekly Rates to have incorrect rate amounts available on WebBook and other GDS partners. The issue could cause the daily rate to be displayed instead of the accurate weekly rate. Due to this issue, Weekly rates are no longer supported for Yielding on GDS partner interfaces and WebBook. Any yield rate modifications will not be included in rates message sent on the interface.
  2554 5/18/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - Finalized EMV Credit Card Receipt printing
The EMV receipt text blocks being returned by the credit card processor would now include a Tip and Total line for any F&B authorizations. The credit card receipt text was normalized to 38 characters in order to accommodate all receipt printers.
  2553 5/18/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Topaz Signature Capture device could cause timeout issues
The buffer size was increased to 32K to accommodate guest signatures which include many pin up and pin down when signing on the Topaz device. The smaller buffer could cause random time out issues to occur.
  2552 5/18/2016 Medium Resolved
Version 16.61:
EPI - Micros breakdown posting incorrectly handles Tax Inclusive (VAT) tax buckets
Micros interfaces, including systems emulating Micros, would include VAT tax amounts placed in the Tax 1 - 4 breakdown buckets when verifying the Micros Sales Center Queue. External Posting Interface (EPI) has been changed to ignore gross sale amounts included in Tax buckets 1 - 4 when account code 105 is configured for Inclusive Taxes (VAT).
  2545 4/11/2016 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink will read standard OTA Error ERR of 191
iQ-WorldLink will read standard OTA Error (ERR) code of 191 as Server Busy - Try Later, and not fail the document but try again in next connection.
  2548 4/11/2016 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Added reject AVS and reject CVV2 support
On both AVS and CVV2, it is by default to be accepted and then the decision made to see if it will accept or deny. In InnQuest, we ALWAYS accept. You have to implicitly reject using the following switches. /REJECTAVS and /REJECTCVV2.
  2551 4/11/2016 Low Resolved

Premier Edition - Revenue Management InnQuest extract for RevPar GURU
Enhancements made to work with RevPar GURU through a user interface.
  2550 4/11/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Modify layout of Electronic Processing Repoprt
Voucher added to Electronic Processing Report for POS transactions
  2549 4/11/2016 Low Resolved

SetupBuilder - Standard/Enterprise Active-X control would replace the msvcr100.dll
Some systems unrelated to roomMaster would require an older version of this Microsoft DLL. We will no longer overwrite this DLL as our software can work with any version of this Microsoft DLL.
  2547 4/11/2016 Low Resolved
Version 16.60:
EPI - Alcatel Hotel Link release 4.1 now supported for TCP/IP connections
EPI now supports the Alcatel Hotel Link release 4.1 for TCP/IP connections. Initialize message and keep alive message added to the interface to be compatible with the 4.1 release for TCP/IP.
  2512 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

EPI - Incorrect account code could be used when transaction amount is credit
The External Posting Interface (EPI) will incorrectly use debit account code when a credit amount is received on Micros interfaces causing incorrect posting on guest folio.
  2516 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

iQ-Schedule - Tilde character would cause an Access Violation (GPF) when opening the calendar
If the Tilde Character (`) appeard in either the body or subject of an iQ-Schedule Event (LINE1 or LINE2), an Access Violation (GPF) would occur when attempting to access the calendar.
  2511 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Available to Use days of the week on Rate Records supported for all interfaces
The Available to Use day of week settings on Rate Records is now supported on all interfaces for all rate types: Daily, Package, Hybrid and Derived.
  2543 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Group Block notification is now supported for Standard and Enterprise Editions
WebBook Interfaces Only: Group Block notifications are now supported in iQ-WorldLink for Standard and Enterprise Edition clients.
  2540 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Invalid package rates included in Full and Delta load rate messages
A Package rate which is not valid for being included on an iQ-WorldLink interface could be included in Full and Delta load rates messages causing rates with a blank description to appear on WebBook.
  2538 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Room Types excluded from Inventory Messages based on Max Packet setting
Room Types can be ignored/skipped past a Max Packet setting or if there were less room type than the number of Max Packets when inventory messages are created.
  2528 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Sellable Products messages does not include Extended Room Type Description
Standard and Enterprise Only: The Sellable Products message would not include the Extended Description from each room type.
  2532 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Single day exceptions on rate records could cause incorrect rate on iQ-WebBook
A single day exception on a Rate Record would be sent twice in a rates message sent to iQ-WebBook possibly causing the rate to be incorrect.
  2525 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - Advanced Option added to control VAT Reduced Tax Postings - Net versus Gross
VAT Reduced Tax postings can be based on either the Net or Gross amounts determined by an Advanced Option setting. By default, the system will use the Gross amount for calculating reduced tax postings for VAT. To switch to the Net amount, set the Long Term VAT posting is based on Net to Yes in Advanced Options.
  2544 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Attach a literal to company name on Detail and Group Folios
A literal, such as Hotel Registration Number or License Number, can be attached to the company name on the top of the Detail and Group Folio. The literal is configured at Setup > Configuration > Folio Setup > Customize Folio Layout > Logo/Image. Enter the desired literal in the Attach to Name field.
  2524 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Average Night could be incorrect on confirmation letters for Room Moves
The Average Night confirmation letter variables (AVGNIGHTNOTAX and AVGNIGHTTAX) would be incorrect for Room Moves. The calculation was based only on the nights from the first reservation instead of total night from all room move reservations.
  2514 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Best Match Room Assignments
Using the Best Match option in Room Assignments, the system makes 3 passes to locate the best room to assign to the reservation and ensure tight blocking. The first pass locates a perfect shoulder to shoulder, second pass to find a checkout on same day as checkin of reservation and third pass will use the Auto Location. The option can be turned off (if desired) using the Advanced Settings.
  2513 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Duplicating Group Block could cause removal of Group Block Detail
Duplicating an existing Group Block and attempting to use the same Group Code would cause a warning and all the Group Block Detail would be removed from the original group block record.
  2539 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - External Folio printing option will suppress Currency prompt
When the Folio printing is configured as External Folio, the prompt for Currency will be suppressed since it is not supported.
  2519 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Folio Detail footer now uses Dynamic Height
The Folio Detail footer fields will now use a Dynamic Height dependant on font size which will prevent any vertical spacing issues.
  2523 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Folio Summary and Taxes enhanced to include Priority Account and grand total
If a Tax Priority Account is configured, the Summary and Taxes section of a folio will include the Tax Priority Account first, then a sub-total, the other VAT/GST taxes and finally a grand total of the invoice. This enables separation of Services Charges from GST/VAT in the Summary and Taxes. Two literals added, Taxable Total and Invoice Total, can be changed in the Folio Languages.
  2522 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Foreign Language table not updated properly for subsequent changes
Premier Only
The Foreign Language table would not clear properly when making subsequent changes causing updates not to be properly saved.

  2518 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - GST/VAT/Inclusive taxes not posted properly for split folios
Taxes configured as GST/VAT/Inclusive would not post properly when More Folios is used to split charges between sub folios.
  2520 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - iQ-Currency Web Services unable to update Foreign Exchanges
The web services used by iQ-Currency to update foreign exchange rates were no longer functioning properly due to changes to the formats and API's. Barclay's has been removed and replaced with Bloomberg.
  2531 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - Purge could delete all Package and Special Package components
The Purge routine could randomly delete all components on Package Rates and Special Packages due to reading an incorrect field in the table.
  2533 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

Main System - Reservation Title Bar includes More Names
The title bar on Reservation records has been enhanced to include the first entry in More Names for a better display of secondary guest names and shares.
  2534 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Tax Rounding Options would not Always Round Up properly
The option in Tax Rounding Options to Always Round Up would not properly round to the next nearest nickel for all amounts.
  2535 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Main System - Updated CommIdea links in Night Audit menu
The link to CommIdea - WebComm has been updated in the Night Audit menu.
  2542 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Enhanced error responses for invalid CVV and Address Verification
The error response received from Shift4/$OTN for invalid CVV and/or invalid billing address verification has been enhanced to provide more specific information on which data is invalid.
  2541 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Payment Application - Tax Amount added to the Shift4 008 Purchasing Block
The amount of taxes collected is now included in the Shift4 008 Purchasing Block section of the data sent to the UTG. The tax amount will be displayed on $OTN for each credit card transaction.
  2529 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

POS - Gift Card Authorization amounts would not write to Folio Authorization table
The authorized amount for a Gift Card was not writing to the folio authorization (FOLIOAUT) table causing issues with split gift card payments in POS.
  2515 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

POS - Print Manager Debug and Recovery enhancements
The POS Print Manager Debug/Trace will remain active and display information even when the window is not active. Database recovery for both TPS and Premier enhanced for more effective recovery/restart if issues occur.
  2530 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Premier - Pace Booking Report could have incorrect number of rooms for occupancy figures
The Pace Booking Report increases the number of rooms each time the report is run causing the occupancy figures contained in the report to be inaccurate. Exiting the application will resolve the issue and show the correct number of rooms on the report.
  2517 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Reports - Added Value As-Is option to Graph Control
An option to show the Value As-Is has been added to the Graph Control data point picture.
  2537 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Reports - Charts/Graph control stopped at 32 legends
The Charts and Graph control would stop at 32 legends.
  2536 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

Reports - Date Range Prompt added to Guest Analysis Report
A Date Range Prompt button has been added to the Guest Analysis Report.
  2526 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Pick Date Range incorrectly formatted date when Last Month selected
The Pick Date Range button would incorrectly format start date when the last month is in a previous year.
  2527 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

rm.Net - Purge option added for tables
A complete purge option has been added to the Control Panel (INNRES) to enable removing data from the tables when migrating over to iQ-WebBook.
  2521 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved
Version 16.51:
Common Library - Misc. Important Fixes
CHANGE: Built with new Clarion build (11925) ROLLUP: Cumulative fixes in Build 659-661 FIX: When finishing a Premier Database Conversion, the system could give a false error that there is an issue with the TEMP directory. FIX: Finally fixes to Cancelled Reservations CHANGE: When executing the Active-X For Premier, the system will wait 3 seconds to ensure that the application has closed down and the ODBC components are not in-use which could cause issues.
  2510 9/29/2015 Medium Resolved

Main System - Record buffer could become corrupt when going into Rate Codes Setup
When going in and out of a Rate record (Setup Rate Codes) the RECORD buffer would be corrupted (showing GENE usually)
  2509 9/29/2015 Serious Resolved
Version 16.50:
Common Library - Socket Tool libraries updated from 8020 to 8040
Socket Tool libraries updated (FTP, HTTP, POP, SMTP, MIME, WinSock) from 8020 to 8040. Note: SocketTools has changed the default protocol and cipher suite prioritization for all secure connections to prefer stronger encryption options. On Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and later versions of Windows, secure connections will use TLS 1.2. Earlier versions of Windows will use TLS 1.0. By default, we will no longer request or accept connections using SSL 3.0.
  2506 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

EPI - Alcatel OmniPCX Office (R1.8) message type did not update Housekeeping status
The message type for the Alcatel OmniPCX Office (R1.8) would not update the Housekeeping room status due to reading the status code from an incorrect position in the data string.
  2477 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

EPI - Configuration and Exit Password configuration moved to External Interfaces
The Configuration and Exit passwords for the External Posting Interface (EPI) have been moved to the External Interfaces screen at Setup > Configuration > Manage > External Interfaces > Passwords.
  2504 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

EPI - Incorrect account code could be used when transaction amount is credit
EPI could post using an incorrect account code when the transaction amount was credit and the final amount was debit.
  2481 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - interface will skip retrieval of MOD if failure occurs on NEW
If the retrieval for New reservations fails on the interface, the system will skip the retrieval for Mods until the next successful retrieval of New.
  2491 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - reservation retrieval did not properly record credential errors
The interface would not display or record an error returned for incorrect credentials or password.
  2490 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - sending zero rates in Rate updates causing errors returned
The interface would incorrectly include zero rate amounts in Rate Updates for dates where a Rate Closure is in effect. The zero rate updates would be rejected by causing errors reported on the interface.
  2498 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Cumulative Inventory setting to close out inventory on all room types
PREMIER ONLY: Ability to set a Cumulative Inventory floor limit in iQ-WorldLink which will set all room inventory for the day to zero if the total room inventory is at or below this figure. This allows you to save the last few rooms for walkins and other less expensive channels.
  2502 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Exclusions for Room Types writes to the log file
Exclusions and translations entered on Room Types will be written to the iQ-WorldLink Log file for support and troubleshooting purposes.
  2500 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Flag reservations which automatic charge of deposit fails
Secondary flag added to iQ-WorldLink configuration to enable flag of reservations if automatic charge of deposit fails.
  2489 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Passwords can use an alternate Long and Full Encrypted password
iQ-WorldLink passwords can use a Long and Fully Encrypted password (HTNG tab).
  2492 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - XML Reservation creation could have incorrect rate amounts for Rate Changes
The XML reservation creation for two way interfaces in iQ-WorldLink would always use Weekday rates, instead of the appropriate Weekday/Weekend rate. Rates changes 8-10 would be ignored and not included in XML message (if existing on reservation record).
  2499 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - XML Reservation creation excluded rate changes when rate is overriden
The XML reservation creation for two way interfaces in iQ-WorldLink would not create Rate Records for rate changes if the rate was overriden.
  2497 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Additional Follow Up flag added
A new Follow Up flag has been added (now 10 flags available).
  2495 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Deselect Guest Profile on Guest Record properties did not function properly
The Deselect Guest Profile option did not function properly when used from the Guest Record Properties of an Inhouse Room or Walkin.
  2475 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Duplicates for More Names vs Regular names was being suppressed in Find Window
Duplicate names would be suppressed in the search results if the same name was located in both Guest Name and More Names.
  2486 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Flag rate codes as Groups Only
A rate code can be designated as Groups Only for the Rate Usage type.
  2472 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Folio Message added to Group Folio
The Folio Message will print at the bottom of the Group Summary page on the Group Folio.
  2501 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Folio properties displaying rate change messages for dates outside of guest stay
Upon accessing Folio Properties, if a weekend or weekday rate changed the user would receive the rate change message even if the guest was not staying those dates.
  2493 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Guest Properties replaces Guest Profile under More Options on the Guest Folio
The Guest Profile (Shift+F5) option under the More Options menu has been changed to Guest Properties when selected from the Guest Folio.
  2482 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Option added to F6 - Display Rates screen to Ignore Group Rates
An option is now available on the Display Rates screen to Ignore Group Rates. Turning on this setting will suppress rate codes designated as Groups Only from being displayed.
  2473 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Option added to Ignore History in the Find Window
An option has been added to the Find window to enable ignoring records in history from search results.
  2485 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Option to set a date to enable Groups to book online
Web Booking Date field added to Group Block for use with iQ-WebBook. Date entered indicates when group is able to book reservations via the booking engine.
  2487 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Rewrite of Save/Restore states for Payment History button in City Ledger
Standard and Enterprise Only: The Save/Restore states have been rewritten for the Payment History button in the City Ledger.
  2479 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

Main System - Total Stay window may corrupt Reserve buffer
When accessing the TotalStay window and then going into a Reseration through Special Properties, there may be an instance where the Total Stay buffer can get corrupted and keep the FOLIOHD properties instead of the RESERVE properties. (See also Case 2494)
  2507 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

Main System - Windows XP/Server 2003/Server 2000 NOT compatible with Version 16.50
Due to security issues with respect to PCI and storing credit card data, Windows XP, Server 2003 and Server 2000 are NOT compatible with roomMaster V16.50. Any clients running these operating systems will no longer be able to open any roomMaster application (RM, POS, iQ-WorldLink, etc) once the update to V16.50 is installed.

These operating systems are no longer compatible due to the following issues:

  • Microsoft is no longer releasing security patches for Windows XP/Server 2003/Server 2000.
  • All three of these operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • The socket tools does not accept / force TLS for any security and SSL has known vulnerabilities to hackers.
  • PCI security requirements excludes Windows XP completely.
  • Windows XP is the most hacked operating system and uses old browsers with known vulnerabilities and security holes.

  •   2508 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Blank Error Message returned for credit card processing
    In rare cases, Shift4 interface could return a blank error message and the transaction is actually completed in Dollars on the Net.
      2488 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

    POS - Outlet name included in window title of Recall Closed Check window
    The name of the Outlet will appear in the window title of the Recall Closed Check window.
      2470 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Outlet name included in window title of Recall Order window
    The name of the Outlet will appear in the window title of the Recall Order window.
      2469 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Video Station (PSVIDEO) can be configured to display 4, 5, or 6 rows across
    The POS Video Station (PSVIDEO) can be configured to display 4, 5, or 6 rows across giving the ability to display 8, 10 or 12 orders on the screen.
      2471 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added TotalStay functions to iSQL Wizard
    You can now access to ReserveTotalStay and FolioTotalStay extensions from the SQL Wizard. Select either the RESERVE.CONFNUM or FOLIOHD.NUMBER field and press the "Formula" button and then select the Total Stay tab.
      2505 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Changing Out of Service dates did not properly check for conflicts
    Modifying an existing Out of Service date(s) did not properly check for conflicts with existing reservations when saving changes.
      2478 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Flag Setup option added to Quick Room Display Follow Up tab
    The Follow Up tab of Quick Room Display has a Flag Setup option available (Supervisor and Manager only).
      2496 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler did not merge fields for Profile - SQL Statement jobs
    A Letter Scheduler job designated as Profile - SQL Statement would not merge fields for variables included in the letter.
      2480 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Rates on folios could be unlocked and changed in error
    Accessing the original reservation from Special Properties of a folio could cause a yielded rate to be unlocked and reverted to any new rate changes or adjustments.
      2494 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL( ) can be used in RunTime Variables
    SQL( ) can be used in RunTime Variables to return a single value, 0 or >0 for the True/False statement. The Help text has been updated to include examples on using SQL in the If/Then statements.
      2484 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Weighted Average function added to Interactive SQL Wizard
    The Weighted Average function has been added to the Interactive SQL Wizard.
      2503 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Add new Report defaults to Embedded SQL Report as the Report Type
    New Report window will default Report Type to Embedded SQL Report. The order of Report Type options changed to display Embedded SQL Report in the first position.
      2476 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Company Name could be missing from Company Sales Report
    If the account number of a Company is greater than 32767, the Company Name is not displayed on the Company Sales Report with an Order Type set to By Overall Rank.
      2483 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Increase efficiency of generating the Forecast Revenue report
    Significant increases in speed when generating the Forecasted Revenue report and Performance Outlook tab on the Snapshot.
      2474 9/22/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.14:
    EPI - EPI Changes and HTNG Status Notifications
    Added HTNG_MoveRoomNotification message (Room Move)
    Added HTNG_HotelStayUpdateNotifRQmessage (Name Change)
    Added HTNG_ProfileMessageStatusNotifRQ (Message Waiting)
    Added more debug information for HTNG messages
    Waiting for response could fail - now waits 7 seconds and response must be within 7 seconds.
    EPI had ROOMBOOK and RESERVE opened all the time since V16
    BI-Directional Name Change Message will now also be created when CheckOut date changes. (FNAME, LNAME, PRIVATE, CHARGEINC and CHECKOUT)

      2444 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - iQ-Schedule Calendar did not have vertical scroll bar active
    iQ-Schedule Calendar would not show more than 7 resources due to the vertical tool bar not being active. The screen size has been increased to display more information.
      2460 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - iQ-Schedule would cause conflicts to appear during refresh event
    iQ-Schedule would trigger a Move Event on calendar refresh, which would cause the conflict window to appear during the refresh event.
      2468 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Added EchoToken and Timestamp to IQW Log
    Added EchoToken and TimeStamp of reservation messages to the IQW Log for troubleshooting.
      2447 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Booking Source CompanyNameCode added to mapping
    The CompanyNameCode has been added to the availabile mapping options for the Market and Business segments.
      2461 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink Rate Exceptions may be skipped
    iQ-WorldLink would skip exceptions in Rate Updates if the ToDate was outside of the MaxDays Inventory Range.
      2442 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - IQ-WorldLink XML Set/Freestate Memory Leak
    IQW Memory leak for iQ-XML Restore/Free states during multiple cancellation of reservations.
      2435 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Minimum Booking Days incorrectly formatted in Hotel Booking Rules message
    The Hotel Booking Rules message did not use the proper format for number of days for MinBookingOffsets. Proper format is PnightsD instead of simply Nights.
      2464 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - XML object could fail to parse XML objects
    Regressions which could cause failures on parsing XML objects for GDS/OTA interfaces.
      2463 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Ability to disable creation of Desk Folios
    Added ability to disable creation of Desk Folios for Clerks, Auditors and Supervisors (Can be changed in Setup > Configuration> System > Advanced settings)
      2467 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Allow creation of Master Folio when No New Reservations option is selected
    A Group Master Folio can be added and deposit posted when the No New Reservations option is turned on for a Group Block. Only a reservation with the number of rooms set to 0 (Inventory Only) can be added if No New Reservations is selected.
      2454 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger reported combined invoices wrong in memos
    Additional CL transactions added to a folio do not update properly in the Invoice Detail on the Invoice Memo. The additional two CL transactions are not reflected in the Invoice Detail on the Memo; they are properly added to the open invoice amount.
      2449 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Clerk and Auditor users can expand transactions on history folios
    A user designated as either Clerk or Auditor can expand a transactions on a folio which has moved to Guest History. The user cannot make changes to the transaction on a history folio; the expand is for view only purposes.
      2452 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Create Master Folio will use defaults from Contact tab
    Creating a Group Master Folio from the Group Block record will automatically add the defaults from the Contact tab of the group.
      2453 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - iQ-WorldLink status added to the AppFrame in roomMaster
    The current status of iQ-WorldLink will display in the 8th position on the AppFrame to assist with alerting end users of possible issues with interfaces.
      2465 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - More Folios tab names not being set properly
    Adding a new tab name using the More Folios option will create the sub-folio and enable updating the Name properties without the need to select OK first.
      2455 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Right-Cick / Create reservation on Room Type would not refresh page
    F4-Availability Right-Click on "By Type" would not refresh page after new reservation causing Inventory to not be displayed accurately after making New Reservation.
      2437 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Snapshot Today, Tomorrow, next day could be wrong
    Current SnapShot four figures in bottom right (today, tomorrow, etc) would not be correct or blank if any of these four days began with the following month (ie: snapshot on May 30th for example would only show TODAY and TOMORROW)
      2450 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Update CheckOut Serial Number when printing folio
    Advanced Option available to increase CheckOut Serial Number on first attempt of Printing Folio in addition to CheckOut. The feature can be turned on in Advanced Options and Settings (Setup > Configuration > System).
      2462 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Allow quicker entry of table ID's with special names or prefixes
    Hold table identifiers added to the number keypad for quick entry of a special prefix or name of a table ID. Customize the identifers by selecting Maintenance > Hold Table Identification.
      2457 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - IQ-POS - Ability to create duplicate printers
    iQ-POS - Printer Duplication allows up to 5 duplications of printing Kitchen Tickets. This is found in Print Manager. Printer Setup > Printer Duplication.
      2439 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - IQ-POS - Enhancement to PSVideo for touchscreen
    IQ-POS - Double click in PSVIDEO Multi-Column Display will Kill the order (TOUCH SCREENS)
      2438 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Training Environment error in Standard/Enterprise
    POS TPS did not work properly when switching to Training or Sample environment.
      2436 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    POS - Profile name attached to guest check will print on kitchen receipt
    The first name and last initial of the guest name attached to a POS check will print on the bottom of all receipts printed to Kitchen Printers.
      2456 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Force Yield Type to Lock Rate Only instead of No Yield Management
    The system will no longer allow Yield Type to be set to No Yield Management if Yield Type has previously been set to one of the Base By options. End user will receive an error message and Yield Type will default to Ignore Yielding Profiles - Lock Rate Only instead of turning off yielding once it has been active. This will prevent issues with existing reservations where yielding or rate adjustment has been previously applied.
      2466 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Note Field issues
    * ISQL note fields (greater than @s128) would not show in the Grid Display
    * ISQL note fields would not display properly if a field prior to it was hidden by FORMATCOLUMN.

      2443 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler Change in Process View
    Rewrite of Letter Schedule Process View - email pass through Letter Schedule is no longer dependent on the Process View which would lock up the Letter Scheduler if there were wait/sleep delays or internet SMTP delays that were longer than the driver process view delay.
      2445 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler would not save jobs where days was zero
    Guest Profile and Reservation Letter scheduler jobs could not be saved when the Days value was zero (it was being switched back to 1)
      2446 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - New SQL Drivers
    Updated SQL Anywhere drivers to Build 4231. Also triggers an Active-X reinstallation during this upgrade on all Premier Workstations. Updates to the firewall settings are also added to handle PRIVATE, PUBLIC and DOMAIN networks.
      2451 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Not Equal Filter added to SQL Results
    The right click in a cell on the SQL Results window has a Not Equal option to filter results.
      2459 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Driver could GPF during SQL Reports
    New SQL Driver to stop GPF during SQL Reports - Exceptions during PROP commands. (CLASQA.DLL)
      2440 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue Export for Userfield1/Userfield2
    Forecasted Revenue Report did not export properly for UserField1/UserField2 causing the final three columns to be missing.
      2441 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Guest who checked out included guests to checkout
    Guest Who Checked Out report includes folios scheduled to check out on current audit date instead of only folios which have already checked out
      2448 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - High Balance Report no longer querying on High Balance Amount
    The High Balance Report was not correctly applying the High Balance Amount entered when selecting the records to be included in the report results.
      2458 6/8/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.13:
    iQ-WorldLink - Enhanced to handle MessageContent in any order for Adds, Changes and Cancels
    iQ-WorldLink required all reservation messages to appear in an order of Adds, Changes and Cancels to process messages properly. The system has been enhanced to handle messages in any order to ensure a better intergration with all GDS providers.
      2430 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Additional options added to RMCONFIG Registry tab
    Added SQLIsServer, File, FileLog to RMCONFIG Registry tab.
      2411 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Balcony and Kitchen Room Amentity added to Room Type setup
    Two OTA room amentities, Balcony and Kitchen added to Room Type setup and OTA Sellable Products message.
      2421 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Enhanced display of Read Only notes on Reservation records
    A reservation record which contains notes in the Read Only section, with no staff notes, will display the Read Only notes in a full screen for better display.
      2433 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Most Recent option added to Room Properties
    A Most Recent button has been added to the Out of Service, History and Work Orders tabs of the Room Properties screen to quickly move to the newest entry.
      2426 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Profile Lookup button for No Match changed to No Match, Create New
    The No Match button on the Guest Profile Lookup window has been changed to read No Match, Create New for ease in knowing the functionality of the button.
      2431 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Room Amentity Types added to Reservation Form Room Type Drop Down
    The selected Room Amentities on each Room Type appear in the Reservation Form Room Type drop down. The option can be turned off in the Advanced Options and Settings.
      2423 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Room Note does not properly display on multiple screens
    The Room Note field does not always display when a manual note is added to a room number.
      2417 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Room Properties and Room Type tool tip display more information
    The Room Properties and Room Type tool tip will include the OTA Amentity Type codes selected on the Room Type setup.
      2422 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Sign-In Sheet Excludes Stay Totals When Rate Information Is Not Shown
    Both the Rate Information and Stay Totals are excluded from the Sign-In Sheet when only the Show Rate Information option is turned off in configuration.
      2412 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - SMS Option Added For Australia, UK, Europe And New Zealand
    Added SMS Provider information for UK, EU, AU and NZ. System will now allow you to enter a phone number and find the provider, but, the hotel clerk can ask the guest which provider if they are in UK, EU, AU and NZ and send text messages. Turn on this feature in Setup > Configuration > System > Internet > SMS Gateway.
      2419 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Tax Incidentals Option No Longer Displays On Folio Properties
    The Tax Incidentals option is no longer displayed on the Guest Record Properties (FOLIOHD) regardless of the setting in Advanced Options and Settings.
      2409 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Hide field option did not suppress field on Labels for SQL Queries
    The HIDE column format option in SQL would not properly suppress the field when printing Labels. It only functioned properly for reports.
      2428 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler Non Marketing Letter flag added to scheduled jobs
    A Scheduled job in Letter Scheduler can be flagged as "Non Marketing Letter" for jobs which are sending Confirmation and/or Follow Up information to guests. The 'Do Not Email' flag on the Guest Profile will be ignored since the email is solicited or expected.
      2429 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Lock Rate Only option added to Yield Management Types
    A new Yield Type option, Ignore Yielding Profiles - Lock Rate Only, has been added to Yield Management. Option enables use of rate locking, Closed to Arrival, Closed to Depature, upgrades and manual rate adjustment features without applying increase and decrease rate modifications from Yield Profiles.
      2425 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Order By automatically updates when removing a field in SQL Wizard
    If a field which was part of the ORDER BY is removed in the ISQL Wizard, the field is also removed from the ORDER BY to prevent syntax errors in the SQL statement.
      2427 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Prevent reconnect to database when in a disconnect state for 3 seconds
    If database is in a disconnect state, a reconnection to the database is not allowed for at least 3 seconds to avoid ODBC/Connection corruption which is stopping MDI windows from being opened.
      2416 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Purge All option added to Active Rate Adjustments screen
    A Purge All option has been added to the Display Active Rate Adjustments screen for ease in removing all manually entered rate adjustments.
      2420 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Statement option added to Letter Scheduler
    A SQL Statement option is available in the Letter Scheduler for scheduled jobs on the Profile level.
      2424 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Added new column, AddOn, to Daily Charge and Packages report
    A new column, AddOn, has been added to the Daily Charge and Packages report to indicate if the daily charge was added through iQ-WorldLink.
      2434 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Custom Associate And Associate Reports Include Blank Pages
    Housekeeping Associates Report footer band had empty PageAfter element and was using a random blank band to force new page incorrectly.
      2413 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Group Reservations Report can include Allotments
    The option to Include Allotments on the Group Reservations Report has been added back to the report.
      2418 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Guest Ledger Sub Folio report not able to run when added to Favorites
    The Guest Ledger by SubFolio report would not properly execute when added to Favorites.
      2432 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Reservation Detail Report Excludes Guest Name And Address Information
    The Reservation Detail report does not include the guest name and address details from the reservation record.
      2408 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Transaction History Detail report can be filtered for specific account code
    You can now enter a single account code rather than using an Account Filter on the Transaction History Detail report.
      2415 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Transaction History report incorrectly formatted for Grand Totals only
    The Transaction History Detail report would start a new page for each date when Grand Totals only is selected as the Total Option.
      2414 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Vacant and Unavailable room status not included on Custom Associates Report
    When exiting Custom Associates Report using FINISH button on Setup by Assignment, the Window display would not display the true state of the Include Status checkboxes.
      2410 4/20/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.12:
    iQ-WorldLink - Send and receive buffer increased to 10MB
    The iQ-WorldLink send and receive buffer has been increased from 8MB to 10MB to handle large rates messages. Any messages larger than 10MB are automatically removed and the error is recorded to the Web/GDS Log.
      2402 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Database Maintenance changes during Rebuild Forecast write to Event Log
    Any Database Maintenance changes to correct data during a rebuild of the forecast will be written to the roomMaster Event Log.
      2403 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Occupancy Comparison will use Dayend Close setting for unavailable rooms
    The option to ignore unavailable rooms has been removed from the Occupancy Comparison options in the Dashboard. All occupancy percentages in the Dashboard will use the Ignore Unavailable Rooms setting in Dayend Close options for consistency.
      2400 3/19/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Pressing Cancel or Escaping out of an early checkout would cause corrupted data
    Pressing the Cancel button or use the Escape key to back out of an Early Checkout would cause data in FOLIOHD and ROOMS tables to become corrupted.
      2407 3/19/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Socket call failures write to the roomMaster Event Log
    All socket calls (MIME, POP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP) that fail will write to the Event Log for troubleshooting and tracking purposes.
      2401 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Track Folio Access and Folio Printing to Change Journal
    An Advanced Option is available to track a folio being accessed and/or a folio being printed to the Change Journal. The option must be turned on in the Advanced Options and Settings.
      2405 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Track Special Receipt printing to Change Journal
    An Advanced Option is available to track a Special Receipt being printed to the Change Journal. The option must be turned on in the Advanced Options and Settings.
      2406 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Checkins on current audit date reflect New in Change Sheets columns
    The Housekeeping Associate reports will indicate New in the Change Sheets column for rooms which checked in on the current audit date.
      2404 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 16.11:
    iQ Anywhere - iQ-Anywhere logins (Success and Failure) are logged to Event Log
    User logins to iQ-Anywhere, both success and failure, are logged to the roomMaster Event Log.
      2378 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - Changes to allow the Calendar in iQ-Schedule to load faster
    The calendar InsertEvents was changed to cache schedule ID's to reduce the number of Direct OCX calls to the calendar.
      2398 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Groups notification message could be formatted incorrect
    The Groups notification message could have an improperly placed tag when the group contained no room types causing group blocks not to load in iQCRS.
      2388 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Rate closures contained in rates messages will write out for 4 adults
    Regression: The rates messages (RTE) will write out the zero amount for adults 1 to 4 for all rate closure dates.
      2394 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Sellable products exclusion corrections
    The Sellable Products message in iQ-WorldLink will exclude rooms marked as "Exclude type from being sent" and rooms that have a zero quantity.
      2387 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Additional registry options added to RMCONFIG utility

      2364 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Audit Directory Enhancements for writing WMF files during Dayend Close
    The Audit Directory functions have been enhanced to use the database or environment name (such as RMTRAINING or Training) during the creation of the WMF files for the audit reports.
      2379 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Charge Type column added to Rate Information screen
    Charge Type column added to the Rate Information screen to indicate Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Package charge type for each rate record.
      2360 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Corrections to the create reservations for Allotments procedure for Dayend Close
    When the Dayend Close groups process was running, and there was an allotment, and the allotment was set to create reservations, the LOGOUT process would end on the first Create Reservation process, causing the LOGOUT process to not work properly. The system will now commit the process before creating reservations sub-process and then restart the logout process for the next group/allotment.
      2372 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Email folio option includes property information automatically
    When using the Email button to send a guest folio, the body will now automatically include the property name and address information. This prevents emails being sent with a the body left blank.
      2366 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Extra fields added to Rooming List option in Group Blocks
    The six extra fields can be populated from the Create Reservations screen in the Rooming List option of Group Blocks.
      2371 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Final Group Pickup report duplicates room posts in room counts
    The Final Group Pickup report would count each individual room posting instead of each individual room. Duplicate counts could occur when using split room posting.
      2381 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Final Group Pickup report excluded current folios and VAT/GST
    The Final Group Pickup would exclude current folios and only include folios in history and revenue reported was always VAT/GST exclusive. Report now properly includes current and history folios with group code attached and has an option for Tax Rollup to include VAT/GST in totals reported.
      2382 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Group Block set to Book by Room Number could have incorrect block detail totals
    A Group block set as Book by Room Number with a Checkin Override Rate on the room type level would increase the number of blocked rooms on the OK (committ changes) out of the Group block. This issue would cause the forecast totals to be incorrect.
      2385 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Groups browse screen displays Future & Active Groups
    The Group blocks browse screen will filter for Future & Active Groups to include group blocks scheduled for check out on the current audit date.
      2383 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - HTML Letters limit total image size to 250KB
    The total size of all images included in HTML letters is now limited to 250KB and a warning message presented to the user. Help documentation updates included to explain proper formatting of HTML Letters for SPAM filters and images sizes.
      2365 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Option to reset to default colors on Availability by Room Number screen
    Cancelling out of a color dialog on the Availability by Room Number screen will prompt to reset back to the default color for each status.
      2397 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Options added to Guest Profiles to prompt for updated contact information
    The Opt Out field on Guest Profiles has been renamed to Mailing Options and enhanced to include Get/Update Mail Address and Get/Update E-Mail. Each option will prompt end users when attaching Guest Profile to reservations and/or folios to obtain updated guest contact information. The Get/Update E-Mail is integrated with the Premier edition Letter Scheduler feature.
      2369 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Rate Adjustments not looking at RateType, only RoomType
    Rate Adjustments Browse were not looking at RATETYPE but only looking at ROOMTYPE
      2399 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Sales centers will now report Rooms Sold instead of Rooms Posted
    The Travel Agent, City Ledger and Groups sales centers will now report the total Rooms Sold instead of the total Rooms Posted. Each screen for Expand Profit Center has been changed from "Rooms Posted:" to "Rooms Sold:".
      2386 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Scroll bars available on Total Stay screen
    Scroll bars are available for the Total Stay screen to ensure display is accurate for text fields such as Rate Descriptions and Deposit Terms.
      2376 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Summary Folio Receipt corrections
    The corrections to the Summary Folio Receipt include:
    • The running balance could be incorrect when VAT/GST postings are included.
    • Tax Summary would exclude VAT/GST amounts.
    • Previous balance was using transaction audit date instead of display date.

      2392 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Tax Incidentals added to Advanced Options and Settings
    The ability to suppress the Tax Incidentals option from Stay Information has been added to the Advanced Options and Settings.
      2370 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Tax Priority Account added to Tax/Surcharge Options
    Tax Priority Account option added to Tax/Surchage Options to give the ability to prioritize tax postings on guest folios.
      2368 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Verify proper updating of both CITYHD and CITYPY tables for batch payments
    The system will verify CITYHD (City Ledger Header) and CITYPY (City Ledger Batch Header) are in synch when posting batch payments.
      2377 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    POS - Credit card processing to use *TS Registry entry for POSLocation
    The credit card processing will use the *TS (Terminal Services) entry for the POSLocation and POSStationType to verify correct payment account codes are used to process credit cards at each outlet.
      2393 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    POS - Option to Serialize all Check Numbers instead of resetting to zero each day
    A global option is available to Serialize POS Check Numbers instead of resetting check number to zero each business date. Check numbers will increment from 1 to 999999 and then restart back at 1.
      2395 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Print Manager status bar enhanced for start and shut down
    The POS Print Manager status bar indicates the date and time of a Start, Shutdown and/or Shutdown for End of Day processing.
      2367 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Room Lookup sorting By Room/By Name
    The sorting options By Room Number and By Name in the Bill to Room Lookup window could not function properly depending on the screen size being used.
      2359 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    POS - Split Item Quantity rounds final result to nearest whole dollar
    Split Item Quantity option from the POS terminal would round to the nearest whole dollar instead of the nearest penny.
      2389 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Auto populate formulas in ISQL Wizard for popular fields
    The formulas for Lastname, Firstname, Debit and OrigDebit will auto populate when selected in the ISQL Wizard
      2374 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Color consistency for Rate Adjustments in Total Stay and Availability
    All Rate Adjustments will display using the same color consistency in the Total Stay/Rate Detail and Availability screens. Rate Adjustments are displayed when using the Show Yielding option on the Availability screen.
      2362 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - NOMAXDISPLAY added to ISQL Syntax
    Added SQL Syntax NOMAXDISPLAY to bypass the workstation options and always return maximum number of rows selected on demand.
      2373 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Premier Configuration file to check for Upgrade/Update in progress
    The check for an upgrade or update in progress will use the Premier Configuration file instead of Premier Conversion Log to prevent issues due to Windows file ownership.
      2375 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Prevent end user from disconnecting their own connection
    The Disconnect Connection feature would only stop an end user from disconnecting their own connection if the connection number was between 1 to 255.
      2384 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Rate Adjustments unlocking rate on existing reservations
    Adding a manually adjusted rate (Rate Adjustment) from the Availability screen causes rate to be unlocked and changed when accessing existing reservations for same date.
      2390 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Removed option to place JOIN in the WHERE clause in SQL Wizard
    The option to include a JOIN of two tables in the WHERE clause has been removed from the SQL Wizard. The JOIN being placed in the WHERE clause is not compatible with Sybase SQL Anywhere version 12.
      2396 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Right click options added to Availability by Room Type screen
    Right click options are now available on the Availability by Room Type screen. Room Properties, New Reservation and Adjust Rate menu options available.
      2363 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yield Modification calendar sets Monday as first day of week
    The Yield Modification calendar will display Monday as first day of week when the pop calendar starts on Monday.
      2391 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yield Type added to Yielding Details results on Total Stay screen
    The Yield Type (By Overall Occupancy, By Room Group, By Room Type) is displayed in the Yielding Details results on the Total Stay screen.
      2361 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yielding by Room Group could not properly adjust rates
    Yielding by Room Group could calculate rate adjustments incorrectly depending on number of room types contained in a Room Group.
      2358 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue revenue periods could be inncorect for Weekly or Monthly
    The Sort Type field was not automatically reset to 1-By Report Type when setting the Forecasted Revenue report to Weekly or Monthly. Issue would cause the revenue periods on the report results to display incorrect.
      2380 3/16/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.10:
    iQ-WorldLink - Blank rate and inventory transmissions will be rejected
    iQ-WorldLink will reject blank rate and inventory transmission files. Files could be blank due to old room types and/or rate codes listed in the translation tables.
      2345 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Day of week attributes could be incorrect in a rates message
    iQ-WorldLink could have incorrect DOW (day of week) attributes in the first rate after a rate closure in rates messages on OTA/GDS interfaces.
      2332 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Package Rates supported for all GDS/OTA channels
    Package Rates can be included in rate uploads to GDS/OTA providers with iQ-WorldLink. Package Rates with components marked as 'Post on a certain day' are not supported. Only Package Rates with components set to post every day of guest stay are included in rate messages.
      2330 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Accessible (ADA), Rollaway, and Crib attributed added to Room Types
    Room type attributed Accessible (ADA), Allow Rollaway and Allow Crib added to the room types and integrate with Sellable Products message in iQ-WorldLink.
      2350 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Acknowledge All option added to the Web/GDS Log
    Added new option, Acknowledge All, to the iQ-WorldLink Errors tab of the Web/GDS Log to enable quick clean up of messages in the screen.
      2355 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Child dropdown no longer displayed on Availability (F4) screen
    The Child dropdown no longer appeared on the Availability (F4) screen due to an issue with the Advanced Options feature to hide children from personal information.
      2339 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Deleting a rate code removes rate from all translation tables in iQ-WorldLink
    Deleting a rate code in roomMaster will automatically delete the rate code from any translation tables in iQ-WorldLink to prevent issues with orphan records being sent to the GDS/OTA channel.
      2353 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Deposit account added to Reservations Import
    The Reservations Import can post the deposit amount as a real time posting (Advance/Journal tables) using either one account code or by reading the account code from the import file. Account code must be a credit account code already existing in roomMaster.
      2342 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Housekeeping Note and Initials added to Reservations Import
    The Housekeeping Note and Initials fields were added to the Reservations Import in the Import/Export Wizard.
      2349 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Move Rooms no longer appeared on Housekeeping reports
    The Room Move and Room Change no longer appeared on the Housekeeping reports on the day of the move/change.
      2348 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - POS Items and Inventory added to Import/Export Wizard
    iQ-POS Items and Inventory can be imported from a CSV file using the Import/Export Wizard in roomMaster.
      2343 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Prevent roomMaster from opening when running from the _Install directory
    Attempting to open roomMaster from the _Install directory will alert end users the program is running from an incorrect directory. Windows Explorer is automatically opened and users are prompted to install workstation components (Activeis.exe) to correct shortcuts.
      2335 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Remove Rate Information from Guest Profiles
    The Guest Profile Cleaning Tool enables the removal of the rate information from guest profiles.
      2346 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Room Move feature could cause issues for reservations with no room assigned
    The Total Stay could be incorrect on reservations with the same guest profile, continous stay dates and no room assigned when the Room Move feature is turned on.
      2337 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Show Past Stays reverted to logic from previous version
    The Show Past Stays window has been reverted to the old logic from previous versions due to issues with missing data for room moves.
      2354 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Tax ID added to Commission and Owners Statements
    The Tax ID has been added to the Commission and Owner's Statements.
      2347 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Validation check when adding Room Numbers to prevent * or ! characters
    Adding new Room Numbers will no longer allow * or ! characters to be part of the room number field.
      2340 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    POS - Price amounts can be up to 3 decimal places for Inventory Items
    The price on Inventory Items can be three decimal points enabling entry of a price such as 1.999.
      2331 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Return of an Inventory Items drops as a positive number to the kitchen
    Returning an item using Add Special Item or Return would drop to the kitchen/remote printers as a positive number instead of a negative (-1) number.
      2336 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier - Meeting Rooms can be included in Yield Management
    Meeting Rooms can be included in yielding using an option in Yield Management.
      2341 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier - Option added to Interactive SQL to set the report paper printing size
    The SETREPORTPAPER variable was added to the Interactive SQL syntax to enable setting the paper size when printing SQL reports. The valid values are LETTER, LEGAL and A4.
      2344 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Show Future Use option added to Rate Codes
    New option added to Setup Rate Codes window to enable viewing rate codes future use to assist with determining if rate code can/should be deleted.
      2352 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Update IDeaS queries for both procedures
    The queries used in the two IDeaS procedures will automatically be updated during the conversion process to increase speed of the IDeaS export.
      2351 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Company Ranking report could have duplicate entries
    The Company Ranking report would not clear the module queue causing duplicate entries on the report.
      2333 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue report did not include descriptions
    The Forecasted Revenue report (By Rate, By Userfield) did not properly print the descriptions in the header and detail.
      2334 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Literal changes added to the Owner's Statement
    Literal changes for Materials, Labor, Room Revenue, Taxes and Commission added to the Owner's Statment to be more specific to the property and country.
      2356 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Owner's Statements can be PDF and emailed individually
    The Owner's Statement can be emailed individually using the email address listed on the Owner details of the room number.
      2357 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Streamlined the Combine Reports feature
    Streamlined the process of the Combine Reports feature for ease of use and less confusion to the end user.
      2338 2/16/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.03:
    iQ-WorldLink - SiteMinder And Other GDS May Fail Rate Loads
    Some GDS would not handle the missing DayOfWeek elements (@MON, @TUE, etc.) so it would fail the Rate Load message without a response. These were taken out to make the XML/Rate Load more efficient but some GDS's could not handle this change so it has been put back.
      2327 1/27/2015 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Added SignOn And Open Buttons To The Main Toolbar
    Ability to have signon/open buttons in toolbar. (Good for Internal use, support, multi-company clients, etc.) - These can be turned on in the Setup / System Advanced Settings screen.
      2328 1/27/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Change ZONE Easily In Assignment Of Associates In Housekeeping
    Added ability to change the Zone easily in the Assign Associations in Housekeeping Reports. There is a new button now called "Zone" which can change it easily on a day to day basis.
      2329 1/27/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Corrections And Enhancements To Room Moves
    • If housekeeping report move room is the same room (TO/FROM), then it will now show as a "Stay".
    • If Associates report move room is the same room (TO/FROM), then it will now show as a "Stay".
    • Corrected room moves to use a cumulative deposit amount of the subsequent reservations that also had deposits.
    • On Room Moves, the Deposit amount was being added instead of subtracted on the signin sheet
    • When opening a reservation with a room move, but it is the same room, the popup window will say "Reservation Change Notification" instead of "Room Move Notification".
    • Changed Confirmation letter to have *ROOMMOVES* and *ROOMMOVESEX* (extended) so one will show just the room type while the other will show the actual room number.
    • Room moves were not able to be done to same room (Reservation Change)
    • Additional deposits on subsequent reservations will now transfer when the move room happens.
    • No bi-directional messages are sent to the EPI/Phone systems if the move room is just a reservation change to the same room

      2322 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Drag/Drop does not properly update Forecast
    The Forecast is not properly updated when changing the room type on a reservation using the Drag/Drop feature from the Availability by Room Number screen.
      2325 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Folio Issues
    Regression: Australian Long-Term Accommodation could print the wrong Tax Exempt amount. Also, long-term reduced tax amount may not appear in the Taxes and Summary section.
      2320 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Folio VAT Tax Summary Could Be Incorrect For Reduced Long-Term Stay
    When there is a VAT Roll up for the printed folio, the figures are correct in the total but the VAT breakdown ( VAT option unchecked in folio ) calculation for the reduced tax amount is incorrect. The inclusive tax breakdown is not reduced properly.
      2321 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group Folio Running Balance
    Regression: The Group Folio, running balance, could be incorrect and is the actual line total.
      2319 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue by Company Class/Company could be incorrect
    The Forecasted Revenue by Company Class/Company report could contain incorrect forecast data for both rooms and revenue. Historical dates would contain correct totals for both rooms and revenue.
      2326 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - History Detail Report By CheckIn Date
    REGRESSION: History report could show empty/missing information. Details: The HOHCalculateRevenue would fail because HISTHD buffer was being cleared incorrectly. Could cause some History reports to show blank / empty information. (History Detail by Checkin Date)
      2323 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    SetupBuilder - Active-X For Standard/Enterprise
    Active-X for Standard/Enterprise is not registering the new Chart and Calendar controls (OCX)
      2324 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved