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Version 17.12.75
Posted on January 8, 2020 by Christy Carnley
Version 17 has been released (17.12.75). Please contact your local support team for information on upgrading to the new version.

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If the issue has been resolved, simply click on Help / Check for Updates inside roomMaster to install the latest update. Current Version: 17.12
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Open Issues
Version 17.12:
Conversion - Read only guest notes not properly converting for Premier upgrades
When performing a Standard/Enterprise to Premier upgrade, the read only guest notes were not properly converted.
  2721 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

iQ-Schedule - Cancelling guest reservations fails to send IQ-Schedule Cancellation notices
If a guest had both a reservation as well as appointments in IQ-Schedule, roomMaster would provide a prompt to cancel appointments in the case that you cancel the guest reservation. If you selected to cancel the appointments the staff member (people resource) assigned to them would never receive a cancellation email.
  2709 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

iQ-Schedule - Messenger does not send iQ-Schedule event email notifications
Messenger wouldn’t send out notifications to assigned people resources when appointments were being made/cancelled.
  2712 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Availability total stay preview not displaying
At the bottom of the availability by room number screen a preview of a 1 to 5 night stay cost was failing to appear when highlighting a date
  2707 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Company overridden rates don’t copy over when attached to a profile
If a guest profile had a company profile attached to it which had a overridden rate/rate code the overridden rate would fail to transfer to the reservation. Now a prompt will appear when attaching a profile with a company record that asks if you would like to use the overridden company rate.
  2706 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Company rate amount character limit extended
The company override rate under the company’s detail tab had a maximum limit of 999.99. That has now been extended to 9999.99.
  2705 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Guest profile mailing preference doesn’t copy to reservation record
When a reservation was made with a suggested profile the mailing preferences weren’t pulling over.
  2703 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Guest profile notes fail to copy to online reservations
If a reservation was made online through WorldLink and you associated a guest profile with it that had notes set to copy to a reservation, they would fail to do so.
  2711 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Letter Scheduler sending to profiles marked as ‘Do Not Email'
Letter Scheduler would send to everyone regardless of the mailing option selected on their guest profile/reservation. Scheduler has been updated to only mail to profiles/reservations marked as ‘Always Send.’
  2702 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

Main System - Room move overridden rate changes missing end dates
When performing a room move the second reservation’s rate changes were missing the end dates therefore giving the guest a zero dollar rate each night.
  2708 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

Main System - Updated Innquest UK address under about roomMaster
The About roomMaster option under Help has been updated with InnQuest UK’s new contact information.
  2710 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Wrong card number showing on detail folio for multiple deposit transfers
When a folio had multiple deposits listed on it, the card number from the first entry would repeat itself instead of displaying the actual card number used for each deposit.
  2704 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

Payment Application - Payment Express card on file failing for approvals
Any cards that were saved on file through a deposit using Payment Express would decline when used to take payment after the initial deposit.
  2720 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

POS - POS Modifier Window Display Character Limit Extended
When in terminal mode modifiers that were higher then 999.99 would display as ###,##. The character limit has been extended to display as high as 9999.99.
  2716 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Add a profile to InnQuest Payments for Stayfull interface to determine card type
InnQuest Payments was configured to correctly identify card types through the Stayfull interface, so that the ‘Use this Type’ button could be used when taking payment from a guest
  2719 12/17/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - InnQuest Payments not pulling the correct card type during tokenization
During the initial tokenization process for customers using InnQuest Payments all reservations in the database would be unable to click the ‘Use this Type’ option located under the payment screen.
  2718 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

RM Cloud - Multiple POS Outlet MIDs not sending to Shift4 properly
If a cloud property had a different Merchant ID account for each POS outlet they would only send as the roomMaster MID. Now each outlet will send as it’s assigned Shift4 MID.
  2717 12/17/2019 Serious Resolved

Stayfull - Stayfull adding more names on all reservations
All Stayfull reservations were coming through with a more names entry on them that had the same name information as the main record.
  2715 12/17/2019 Medium Resolved

Stayfull - Stayfull error handling for reservation modification and cancellation
Reservation modifications & cancellations from Stayfull were not being accepted by Worldlink if there wasn’t a matching reference ID on a reservation record. This resulted in reservation changes never making it to roomMaster. Worldlink will now acknowledge all modifications and cancellations by Stayfull regardless of reference ID. If a matching reference can’t be found on a reservation record, then an alert email will be sent out to the address assigned under the Stayfull Worldlink configuration. The reservation modification information will be stored in the Web/GDS log located under the Reserve screen within the Stayfull tab. Staff will need to locate the reservation record identified in the Stayfull tab or email and make the necessary changes manually.
  2713 12/17/2019 Serious Resolved

Stayfull - Update Stayfull error code display
Error codes were being shown in a numeric form. Now they will be shown with the text of what caused the error.
  2714 12/17/2019 Suggestion Resolved
Version 17.11:
RM Cloud - Account descriptions missing from Simple Tax Report
The Simple Tax Report did not include the account code descriptions from each tax account code included on the report.
  2677 2/14/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Change line height on Availability screen not writing to workstation settings
The workstation setting to change the line height on the Availability screen was not writing to the workstation settings database table.
  2696 2/14/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - China Union Pay credit cards added to Special Account Assignments
Union Pay credit cards are now fully supported for RM Cloud. To configure account codes, select Setup > Configuration > Guest Ledger > Account Codes > Special Account Assignments.
  2681 2/14/2019 Suggestion Resolved

RM Cloud - Commands for secure FTP added to enable file transfer for exports
The -shell command to enable secure FTP for all exports from RM Cloud has been added.
  2679 2/14/2019 Medium Resolved

RM Cloud - Custom SQL reports accessing query wizard export (.qwe) from incorrect path
RM Cloud was not reading from the propertyshares directory to access the query wizard export (.qwe) used to automatically export a custom SQL query.
  2676 2/14/2019 Medium Resolved

RM Cloud - EPI Bi-Directional interfaces not reading active flag from proper database table
The bi-directional interface for the EPI application was not reading the active flag for interfaces 1-8 from the correct database table.
  2675 2/14/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Import/Export wizard did not properly load RMXML import structure
The Import/Export wizard did not read from the propertyshares directory to load the RMXML import structure for RM Cloud.
  2683 2/14/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Secure FTP of CRM and Frequent Stay Export fully functional
The secure FTP of CRM and Frequent Stay Export files is now fully supported for RM Cloud.
  2697 2/14/2019 Low Resolved
Version 17.10:
Functions - Update socket tools by Catalyst to current release
Build 60 (17.10.60): The socket tools library has been updated to the most recent release, 9.5.9520.3254.
  2695 2/18/2019 Low Resolved

iQ-Messenger - Messenger notification could have inaccurate dates for 10 week forecast
Build 60 (17.10.60): The daily notification email/text sent by Messenger could have incorrect dates for the 10 week forecast section. Messenger notification has been updated to always use audit date in roomMaster for each section of the message.
  2689 2/18/2019 Medium Resolved

iQ-Messenger - Messenger would not continue run cycle each morning
Build 62 (17.10.62): Regression issue would cause the notification for messenger not to be automatically sent each morning.
  2699 2/26/2019 Low Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Global timer event added for Outbound Reservation updates
A Global Option to configure the timer event for Outbound Reservation Updates has been added to the WorldLink configuration. This enables configuring multiple interfaces to send outbound reservation updates. The default is updates being sent every 5 minutes to configuration entries with outbound reservations enabled.
  2671 8/14/2018 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Group block notifications can now be sent for multiple interfaces
Notifications for group blocks have been corrected to send for multiple configurations in WorldLink.

(Note: Group block notifications only supported for WebBook and iQ-CRS interfaces.)

  2665 8/14/2018 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Guest Folio interface enhancements
The Guest Folio interface has been enhanced to include the following data:
  • Configuration option to set which database user field corresponds to SourceofBusiness and MarketCode attributes
  • ShareMarketInd attribute added to the Email element to indicate if guest has opted in to receive marketing communications
  • Value contained in extra fields 1-6 on reservation and folio records will now be included in messages sent to Guest Folio
  • Email address now included in messages sent for inhouse folios

  2660 8/14/2018 Suggestion Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Minimum length of stay restrictions excluded when set beyond 365 days
The HotelBookingRuleNotifRQ document would exclude minimum length of stay restrictions for rate code and room type when the restrictions extend beyond 365 days.
  2664 8/14/2018 Medium Resolved

iQ-WorldLink - Minimum length of stay restrictions excluded when set beyond 365 days
Build 60 (17.10.60): The inventory and restrictions message on the interface would exclude minimum length of stay restrictions for rate code and room type when the restrictions extend beyond 365 days.
  2693 2/18/2019 Medium Resolved

Main System - Account code not added to deposit transaction for Payment Express interface
Build 60 (17.10.60): Deposits processed on the Payment Express interface by WorldLink would post to the advance and journal tables without an account code. Token returned by Payment Express in the response on the deposit transaction was not written to reserve record.
  2674 2/18/2019 Medium Resolved

Main System - Alphanumeric postal codes will auto add to the zip/postal code table
Build 60 (17.10.60): Alpha numeric postal codes will auto add to the zip/postal code table if the record does not exist.
  2692 2/18/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Charge Deposit button hidden on Total Stay window when loaded from daily charges
Build 60 (17.10.60): The Charge Deposit button is no longer displayed on the Total Stay screen when loading from Daily Charges and Packages window on reserve records.
  2691 2/18/2019 Not Important Resolved

Main System - Configuration screen correction for User Field 1 and 2 valid values
The valid values configuration for User Field 1 and User Field 2 has been corrected to restrict the first field to 4 characters.
  2661 8/14/2018 Low Resolved

Main System - Description field on the Yield Profile is now a required field
Build 60 (17.10.60): The description field on a Yield Profile cannot be left blank and must have text in the field to save the record.
  2678 2/18/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Disk space warning incorrect when enabling change journal
Build 52 (17.10.052): The check to verify available disk space when enabling the change journal was incorrectly calculating available disk space.
  2672 10/12/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Email exports and Letter Scheduler updated to only include Always Send records
To ensure GDPR compliance, all email export options and the Letter Scheduler feature have been updated to only include records which have a mailing option of Always Send. This ensures the guest has opted in to receive marketing information from the property.
  2669 8/14/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - EPI, Messenger, Print Manager and Keylocks minimize to system tray
The External Posting Interface (EPI), POS Print Manager, iQ-Messenger, and iQ-Keylocks applications have been corrected to properly minimize to the system tray.
  2663 8/14/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Help documentation updated with new InnQuest corporate address

  2686 2/18/2019 Not Important Resolved

Main System - Letter Scheduler including records marked as do not email or consent unknown
Build 60 (17.10.60): The Letter Scheduler would include records with Do Not Email or Consent Unknown selected for the mail option. Issue is resolved and only records marked as Always Send will be included for marketing email jobs completed by the Letter Scheduler feature.
  2687 2/18/2019 Medium Resolved

Main System - New field added to the Reserve table, RESERVE.SKIPMAIL
A new field has been added to the Reserve table, RESERVE.SKIPMAIL to enhance tracking of guest mail preference for GDPR compliance. A database conversion of the RESERVE table will automatically be completed upon installing the 17.10 update to roomMaster.
  2666 8/14/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - New mail option added, Consent Unknown
A new mail option for reservations and guest profiles has been added to indicate consent to receive marketing information has not been obtained from the guest. The option, Consent Unknown, can be configured to default for all new records and will be selected for all third party interface not sending the indicator in reservation messages.
  2670 8/14/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Night Audit menu option updated to Shift4 Lighthouse Transaction Manager
Build 60 (17.10.60): The Night Audit menu option to automatically load the Dollars on the Net website has been changed to Shift4 Lighthouse Transaction Manager. The link has been updated to
  2694 2/18/2019 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Payment Express interface sending invalid amounts
Build 60 (17.10.60): Amounts greater than 9999.99 would result in an invalid amount response on the Payment Express interface. Currency picture has been corrected to support amounts greater than 9999.99 for both the HIT and PxPost interfaces.
  2673 2/18/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Reference field is included in search parameters for Find feature
Build 60 (17.10.60): The Reference field on history folios has been added to the search parameters for the Find feature.
  2690 2/18/2019 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Show Future Use for Rate Codes could display inaccurate dates
Build 60 (17.10.60): The Show Future Use option in rate code setup could display inaccurate dates in certain cases.
  2688 2/18/2019 Low Resolved

Main System - Tax rounding option enhanced to always round up for penny round factor
Build 60 (17.10.60): The Always Round Up option at Setup > Configuration > Guest Ledger > Tax/Surcharge Options > Rounding Options has been enhanced to round up for a rounding factor of none. Checking this option will always round up for all percent of amount tax postings.
  2698 2/18/2019 Suggestion Resolved

Payment Application - China Union Pay credit cards added to Special Account Assignments
Build 60 (17.10.60): Union Pay credit cards are now fully supported for roomMaster and POS. To configure account codes, select Setup > Configuration > Guest Ledger > Account Codes > Special Account Assignments.
  2680 2/18/2019 Suggestion Resolved

Payment Application - Payment Express interface correction for empty responses on status requests
In some cases, Payment Express is returning an empty response on the HIT interface to roomMaster's request for a status on the transaction. A timer event has been added to automatically send another status request to Payment Express if an empty response is received.

Build 51 (17.10.051): Secondary build released to apply additional resolution to empty response and time out issue on Payment Express HIT interface.

  2668 9/27/2018 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Payment Express interface not reading workstation settings for terminal services
The Payment Express interface workstation settings were not properly read from the registry for terminal service connections.
  2667 8/14/2018 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Payment Express PxPost interface now using NetTalk for communication
Build 60 (17.10.60): The communication library used for the Payment Express PxPost interface has been changed to NetTalk to prevent random access violation issues with card not present transactions.
  2682 2/18/2019 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Payment Express: Correction to PxPost interface
Build 63 (17.10.63): Error responses returned on the Payment Express PxPost interface not set to ignore and write to log only for WorldLink application. Issue occurs with specific error responses and would cause WorldLink to enter a wait state until shutdown and restarted.
  2700 3/27/2019 Medium Resolved

Reports - Company History reports could exclude the grand total
Build 60 (17.10.60): The Company History report could exclude the grand total when the last record on the report had total revenue of zero.
  2685 2/18/2019 Low Resolved

Reports - Export option added to Monthly Occupancy reports
The Monthly Occupancy (Rooms Available) and Monthly Occupancy (Rooms Booked) reports can be set to export the results to a CSV file.
  2662 8/14/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Reports - Street address field length increased to 50 characters for group reports
Build 60 (17.10.60): The street address field length has been increased to 50 characters for the Group Contract and Group Folio reports.
  2684 2/18/2019 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Accessing properties of a report could update report type to external
Accessing the properties of a report in RM Cloud could cause the report type to be incorrectly set to an external report.
  2657 8/14/2018 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Audit logs now save to AuditReports folder in property shares directory
Each property's audit logs will be saved to the AuditReports folder inside the property shares directory for RM Cloud.
  2656 8/14/2018 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Display issue on screen display to show multiple cards on a folio
The screen which displays multiple cards on a folio to enable selecting appropriate card to charge would not display properly in RM Cloud.
  2658 8/14/2018 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Export of various reports corrected to use property shares directory
The Forecasted Revenue, Pace Booking Analysis and Transaction History Details reports will save to the property shares directory in the Exports folder when selecting to export results to CSV file.
  2652 8/14/2018 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - InnQuest Payments credit card tokenization
InnQuest Payments interface has been added to RM Cloud to enable tokenization of all credit card data in the hosted environment. This interface being added enables the global launch of the RM Cloud product.
  2651 8/14/2018 Suggestion Resolved

RM Cloud - Monthly Account Balance report incorrect starting month
The Monthly Account Balance report would not show totals in the correct months and would not use correct starting month.
  2655 8/14/2018 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Prompt to confirm reports printed removed from night audit process
The prompt during the night audit process to confirm reports have printed has been removed in the RM Cloud product. Night audit reports are always sent to PDF and no options exists to print.
  2653 8/14/2018 Low Resolved

RM Cloud - Reservations with card as the hold type did not require credit card entry
A reservation record with a hold type of card did not require a credit card token was entered prior to saving the record.
  2659 8/14/2018 Medium Resolved

RM Cloud - Scan card options removed from Reserve and Folio screens
All scan card options have been removed from the RM Cloud product. Credit card entry in RM Cloud requires entry through a P2PE device.
  2654 8/14/2018 Medium Resolved
Version 17.09:
Functions - Socket Tools upgrade from version 8 to version 9
The software used for all communication has been upgraded to version 9.
  2646 5/22/2018 Medium Resolved

Main System - Added Advanced option to disable Checkin Wizard
An option to suppress the Checkin Wizard has been added to the Advanced Options and Settings in the Reservation section. To Disable CheckIn Wizard, select Setup > Configuration > System > Advanced Options and Settings and set the Option to Yes.
  2641 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added Advanced Option to disable voiding zero value transactions
An Advanced Option has been added to disable the ability to void a transaction for an account code configured as a zero value code. Turn on this option by selecting Setup > Configuration > System > Advanced Options and Settings.
  2650 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Added Amount 3 to Credit Card Surcharge option
Enhanced the Credit Card Surcharge configuration by adding Amount 3 to the configuration. This enables Australian clients to configure three separate surcharge amounts to apply to credit card transactions.
  2642 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Prompt added when attaching Group Code to reservation records
A prompt to allow end user to select whether to apply group stay information when attaching a group code to a reservation record has been added. An Advanced option (Setup > Configuration > System > Advanced Options and Settings) enables turning off the prompt and always applying group stay information.
  2649 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

Main System - Text updated on Reroute Charge Options screen

  2645 5/22/2018 Low Resolved

Main System - Total Stay screen would suppress text
Regression: The Total Stay screen would suppress projected amount due text when a history record was in the memory buffer.
  2647 5/22/2018 Medium Resolved

Payment Application - Added HttpTimeout to Payment Express interface messages
The HttpTimeout option has been added to all status messages sent on the Payment Express interface to resolve issues with responses not being received.
  2648 5/22/2018 Medium Resolved

Premier Edition - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance enhancements
GDPR is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all European Union (EU) citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations approach data privacy. The enforcement date for GDPR is May 25, 2018. The GDPR not only applies to organizations located within the EU but will also apply to organizations if they offer services to or monitor behavior of EU citizens. GDPR applies to all companies processing and storing personal data of individuals residing in the EU, regardless of the company's location.

roomMaster Premier and roomMaster Cloud 17.09 contain enhancements to assist with GDPR compliance.

Enhancements include:

  • Option to default mailing preference to Do not mail or E-Mail
  • Procedure to set existing guest profiles to Do not mail or E-Mail, with date selection
  • Procedure to purge all personal guest data from both guest profiles and guest history where checkout date prior to date selected
  • Field placement changes for Email address, Mailing Options and Group Code on reservation form
  • Mailing Option added to Profile tab of Guest Record Properties

  •   2640 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Added totals for revenue to the Transient/Group Forecast report
    Enhanced the Transient/Group Forecast report to total the Group/Transient revenue columns.
      2644 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Added user column to Transaction History Detail report
    A new column, User has been added to the Transaction History Detail report to provide the initials of the user who posted the transaction.
      2643 5/22/2018 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 17.08:
    Main System - Rate cannot be altered when modifying a reservation record
    Regression: Rate amounts would not properly change based on new rate code and/or room type selected on an existing reservation record. Rates were not properly locked when using the yield management feature.
      2638 3/23/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Scanning a credit card would input incorrect expiration date
    Regression: Data input into credit card expiration fields when scanning the card would input an incorrect expiration date.
      2637 3/23/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Web Help unable to access the Fixes in Progress site
    The Web Help menu option would fail when attempting to load the Fixes in Progress website.
      2639 3/23/2018 Low Resolved
    Version 17.07:
    Main System - Minimum length of stay restriction regression
    Minimum length of stay restrictions would not properly apply to reservations when the restrictions is on the rate code only. Restrictions set for both rate code and room type would properly be applied. The issue is a regression caused by resolving a bug issue in the 17.06 release.
      2635 3/16/2018 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Scan card option not functioning properly from Shift4 processing screen
    The scan card option would not prompt the magnetic stripe reader interface from the Shift4 processing screen. This issue was caused by the addition of the point to point encryption feature in the 17.06 release.
      2636 3/16/2018 Medium Resolved
    Version 17.06:
    iQ-Messenger - Color theme updated to match InnQuest branding
    The color theme on emails sent by iQ-Messenger has been updated to reflect the new InnQuest brand color.
      2618 3/15/2018 Not Important Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - Check digit verification incorrect on credit card field for events
    The check digit verification on the credit card field of iQ-Schedule events will always indicate a card is invalid.
      2617 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

    Main System - Browse Country list window open when exiting company master
    Each time the record is accessed if a country is listed the Browse Countries window will display forcing the end user to select the country to save changes to the record. Correct behavior is the Browse Countries window should only open if the data in the Country field does not match any of the countries listed in the table. If country field is accurate, Browse Countries should not open when exiting the record.
      2615 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

    Main System - Correct URL for Software Piracy information
    The hyperlink located at Help > Software Piracy Information has been updated to
      2627 3/15/2018 Not Important Resolved

    Main System - Display issue on folio print for summary and taxes
    In the Summary and Taxes section, the total tax posted after a reduction in taxes for long term stay will use an incorrect description for the tax account code. This is only a display issue on the printout of the folio. All of the actual postings and transactions on the folio are accurate.
      2632 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

    Main System - External interface configuration setting do not properly save
    Standard and Enterprise edition only: This is a regression issue related adding 4 additional bi-directional interfaces for the EPI (rw5post) application.
      2631 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Folio Summary by Account can have incorrect description
    Transferring taxes only to a sub folio will cause the Summary by Account feature to display an incorrect description for the Room Taxes category.
      2625 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

    Main System - Gift Certificate records have default room type and rooms
    Gift Certificate records added to the RESERVE table contain the default room type and number of rooms which displays on the Reserve browse screen.
      2621 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group block override rates not properly applied to reserve records
    Override rates from both the GROUPS and GROUPDTL tables are not properly added to reservation to reflect the appropriate rate changes based on the override rates configured for the group block. The issue can cause the Forecasted Revenue report to contain incorrect revenue figures. Secondary issue restricts end users from being able to override a group rate and manually enter the Weekday and Weekend rate amounts. An optional procedure has been added which can be run after installing the update to V17.06 to correct any existing group reservation records which do not have the rate(s) properly applied from the GROUPDTL table. This procedure is available by selecting Setup > Configuration > Updates > Run Group Reservations Fix Process. Any group reservation records which have the rate changed by this procedure will write to the roomMaster Event Log using the category Group Reservations Fix. There are specific criteria to be met for this procedure to change a rate on a group reservation and these are listed on the screen message when selecting the procedure. Any property whose end users are overriding group rates on the reservation level should not run this procedure. This procedure will set the rate back to the rate specified in the group block.
      2634 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Hide Projected Amount Due on folios in history
    The Projected Amount Due located on the Total Stay window will no longer display when a folio has been moved to Guest History.
      2620 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Hotel Booking Rules not enforced on reservation modifications
    Hotel Booking rules and restrictions are not enforced when a modification of an existing booking is completed. The reservation changes are allowed even if the change conflicts with a booking rule or restriction.
      2628 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - New reservation record from Availability screen always uses default nights
    Reservations started from the Availablity screen will always set the number of nights to the default regardless of the number of nights seleted in the New Reservation menu.
      2624 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Rate changes not prompting to keep existing rate
    Changes to rate amounts when rate locking is not being applied must prompt any existing rates on reservations record to override to keep the original quoted rate when accessing the res record. This works accurately with the exception of changes to only the weekday or weekend rate amount. Changing the rate amount for weekday only and then accessing an existing reservation for weekday dates only will not prompt to keep the existing rate and instead will change the rate to the new amount.
      2626 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Room type minLOS restrictions not properly applied to reservations
    Standard and Enterprise edition only: Minimum length of stay restrictions configured to both rate code and room type are not properly applied to reservation records. The issue is present only in Standard and Enterprise editions of roomMaster.
      2630 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Update link to Shift4 training video
    The hyperlink to access the Shift4 training video located at Night Audit > Dollars on the Net Training has been updated.
      2619 3/15/2018 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - Point to point encryption using IDTECH devices added to Shift4 interface
    Point to point encryption (P2PE) using IDTECH devices has been added to the Shift4 interface. The P2PE devices ensure all manual card entry is encrypted and only tokens are stored in the payment application. The P2PE feature supports both IDTECH and Ingenico EMV devices for manual card entry and swiping (non EMV). All credit card fields throughout the application are read only and accept no input from keyboard when the P2PE feature is enabled. Contact our sales team for more information on adding P2PE to completely encrypt credit card data. P2PE does require purchasing IDTECH devices for all workstations entering credit card data into roomMaster or POS.
      2629 3/15/2018 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Changing quantity of an item does not update priced modifiers
    Priced modifiers are not updated when changing the quantity of the parent item on a POS check. The cost of the modifier does not reflect the change in the quantity.
      2616 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    POS - Multiple modifiers added to an item not assigned account code
    Issue occurs on items with multiple priced modifiers. Reporting is inaccurate due to no account code associated with the modifier.
      2614 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    POS - Priced modifiers added when a check is recalled do not have taxes applied
    Priced modifiers added to a check which has been recalled after being placed on hold do not have taxes properly applied.
      2623 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved

    POS - Priced modifiers are not split by the advanced split quantity option
    Priced modifiers attached to an item are not properly split between seats when using the Advanced Split Quantity option.
      2622 3/15/2018 Medium Resolved
    Version 17.05:
    EPI - Added bi-directional interface 5 through 8 for external interfaces
    The External Posting Interface (EPI) now supports up to eight bi-directional interfaces for third party guest systems which require guest status messaging.
      2612 10/27/2017 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Scan - iQ-Scan Workstation Settings do not support terminal service connections
    The iQ-Scan workstation configuration settings are not writing to the terminal service entry in the registry causing the feature not to be available when using terminal service connections. Enhancing the system to write and read the two workstation settings to the terminal service entry in the registry.
      2610 10/27/2017 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia Quick Connect interface delta loads could skip some room types
    Delta loads for changes in inventory could be skipped for some room types on the Expedia Quick Connect interface. This will cause inventory totals to be incorrect at Expedia for some room types.
      2613 10/27/2017 Serious Resolved

    Payment Application - Add alternate method to disconnect socket for Shift4 interface
    The socket opened by roomMaster when connecting to Shift4's Universal Transaction Gateway (UTG) could be left open in certain environments which would result in socket errors and a restart of the UTG service. An alternate method to disconnect the socket has been added to the roomMaster application to ensure the socket is always closed.
      2609 10/27/2017 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Update communication protocols for Payment Express interface
    Payment Express is disabling TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols effective April 17, 2018 due to past security vulnerabilities and to adhere to PCI security standards. The communication protocols used by roomMaster and POS for the Payment Express interface have been corrected to support only TLS 1.2 for the HTTPS connection to Payment Express services.
      2608 10/27/2017 Medium Resolved
    Version 17.03:
    iQ-WorldLink - Historical dates included for rate and room type minLOS
    Historical dates will be excluded from all inventory messages on the interface for minimum LOS restrictions for room type and rate code.
      2606 8/24/2017 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Closed Inventory At applied to individual room types instead of overall forecast
    The Close Inventory At option will apply the setting to individual room types instead of only applying to the total inventory for each forecast date.
      2604 8/24/2017 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Convert rates using foreign currency incorrectly calculates rate
    Foreign currency conversion of rate yield modifications causes incorrect rate amounts sent to GDS/OTA providers. Base and exception rates foreign currency conversions are not affected and will be accurate.
      2595 8/24/2017 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Hybrid Rates: Incorrect rate amounts included for rates messages
    Hybrid rate can include incorrect amounts in rates messages generated by iQ-WorldLink. The dates which a rate record is used to generate the rate amount will include the derived rate instead of the rate amounts from the rate record.
      2600 8/24/2017 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Ignore yield modifications for groups can exclude all yield modifications
    The option to Ignore Yield Rate Modifications for Groups can cause yield modifications to be ignored for all rate messages generated by iQ-WorldLink. The issue only occurs if group blocks are included on the WebBook interface.
      2594 8/24/2017 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Interface alert on main application frame does not display
    The interface alert to indicate either iQ-WorldLink or EPI is not active does not always display on the main application frame when an interface is not active.
      2603 8/24/2017 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Negative inventory counts default to a count of zero
    Regression issue which causes inventory counts included in inventory messages to no longer send negative values. When the inventory count for a room type is less than 0 (negative), the count set in the inventory message will revert to 0.
      2601 8/24/2017 Low Resolved

    Main System - Derived rates applies incorrect room revenue account
    A Derived or Hydrid rate code will apply the room revenue account from the rate being derived instead of the room revenue account selected on the rate code.
      2596 8/24/2017 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Group Blocks: Checkin Override rate not applied to reservations
    Checkin Override rates entered directly on the block details for each room type/date are not added to reservation records to indicate proper total stay and rate changes.
      2597 8/24/2017 Low Resolved

    Main System - Held room icon color correction
    The Held room status icon has been corrected to appear orange instead of yellow.
      2605 8/24/2017 Low Resolved

    Main System - Reservation started from Availability screen does not use default nights
    Starting a reservation from the Availability screen would not set Nights to the default number of nights setting for reservation defaults.
      2598 8/24/2017 Low Resolved

    Main System - Shift4 interface: Receipt for incidental approvals always printing
    Credit card receipts for incidental approvals will always print instead of following the configuration option for Print Receipt for Approvals.
      2602 8/24/2017 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Standard and Enterprise: Conversion routine repeats twice
    The conversion of a Standard or Enterprise edition database when upgrading from a version lower than 16 would attempt to convert the database file twice. The second attempt does incur errors indicating the file structure is not accurate.
      2599 8/24/2017 Low Resolved

    Main System - Timeout for inactivity setting for clerk and auditor profiles
    Setting the advanced option to Yes to restrict access to configuration for clerks and auditors does not prevent the timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity.
      2607 8/24/2017 Low Resolved
    Version 16.73:
    Payment Application - Add alternate method to disconnect socket for Shift4 interface
    The socket opened by roomMaster when connecting to Shift4's Universal Transaction Gateway (UTG) could be left open in certain environments which would result in socket errors and a restart of the UTG service. An alternate method to disconnect the socket has been added to the roomMaster application to ensure the socket is always closed.
      2611 10/3/2017 Medium Resolved
    Version 16.71:
    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia Quick Connect (EQC) interface new endpoints
    Expedia is adopting the use of dynamic IP addressing for the Expedia Quick Connect interface. This results in a new domain name being required for all endpoints for each path to EQC messaging. Clients on the direct connect interface to Expedia are required to install this update to prevent disruption of reservation delivery on the interface.
      2593 3/2/2017 Serious Resolved
    Version 16.70:
    Main System - Auto Logoff could cause application to appear frozen
    The Auto Logoff feature could cause roomMaster to appear frozen depending on which windows were open at the time of logoff due to inactivity.
      2591 9/19/2016 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Repository XML messages not including all reports
    The messages sent and received by roomMaster for the SQL Repository report synch service did not include all reports from the repository category due to an issue with IQXML incorrectly parsing the data.
      2592 9/19/2016 Low Resolved
    Version 16.65:
    Main System - Initiate DBA password unique to each installation
    Initiate a new DBA password per site using an SHA-256 HASH and store it in a secured manner.
      2587 9/8/2016 Serious Resolved
    Version 16.64:
    iQ-WorldLink - Channel Manager billing validation to occur every 3 days
    The billing validation in iQ-WorldLink has been changed from every 5 days to every 3 days.
      2582 8/11/2016 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Day of Week attributes excluded on package rates causing rate message to error
    Regression: The Day of Week (DOW) attributes were excluded from yielding modifications for Package Rates in rate messages on GDS/OTA interfaces. This could cause rate messages to receive error responses for interfaces which require the DOW attributes.
      2583 8/11/2016 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Follow-up Flags 8-10 added to Query Wizard
    The new Follow-Up Flags, 8 - 10, did not appear in the Query Wizard list of constant values.
      2585 8/11/2016 Low Resolved

    Main System - Session time out after 15 minutes of inactivity per PCI PA/DSS 3.0 requirements
    roomMaster and iQ-Point of Sale sessions will time out, requiring end users to sign-in, after 15 minutes of inactivity. PCI PA/DSS 3.0 requires all sessions for payment applications automatically time out at 15 minutes of inactivity. An Advanced Setting (Setup > Configuration > System > Advanced Options and Settings) enables decreasing the time out setting to 10 minutes on the global level.
      2584 8/11/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Print Detail (Extended Options) caused ITEM to contain invalid entry
    When executing any of the green extended options (Print Detail, Print Summary, Print Both) - at the end of the procedure, the PSL:ITEM (item number) would contain an invalid entry. It would execute that line - for example, if it were a tip, it would prompt for a tip.
      2586 8/11/2016 Medium Resolved
    Version 16.63:
    Payment Application - EMV Receipt text switch to prevent incorrect receipt text
    In certain circumstances, incorrect receipt text can be returned from Shift4 for EMV credit card receipts. An internal switch will automatically print roomMaster credit card receipts instead of the incorrect receipt text block returned by Shift4.
      2556 6/8/2016 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - EMV Receipt Text with TIP line
    Final adjustments were made for the TIP line being included in the receipt text blocks received from Shift4 for EMV credit card processing.
      2555 6/8/2016 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Revenue Management Extract reporting incorrect amount of sold rooms
    The Revenue Management Yielding Extract reported an incorrect amount of Sold room for the Historical Summary section of each audit date. The Sold room amount would equal the number of Arrivals for the reported date. This has been corrected to accurately report the number of occupied rooms. The issue affects clients using either the IDeaS or RevPar Guru interface.
      2557 6/8/2016 Medium Resolved
    Version 16.62:
    iQ-WorldLink - Delta loads of rates could cause Weekly Rates to be incorrect on GDS interfaces
    The delta loads of rates could cause Weekly Rates to have incorrect rate amounts available on WebBook and other GDS partners. The issue could cause the daily rate to be displayed instead of the accurate weekly rate. Due to this issue, Weekly rates are no longer supported for Yielding on GDS partner interfaces and WebBook. Any yield rate modifications will not be included in rates message sent on the interface.
      2554 5/18/2016 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Finalized EMV Credit Card Receipt printing
    The EMV receipt text blocks being returned by the credit card processor would now include a Tip and Total line for any F&B authorizations. The credit card receipt text was normalized to 38 characters in order to accommodate all receipt printers.
      2553 5/18/2016 Low Resolved

    Main System - Topaz Signature Capture device could cause timeout issues
    The buffer size was increased to 32K to accommodate guest signatures which include many pin up and pin down when signing on the Topaz device. The smaller buffer could cause random time out issues to occur.
      2552 5/18/2016 Medium Resolved
    Version 16.61:
    EPI - Micros breakdown posting incorrectly handles Tax Inclusive (VAT) tax buckets
    Micros interfaces, including systems emulating Micros, would include VAT tax amounts placed in the Tax 1 - 4 breakdown buckets when verifying the Micros Sales Center Queue. External Posting Interface (EPI) has been changed to ignore gross sale amounts included in Tax buckets 1 - 4 when account code 105 is configured for Inclusive Taxes (VAT).
      2545 4/11/2016 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink will read standard OTA Error ERR of 191
    iQ-WorldLink will read standard OTA Error (ERR) code of 191 as Server Busy - Try Later, and not fail the document but try again in next connection.
      2548 4/11/2016 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Added reject AVS and reject CVV2 support
    On both AVS and CVV2, it is by default to be accepted and then the decision made to see if it will accept or deny. In InnQuest, we ALWAYS accept. You have to implicitly reject using the following switches. /REJECTAVS and /REJECTCVV2.
      2551 4/11/2016 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Revenue Management InnQuest extract for RevPar GURU
    Enhancements made to work with RevPar GURU through a user interface.
      2550 4/11/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Modify layout of Electronic Processing Repoprt
    Voucher added to Electronic Processing Report for POS transactions
      2549 4/11/2016 Low Resolved

    SetupBuilder - Standard/Enterprise Active-X control would replace the msvcr100.dll
    Some systems unrelated to roomMaster would require an older version of this Microsoft DLL. We will no longer overwrite this DLL as our software can work with any version of this Microsoft DLL.
      2547 4/11/2016 Low Resolved
    Version 16.60:
    EPI - Alcatel Hotel Link release 4.1 now supported for TCP/IP connections
    EPI now supports the Alcatel Hotel Link release 4.1 for TCP/IP connections. Initialize message and keep alive message added to the interface to be compatible with the 4.1 release for TCP/IP.
      2512 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    EPI - Incorrect account code could be used when transaction amount is credit
    The External Posting Interface (EPI) will incorrectly use debit account code when a credit amount is received on Micros interfaces causing incorrect posting on guest folio.
      2516 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - Tilde character would cause an Access Violation (GPF) when opening the calendar
    If the Tilde Character (`) appeard in either the body or subject of an iQ-Schedule Event (LINE1 or LINE2), an Access Violation (GPF) would occur when attempting to access the calendar.
      2511 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Available to Use days of the week on Rate Records supported for all interfaces
    The Available to Use day of week settings on Rate Records is now supported on all interfaces for all rate types: Daily, Package, Hybrid and Derived.
      2543 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Group Block notification is now supported for Standard and Enterprise Editions
    WebBook Interfaces Only: Group Block notifications are now supported in iQ-WorldLink for Standard and Enterprise Edition clients.
      2540 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Invalid package rates included in Full and Delta load rate messages
    A Package rate which is not valid for being included on an iQ-WorldLink interface could be included in Full and Delta load rates messages causing rates with a blank description to appear on WebBook.
      2538 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Room Types excluded from Inventory Messages based on Max Packet setting
    Room Types can be ignored/skipped past a Max Packet setting or if there were less room type than the number of Max Packets when inventory messages are created.
      2528 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Sellable Products messages does not include Extended Room Type Description
    Standard and Enterprise Only: The Sellable Products message would not include the Extended Description from each room type.
      2532 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Single day exceptions on rate records could cause incorrect rate on iQ-WebBook
    A single day exception on a Rate Record would be sent twice in a rates message sent to iQ-WebBook possibly causing the rate to be incorrect.
      2525 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Advanced Option added to control VAT Reduced Tax Postings - Net versus Gross
    VAT Reduced Tax postings can be based on either the Net or Gross amounts determined by an Advanced Option setting. By default, the system will use the Gross amount for calculating reduced tax postings for VAT. To switch to the Net amount, set the Long Term VAT posting is based on Net to Yes in Advanced Options.
      2544 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Attach a literal to company name on Detail and Group Folios
    A literal, such as Hotel Registration Number or License Number, can be attached to the company name on the top of the Detail and Group Folio. The literal is configured at Setup > Configuration > Folio Setup > Customize Folio Layout > Logo/Image. Enter the desired literal in the Attach to Name field.
      2524 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Average Night could be incorrect on confirmation letters for Room Moves
    The Average Night confirmation letter variables (AVGNIGHTNOTAX and AVGNIGHTTAX) would be incorrect for Room Moves. The calculation was based only on the nights from the first reservation instead of total night from all room move reservations.
      2514 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Main System - Best Match Room Assignments
    Using the Best Match option in Room Assignments, the system makes 3 passes to locate the best room to assign to the reservation and ensure tight blocking. The first pass locates a perfect shoulder to shoulder, second pass to find a checkout on same day as checkin of reservation and third pass will use the Auto Location. The option can be turned off (if desired) using the Advanced Settings.
      2513 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Duplicating Group Block could cause removal of Group Block Detail
    Duplicating an existing Group Block and attempting to use the same Group Code would cause a warning and all the Group Block Detail would be removed from the original group block record.
      2539 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

    Main System - External Folio printing option will suppress Currency prompt
    When the Folio printing is configured as External Folio, the prompt for Currency will be suppressed since it is not supported.
      2519 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Main System - Folio Detail footer now uses Dynamic Height
    The Folio Detail footer fields will now use a Dynamic Height dependant on font size which will prevent any vertical spacing issues.
      2523 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Main System - Folio Summary and Taxes enhanced to include Priority Account and grand total
    If a Tax Priority Account is configured, the Summary and Taxes section of a folio will include the Tax Priority Account first, then a sub-total, the other VAT/GST taxes and finally a grand total of the invoice. This enables separation of Services Charges from GST/VAT in the Summary and Taxes. Two literals added, Taxable Total and Invoice Total, can be changed in the Folio Languages.
      2522 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Foreign Language table not updated properly for subsequent changes
    Premier Only
    The Foreign Language table would not clear properly when making subsequent changes causing updates not to be properly saved.

      2518 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Main System - GST/VAT/Inclusive taxes not posted properly for split folios
    Taxes configured as GST/VAT/Inclusive would not post properly when More Folios is used to split charges between sub folios.
      2520 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Main System - iQ-Currency Web Services unable to update Foreign Exchanges
    The web services used by iQ-Currency to update foreign exchange rates were no longer functioning properly due to changes to the formats and API's. Barclay's has been removed and replaced with Bloomberg.
      2531 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Purge could delete all Package and Special Package components
    The Purge routine could randomly delete all components on Package Rates and Special Packages due to reading an incorrect field in the table.
      2533 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Reservation Title Bar includes More Names
    The title bar on Reservation records has been enhanced to include the first entry in More Names for a better display of secondary guest names and shares.
      2534 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Tax Rounding Options would not Always Round Up properly
    The option in Tax Rounding Options to Always Round Up would not properly round to the next nearest nickel for all amounts.
      2535 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Main System - Updated CommIdea links in Night Audit menu
    The link to CommIdea - WebComm has been updated in the Night Audit menu.
      2542 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - Enhanced error responses for invalid CVV and Address Verification
    The error response received from Shift4/$OTN for invalid CVV and/or invalid billing address verification has been enhanced to provide more specific information on which data is invalid.
      2541 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    Payment Application - Tax Amount added to the Shift4 008 Purchasing Block
    The amount of taxes collected is now included in the Shift4 008 Purchasing Block section of the data sent to the UTG. The tax amount will be displayed on $OTN for each credit card transaction.
      2529 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Gift Card Authorization amounts would not write to Folio Authorization table
    The authorized amount for a Gift Card was not writing to the folio authorization (FOLIOAUT) table causing issues with split gift card payments in POS.
      2515 3/1/2016 Medium Resolved

    POS - Print Manager Debug and Recovery enhancements
    The POS Print Manager Debug/Trace will remain active and display information even when the window is not active. Database recovery for both TPS and Premier enhanced for more effective recovery/restart if issues occur.
      2530 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Premier - Pace Booking Report could have incorrect number of rooms for occupancy figures
    The Pace Booking Report increases the number of rooms each time the report is run causing the occupancy figures contained in the report to be inaccurate. Exiting the application will resolve the issue and show the correct number of rooms on the report.
      2517 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Reports - Added Value As-Is option to Graph Control
    An option to show the Value As-Is has been added to the Graph Control data point picture.
      2537 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Reports - Charts/Graph control stopped at 32 legends
    The Charts and Graph control would stop at 32 legends.
      2536 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    Reports - Date Range Prompt added to Guest Analysis Report
    A Date Range Prompt button has been added to the Guest Analysis Report.
      2526 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Pick Date Range incorrectly formatted date when Last Month selected
    The Pick Date Range button would incorrectly format start date when the last month is in a previous year.
      2527 3/1/2016 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Purge option added for tables
    A complete purge option has been added to the Control Panel (INNRES) to enable removing data from the tables when migrating over to iQ-WebBook.
      2521 3/1/2016 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 16.51:
    Common Library - Misc. Important Fixes
    • CHANGE: Built with new Clarion build (11925) • ROLLUP: Cumulative fixes in Build 659-661 • FIX: When finishing a Premier Database Conversion, the system could give a false error that there is an issue with the TEMP directory. • FIX: Finally fixes to Cancelled Reservations • CHANGE: When executing the Active-X For Premier, the system will wait 3 seconds to ensure that the application has closed down and the ODBC components are not in-use which could cause issues.
      2510 9/29/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Record buffer could become corrupt when going into Rate Codes Setup
    When going in and out of a Rate record (Setup Rate Codes) – the RECORD buffer would be corrupted (showing GENE usually)
      2509 9/29/2015 Serious Resolved
    Version 16.50:
    Common Library - Socket Tool libraries updated from 8020 to 8040
    Socket Tool libraries updated (FTP, HTTP, POP, SMTP, MIME, WinSock) from 8020 to 8040. Note: SocketTools has changed the default protocol and cipher suite prioritization for all secure connections to prefer stronger encryption options. On Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and later versions of Windows, secure connections will use TLS 1.2. Earlier versions of Windows will use TLS 1.0. By default, we will no longer request or accept connections using SSL 3.0.
      2506 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Alcatel OmniPCX Office (R1.8) message type did not update Housekeeping status
    The message type for the Alcatel OmniPCX Office (R1.8) would not update the Housekeeping room status due to reading the status code from an incorrect position in the data string.
      2477 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    EPI - Configuration and Exit Password configuration moved to External Interfaces
    The Configuration and Exit passwords for the External Posting Interface (EPI) have been moved to the External Interfaces screen at Setup > Configuration > Manage > External Interfaces > Passwords.
      2504 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    EPI - Incorrect account code could be used when transaction amount is credit
    EPI could post using an incorrect account code when the transaction amount was credit and the final amount was debit.
      2481 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - interface will skip retrieval of MOD if failure occurs on NEW
    If the retrieval for New reservations fails on the interface, the system will skip the retrieval for Mods until the next successful retrieval of New.
      2491 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - reservation retrieval did not properly record credential errors
    The interface would not display or record an error returned for incorrect credentials or password.
      2490 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - sending zero rates in Rate updates causing errors returned
    The interface would incorrectly include zero rate amounts in Rate Updates for dates where a Rate Closure is in effect. The zero rate updates would be rejected by causing errors reported on the interface.
      2498 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Cumulative Inventory setting to close out inventory on all room types
    PREMIER ONLY: Ability to set a Cumulative Inventory floor limit in iQ-WorldLink which will set all room inventory for the day to zero if the total room inventory is at or below this figure. This allows you to save the last few rooms for walkins and other less expensive channels.
      2502 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Exclusions for Room Types writes to the log file
    Exclusions and translations entered on Room Types will be written to the iQ-WorldLink Log file for support and troubleshooting purposes.
      2500 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Flag reservations which automatic charge of deposit fails
    Secondary flag added to iQ-WorldLink configuration to enable flag of reservations if automatic charge of deposit fails.
      2489 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Passwords can use an alternate Long and Full Encrypted password
    iQ-WorldLink passwords can use a Long and Fully Encrypted password (HTNG tab).
      2492 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - XML Reservation creation could have incorrect rate amounts for Rate Changes
    The XML reservation creation for two way interfaces in iQ-WorldLink would always use Weekday rates, instead of the appropriate Weekday/Weekend rate. Rates changes 8-10 would be ignored and not included in XML message (if existing on reservation record).
      2499 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - XML Reservation creation excluded rate changes when rate is overriden
    The XML reservation creation for two way interfaces in iQ-WorldLink would not create Rate Records for rate changes if the rate was overriden.
      2497 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Additional Follow Up flag added
    A new Follow Up flag has been added (now 10 flags available).
      2495 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Deselect Guest Profile on Guest Record properties did not function properly
    The Deselect Guest Profile option did not function properly when used from the Guest Record Properties of an Inhouse Room or Walkin.
      2475 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Duplicates for More Names vs Regular names was being suppressed in Find Window
    Duplicate names would be suppressed in the search results if the same name was located in both Guest Name and More Names.
      2486 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Flag rate codes as Groups Only
    A rate code can be designated as Groups Only for the Rate Usage type.
      2472 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Folio Message added to Group Folio
    The Folio Message will print at the bottom of the Group Summary page on the Group Folio.
      2501 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Folio properties displaying rate change messages for dates outside of guest stay
    Upon accessing Folio Properties, if a weekend or weekday rate changed the user would receive the rate change message even if the guest was not staying those dates.
      2493 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Guest Properties replaces Guest Profile under More Options on the Guest Folio
    The Guest Profile (Shift+F5) option under the More Options menu has been changed to Guest Properties when selected from the Guest Folio.
      2482 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Option added to F6 - Display Rates screen to Ignore Group Rates
    An option is now available on the Display Rates screen to Ignore Group Rates. Turning on this setting will suppress rate codes designated as Groups Only from being displayed.
      2473 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Option added to Ignore History in the Find Window
    An option has been added to the Find window to enable ignoring records in history from search results.
      2485 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Option to set a date to enable Groups to book online
    Web Booking Date field added to Group Block for use with iQ-WebBook. Date entered indicates when group is able to book reservations via the booking engine.
      2487 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Rewrite of Save/Restore states for Payment History button in City Ledger
    Standard and Enterprise Only: The Save/Restore states have been rewritten for the Payment History button in the City Ledger.
      2479 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Total Stay window may corrupt Reserve buffer
    When accessing the TotalStay window and then going into a Reseration through Special Properties, there may be an instance where the Total Stay buffer can get corrupted and keep the FOLIOHD properties instead of the RESERVE properties. (See also Case 2494)
      2507 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Windows XP/Server 2003/Server 2000 NOT compatible with Version 16.50
    Due to security issues with respect to PCI and storing credit card data, Windows XP, Server 2003 and Server 2000 are NOT compatible with roomMaster V16.50. Any clients running these operating systems will no longer be able to open any roomMaster application (RM, POS, iQ-WorldLink, etc) once the update to V16.50 is installed.

    These operating systems are no longer compatible due to the following issues:

  • Microsoft is no longer releasing security patches for Windows XP/Server 2003/Server 2000.
  • All three of these operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • The socket tools does not accept / force TLS for any security and SSL has known vulnerabilities to hackers.
  • PCI security requirements excludes Windows XP completely.
  • Windows XP is the most hacked operating system and uses old browsers with known vulnerabilities and security holes.

  •   2508 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Blank Error Message returned for credit card processing
    In rare cases, Shift4 interface could return a blank error message and the transaction is actually completed in Dollars on the Net.
      2488 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

    POS - Outlet name included in window title of Recall Closed Check window
    The name of the Outlet will appear in the window title of the Recall Closed Check window.
      2470 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Outlet name included in window title of Recall Order window
    The name of the Outlet will appear in the window title of the Recall Order window.
      2469 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Video Station (PSVIDEO) can be configured to display 4, 5, or 6 rows across
    The POS Video Station (PSVIDEO) can be configured to display 4, 5, or 6 rows across giving the ability to display 8, 10 or 12 orders on the screen.
      2471 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added TotalStay functions to iSQL Wizard
    You can now access to ReserveTotalStay and FolioTotalStay extensions from the SQL Wizard. Select either the RESERVE.CONFNUM or FOLIOHD.NUMBER field and press the "Formula" button and then select the Total Stay tab.
      2505 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Changing Out of Service dates did not properly check for conflicts
    Modifying an existing Out of Service date(s) did not properly check for conflicts with existing reservations when saving changes.
      2478 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Flag Setup option added to Quick Room Display Follow Up tab
    The Follow Up tab of Quick Room Display has a Flag Setup option available (Supervisor and Manager only).
      2496 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler did not merge fields for Profile - SQL Statement jobs
    A Letter Scheduler job designated as Profile - SQL Statement would not merge fields for variables included in the letter.
      2480 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Rates on folios could be unlocked and changed in error
    Accessing the original reservation from Special Properties of a folio could cause a yielded rate to be unlocked and reverted to any new rate changes or adjustments.
      2494 9/22/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL( ) can be used in RunTime Variables
    SQL( ) can be used in RunTime Variables to return a single value, 0 or >0 for the True/False statement. The Help text has been updated to include examples on using SQL in the If/Then statements.
      2484 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Weighted Average function added to Interactive SQL Wizard
    The Weighted Average function has been added to the Interactive SQL Wizard.
      2503 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Add new Report defaults to Embedded SQL Report as the Report Type
    New Report window will default Report Type to Embedded SQL Report. The order of Report Type options changed to display Embedded SQL Report in the first position.
      2476 9/22/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Company Name could be missing from Company Sales Report
    If the account number of a Company is greater than 32767, the Company Name is not displayed on the Company Sales Report with an Order Type set to By Overall Rank.
      2483 9/22/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Increase efficiency of generating the Forecast Revenue report
    Significant increases in speed when generating the Forecasted Revenue report and Performance Outlook tab on the Snapshot.
      2474 9/22/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.14:
    EPI - EPI Changes and HTNG Status Notifications
    • Added HTNG_MoveRoomNotification message (Room Move)
    • Added HTNG_HotelStayUpdateNotifRQmessage (Name Change)
    • Added HTNG_ProfileMessageStatusNotifRQ (Message Waiting)
    • Added more debug information for HTNG messages
    • Waiting for response could fail - now waits 7 seconds and response must be within 7 seconds.
    • EPI had ROOMBOOK and RESERVE opened all the time since V16
    • BI-Directional Name Change Message will now also be created when CheckOut date changes. (FNAME, LNAME, PRIVATE, CHARGEINC and CHECKOUT)

      2444 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - iQ-Schedule Calendar did not have vertical scroll bar active
    iQ-Schedule Calendar would not show more than 7 resources due to the vertical tool bar not being active. The screen size has been increased to display more information.
      2460 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - iQ-Schedule would cause conflicts to appear during refresh event
    iQ-Schedule would trigger a Move Event on calendar refresh, which would cause the conflict window to appear during the refresh event.
      2468 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Added EchoToken and Timestamp to IQW Log
    Added EchoToken and TimeStamp of reservation messages to the IQW Log for troubleshooting.
      2447 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Booking Source CompanyNameCode added to mapping
    The CompanyNameCode has been added to the availabile mapping options for the Market and Business segments.
      2461 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink Rate Exceptions may be skipped
    iQ-WorldLink would skip exceptions in Rate Updates if the ToDate was outside of the MaxDays Inventory Range.
      2442 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - IQ-WorldLink XML Set/Freestate Memory Leak
    IQW Memory leak for iQ-XML Restore/Free states during multiple cancellation of reservations.
      2435 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Minimum Booking Days incorrectly formatted in Hotel Booking Rules message
    The Hotel Booking Rules message did not use the proper format for number of days for MinBookingOffsets. Proper format is PnightsD instead of simply Nights.
      2464 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - XML object could fail to parse XML objects
    Regressions which could cause failures on parsing XML objects for GDS/OTA interfaces.
      2463 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Ability to disable creation of Desk Folios
    Added ability to disable creation of Desk Folios for Clerks, Auditors and Supervisors (Can be changed in Setup > Configuration> System > Advanced settings)
      2467 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Allow creation of Master Folio when No New Reservations option is selected
    A Group Master Folio can be added and deposit posted when the No New Reservations option is turned on for a Group Block. Only a reservation with the number of rooms set to 0 (Inventory Only) can be added if No New Reservations is selected.
      2454 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger reported combined invoices wrong in memos
    Additional CL transactions added to a folio do not update properly in the Invoice Detail on the Invoice Memo. The additional two CL transactions are not reflected in the Invoice Detail on the Memo; they are properly added to the open invoice amount.
      2449 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Clerk and Auditor users can expand transactions on history folios
    A user designated as either Clerk or Auditor can expand a transactions on a folio which has moved to Guest History. The user cannot make changes to the transaction on a history folio; the expand is for view only purposes.
      2452 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Create Master Folio will use defaults from Contact tab
    Creating a Group Master Folio from the Group Block record will automatically add the defaults from the Contact tab of the group.
      2453 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - iQ-WorldLink status added to the AppFrame in roomMaster
    The current status of iQ-WorldLink will display in the 8th position on the AppFrame to assist with alerting end users of possible issues with interfaces.
      2465 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - More Folios tab names not being set properly
    Adding a new tab name using the More Folios option will create the sub-folio and enable updating the Name properties without the need to select OK first.
      2455 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Right-Cick / Create reservation on Room Type would not refresh page
    F4-Availability Right-Click on "By Type" would not refresh page after new reservation causing Inventory to not be displayed accurately after making New Reservation.
      2437 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Snapshot Today, Tomorrow, next day could be wrong
    Current SnapShot four figures in bottom right (today, tomorrow, etc) would not be correct or blank if any of these four days began with the following month (ie: snapshot on May 30th for example would only show TODAY and TOMORROW)
      2450 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Update CheckOut Serial Number when printing folio
    Advanced Option available to increase CheckOut Serial Number on first attempt of Printing Folio in addition to CheckOut. The feature can be turned on in Advanced Options and Settings (Setup > Configuration > System).
      2462 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Allow quicker entry of table ID's with special names or prefixes
    Hold table identifiers added to the number keypad for quick entry of a special prefix or name of a table ID. Customize the identifers by selecting Maintenance > Hold Table Identification.
      2457 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - IQ-POS - Ability to create duplicate printers
    iQ-POS - Printer Duplication allows up to 5 duplications of printing Kitchen Tickets. This is found in Print Manager. Printer Setup > Printer Duplication.
      2439 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - IQ-POS - Enhancement to PSVideo for touchscreen
    IQ-POS - Double click in PSVIDEO Multi-Column Display will Kill the order (TOUCH SCREENS)
      2438 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Training Environment error in Standard/Enterprise
    POS TPS did not work properly when switching to Training or Sample environment.
      2436 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    POS - Profile name attached to guest check will print on kitchen receipt
    The first name and last initial of the guest name attached to a POS check will print on the bottom of all receipts printed to Kitchen Printers.
      2456 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Force Yield Type to Lock Rate Only instead of No Yield Management
    The system will no longer allow Yield Type to be set to No Yield Management if Yield Type has previously been set to one of the Base By options. End user will receive an error message and Yield Type will default to Ignore Yielding Profiles - Lock Rate Only instead of turning off yielding once it has been active. This will prevent issues with existing reservations where yielding or rate adjustment has been previously applied.
      2466 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Note Field issues
    * ISQL note fields (greater than @s128) would not show in the Grid Display
    * ISQL note fields would not display properly if a field prior to it was hidden by FORMATCOLUMN.

      2443 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler Change in Process View
    Rewrite of Letter Schedule Process View - email pass through Letter Schedule is no longer dependent on the Process View which would lock up the Letter Scheduler if there were wait/sleep delays or internet SMTP delays that were longer than the driver process view delay.
      2445 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler would not save jobs where days was zero
    Guest Profile and Reservation Letter scheduler jobs could not be saved when the Days value was zero (it was being switched back to 1)
      2446 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - New SQL Drivers
    Updated SQL Anywhere drivers to Build 4231. Also triggers an Active-X reinstallation during this upgrade on all Premier Workstations. Updates to the firewall settings are also added to handle PRIVATE, PUBLIC and DOMAIN networks.
      2451 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Not Equal Filter added to SQL Results
    The right click in a cell on the SQL Results window has a Not Equal option to filter results.
      2459 6/8/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Driver could GPF during SQL Reports
    New SQL Driver to stop GPF during SQL Reports - Exceptions during PROP commands. (CLASQA.DLL)
      2440 6/8/2015 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue Export for Userfield1/Userfield2
    Forecasted Revenue Report did not export properly for UserField1/UserField2 causing the final three columns to be missing.
      2441 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Guest who checked out included guests to checkout
    Guest Who Checked Out report includes folios scheduled to check out on current audit date instead of only folios which have already checked out
      2448 6/8/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - High Balance Report no longer querying on High Balance Amount
    The High Balance Report was not correctly applying the High Balance Amount entered when selecting the records to be included in the report results.
      2458 6/8/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.13:
    iQ-WorldLink - Enhanced to handle MessageContent in any order for Adds, Changes and Cancels
    iQ-WorldLink required all reservation messages to appear in an order of Adds, Changes and Cancels to process messages properly. The system has been enhanced to handle messages in any order to ensure a better intergration with all GDS providers.
      2430 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Additional options added to RMCONFIG Registry tab
    Added SQLIsServer, File, FileLog to RMCONFIG Registry tab.
      2411 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Balcony and Kitchen Room Amentity added to Room Type setup
    Two OTA room amentities, Balcony and Kitchen added to Room Type setup and OTA Sellable Products message.
      2421 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Enhanced display of Read Only notes on Reservation records
    A reservation record which contains notes in the Read Only section, with no staff notes, will display the Read Only notes in a full screen for better display.
      2433 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Most Recent option added to Room Properties
    A Most Recent button has been added to the Out of Service, History and Work Orders tabs of the Room Properties screen to quickly move to the newest entry.
      2426 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Profile Lookup button for No Match changed to No Match, Create New
    The No Match button on the Guest Profile Lookup window has been changed to read No Match, Create New for ease in knowing the functionality of the button.
      2431 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Room Amentity Types added to Reservation Form Room Type Drop Down
    The selected Room Amentities on each Room Type appear in the Reservation Form Room Type drop down. The option can be turned off in the Advanced Options and Settings.
      2423 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Room Note does not properly display on multiple screens
    The Room Note field does not always display when a manual note is added to a room number.
      2417 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Room Properties and Room Type tool tip display more information
    The Room Properties and Room Type tool tip will include the OTA Amentity Type codes selected on the Room Type setup.
      2422 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Sign-In Sheet Excludes Stay Totals When Rate Information Is Not Shown
    Both the Rate Information and Stay Totals are excluded from the Sign-In Sheet when only the Show Rate Information option is turned off in configuration.
      2412 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - SMS Option Added For Australia, UK, Europe And New Zealand
    Added SMS Provider information for UK, EU, AU and NZ. System will now allow you to enter a phone number and find the provider, but, the hotel clerk can ask the guest which provider if they are in UK, EU, AU and NZ and send text messages. Turn on this feature in Setup > Configuration > System > Internet > SMS Gateway.
      2419 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Tax Incidentals Option No Longer Displays On Folio Properties
    The Tax Incidentals option is no longer displayed on the Guest Record Properties (FOLIOHD) regardless of the setting in Advanced Options and Settings.
      2409 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Hide field option did not suppress field on Labels for SQL Queries
    The HIDE column format option in SQL would not properly suppress the field when printing Labels. It only functioned properly for reports.
      2428 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler Non Marketing Letter flag added to scheduled jobs
    A Scheduled job in Letter Scheduler can be flagged as "Non Marketing Letter" for jobs which are sending Confirmation and/or Follow Up information to guests. The 'Do Not Email' flag on the Guest Profile will be ignored since the email is solicited or expected.
      2429 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Lock Rate Only option added to Yield Management Types
    A new Yield Type option, Ignore Yielding Profiles - Lock Rate Only, has been added to Yield Management. Option enables use of rate locking, Closed to Arrival, Closed to Depature, upgrades and manual rate adjustment features without applying increase and decrease rate modifications from Yield Profiles.
      2425 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Order By automatically updates when removing a field in SQL Wizard
    If a field which was part of the ORDER BY is removed in the ISQL Wizard, the field is also removed from the ORDER BY to prevent syntax errors in the SQL statement.
      2427 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Prevent reconnect to database when in a disconnect state for 3 seconds
    If database is in a disconnect state, a reconnection to the database is not allowed for at least 3 seconds to avoid ODBC/Connection corruption which is stopping MDI windows from being opened.
      2416 4/20/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Purge All option added to Active Rate Adjustments screen
    A Purge All option has been added to the Display Active Rate Adjustments screen for ease in removing all manually entered rate adjustments.
      2420 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Statement option added to Letter Scheduler
    A SQL Statement option is available in the Letter Scheduler for scheduled jobs on the Profile level.
      2424 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Added new column, AddOn, to Daily Charge and Packages report
    A new column, AddOn, has been added to the Daily Charge and Packages report to indicate if the daily charge was added through iQ-WorldLink.
      2434 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Custom Associate And Associate Reports Include Blank Pages
    Housekeeping Associates Report footer band had empty PageAfter element and was using a random blank band to force new page incorrectly.
      2413 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Group Reservations Report can include Allotments
    The option to Include Allotments on the Group Reservations Report has been added back to the report.
      2418 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Guest Ledger Sub Folio report not able to run when added to Favorites
    The Guest Ledger by SubFolio report would not properly execute when added to Favorites.
      2432 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Reservation Detail Report Excludes Guest Name And Address Information
    The Reservation Detail report does not include the guest name and address details from the reservation record.
      2408 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Transaction History Detail report can be filtered for specific account code
    You can now enter a single account code rather than using an Account Filter on the Transaction History Detail report.
      2415 4/20/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Transaction History report incorrectly formatted for Grand Totals only
    The Transaction History Detail report would start a new page for each date when Grand Totals only is selected as the Total Option.
      2414 4/20/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Vacant and Unavailable room status not included on Custom Associates Report
    When exiting Custom Associates Report using FINISH button on Setup by Assignment, the Window display would not display the true state of the Include Status checkboxes.
      2410 4/20/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.12:
    iQ-WorldLink - Send and receive buffer increased to 10MB
    The iQ-WorldLink send and receive buffer has been increased from 8MB to 10MB to handle large rates messages. Any messages larger than 10MB are automatically removed and the error is recorded to the Web/GDS Log.
      2402 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Database Maintenance changes during Rebuild Forecast write to Event Log
    Any Database Maintenance changes to correct data during a rebuild of the forecast will be written to the roomMaster Event Log.
      2403 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Occupancy Comparison will use Dayend Close setting for unavailable rooms
    The option to ignore unavailable rooms has been removed from the Occupancy Comparison options in the Dashboard. All occupancy percentages in the Dashboard will use the Ignore Unavailable Rooms setting in Dayend Close options for consistency.
      2400 3/19/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Pressing Cancel or Escaping out of an early checkout would cause corrupted data
    Pressing the Cancel button or use the Escape key to back out of an Early Checkout would cause data in FOLIOHD and ROOMS tables to become corrupted.
      2407 3/19/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Socket call failures write to the roomMaster Event Log
    All socket calls (MIME, POP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP) that fail will write to the Event Log for troubleshooting and tracking purposes.
      2401 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Track Folio Access and Folio Printing to Change Journal
    An Advanced Option is available to track a folio being accessed and/or a folio being printed to the Change Journal. The option must be turned on in the Advanced Options and Settings.
      2405 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Track Special Receipt printing to Change Journal
    An Advanced Option is available to track a Special Receipt being printed to the Change Journal. The option must be turned on in the Advanced Options and Settings.
      2406 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Checkins on current audit date reflect New in Change Sheets columns
    The Housekeeping Associate reports will indicate New in the Change Sheets column for rooms which checked in on the current audit date.
      2404 3/19/2015 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 16.11:
    iQ Anywhere - iQ-Anywhere logins (Success and Failure) are logged to Event Log
    User logins to iQ-Anywhere, both success and failure, are logged to the roomMaster Event Log.
      2378 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - Changes to allow the Calendar in iQ-Schedule to load faster
    The calendar InsertEvents was changed to cache schedule ID's to reduce the number of Direct OCX calls to the calendar.
      2398 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Groups notification message could be formatted incorrect
    The Groups notification message could have an improperly placed tag when the group contained no room types causing group blocks not to load in iQCRS.
      2388 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Rate closures contained in rates messages will write out for 4 adults
    Regression: The rates messages (RTE) will write out the zero amount for adults 1 to 4 for all rate closure dates.
      2394 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Sellable products exclusion corrections
    The Sellable Products message in iQ-WorldLink will exclude rooms marked as "Exclude type from being sent" and rooms that have a zero quantity.
      2387 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Additional registry options added to RMCONFIG utility

      2364 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Audit Directory Enhancements for writing WMF files during Dayend Close
    The Audit Directory functions have been enhanced to use the database or environment name (such as RMTRAINING or Training) during the creation of the WMF files for the audit reports.
      2379 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Charge Type column added to Rate Information screen
    Charge Type column added to the Rate Information screen to indicate Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Package charge type for each rate record.
      2360 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Corrections to the create reservations for Allotments procedure for Dayend Close
    When the Dayend Close groups process was running, and there was an allotment, and the allotment was set to create reservations, the LOGOUT process would end on the first Create Reservation process, causing the LOGOUT process to not work properly. The system will now commit the process before creating reservations sub-process and then restart the logout process for the next group/allotment.
      2372 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Email folio option includes property information automatically
    When using the Email button to send a guest folio, the body will now automatically include the property name and address information. This prevents emails being sent with a the body left blank.
      2366 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Extra fields added to Rooming List option in Group Blocks
    The six extra fields can be populated from the Create Reservations screen in the Rooming List option of Group Blocks.
      2371 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Final Group Pickup report duplicates room posts in room counts
    The Final Group Pickup report would count each individual room posting instead of each individual room. Duplicate counts could occur when using split room posting.
      2381 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Final Group Pickup report excluded current folios and VAT/GST
    The Final Group Pickup would exclude current folios and only include folios in history and revenue reported was always VAT/GST exclusive. Report now properly includes current and history folios with group code attached and has an option for Tax Rollup to include VAT/GST in totals reported.
      2382 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Group Block set to Book by Room Number could have incorrect block detail totals
    A Group block set as Book by Room Number with a Checkin Override Rate on the room type level would increase the number of blocked rooms on the OK (committ changes) out of the Group block. This issue would cause the forecast totals to be incorrect.
      2385 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Groups browse screen displays Future & Active Groups
    The Group blocks browse screen will filter for Future & Active Groups to include group blocks scheduled for check out on the current audit date.
      2383 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - HTML Letters limit total image size to 250KB
    The total size of all images included in HTML letters is now limited to 250KB and a warning message presented to the user. Help documentation updates included to explain proper formatting of HTML Letters for SPAM filters and images sizes.
      2365 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Option to reset to default colors on Availability by Room Number screen
    Cancelling out of a color dialog on the Availability by Room Number screen will prompt to reset back to the default color for each status.
      2397 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Options added to Guest Profiles to prompt for updated contact information
    The Opt Out field on Guest Profiles has been renamed to Mailing Options and enhanced to include Get/Update Mail Address and Get/Update E-Mail. Each option will prompt end users when attaching Guest Profile to reservations and/or folios to obtain updated guest contact information. The Get/Update E-Mail is integrated with the Premier edition Letter Scheduler feature.
      2369 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Rate Adjustments not looking at RateType, only RoomType
    Rate Adjustments Browse were not looking at RATETYPE but only looking at ROOMTYPE
      2399 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Sales centers will now report Rooms Sold instead of Rooms Posted
    The Travel Agent, City Ledger and Groups sales centers will now report the total Rooms Sold instead of the total Rooms Posted. Each screen for Expand Profit Center has been changed from "Rooms Posted:" to "Rooms Sold:".
      2386 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Scroll bars available on Total Stay screen
    Scroll bars are available for the Total Stay screen to ensure display is accurate for text fields such as Rate Descriptions and Deposit Terms.
      2376 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Summary Folio Receipt corrections
    The corrections to the Summary Folio Receipt include:
    • The running balance could be incorrect when VAT/GST postings are included.
    • Tax Summary would exclude VAT/GST amounts.
    • Previous balance was using transaction audit date instead of display date.

      2392 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Tax Incidentals added to Advanced Options and Settings
    The ability to suppress the Tax Incidentals option from Stay Information has been added to the Advanced Options and Settings.
      2370 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Tax Priority Account added to Tax/Surcharge Options
    Tax Priority Account option added to Tax/Surchage Options to give the ability to prioritize tax postings on guest folios.
      2368 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Verify proper updating of both CITYHD and CITYPY tables for batch payments
    The system will verify CITYHD (City Ledger Header) and CITYPY (City Ledger Batch Header) are in synch when posting batch payments.
      2377 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    POS - Credit card processing to use *TS Registry entry for POSLocation
    The credit card processing will use the *TS (Terminal Services) entry for the POSLocation and POSStationType to verify correct payment account codes are used to process credit cards at each outlet.
      2393 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    POS - Option to Serialize all Check Numbers instead of resetting to zero each day
    A global option is available to Serialize POS Check Numbers instead of resetting check number to zero each business date. Check numbers will increment from 1 to 999999 and then restart back at 1.
      2395 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Print Manager status bar enhanced for start and shut down
    The POS Print Manager status bar indicates the date and time of a Start, Shutdown and/or Shutdown for End of Day processing.
      2367 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Room Lookup sorting By Room/By Name
    The sorting options By Room Number and By Name in the Bill to Room Lookup window could not function properly depending on the screen size being used.
      2359 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    POS - Split Item Quantity rounds final result to nearest whole dollar
    Split Item Quantity option from the POS terminal would round to the nearest whole dollar instead of the nearest penny.
      2389 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Auto populate formulas in ISQL Wizard for popular fields
    The formulas for Lastname, Firstname, Debit and OrigDebit will auto populate when selected in the ISQL Wizard
      2374 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Color consistency for Rate Adjustments in Total Stay and Availability
    All Rate Adjustments will display using the same color consistency in the Total Stay/Rate Detail and Availability screens. Rate Adjustments are displayed when using the Show Yielding option on the Availability screen.
      2362 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - NOMAXDISPLAY added to ISQL Syntax
    Added SQL Syntax NOMAXDISPLAY to bypass the workstation options and always return maximum number of rows selected on demand.
      2373 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Premier Configuration file to check for Upgrade/Update in progress
    The check for an upgrade or update in progress will use the Premier Configuration file instead of Premier Conversion Log to prevent issues due to Windows file ownership.
      2375 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Prevent end user from disconnecting their own connection
    The Disconnect Connection feature would only stop an end user from disconnecting their own connection if the connection number was between 1 to 255.
      2384 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Rate Adjustments unlocking rate on existing reservations
    Adding a manually adjusted rate (Rate Adjustment) from the Availability screen causes rate to be unlocked and changed when accessing existing reservations for same date.
      2390 3/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Removed option to place JOIN in the WHERE clause in SQL Wizard
    The option to include a JOIN of two tables in the WHERE clause has been removed from the SQL Wizard. The JOIN being placed in the WHERE clause is not compatible with Sybase SQL Anywhere version 12.
      2396 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Right click options added to Availability by Room Type screen
    Right click options are now available on the Availability by Room Type screen. Room Properties, New Reservation and Adjust Rate menu options available.
      2363 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yield Modification calendar sets Monday as first day of week
    The Yield Modification calendar will display Monday as first day of week when the pop calendar starts on Monday.
      2391 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yield Type added to Yielding Details results on Total Stay screen
    The Yield Type (By Overall Occupancy, By Room Group, By Room Type) is displayed in the Yielding Details results on the Total Stay screen.
      2361 3/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yielding by Room Group could not properly adjust rates
    Yielding by Room Group could calculate rate adjustments incorrectly depending on number of room types contained in a Room Group.
      2358 3/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue revenue periods could be inncorect for Weekly or Monthly
    The Sort Type field was not automatically reset to 1-By Report Type when setting the Forecasted Revenue report to Weekly or Monthly. Issue would cause the revenue periods on the report results to display incorrect.
      2380 3/16/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.10:
    iQ-WorldLink - Blank rate and inventory transmissions will be rejected
    iQ-WorldLink will reject blank rate and inventory transmission files. Files could be blank due to old room types and/or rate codes listed in the translation tables.
      2345 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Day of week attributes could be incorrect in a rates message
    iQ-WorldLink could have incorrect DOW (day of week) attributes in the first rate after a rate closure in rates messages on OTA/GDS interfaces.
      2332 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Package Rates supported for all GDS/OTA channels
    Package Rates can be included in rate uploads to GDS/OTA providers with iQ-WorldLink. Package Rates with components marked as 'Post on a certain day' are not supported. Only Package Rates with components set to post every day of guest stay are included in rate messages.
      2330 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Accessible (ADA), Rollaway, and Crib attributed added to Room Types
    Room type attributed Accessible (ADA), Allow Rollaway and Allow Crib added to the room types and integrate with Sellable Products message in iQ-WorldLink.
      2350 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Acknowledge All option added to the Web/GDS Log
    Added new option, Acknowledge All, to the iQ-WorldLink Errors tab of the Web/GDS Log to enable quick clean up of messages in the screen.
      2355 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Child dropdown no longer displayed on Availability (F4) screen
    The Child dropdown no longer appeared on the Availability (F4) screen due to an issue with the Advanced Options feature to hide children from personal information.
      2339 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Deleting a rate code removes rate from all translation tables in iQ-WorldLink
    Deleting a rate code in roomMaster will automatically delete the rate code from any translation tables in iQ-WorldLink to prevent issues with orphan records being sent to the GDS/OTA channel.
      2353 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Deposit account added to Reservations Import
    The Reservations Import can post the deposit amount as a real time posting (Advance/Journal tables) using either one account code or by reading the account code from the import file. Account code must be a credit account code already existing in roomMaster.
      2342 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Housekeeping Note and Initials added to Reservations Import
    The Housekeeping Note and Initials fields were added to the Reservations Import in the Import/Export Wizard.
      2349 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Move Rooms no longer appeared on Housekeeping reports
    The Room Move and Room Change no longer appeared on the Housekeeping reports on the day of the move/change.
      2348 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - POS Items and Inventory added to Import/Export Wizard
    iQ-POS Items and Inventory can be imported from a CSV file using the Import/Export Wizard in roomMaster.
      2343 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Prevent roomMaster from opening when running from the _Install directory
    Attempting to open roomMaster from the _Install directory will alert end users the program is running from an incorrect directory. Windows Explorer is automatically opened and users are prompted to install workstation components (Activeis.exe) to correct shortcuts.
      2335 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Remove Rate Information from Guest Profiles
    The Guest Profile Cleaning Tool enables the removal of the rate information from guest profiles.
      2346 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Room Move feature could cause issues for reservations with no room assigned
    The Total Stay could be incorrect on reservations with the same guest profile, continous stay dates and no room assigned when the Room Move feature is turned on.
      2337 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Show Past Stays reverted to logic from previous version
    The Show Past Stays window has been reverted to the old logic from previous versions due to issues with missing data for room moves.
      2354 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Tax ID added to Commission and Owners Statements
    The Tax ID has been added to the Commission and Owner's Statements.
      2347 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Validation check when adding Room Numbers to prevent * or ! characters
    Adding new Room Numbers will no longer allow * or ! characters to be part of the room number field.
      2340 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    POS - Price amounts can be up to 3 decimal places for Inventory Items
    The price on Inventory Items can be three decimal points enabling entry of a price such as 1.999.
      2331 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Return of an Inventory Items drops as a positive number to the kitchen
    Returning an item using Add Special Item or Return would drop to the kitchen/remote printers as a positive number instead of a negative (-1) number.
      2336 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Premier - Meeting Rooms can be included in Yield Management
    Meeting Rooms can be included in yielding using an option in Yield Management.
      2341 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier - Option added to Interactive SQL to set the report paper printing size
    The SETREPORTPAPER variable was added to the Interactive SQL syntax to enable setting the paper size when printing SQL reports. The valid values are LETTER, LEGAL and A4.
      2344 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Show Future Use option added to Rate Codes
    New option added to Setup Rate Codes window to enable viewing rate codes future use to assist with determining if rate code can/should be deleted.
      2352 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Update IDeaS queries for both procedures
    The queries used in the two IDeaS procedures will automatically be updated during the conversion process to increase speed of the IDeaS export.
      2351 2/16/2015 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Company Ranking report could have duplicate entries
    The Company Ranking report would not clear the module queue causing duplicate entries on the report.
      2333 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue report did not include descriptions
    The Forecasted Revenue report (By Rate, By Userfield) did not properly print the descriptions in the header and detail.
      2334 2/16/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - Literal changes added to the Owner's Statement
    Literal changes for Materials, Labor, Room Revenue, Taxes and Commission added to the Owner's Statment to be more specific to the property and country.
      2356 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Owner's Statements can be PDF and emailed individually
    The Owner's Statement can be emailed individually using the email address listed on the Owner details of the room number.
      2357 2/16/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Streamlined the Combine Reports feature
    Streamlined the process of the Combine Reports feature for ease of use and less confusion to the end user.
      2338 2/16/2015 Low Resolved
    Version 16.03:
    iQ-WorldLink - SiteMinder And Other GDS May Fail Rate Loads
    Some GDS would not handle the missing DayOfWeek elements (@MON, @TUE, etc.) so it would fail the Rate Load message without a response. These were taken out to make the XML/Rate Load more efficient but some GDS's could not handle this change so it has been put back.
      2327 1/27/2015 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Added SignOn And Open Buttons To The Main Toolbar
    Ability to have signon/open buttons in toolbar. (Good for Internal use, support, multi-company clients, etc.) - These can be turned on in the Setup / System Advanced Settings screen.
      2328 1/27/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Change ZONE Easily In Assignment Of Associates In Housekeeping
    Added ability to change the Zone easily in the Assign Associations in Housekeeping Reports. There is a new button now called "Zone" which can change it easily on a day to day basis.
      2329 1/27/2015 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Corrections And Enhancements To Room Moves
    • If housekeeping report move room is the same room (TO/FROM), then it will now show as a "Stay".
    • If Associates report move room is the same room (TO/FROM), then it will now show as a "Stay".
    • Corrected room moves to use a cumulative deposit amount of the subsequent reservations that also had deposits.
    • On Room Moves, the Deposit amount was being added instead of subtracted on the signin sheet
    • When opening a reservation with a room move, but it is the same room, the popup window will say "Reservation Change Notification" instead of "Room Move Notification".
    • Changed Confirmation letter to have *ROOMMOVES* and *ROOMMOVESEX* (extended) so one will show just the room type while the other will show the actual room number.
    • Room moves were not able to be done to same room (Reservation Change)
    • Additional deposits on subsequent reservations will now transfer when the move room happens.
    • No bi-directional messages are sent to the EPI/Phone systems if the move room is just a reservation change to the same room

      2322 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Drag/Drop does not properly update Forecast
    The Forecast is not properly updated when changing the room type on a reservation using the Drag/Drop feature from the Availability by Room Number screen.
      2325 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Folio Issues
    Regression: Australian Long-Term Accommodation could print the wrong Tax Exempt amount. Also, long-term reduced tax amount may not appear in the Taxes and Summary section.
      2320 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Folio VAT Tax Summary Could Be Incorrect For Reduced Long-Term Stay
    When there is a VAT Roll up for the printed folio, the figures are correct in the total but the VAT breakdown ( VAT option unchecked in folio ) calculation for the reduced tax amount is incorrect. The inclusive tax breakdown is not reduced properly.
      2321 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group Folio Running Balance
    Regression: The Group Folio, running balance, could be incorrect and is the actual line total.
      2319 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue by Company Class/Company could be incorrect
    The Forecasted Revenue by Company Class/Company report could contain incorrect forecast data for both rooms and revenue. Historical dates would contain correct totals for both rooms and revenue.
      2326 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    Reports - History Detail Report By CheckIn Date
    REGRESSION: History report could show empty/missing information. Details: The HOHCalculateRevenue would fail because HISTHD buffer was being cleared incorrectly. Could cause some History reports to show blank / empty information. (History Detail by Checkin Date)
      2323 1/27/2015 Low Resolved

    SetupBuilder - Active-X For Standard/Enterprise
    Active-X for Standard/Enterprise is not registering the new Chart and Calendar controls (OCX)
      2324 1/27/2015 Medium Resolved
    Version 15.71:
    Main System - City Ledger Batch Payment added to Date File Utilities (DFU)
    The City Ledger Batch Payment has been added to Date File Utilities (DFU) to assist support with correcting any batch payment issues.
      2308 7/9/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger Batch Payment not correctly recorded
    The City Ledger Batch Payment would update the Batch Payment record incorrectly and show a negative number.
      2307 7/9/2014 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Display could be incorrect on Backup Files Screen
    The Backup Files screen would not display correct when screen was set to 125% or 150%.
      2306 7/9/2014 Low Resolved

    Main System - General Journal report not included in Night Audit PDF
    The General Journal report was not included in the PDF of the night audit reports.
      2305 7/9/2014 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Mime Compose Message default encoding type set to 8-Bit
    The default encoding type changed to default to 8-Bit rather than Encoding with Quotes.
      2309 7/9/2014 Serious Resolved

    POS - POS Tax ID Settings would not save
    The POS Tax ID property settings would not save when selecting OK to exit the screen.
      2304 7/9/2014 Serious Resolved
    Version 15.70:
    EPI - Special formula added to enable sending alphanumeric room numbers
    Added /ALPHAEXT special formula to EPI. This will allow Alpha characters in Bi-Directional messages sent and received from the remote system. By default, all interfaces will not send room extensions with alpha characters, but if needed (and approved by the remote system/vendor), this special formula can be used.
      2283 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Messenger - Revenue figures for previous year to date could be incorrect
    IQ-Messenger could contain incorrect last year to date revenue figures if the hotel was not actually opened at that time.
      2272 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - interface can now handle max persons of 8
    The interface can now handle a max person setting of 8 instead of the previous maximum of 6 persons.
      2263 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added new variable to include assigned room in Sign-In Sheet message
    Added new variable *ROOMNUMBER* to be used in Sign-In Sheets message and hide AssignedRooms.
      2262 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Changed default MIME Creation from 7-bit ASCII to Multi-Byte Encoding
    All options are still there, however, the first pull-down is now "DEFAULT" of what InnQuest thinks you should use for the formatted message (HTML).
      2288 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group Blocks included the check out date for rate closures
    Group Blocks would incorrectly include the check out date when verifying rate closures. The Rate code on Group Block would show as closed if check out date was the same as start date of a rate closure.
      2276 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Main System - M3 Accounting Export enhanced to include net change to ledgers
    The M3 Accounting Export has been enhanced to export the net change for each ledger and external account following the General Journal report. The export can now export in Foreign Currency and handle an override currency code (blank defaults to USD).
      2287 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Reservation rate changes would not be removed when attaching a Guest Profile
    Reservation Rate Changes would not be removed when attaching a Guest Profile which contains a Rate or Rate Override.
      2274 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Main System - Reservation variable COCONTACT attached to incorrect database field
    The Reservation Variable COCONTACT would display the Travel Agent Contact instead of Company Contact field in Reservation Letters.
      2280 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Main System - Tax percentage now displays as 3 decimal places on Detail folio
    The Tax Percent on Detail folio will consistently show as 3 decimal places to match all detail line items.
      2265 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Tax percentages on Detail folio did not display Alternate Tax Amounts
    The Tax percentages on Detail folios would not use Alternate Tax Amounts if period changed.
      2267 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Main System - Tax summaries on Detail folio changed to show same description and format
    Consistently show same descriptions and format for both types of Summaries on Detail Folio.
      2268 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    POS - Inventory Items cannot use account codes below 110
    Prevent roomMaster accounts below 110 from being used in iQ-POS Inventory roomMaster account code. (Inventory Setup).
      2273 6/4/2014 Medium Resolved

    POS - Taxable Item is now checked by Default on iQ-POS / Special Items & Returns
    The Taxable Item option will default to checked when using the Add Special Item or Return feature in the POS terminal mode.
      2284 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Updated SQL ODBC Drivers included in ActiveIS Installation.
    Sybase released new ODBC drivers.
      2266 6/4/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Deposits Due report would only run until 12/31/2015
    The Deposits Due report would exclude reservations with a check-in date beyond 12/31/2015.
      2270 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Reports - Forecast Revenue Report by Room Group calculates historical data using ROOMSOLD
    The Forecasted Revenue report will calculate historical data when selecting by Room Group in a new way. It no longer uses HISTTRN/FOLIOTRN and uses the ROOMSOLD table to calculate Rooms Sold. This will avoid issues with Recheckin Folios, Same Day Stays, Adjustments made to folios through Recheckin and Room Moves.
      2285 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue by Room Group could have incorrect historical revenue totals
    Forecasted Revenue by Room Group report would not correctly calculate historical revenue figures when charges were routed to a desk folio.
      2271 6/4/2014 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Housekeeping fee calculated incorrectly when transactions routed to Desk Folio
    The housekeeping fee on Commission statements would calculate incorrectly if transactions were routed to a Desk Folio.
      2281 6/4/2014 Low Resolved

    Reports - Voided COMPS would count as a +1 instead of -1
    Voided COMPS would count as a +1 instead of -1 causing total COMPS to be incorrect on various reports.
      2282 6/4/2014 Low Resolved
    Version 15.62:
    iQ-WorldLink - Added Reject Date for Interface Modifications/Cancellations
    Reject Date field added to the Reservations tab of iQ-WorldLink configuration to enable system to reject any modification and cancellation messages received for reservations booked prior to the interface being active. All modifications and cancellations for reservations entered prior to being live on interface must fail to fax to be entered manually.
      2232 3/26/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Quick Room Display issues for room numbers greater than 4 digits
    Paging in the Quick Room display did not work properly for room numbers greater than 4 digits. The Popup Status window did not display properly for room numbers greater than 4 digits.
      2240 4/14/2014 Low Resolved

    Premier - Yielding Details window does not consistently use Windows date picture
    The Yielding Details window on the Total Stay screen did not consistently use the Windows system date picture (@D017).
      2242 4/14/2014 Low Resolved

    Reports - Room numbers greater than 4 digits do not display properly on select reports
    The Guest Awareness and Company History reports would not show room numbers which are greater than 4 characters.
      2241 4/14/2014 Low Resolved
    Version 15.61:
    Common Library - Event Log enhancement
    roomMaster will record an "Event Logging Initialized" entry in the Event Log whenever roomMaster is opened.
      2223 3/12/2014 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Corrections
    If the Default Rate was a derived rate, it would not send the rate. Issue was caused by the rate translations using the derived rate code rather than the actual rate code.
      2224 3/12/2014 Serious Resolved

    Premier Edition - Attempts to correct TABLES file when File Not Open
    Attempts to AccessTableValue when a database connection error has occurred would return empty results.
      2225 3/12/2014 Serious Resolved
    Version 15.60:
    Common Library - Windows Temp Directory added to RMCONFIG and Error Reports
    The Windows Temp Directory will be displayed in the roomMaster Diagnostics Tool (RMCONFIG) and error reports (Dump Files) automatically sent to support.
      2199 2/26/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    EPI - HTNG POS Specification support added in EPI
    Added ability to create an interface between a remote system (Point of Sale, Internet and Billing) and EPI. The interface is an HTNG and OTA compatible interface using 2011 standards.
      2217 2/26/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Interface added in iQ-WorldLink
    The interface has been developed and added to iQ-WorldLink. The interface is not completed as it is in the final stages of the certification process.
      2216 2/26/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Balance column on Group Folio incorrect
    The balance column on a Group Folio would only include taxes instead of all charges.
      2215 2/26/2014 Low Resolved

    Main System - Desk folios would always print history folio name
    A Desk Folio would always print using the Folio Name when History text instead of the Folio Name text. Issue has been corrected and desk folios will always print using the Folio Name regardless of folio status.
      2214 2/26/2014 Low Resolved

    Main System - GPF issues could occur when opening a reservation record with pop up notes
    The system is more stable when processing Window Events which could cause GPFs in WindowPtr and IsScreenGood. Issue would have presented when opening a reservation with pop up notes as well as keeping browse screen maximized.
      2218 2/26/2014 Medium Resolved

    Main System - PCI Required Changes
  • FIX: When checking for new password to not be the same as the last six, it would allow it to be the very last one.
  • FIX: When changing User Profile Level Access, the Event Log always showed the wrong new User Level (ie: M)
  • NEW: The PCI Audit Log needs to write also to a Text/CSV file at the same time for double logging. PCI audits will log to the \rmdb\PCIAUDIT.LOG.
  • CHANGE: Level changes in Audit Log will show as “Clerk, Auditor,Supervisor, Manager” instead of C,A,S,M.
  • CHANGE: Menu class change will show as the full name rather than just the Index Number.
  • CHANGE: Only failed attempts for Supervisor and Manager were logged – now all Failed Attempts are logged to the Event Log.
  • CHANGE: The system will log when the Event Log is accessed.
  • CHANGE: The system will log when the Event Log is created.

  •   2211 2/26/2014 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS Service Menu Transparency can cause speed issues on Windows XP Terminals
    Regression: The Service Menu transparent background can cause speed and freeze issues on terminals running Windows XP operating system. Added option to automatically turn off transparency feature for Windows XP operating system.
      2213 2/26/2014 Medium Resolved

    Premier - ISQL SetReportVariable Syntax
    Added new SETREPORTVARIABLE syntax to set report variables at the beginning of the SQL statement for use elsewhere in the query. Format is SETREPORTVARIABLE NAME=VALUE and the value of !NAME to reference it anywhere in the query. See online help for more information.
      2204 2/26/2014 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Function To Suppress Record Count Could Cause Page Break Issues On Reports
    The Interactive SQL Function to suppress the records count (NORECORDSCOUNT) on reports could cause page breaks to be incorrect.
      2200 2/26/2014 Low Resolved
    Version 15.59:
    Enterprise - Rate Closures Stopped Working
    Regression: Rate Closures stopped appearing in the iQ-WorldLink/GDS Rates transmission.
      2143 12/27/2013 Serious Resolved

    Premier - Ideas Interface Would Include Meeting Rooms For Groups

      2145 12/27/2013 Serious Resolved

    Premier - Ideas Interface Would Include Tentative Block Rooms

      2144 12/27/2013 Serious Resolved
    Version 15.58:
    Common Library - Added "root" error messages to Gift Card screen response
    The Gift Card XML response would ignore "root" message and respond back as "Invalid Formatted Response". This is now resolved where "root" message responses are always checked first before parsing the document.
      2142 12/26/2013 Low Resolved

    Corp Reporting - CRM build changes
    More efficient building of CRM messages when building for multiple days.
      2132 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ Anywhere - Changed/Enhancements for iQ-Anywhere
    Changes to handle Assign/Unassign rooms, corrections for Messages being Marked as Delivered and Remote Notifications for maintenance.
      2136 12/26/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - IQ-WorldLink Could Incorrectly Set Rate Closures When Outside Of Max Days
    If a Rate Closure is in the system that is further out than the Max Days Setting, the From or To dates could be incorrectly set to not really reflect the actual desired Rate Closure.
      2129 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Length of Stay restrictions not sending for 365 days for iQ-WorldLink Trigger
    Using the Trigger iQ-WorldLink Update option would not send a full 365 days of length of stay (LOS) restrictions. The system would send based on the Max Days setting in the iQ-WorldLink configuration.
      2131 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Enhancements to Group Folio
    • Streamlined the ACCOUNTS read to make large group folios faster.
    • Corrected all Orphaned bands for Group Folio so all details lines are included with the header/footer, and a better printing for orphan headers/footers.
    • Changed *FD (Front desk folio) to print with the actual Desk Folio ID (shows SADTU instead of *FD) when checked out.
    • Better printing of the Guest Name on Summary (could get cut off)
    • Print the actual Rate Name instead of “(Package Amount)” when there is a rate description --- helps with reconciliation and looks better.

      2134 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Rate Charge Type of Anniversary Date posting incorrect
    The rate record charge type of Anniversary Date for a monthly rate was not properly setting the posting date for the same day each month. The posting date would incorrectly be set to the first of each month of the guest stay.
      2130 12/26/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - SSL Option removed from configuration on Shift4
    The system had an option (/SSL) to run the UTG in SSL mode. This option has been removed and all connections are forced to only use SSL, regardless of the configuration.
      2137 12/26/2013 Low Resolved

    POS - Added Employee Tip Report
    Premier Only: Added new report to provide totals for Employee Tips from check history. Report can be used for payroll purposes to obtain total of employee tips for specified time frame.
      2138 12/26/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Disburse Employee Tips Function could revert to incorrect employee ID
    The Disburse Posted Employee tips function did not properly save the Salesperson assigned to the tip item if/when the Disburse Posted Tip screen was accessed a second time after initially assigning the Salesperson.
      2139 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    POS - Enhancements to Touch Screen for POS
    Enhancements to general areas of POS to make it more Windows 8 / Touch screen friendly. Also added two new Layouts for DELL 8 Tablet. (portrait and landscape)
      2135 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    Premier - Ideas Interface Would Report 1 Room Instead Of Multiple Rooms (reservations)
    The IDeas Revenue Interface would always report 1 room, regardless of multiple room reservations. The total revenue was correct, just the number of rooms sold/arrivals/departures being incorrect.
      2128 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    Reports - City Ledger Transfer
    When transfering an invoice from one city ledger account to another, the actual history transaction (HistTrn) is now updated as well by changing each CITYNUM posting on the transaction to reflect the transfer. This allows printing of transferred invoices when printing C/L statements.
      2141 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Corrections for Room Group on Forecasting Revenue Report
    The system would base the Occupancy percentage always on total rooms instead of rooms in the group, when running the Forecasted Revenue Report by Room Group.
      2133 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue Report and Connectors
    When the Forecasted Revenue Report is run, based on Daily Posting, and Connector Rooms are used - they were ignored in Occupancy %. This is now corrected.
      2140 12/26/2013 Medium Resolved
    Version 15.57:
    iQ Anywhere - Added user defined option for Priority Arrival designation to iQ-Anywhere
    Added the option to define the Number of Nights to consider a Priority Arrival for iQ-Anywhere. Option available in the Control Panel on the Extended Options of the iQ-Anywhere Category.
      2124 11/18/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ Anywhere - iQ-Anywhere permission denied when sending suggestions/feedback.
    End users would receive a permission denied when attempting to use the provide feedback feature in iQ-Anywhere version 3.
      2121 11/18/2013 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Modification of reservations from a GDS could remove credit card data
    Credit card information could be removed on GDS changed reservations and other changed GDS reservations which did not resend the credit card.
      2119 11/18/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Added additional fields to Frequent Stay Export for Revenue reporting
    The Frequent Stay data (XML) will now break down the Other Revenue into addition buckets “Parking, Spa, Telephone, Laundry, Beverage (MiniBar), and Food” These breakdowns are based on the Lodging Indicator in Account Code Setup.
      2115 11/18/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Frequent Stay Extract will include Travel Agent
    The Frequent Stay Export will now include the travel agent code, travel agent name and travel agent Tax ID when a Travel Agent is attached to the guest folio.
      2118 11/18/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Lodging Indicator required field on Charge Account Codes greater than 109
    When saving an Account Code that has a Type of “Charge”, a Lodging Indicator must be assigned to all account codes greater than 109.
      2123 11/18/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - New Lodging Indicators added to Account Codes
    Two new Lodging Indicators for Spa and Parking have been added to Account Code setup.
      2117 11/18/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Remote Maintenance Notifications Changes
    The Remote Notifications allowed "Continue" to be clickable when the remote notification was being sent. In addition, changes made to the API to allow iQ-Anywhere to also send Maintenance Remote Notifications.
      2126 11/18/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Total Stay on Display Rates (F6) screen incorrect for Package Rates
    The total stay amount displayed on the Display Rates (F6) screen did not calculate properly for rate changes and/or yield modifications for package rates only.
      2116 11/18/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Verify TABLES file is open at beginning of night audit process
    The system will verify that the TABLES file is opened at the beginning of the night audit procedure.
      2120 11/18/2013 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Web/GDS Log Charts on Reserve (F5) screen displaying breakdown with GDS/Channel
    Web/GDS log would be incorrect if the GDS sent the information for the Booking Channel. Instead of reservations being broken down by the GDS on the chart, they would breakdown by the GDS/Channel.
      2122 11/18/2013 Low Resolved

    Reports - Arrivals Adults On Managers Daily Report Is Incorrect For Last Year
    The Arriving Adults would be incorrect in the Last Years columns.
      2125 11/18/2013 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Changes to the 14-day RMNET Availability Calendar
    The 14-day availability calendar in RMNET only allowed up to 7 rate changes, even though there are 14 days in the calendar. The system now displays all 14 days properly, regardless of the number of rate changes. In addition, if the rate was closed on the first day of display, the rate would not display in the 14-day calendar. Now, the system will display the rate as closed on only the days that there is no actual rate.
      2127 11/18/2013 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 15.56:
    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia interface can now properly handle sending Sell rates only
    Added option in iQ-WorldLink Rate Code Translation table to not send rate to enable not sending net rate and only be included for translating rates on booking requests coming from Expedia. This option enhances the interface to be able to properly handle sending sell rates only to Expedia.
      2113 10/10/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - GDS Reservations could contain unrecognizable characters
    Reservation messages which contain UTF letters in an element field would appear in roomMaster as unrecognizable characters.
      2112 10/10/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Printing a Group Folio could cause system to appear frozen
    Changing the display date on transactions could in rare circumstances cause the Group Folio to appear frozen when printing. The option to print the Group Folio in Audit date order rather than Display date order under More Options resolves the issue and enables printing the Group Folio.
      2111 10/10/2013 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL enhanced to properly display notes fields on reports
    Notes fields included in SQL queries will now properly format with a second line indentation on reports.
      2114 10/10/2013 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 15.55:
    iQ-WorldLink - Automatic printing of error reports has been removed from iQ-WorldLink
    Warning error reports will no longer automatically print to the default printer where the iQ-WorldLink application is running. All warning errors from iQ-WorldLink are logged to the roomMaster event log and displayed in the Web/GDS Log available on the Reservations (F5) browse screen.
      2110 9/27/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Change to how rate closures are sent on GDS interfaces
    A change to how rate closures are sent for GDS interfaces to prevent issue with 3rd and 4th adult rates. If the max people in the room is 1 through 4, rate close will always send 0.00 for all four adult base amounts. If the max people in the room is MORE than 4, rate close will send 0.00 for specified max number of people in the room type.
      2107 9/27/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Regression caused system to not allow turning off credit card interface
    Regression: Turning off Credit Card Processing while accounts were flagged would still try to interface with transaction gateway. (Regression caused by iQ-Anywhere new Posting Function)
      2103 9/27/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Runtime Variable in Group Block letters contained incorrect screen
    The Conditional Message screen for both HTML and RichText formatted Runtime Variables in Group Block letters was incorrect and would not allow user to save message.
      2109 9/27/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Sign-in Sheets could omit deposit amounts in total stay figures
    Regression: A sign-in sheet printed during the CheckIn wizard would not include deposits in the total stay figures.
      2108 9/27/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Travel Agent checks over $10,000 could have incorrect written amounts
    Rewrite of Numbers to Words function (Travel Agent Checks) to properly handle amounts over $10,000.
      2104 9/27/2013 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Default value can be set for Prompt Fields in ISQL
    ISQL can set a "Default Value" for Prompt Fields (Works only for regular non-date Value and Select from Table)
      2106 9/27/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Permissions automatically set for Sybase 9/12 ODBC Drivers
    Activeis.exe will set the Security Levels of the Sybase 9 and 12 components so there are no security issues with ODBC/SQL on the workstation.
      2105 9/27/2013 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 15.54:
    EPI - EPI will properly handle CSV datastreams with new special formula
    New /CSV special formula for SMDR interfaces to properly handle CSV datastreams.
      2095 9/10/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Leading zero not removed when room number contains alpha characters
    Option to remove leading zero only works if room number is numeric. Room numbers which contain an alpha (ie 0408A) will not remove the leading zero.
      2096 9/10/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Sellable Products message did not include room type translations
    The sellable products message would ignore the room type translations entered in iQ-WorldLink and always send the room types configured in roomMaster.
      2102 9/10/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Changing room status did not always prompt to clear room note
    Changing the status of a room from Unavailable to Dirty did not prompt the end user to remove the room note from the room.
      2100 9/10/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Two signature lines not printed on Sign-In Sheet printed from CheckIn Wizard
    Printing Sign-In Sheet from checkin wizard will not print two signature lines when there are more names on the reservation
      2094 9/10/2013 Low Resolved

    POS - Added Inventory Item status to be used for Notification purposes only
    IQ-POS Notification Items allowing POS items to be rung up (without quantity and price) to notify the kitchen, but do not appear on guest receipts and reports.
      2101 9/10/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS scanning of employee badge did not update Title Bar
    When signing into the POS terminal using an Employee Badge, the employee name would not update on the title bar. This is now corrected.
      2098 9/10/2013 Medium Resolved

    POS - Removing a discount does not roll back price on modifiers
    Removing and rolling back a discount in POS does not roll back the price on the modifier. The price is only rolled back on the item and the modifier remains at the discounted price.
      2099 9/10/2013 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL enhancement for CSV Exporting
    The ISQL has been enhanced to allow the user to select whether they want numeric fields to be enclosed in quotes (") --- usually long numbers (phone numbers) should be quoted to avoid scientific notation in Microsoft Excel.
      2097 9/10/2013 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 15.53:
    Main System - Exposed Snaphot to the RM API for upcoming iQAnywhere release

      2089 7/3/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Adding new discount will automatically add effective dates
    Inserting a new Rate Discount in Setup will automatically default the lower and higher dates rather than allowing them to be blank.
      2087 7/3/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Exposed Express Checkout to RM API for upcoming iQAnywhere release

      2090 7/3/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Implemented SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to the Shift4 UTG interface
    The roomMaster to Shift4 UTG interface will now use a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt credit card data passed from the workstation to the server.
      2088 7/3/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Insert/Change/Delete options did not work on Account Code screen
    The Insert/Change/Delete options did not work properly on all of the Account Code setup screens.
      2086 7/3/2013 Low Resolved

    POS - Show SalesPerson name in title bar of IQPOS screen
    Regression: The Sales Person name was no longer showing in the POS Window Titlebar.
      2093 7/3/2013 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Group block detail totals could have incorrect totals when folios are inhouse
    Group Block Detail (GROUPDTL) used counts would increase (double) when going in and out of Group Block records when the Group Block was tied to folios that were currently inhouse.
      2091 7/3/2013 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Reset not fired when all fields removed
    When all fields are removed from the Wizard, the ClearAll/Reset function is not fired.
      2092 7/3/2013 Low Resolved
    Version 15.52:
    Common Library - Build 921 Internal Fixes
    • INTERNAL FIX: Possible GPF with Cla$OPENwindow in CREATEPROFILE when calling from NEWRESERVE
    • INTERNAL FIX: Incorrect RM icon used in Pick Sample Environment (did not show properly)
    • INTERNAL FIX: Website Toolbar option did not show full text of options when Text was set to 125% (tablets)
    • INTERNAL FIX: After CommonConversion completes, the system will now make sure no RMInstall.exe exists in the Updater directory.
    • INTERNAL FIX: Changing Internet Settings and then immediately doing a Setup Outgoing SMTP and then Test Settings would not use the new settings on the Previous screen and show error.

      2085 6/19/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Booking Channel did not enter properly from GDS for Changed Reservations
    The booking channel would not be properly entered from the GDS message for change reservations.
      2081 6/17/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Corrections to F4-Availability screen to avoid GPF issues
    Corrections to the F4-Availability screen to avoid possible GPF issues with the ListBox Header and Cooltips/Balloon.
      2082 6/17/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Reduced Tax Rate fields were switched on the screen display
    Reduced Tax Rate after certain number of days fields (Rate and Days) were switched on the screen.
      2080 6/17/2013 Low Resolved

    POS - Fast Cash keys can be hidden on the theme level in the terminal
    Added ability to hide the Fast Cash keys on the theme level (pslayouts.xml) in the terminal. true
      2083 6/17/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Hold ID would allow lowercase letters
    The HOLD ID would allow lowercase letters to be used when creating a HOLD/TABLE ID. This would cause an issue if someone used the holdID with a different/mixed case. The system now ensures that holdid's are only in Uppercase.
      2084 6/17/2013 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS Purchase/Return option could incorrectly apply taxes
    POS taxes not set/used properly for Purchase/Return option when more than one tax rate is being used.
      2079 6/17/2013 Low Resolved
    Version 15.51:
    Common Library - Possible Issues when printing under Terminal Services
    Under certain circumstances, when printer names with registry value were long, the Terminal Services Override Printer would not be selected. To fix, we have increased Printer Registry Name from 64 to 256 characters to handle Terminal Services Printers of long names.
      2073 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - SMTP Email/Name variable lengths
    Corrected SMTP (Local Workstation) property name and email addresses to be 128 characters in length each.
      2076 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

    Common Library - You can now scan credit card without hitting Scan Card
    You can now scan a credit card on the Credit Card (Shift4) window without having to press the SCAN CARD button. This makes it so there are fewer accidents (%b) as well as makes it quicker/easier for POINT OF SALE credit card transactions to no longer have to press the SCAN CARD button first.
      2074 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    EPI - Added /SIMPLEINQ formula for EPI
    Added /SIMPLEINQ special foRmula to allow for Micros to check an inquiry of room occupied, but not look further at authorizations, charge incidentals or pay types.
      2063 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - KABA and Atlas CRC was missing from Send String
    Regression: NAK would be received from Atlas and Kaba systems because the CRC was not being included in the Send string.
      2065 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Keylock corrections to IP Connectivity
    IQ-Keylocks would not try to reconnect if it disconnected once during the session. It would only reconnect if the remote wanted to reconnect, not if RM had a key to be made. In addition, IQ-Keylocks will now show a proper message while making keys if the remote device is not online (listening mode) rather than a constant meter bar.
      2075 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Keylock issue with receiving two messages at once
    Keylock system would not check if [etx] was received if [stx] was sent and could end prematurely if the system was too slow in sending the data.
      2068 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - iQSchedule Confirmation number displayed on event form and searchable
    The event confirmation number will be displayed in the title bar of the event form and can be searched using the Find option.
      2078 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Changes to avoid Wallpaper issues
    In Setup, if the user selects a wallpaper, outside of the roomMaster directory, the system will now automatically copy the wallpaper file into the roomMaster directory and set the wallpaper to not include the Path or Folder. This avoids issues when clients using a wallpaper on one machine but it does not work on another machine, or AppFrame lockups when searching for another machine IP address.
      2070 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - GDS/Web Bookings would not work with TPS (Standard Edition)
    GDS/Web Bookings did not work in TPS (applog.evt file name not set) and cause a system failure (Dump with errorcode 45)
      2062 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Possible GPF when going in and out of Account Codes
    GPF/Corrupted Memory Block if user setup more than 5 languages and went in and out of Account Codes.
      2067 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Show User/Date/Time when changing rates
    In Configuration / Rates Management / Rate Setup ... added Date/User who changed rates. These changes have to do with either the individual rate entries or changes to Rate Setup.
      2069 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Modifications (New and Fixes)
    • NEW: Added pipe character (|) to split new lines in POS Receipt Messages. Such as: Visit us on the web!|
    • NEW: Added POSAllowMultiple to allow multiple copies of POS to run. (Not recommended unless Citrix and uses different TMP directories)
    • NEW: Ability to print TIP/GRATUITY blank lines on Detail Receipts (Workstation Setup Option)
    • NEW: Check Exclusive (End of Day) rewritten for Premier Edition using new logic, compatible with both Sybase 9 and Sybase 12.
    • NEW: Dayend Close Check Exclusive will now show the workstations using IQPOS applications so the user will know which workstations they need to go to.
    • NEW: Added layout support for FHD (Full HD) Tablets running at 125%
    • NEW: Added simple layout for 800x600
    • NEW: Added Date/Time to POS Service Menu
    • NEW: Added Slim Receipt option for 3" Impact printers
    • CHANGE: Tip/Gratuity consistency for all receipts. The Tip/Gratuity Description on receipts was using both TIP and GRATUITY. The system now uses "TIP" item description from the Item Master. If no "TIP" item exists, it will use the word "Gratuity".
    • FIX: Print Room/Signature uses consistent look between SUMMARY and DETAIL receipts, and fills full receipt left to right.
    • FIX: Corrected sequence of print detail receipt to be Total Before Discounts, Discounts, Sub Total, Total Due, Gratuity Suggestions.
    • FIX: Pay Button did not flush order to POS Recovery File
    • FIX: If POS Order is Recovered, the recover file is deleted afer recovery. However, if the system immediately went down again after recovering the check, there would be no subsequent recovery.
    • FIX: When POS order is recovered, the Sales Person's credentials (security) was not applied to be the sales person of the recovered order.
    • FIX: When removing all modifiers from an item, the NEXT item would be selected rather than the current items you are working with.
    • FIX: If Payment screen buttons had a & sign in the description, it would appear as _ (ie: F_B instead of F&B)
    • FIX: Reprint POS CC Authorization would full check amount rather than original authorization amount.
    • FIX: Reprint POS CC Authorization would only print one authorization, even if there were multiples for the table or seat.
    • FIX: POS tax rates did not synchronize properly when adding / returning a Special Item.

      2059 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Regression: SignOn Message stopped displaying
    iQ-POS Regression - POS SignIn Message stopped displaying in 15.50
      2060 5/28/2013 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Alternate Backup to SQL Backup
    Added Alternate Backup to SQL Backup so there are now two timed backup events that can be morning and afternoon. Also SQL Backup was not remembering the Backup Times when going back into SQL Backup.
      2066 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL (Interactive SQL) Enhancements and Changes
    • Find Table option in ISQL - see ToolTip on Button near new field
    • Corrected CTRL+SPACE popup menu in ISQL Create query to show what keys can be pressed
    • Corrected CTRL+SPACE selection of entries and multiple tables to work much smoother and better during selection

      2071 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL GPF
    ISQL could GPF if a previous handle to the hstmt (ODBC) was trying to be used when an invalid SQL query was executed. Also, ISQL could return a GPF when a Stored Procedure or Internal Procedure is called but was called incorrectly.
      2061 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

    Reports - Error during dayend close when report had zero pages
    If Report during dayend close had zero pages (did not produce a report), standmsg error 506 would appear.
      2064 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

    Reports - Group Sales Report did not run
    Regression: In the past two versions, the Grou Sales Report would not run when user selected the option.
      2072 5/28/2013 Low Resolved

    Reports - Reservation Pickup Value report
    New report (Enterprise/Premier) to show Reservation Pickup Values. Can show as Report or Graph.
      2077 5/28/2013 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 15.50:
    Common Library - Complete Rewrite of RMStartup Code Functions and other ODBC enhancements
    • All EXE's, RMNET and API's use the same new codebase at init/startup. Allows all to startup and behave in the exact same manner (Conversions, SQL ODBC 9/12 checking, new Wait Window)
    • ODBC Driver information shown in File > Multi-Environment > Path Information.
    • ODBC Driver information shown in GPF Exception Log.
    • RTL: ConnectString would crash if called when database is terminated and reconnecting.
    • RTL: SQL Prop:Disconnect could sometimes create a GPF.
    • RTL: Possible GPF when closing tabbed windows too quickly. (freed during drawing)
    • Added debug information to SQL Connection Parameters screen.
    • SQL/Premier Edition Auto Recovery Logic. The system will go through many attempts to try and connect to the remote database before sending up a connection error. This is to help with support calls of the system trying to connect to the database. There is help-text to explain this entire process under Premier (SQL) Edition SQL Connection Attempt Logic.
    • Added Last Successful Server connection to new Debug/Driver Status display.
    • Added Checkbox to ignore Five-Attempt Connection Logic.

      2035 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - Enhancements to Check for Updates
    • Added more checking for Errors when executing the Installer object during "Check for Updates"
    • Check for Updates errors are logged to Event Log
    • Wait 1.5 seconds after download of Updater object and running it to give Op System enough time to flush any buffers, run any virus detection or cleanup so object is not Access Denied.

      2032 4/9/2013 Low Resolved

    Enterprise - LG Housekeeping Corrections
    LG Housekeeping fixes for DIRTY, INSPT, OOSRV and MAID IN ROOM
      2042 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    EPI - /NOCONNECT could cause the session to freeze
    Regression - In EPI, if the session uses a /NOCONNECT option, and IP (TCPIP), the status of the IP port is not updated and could cause the session to freeze.
      2049 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Credit Account Code could be incorrect when posting from EPI
    When posting a credit in EPI, the Credit Account Code from the first Account Code will always be used, regardless of the other "Text On Lines" or Default.
      2056 4/9/2013 Low Resolved

    EPI - Increased length to include PM or AM for Mitel wake up messages in EPI logging
    Adjusted Mitel WakeUp messages to handle "PM" and "AM" - as well as increased the U to USER and C to CONS.
      2051 4/9/2013 Low Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Kaba Single Encoder correction
    Kaba Single Encoder ID response forced to use "00" all the time. Kaba Single EncoderID should always be 00.
      2041 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Keylock Group Authorization
    Keylock Group Authorization was not being updated/used when key copies was greater than 1.
      2037 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Enhancements to URLs
    Enhamcements to provide multiple URLs for sending packets to vendors. (Staah, Update247)
      2048 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Rate Message Exception Periods
    Regarding Exception Periods - If Rate Messages are less than today, the beginning date defaults to CurrentAuditDate-1. If the Rate Message are more than today + MaxDays, the ending date is CurrentAuditDate+MaxDays. This makes sure rate messages are not sent to the GDS outside of the current period.
      2031 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - RMNET/GDS Overbookings written to GDS Log
    When a reservation comes in or is changed that creates an overbooking, it is now written to the Web/GDS Log screen. These messages need to be acknowledged.
      2044 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Audit alert message added to prevent users from running multiple audits in error
    Added a Special Warning/Mistake message indicating if the night audit was run less than 2 hours ago. This is designed to prevent users from closing out the day more than once.
      2055 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Report descriptions no longer display on the Reports menu
    Regression: Checking the option to 'Show Description' on the Reports menu will not display the report descriptions.
      2030 4/9/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Rewording in Rate Setup
    Change terminology of Rate is Discounted Rate in Rate Setup to make more sense and not be confusing with regular Closed Rates.
      2034 4/9/2013 Low Resolved

    POS - Gift Card load transaction not added to POS check in certain circumstances
    Gift Card Loads would not set the AddToQueue flag, causing Load Transactions to not always correctly add to the queue
      2057 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    POS - iQ-POS Enhancements
    • Ability to have Item in Terminal Button different than the description (ie: Crab Legs vs Stuffed Crab Legs)
    • Added ability to remove all Tips.
    • Added ability when posting Tip Amount/Percentage to Split Checks, they can be applied automatically to all the seats.
    • Show when Tips are being processed by Check or Seat in Tip Window title bar
    • Sales Summary by Account Report can be filtered by Account Code
    • Sales Detail by Item can be filtered by Item Number
    • Double-Spacing could occur in Kitchen Printing (regression from previous build)
    • If there are no tips to Declare, the POS Server Report will not show Deduct Tips Declared line.
    • Deduct Tips Declared" now reads "Deduct Tips Undeclared" - as that is proper terminology since some tips can be declared (already) AND some may not. The purpose of the line is to write in tips that are not declared yet in the POS and show as "TIP" in the above section, to be taken out.
    • Show Benchmark of tips on Employee Server Report. (based on NonCashSales-GiftCardLoads)
    • Deposit Report (To Local Printer) was never using the new Receipt Printer Routines (WMF/WIN8)
    • FIX: Changing quantity during adding duplicate item entry will create a new POS item entry.
    • FIX: Delay will change 1 to 9 to 01 to 09 properly.
    • FIX: Delay more than 99 will put up an error now to the end-user to enter a proper delay.

      2040 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Point of Sale - Complete Rewrite and Resign of Layouts
    Complete new design of POS Layouts. (Tablets and XGA)
      2038 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Training Environment Startup
    Training Environment will start now automatically without having to manually restart it. In addition, you can now switch between System and Training mode without having to exit the program.
      2036 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added Directory Override to Rename environment for multi property installations
    Rename environment can be used to reroute AuditReports and IQW directories for MultiProperty installations.
      2050 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Audit Date, Shift and Property Information added to Check Exclusive View
    The Audit date, Shift and Property information have been added to the VIEW_CHECKEXCLUSIVE table in the Interactive SQL feature and use for External systems.
      2058 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive and Embedded SQL reports are blank on Windows 8
    Interactive and Embedded SQL reports would produce no data when being run on Windows 8. Issue caused by column titles missing on the data grid preview causing the system not to be able to generate the reports properly.
      2052 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Wizard - Change Values
    Change Values would automatically add ' (apostrophe) when needed but the Else Value did not.
      2033 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue Report (Daily Charges and by User Field)
    Forecasted Revenue (Userfield) would double the Daily Charge amount when selecting to add Daily Charges.
      2046 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    Reports - QuickBooks Classification to Travel Agent Checks
    When printing Travel Agent Checks, and Exporting to Quickbooks the ledger transactions, you can now assign a Quickbooks Classification to the transactions.
      2045 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - RMNET Mobile may not fully display the guest folio
    The Mobile Folio Display (Display Folio and Express Checkout) may not display the full folio entries.
      2047 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - RMNET User Preference Enhancements
    Added enhancement to display up to two User Preferences (listbox selection) to the guest when making a booking. Valid for both Mobile and Non-Mobile bookings.
      2043 4/9/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - Room type images will not properly display when using a Promo/Group code
    RMNET API - No room type images would appear when using Promo/Group codes.
      2053 4/9/2013 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Room type not added to reservations for groups with a rate override
    RMNET API - Room types sometimes could not be applied on the reservation for Promo Code/Group Reservations
      2054 4/9/2013 Medium Resolved
    Version 15.07:
    Common Library - Calendar Popup supports ESC key
    The popup calender will report ResponseCancelled when using ESC key and not update date field to a new value.
      2013 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - Regression: Track 3 data could be lost during Drivers License Scan
    Track 3 of ScanCard was being moved into Track 2 buffer - causing issues with Drivers licenses missing ZIP Codes.
      2025 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    Conversion - TPS conversion failed on customers on V14.00
    TPS conversion did not work properly if user was on Version 14.00
      2021 2/4/2013 Low Resolved

    EPI - EPI Room Number Increases
    • EPI Squirrel interface did not work for room numbers greater than 4
    • EPI Lucent interface changed to handle 5 character room numbers

      2020 2/4/2013 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Created an "Unseen" Event Log status for iQ-WorldLink
    Separated Event Log System messages to Unseen and Seen. All messages that pertain to errors in WorldLink show as different status (UNSEEN) until they are double-clicked and acknowledged. User can now access these UNSEEN messages via F5 > GDS/WEB LOG new tab. Tab will be red when messages exist. User/Date/Time stamp will be added to message when acknowledged.
      2015 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - XML would form incorrecty when no group detail records
    iQ-WorldLink Groups Export would export incorrect XML if there were no Group Detail records.
      2018 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Corrections to City Ledger Account Fields
    Corrected C/L account field data types from SHORT to LONG to handle long C/L numbers. Also, corrected C/L account field pictures in Report prompt screens.
      2026 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - GDS Ready flag for groups not updated on Audit Change
    iQWorldLink GDSReady flag was not updating during Night Audit Group Process, so groups being released were not updated in the CRS.
      2017 2/4/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group blocks in Tenative status released during night audit
    The group block details of a Tentative status group were released during the night audit.
      2027 2/4/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group CheckIn/CheckOut date change on Popup Calendar
    When selecting the popup calendar in Group Blocks, Checkin/Checkout dates, and pressing Esc key, the dates would previously always adjust, and change to a one night stay. This has been corrected.
      2014 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Import/Export Wizard Corrections
    • IE Wizard Dayend Close Export number of records was always 1 off.
    • IE Wizard Guest Profiles Export did not report when no records were selected.
    • IE Wizard Import Folio Transactions is now handled in the same way as all other imports
    • IE Wizard can now support import of City Ledger transactions
    • IE Wizard can now support import of Reservations
    • IE Wizard can now support new Excel (xlsx and xlsm)
    • IE Wizard import functions significantly enhanced with new functionality including Excel ability.

      2019 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Regression: Inuse Name/Workstion no longer appears in "InUse" window
    The in use Folio Number and Clerk Initials was no longer appearing in the message when pulling up a folio that was in-use by another user.
      2023 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Sort options enhanced to be both Ascending and Desending
    Screens Find, History, SQL Tables, SQL Pick Value and Filter List have been enhanced to handle column sorting, both in Ascending and Descending order.
      2011 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Enhancements to iQ-POS
    • NEW: Ability to track voids on items in POS once check has been printed - even if not dropped.
    • NEW: Added POS Discount Tables to CheckFiles system.
    • NEW: Added Checks and Covers to Hourly Breakdown of POS Statistics Page.
    • NEW: Added Payment / Tip information to POS Statistics Page.
    • CHANGE: POS Receipts (Detail and Summary) will now print the "Total Due" in a larger font to make it more readable for the it is the most important item on the POS receipt.
    • CHANGE: POS Summary Receipt will now print one additional blank line between AMOUNTS and ROOM to space out the items which are similar.
    • FIX: Voiding an item immediately after printing a POS check would not work properly.

      2024 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - iQ-POS Print Manager enhanced
    • PSPRINT can now use DirectPrint or Fully Functional Printer Driver (WMF)
    • FIX: PSPRINT can now use Printer Supported Font on WMF (Impact Printer) with Print Manager new option.
    • FIX: PSPRINT will now Bold "ToGo" order message and center it properly.
    • FIX: PSPRINT allows option for debugging printer/print manager activity.
    • FIX: PSPRINT will now report invalid printer assignments in Error tab
    • FIX: PSPRINT will turn tab red if there are reported errors
    • FIX: POS Reprint Options would allow Course Notification and Resend Order even on blank check. (causing a Recall Order)

      2012 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Enhanced RateTotalStay function to handle Nights Parameters
    ISQL new parameter on RateTotalStay to indicate number of nights instead of always 1.
      2016 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - New "Before Dayend" and "After Dayend" options for Autorun Reports
    Two new "Run Report" options for Dayend close allow you to select that these particular reports will run during the dayend close, not be included in the Audit PDF Pack, but actually/always print to the printer. For example, Housekeeping reports can be set to now always print to the printer and NOT be included in the Audit Pack.
      2022 2/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - Group Blocks Override rate for RMNET/API
    Group Blocks Override rate should use Override Rate Deposit Requirements in RMNET/API.
      2029 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - Group reservations booked via RM.Net could have incorrect deposit amount charged
    Reservations booked using a Promo code for a group block with an overriden rate would incorrectly use the deposit requirements of the default (RACK) rate. The issue only occurs when group block has the rate overriden and reservation is booked using a group promo code on
      2028 2/4/2013 Medium Resolved
    Version 15.06:
    Common Library - Gift Card and Credit Card processing changes in Alternate Environments
    Gift Cards and Credit Cards will no longer be able to be processed in Training and Archive environments for Integrity purposes.
      2004 1/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - RunTime and Library Fixes/Changes
    Clarion RUNTIME fixes to correct recognizing Printer Names longer than 31 characters. In addition, new Catalyst Socket Tool libraries to correct Heap Allocation and Memory Leak issues within INET, HTTP and FTP libraries.
      2003 1/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - System Freezing
    Window Synchronization with Windows and Semaphore:wait event could randomly make the system freeze up when opening or closing a MDI window. This issue was a regression 15.01 through 15.05 --- All clients are encouraged to upgrade to this build to fix this issue immediately.
      2008 1/4/2013 Serious Resolved

    EPI - EPI Enhancements and Changes
    • If there are more than 5 disconnects in a 4 minute window, the system will put the session in a wait state for the remainder of the 4 minute window. This will avoid Memory Exhaustion by Windows to avoid misrouted packets. (Possible GPF in INETRegisterEvent or Too Many in-use Handles)
    • Revamp the way EPI and COM ports are used and work with Windows Handles to avoid GPF's in CLACOM InitPort routine. (This needs testing with customers who use COM ports and EPI to make sure no regressions have occurred!)
    • EPI Locked Communications Port will now handle Init Errors gracefully rather than ignoring them completely. These errors will now display in the Status: window and the system will try to reset the port every five minutes.
    • The Active Voice voicemail interface has been enhanced to handle unsolicited messages more efficiently. This enhancement prevents the system from attempting to post the unsolicited message.
    • More efficient handling of main RecvPort routine when sending back ACK messages.

      1996 1/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Ability to create Keys for Group Blocks
    Ability to create keys for Future/Group Blocks in iQKeylocks. This new function can be accessed via Group Block Form or by Group CheckIn screen.
      2000 1/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Final Corrections to TimeLox Keylock Interface
    Corrected TimeLox interface to handle RS232, IP and RS232 over IP. In additiion, added UserGroup functionality to TimeLox messages.
      1998 1/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink rate descriptions are no longer repeated
    In IQWorldLink, the OTA_RateDescription will only be written out once per rate type rather than each rate section to make the OTA Rate Message more efficient.
      1993 1/4/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Changed XML Exports to be UTF-8 compatible
    Added UTF-8 encoding to ISQL XML Export, IDEAS Export, Frequent Stay Export, AppLog Export and Group Block Breakdown Export. In addition, added UTF-8 Meta Tags and Encoding to ISQL HTML Export.
      1995 1/4/2013 Low Resolved

    Main System - Folio Number corruption with Confirmation Number
    In rare circumstances, a posting to a folio could use the confirmation number instead of the folio number if the user executed certain steps within properties and then Special Properties, posting (or starting to) a deposit transaction, and then returning to the folio to post a subsequent transaction or adjustment.
      2006 1/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Property Name/Address can be overriden for City Ledger
    The Property Name and Address can be overriden on the following items in City Ledger: Statement, Invoice Memo, Credit Memo, and Payment Batch Memo.
      2010 1/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Show Rate is Discounted on Rate Browse screen
    The "Rate is Discounted Rate" is now shown on the Setup Rate Codes browse screen.
      2001 1/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Discount option #2 does not show proper discount on POS Receipts
    The second option to ‘Show full price of line item and then each discount’ shows the discounted price of the item rather than the full price of the item on the detailed receipt.
      2007 1/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS Inventory Report Corrections
    POS Inventory Reorder Report would include items where the Reorder Point was zero. These are now excluded. In addition, report line height spacing corrected to fit more items on less paper.
      1997 1/4/2013 Low Resolved

    POS - POS Receipt fixes for Foreign Currency
    Foreign Currency “Convert and show this total on POS Receipts” checkbox did not save. In addition, Foreign Currency printing on POS receipts corrected.
      1999 1/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added HOST= and PORT= to roomMaster COMMAND() line
    On the rw5main.exe command line, two new additional options (host= and port=) can now be used to specify SQL connection parameters.
      1992 1/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL did not change modified DataTypes to CHAR()
    ISQL Format ColumnPictures did not change the DataType to CHAR causing Exports to not export @MONTHNAME, @WEEKNAME, etc. properly.
      1994 1/4/2013 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Weighted Average was not calculating properly
    ISQL Weighted Average (WAVG) was not calculating properly and multiplying the results by .01
      2002 1/4/2013 Medium Resolved

    Reports - iQ-Gift Card Enhancements
    • "Gift Card Expire Report" now changed to "Gift Card Detail Report" to allow for reporting on ALL cards or just EXPIRED cards. This gives the end user the ability to retrieve the details of all open cards in their system, provided there are less than 2000 open cards. (Anything more than 2000 will have to go through InnQuest request procedures).
    • You must be a MANAGER security level now to retrieve Gift Card Detail report. Supervisors and Auditors can no longer retrieve card details for security purposes - and avoid theft.
    • Changes also added In addition, Gift Card Report now totals the Balance column.
    • Consistent height spacing on all three Gift Card reports
    • Currency pictures were formatted as text rather than numbers causing Excel Export to export commas in figures 1,000.00 and greater.
    • Gift Card XML file will use UTF-8 to handle extended characters in card names and other text fields.
    • All Card Maintenance Inquires will display Gift Card Numbers with dashes for easier reading as well as correction to Scientific Notation bug in Excel when importing via Excel.

      2005 1/4/2013 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 15.05:
    Conversion - Conversion program will handle Duplicate Primary Keys more efficiently

      1990 11/28/2012 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink will not create reservation if OTA Reference already exists
    iQ-WorldLink will not recreate duplicate reservations (using OTAADD) where the OTA Reference (Reservation) already exists. The system will not create the duplicate reservation but write to the OTAlog and Event Log, and send back the PMS Confirmation number to the GDS. This helps eliminate GDS duplicates - especially when the original is entered by FAX/EMAIL.
      1981 11/28/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Corrections to avoid GPF Issues and Communication Errors
  • Quick Room Display will limit starts to only a single instance. This is due to the screen using the highest number of handles and Windows is limited to 10,000 handles per application. Limiting the number of starts of this thread decreases the chance of a CreateMSIWindow API GPF and holding resources in the application.
  • Much stronger TYPEing of Procedure and Function parms to avoid GPFs
  • Correction for Premier "communication error" response if the database is terminated and restarted while roomMaster is opened
  • Users table would not reopen on a database Communication error

  •   1982 11/28/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Display issue on Availability (F4) screen
    Changing from Displayed rate to Non-Displayed rate on F4-Availability would still show the rate code on the Display Rates button.
      1984 11/28/2012 Not Important Resolved

    Main System - Foreign Currency Display Corrections
  • Foreign Currency will update display immediately instead of when exiting the field for quicker display.
  • Vertical scroll bar missing from Foreign Currency Display.

  •   1986 11/28/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Inconsistent Date pictures on Guest Profile Statistics information.

      1989 11/28/2012 Not Important Resolved

    Main System - Rate Translations allowed a blank entry on the rate code
    Adding a rate translation from the GDS Channel tab of a Rate Code allowed the host rate type to be blank.
      1985 11/28/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Timer Event for Watch Folios, Interface Alert and Mail incorrect
    AppFrame Timer Event was being fired every 1.5 seconds instead of every 30 seconds. This caused Watch Folios, Internal Mail and Interface Alert checking to be incorrectly checked too aggressively. This could cause a slowdown in the system and normal options. In addition, the system was monitoring Interface Alerts while in Archive and Training modes when it should have been ignored.
      1991 11/28/2012 Serious Resolved

    Premier Edition - RateTotalStay function in ISQL would not always return proper results
    The RateTotalStay function extension in Interactive SQL did not always work properly based on query permissions.
      1987 11/28/2012 Low Resolved

    Reports - Report Corrections
  • Company History Report (Summary) has been rewritten to have a better display format.
  • Correction to Group Contract sales figures for zero room days and Service/Flat charges.
  • Forecasted Revenue Report will include Package Other Charges (other than Room Revenue) for unfilled groups. It will be based on 1 adult and 0 children to calculate the package totals.
  • Runtime variables were not included in Signin Sheet (FILE NOT OPEN in SigninSheetProcess)

  •   1983 11/28/2012 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Shopping Cart quantity options could calculate incorrect
    The quantity options on the item level in the Shopping Cart feature could calculate incorrectly when based on number of adults, number of children, selected quantity or number of nights.
      1988 11/28/2012 Low Resolved
    Version 15.04:
    Conversion - Premier Conversion Fixes
  • Premier Conversion program did not embed Windows Manifest causing it a look/feel of non-Windows Vista/7.
  • TPS to SQL 47 Errors that occur on the iQ-Schedule files will be ignored/skipped and assumed the user is not using IQ-Schedule.
  • Premier Conversion could show 47 error on Denials because of invalid OPT attribute on KEY.

  •   1971 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Functions - New HTML function library (CLAJHTM.DLL)
    Replaced previous version of HTML function runtime library, as supplied by vendor.
      1976 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - iQ-Keylocks Changes
  • iQ-KeyLocks has additional Room Number formatting options.
  • iQ-Keylocks has additional debug information.
  • Fixes to IQKeylocks to properly handle Encoder ID's across all keylock devices, regardless of numeric or alphanumeric
  • NEW: Ability to strip out Dashes from room numbers in IQKeylocks

  •   1970 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - Fixes to iQ-Schedule
  • If no date was set in a calendar resource, and Calendar Resources was pressed, an SQL error would occur.
  • The user could save a calendar resource even if there were no Start Date.

  •   1966 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Changes to the number of rooms writes to the event log
    Changes in Setup to number of rooms add an entry to the event log.
      1968 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger Print Invoice Detail in Foreign Currency
    The Print Invoice Detail option in City Ledger can print all amounts in a foreign currency.
      1958 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Corrections made to WriteTODOSFile procedure
  • WriteToDOSFile will wait 2 seconds on error and attempt opening one more time.
  • Spelling error corrected on WriteToDOSF error message.
  • WriteToDOSFile can handle silent errors (IQW, EPI, API) and not display a message window which holds up the interface.

  •   1965 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Corrections to some column titles (FOLIOHD / HISTHD)
    The field descriptions have been updated to maintain consistency in FOLIOHD and HISTHD for: OUTBY, OUTDATE, OUTTIME.
      1972 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Currency conversion or including Tax Summary on folio could cause error when pri
    Currency Conversion or Tax Summary of a folio could cause the folio to "lock up" and go into an infinite loop.
      1967 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Exception information is retained in one file
    New GPF functions that will combine Clipboard Results to Exception log so all Exception information is retained in one single file – without user intervention
      1963 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Frequent Stay Data can be rebuilt and sent for a specific checkout date
    Frequent Stay Data can now be rebuilt for a specific date and retransmitted from the Night Audit menu.
      1964 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Full Windows 8 Manifest Support
    Windows 8 is now fully supported.
      1961 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Group Block Contract could display incorrect totals and figures
    The Group Block Contract could display incorrect totals for room commitments and rate commitments for groups with more than 9 days included in the block.
      1978 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - New City Ledger Adjustment could post incorrectly as Void/Has Void
    Posting a new City Ledger Adjustment transaction when the highlighted record is either Voided or Has been voided could be used/copied into the new posting transaction.
      1977 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - New phone type added for Phone1 and Phone2 fields
    A new phone type, Pickup Contact, has been added to the Phone1 and Phone2 fields to ensure the phone types match the OTA standard.
      1959 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Travel Agent commisions can be created for folios already in history
    The travel agent ID can be added to a folio in history and the travel agent commission will be automatically created during the dayend close procedure. This enhancement prevents the need to manually add travel agent commissions if the travel agent ID was not on the folio at checkout. Supervisor or Manager access is required to pull a folio from history and add the travel agent ID to have the commission created during the audit.
      1975 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Warning message added when closing an active interface to prevent GPF issues
    If an interface is active during CloseDown or CloseWindow event on AppFrame, a warning will appear. This may stop potential GPF when closing down the system when a thread is active
      1979 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    POS - Column header renamed for Sales Person to "Sales Owner"
    The column header/name for Sales Person on the Header (HD) tables renamed to "Sales Owner"
      1973 11/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Housekeeping Charts and Graphs enhanced
    The Housekeeping (F10) Charts and Graphs now include Blocked/Unused Group Block rooms.
      1962 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL
  • ISQL has a new vendor extension, PIVOTRESULTSET
  • ISQL Wizard last tab rearranged and also has access to more extension options
  • Additional WHERE options added in ISQL Wizard (does not start with & does not contain)
  • Added option to suppress the number of records from appearing on reports (NORECORDSCOUNT)

  • Fixes:
  • Special Prompt fields that are used more than once in the same query will not be prompted a subsequent time (ie: using a prompt field in a where clause and a header/footer)
  • All prompt fields including Special Fields are now remembered between subsequent runs
  • ISQL RateTotalStay Extension would not return rate when ROOM TYPE and RATE TYPE were different
  • ROUND, DATEADD functions would not SQL Clean properly (CTRL+K)
  • ISQL Subtotals are not written during GrandTotals when there are no SubTotals (ON statement)

  •   1960 11/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - All Shopping Cart items would not display and select quantity option incorrect
    The reservation options page would not display all shopping cart items and the option to select quantity (1-9) incorrectly displayed a select box instead of input box.
      1974 11/8/2012 Low Resolved
    Version 15.03:
    EPI - EPI Changes/Fixes
  • CHANGE: EPI to correctly open the threads in a consistent (Alphabetic) order for both TPS and SQL.
  • FIX: EPI Memory overrun when closing sessions.
  • FIX: EPI Buffer overrun when accepting very large amounts of data.

  •   1952 10/8/2012 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Failed file name written to iQ-WorldLink log file
    When failed files are created, the file name is written to the IQW Log file.
      1949 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Designate if the Group Notes will popup in Folio Properties on Group Blocks
    On the Group Block record, three options have been added to enhance group notes displaying on reservations and folio properties. The new options include having group notes popup on reservations only, folio properties only, or reservations and folio properties.
      1955 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Find Entries would supress duplicates incorrectly
    Regression: In 15.02, the system was enhanced to supress duplicates. The system incorrectly supressed based on the icon displayed rather than the section.
      1953 10/8/2012 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Minor Fixes Related to Active-X and Help Documentation
  • Not all programs checked for latest Active-X installation at Startup (RMNET Setup, Print Manager, IQ-Messenger, EPI)
  • Not all programs used the local copy of help (RMNET Setup, Print Manager, IQ-Messenger, EPI)
  • F1-Help would not use the local copy of the help file on 64-bit Operating system.

  •   1956 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Seven digit folio numbers would not display properly on F8-Current Folios and Gu
    Folio numbers which are seven digits in length would not display properly.
      1944 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    POS - Recall Check did not clear POSLOGDT
    Recalling a closed check did not clear the POSLOGDT and could cause an error to occur when voiding items on the recalled check.
      1950 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added FORMATCOLUMN to ISQL Function Editor
    Added FORMATCOLUMN to ISQL Function Editor to make it easier to enter FORMTCOLUMN functions in Free-Form SQL Syntax.
      1954 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Hidden columns included when exporting to a chart in ISQL
    Hidden columns in ISQL would still be included when exporting to a chart.
      1946 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Fixes and Enhancements
  • NEW: ISQL Now handles “Pick Multiple Values” both in Free-Form and Wizard
  • CHANGE: Pick from Date Range on F8-SQL Prompt moved to pull-down option instead of checkbox for consistency
  • FIX: Return Values in Prompt fields were limited to only 50 characters – fixed to 2048 characters
  • FIX: If a Prompt Field Return Value contained an apostrophe, it was not allowed. It is now properly allowed.

  •   1957 10/8/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Special Fields added to SQL Wizard
    Added SQL Special Fields to the SQL Wizard where pull-down to allow PICK fields to be used in the Wizard.
      1945 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Wizard enhanced to support HAVING SQL clause
    The SQL Wizard now supports using the HAVING SQL clause to enhance options with SQL queries.
      1951 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Figures over 1 million converted to be easier to read on Charts/Graphs
    Charts/Graphs will convert figures over 1 million to thousands and display as "x K" instead of full numbers to make charts easier to read.
      1947 10/8/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Sort order incorrect on Monthly Account Balance chart/graph
    Monthly Account Balance Graphs did not sort months properly on the graph and in the legend.
      1948 10/8/2012 Low Resolved
    Version 15.02:
    Common Library - Better/More efficient handling of reading Configuration Record
    Better/More efficient handling of reading Configuration record during startup of new threads, and setting up SQL ODBC Parameters.
      1939 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Common Library - New GPF / Access Violation Functionality
    GPF functionality has been enhanced so LogFiles are created automatically with no User intervention. The Exceptions are now accessible through a new option Setup > Configuration > Manage > Event Log > Exceptions. The name of the log file appears as well in the Exception Window.
      1941 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - Possible GPF when accessing GetConfigValue in very fast manner
    When starting up threads in an extremely fast manner or accessing the config record at the exact same time (millisecond), a GPF could occur. This has been resolved using a critical section of code.
      1937 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Slowness in Typing and/or Slowing with Screens
    Some users on some workstations report slow typing which can also result in incorrect CAPS in entry fields, as well as slowness opening screens.
      1943 10/1/2012 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia interface could not handle more than 3,000 rate updates in single messag
    The system will now no longer send more than 3,000 rate updates in a single update message to meet Expedia’s requirements on the Expedia Quick Connect interface.
      1922 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Negative exclusions on the room type level did not affect inventory counts
    Entering a negative exclusion (overbooking) on the room type level had no effect on the inventory count included in inventory messages on OTA interfaces.
      1917 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Access Violation (GPF) could happen when exporting rooming list
    End users could receive an access violation (GPF) in drvmakeCSTRING when exporting Rooming Lists in Group Blocks.
      1919 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Attempting to run invalid custom reports would cause MDI window errors
    Invalid custom reports, such as a custom report configured as a Clarion report with no library attached, would cause MDI window errors. This could cause issues during the night audit if the invalid reports were configured to auto run.
      1920 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Auto capitalization could incorrectly capitalize letters in input fields
    Typing into input fields could be sluggish and cause the auto capitalization feature to incorrectly capitalize letters in the middle of a word. Runtime fix from Clarion was required to correct the issue.
      1935 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger Auto Pay feature would incorrectly apply payments to open invoices
    Regression: The Auto Pay feature would apply the payment to all open invoices regardless of the remaining balance left to apply to subsequent invoices.
      1926 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Credit card payments to city ledger do not appear on Electronic Processing
    Credit card transactions processed in the city ledger do not appear on the Electronic Processing report. The payment posts to the city ledger account and the credit card transaction does appear in $OTN. The transaction will only be missing from the Electronic Processing report.
      1913 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Emailing HTML letters and large PDF files could cause access violation error
    Some large confirmation and HTML letters could GPF when sending via email. The buffer length has been increased to stop this GPF and handle emails with large embedded attachments and images.
      1928 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Find feature enhanced to filter out duplicate results
    The Find feature will now only return one result for each entry, even if there are multiple fields on the record which match the search criteria.
      1929 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - GPF when right-clicking on F4-Availability
    A GPF would occur on F4-Availability / By Room Number, in the Room Type column.
      1938 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group Block Discounts are ignored in Rooming List Reservations and on Group Cont
    Discounts added to a group block would be omitted from reservations created using the rooming list feature. Group contract did not include the discount when calculating the rate for the rate details section.
      1931 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Line breaks added to HTML letters using runtime variables
    Runtime variables added to HTML letters would cause two line breaks (/line /line) to appear before the text from the runtime variable.
      1923 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Possible memory corruption on F4-Availability
    Possible memory corruption can occur when rates are being displayed, and user clicks on an empty room in days 12, 13 or 14. Memory corruption can occur or a GPF.
      1942 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Scrollbar behavior in F5-Reservations screen improved.
    Dynamic scroll stop values have added to the F5-Reservations / By CheckIn routine to have more accurate positioning of the vertical scrollbar.
      1940 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - Shift4 Purchase Card Block Arrival Date incorrect on reservation deposits
    Shift4 Purchase Card Block Arrival Date for Deposits would not put the correct checkin date - it was putting an erroneous checkin date.
      1936 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS Monthly/Year Usage Report enhancements
    The POS Monthly/Year Usage report will no longer print orphan header or foot totals from a detail line. The report can now be printed in a compressed font format to ensure large values print properly on the report.
      1930 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Denials table could fail on conversion
    TPS to Premier conversion could fail with Error 47 when reaching Denials table. Premier conversion could also fail with a hard halt.
      1914 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Copy Column does not copy all values in the column
    Interactive SQL Copy Column function could miss values being placed on the keyboard due to a Windows Timing Event error. This has now been corrected.
      1921 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Enhancements
    • Added MIN() and MAX() attributes to SUBTOTAL function to allow printing MIN and MAX values for sub-totals
    • Added TIGHT attribute to FORMATSPACING to print more lines on a page to save paper (FORMATSPACING TIGHT)
    • Better Orphan line printing on SQL reports so sub-totals and totals would not print on a separate page than the detail lines. Sibling lines (totals) will print with at least one line of the parent.
    • Better formatting of detail lines for A4 Paper sizes to print more detail data in Portrait Reports.

      1927 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Multiple database connections from too many MDI windows open on workstation
    If a user opened many MDI windows, which caused more than 150 active tables to be opened, another SQL Connection would be raised to the database engine. This could cause a licensing issue for users who were not using the Unlimited Sybase license or cause random exclusive access errors when starting the Dayend Close
      1933 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Arrivals, Stayover and Departures report defaults to A4 paper size
    Arrivals, Stayover and Departures report will always use the A4 : paper setting rather than the default paper setting for the selected printer.
      1918 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Reports - Daily Charges and Package report always contains child entries
    The Daily Package report picks up the child entry, even if there is no child. The child entries are now ignored in the Daily Charges and Package report if there are no children on the reservation.
      1925 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue Report could have incorrect totals for historical dates
    Regression: The Forecasted Revenue report could contain incorrect room revenue totals for historical dates. The revenue totals for future (forecasted) dates would always be correct. The regression was caused by enhancements to the report for inclusive versus non-inclusive taxes.
      1924 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    Reports - TXR reports do not show properly when adding custom reports
    Adding new TXR reports did not show properly in the Report names drop-down. The drop-down was blank instead of listing each report name.
      1934 10/1/2012 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Java messages would not display in RM.NET when CR/LF was in text
    To ensure that Advanced Rules display properly during, the characters ' " & # \ / are removed as well as CR/LF - and all converted to spaces.
      1915 10/1/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - keeps package entries assigned to non-package rates
    In rare cases, if the session tied to a RM.NET user switched between Package rates and non-Package rates, the Package entries could still be attached to the reservation when it were entered into roomMaster.
      1916 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - Shopping cart items could have the quantity type incorrect after upgrading
    Regression: The quantity type could be changed to Set to Number of Adults when upgrading to version 15.
      1932 10/1/2012 Medium Resolved
    Version 14.61:
    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia interface could skip dates sending a full load of inventory and rates
    Expedia (and other GDS interfaces) could skip sending Rates and Inventory messages when processing a full rate update.
      1904 6/14/2012 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Regression: Expedia interface could create invalid rates
    Expedia interface would create invalid rates if the dates on rate records are not consecutive.
      1905 6/14/2012 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Regression: Sign-In Sheet not printing translations
    The Sign-In Sheet would not use translations entered for certain fields in the header.
      1909 6/14/2012 Low Resolved

    POS - POS Pre-Posting Surcharge ignoring rate 2
    Pre-posting surcharge does not post when using amount 2 in POS.
      1910 6/14/2012 Medium Resolved

    POS - Regression: POS Menu bar display issue
    POS Menu Bar may not fully redisplay when returning from POS Terminal Mode.
      1911 6/14/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Scheduled events did not use override backup directory
    Creating a Scheduled Event would not take into consideration the overriden backup location.
      1906 6/14/2012 Low Resolved
    Version 14.60:
    iQ-Keylocks - Configuration option added to Ving Vision and Ving 2100/2800
    Configuration option to never send authorizations for Ving Vision and Ving 2100/2800. The option is used with multiple User Groups feature.
      1899 6/2/2012 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Scan - iQ-Scan configuration settings not being saved correctly
    The configuration settings would incorrectly save Purge Days and Overwrite option for iQ-Scan.
      1900 6/2/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger combined invoices would not reopen when adding invoices
    City Ledger post today's items on Combined Invoices would not reopen the invoice if subsequent invoices were posted after it was paid off/closed.
      1897 6/2/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group Folio could omit transactions posted directly on desk folio
    Group folio will omit transactions posted directly on the desk folio if a room revenue transaction has been posted directly to the desk folio and the display date altered when using tax rollup.
      1895 6/2/2012 Low Resolved

    Main System - Package rate exceptions not applied to folio properties
    Package rate exceptions not properly applied to folio properties from the reservation causing rate amounts to be incorrect.
      1896 6/2/2012 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Multiple Fixes to Interactive SQL
    • ISQL would not level break properly if breaks were in columns 19 or 20
    • ISQL would not autofit columns properly for Decimal pictured fields
    • ISQL would not trim left spaces when copying fields that were decimals.
    • ISQL would not allow multiple subqueries surrounded by UNION ALL.
    • ISQL would sometimes exclude spaces during Clean SQL Query.

      1902 6/2/2012 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Pace Booking message not correctly calculating
    The messages on the Pace Booking report were not always calculating correctly.
      1898 6/2/2012 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Rate Closures included checkout day on
    The API included the checkout day for rate closures.
      1901 6/2/2012 Low Resolved
    Version 14.51:
    Common Library - File in-use errors for IQXML.DLL could cause permanent access denied error
    IQXML.DLL could cause permanent access denied error when handling in-use files or files which could not be created. IQXML.DLL updated to prevent this error.
      1816 12/1/2011 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Foreign Currency Corrections
    Foreign Currency Transaction Receipt would not display converted currencies with more than 4 decimal places. In addition, Guest Folio Foreign Currency Breakdown would not display converted currency properly when more than 4 decimal places.
      1822 12/5/2011 Low Resolved

    EPI - Updated EPI to handle call accounting interface for Siemens HiPath HHSC 3000
    Added "hhmmsshhmmss" call duration type to support interface to Siemens HHSC 3000.
      1814 12/1/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - iQ-Keylocks could only handle one user group
    iQ-Keylocks could only handle a single User Group when creating keys with VingVision interface. Keylock interface has been upgraded to handle up to three different UserGroups.
      1813 12/1/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia would return error if MAX ADULTS is 0
    Exepdia would return an error during rates/inventory upload if a no maximum number of adults were specified for a room type. Interface now defaults to 2 maximum adults if room type's setting is 0.
      1815 12/1/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Final fixes to TotalStay Regression
    Total Stay, Rate details would always show daily charges in the daily charges column, regardless of the "Packages rollup in to room amounts for Total Stay and Snapshot" configuration. Also, Total Stay would not display History folios properly for "Actual" Posting.
      1828 12/5/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Reservation detail form did not show total deposit amount using currency picture
    Total deposit amount on reservation detail screen would not display using the configuration's currency picture. This screen now uses the currency picture specified in Setup > Config > System.
      1819 12/1/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - SignIn Sheet did not print the right header on Weekly/Monthly

      1821 12/5/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Total Stay screen displays negative/credit Dailiy Charges as positive/debit
    Total Stay screen displays negative/credit Dailiy Charges as positive/debit numbers (regression). System updated to display proper amounts.
      1820 12/1/2011 Serious Resolved

    POS - Error messages are unclear when creating/deleting POS Recovery File
    Error messages are unclear when creating/deleting POS Recovery File. iQ-POS now shows filename during this process.
      1817 12/1/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - Inventory setup didn't show prices using currency picture
    POS Inventory setup didn't show prices using currency picture from Setup > Config > System in roomMaster. POS now uses this setting.
      1818 12/1/2011 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Corrections to ISQL Clean SQL
    Old formatting of CHR(160) would cause query to fail when using CTRL+K, Clean SQL. In addition, FORMATCOLUMN would incorrectly be formatted when using CTRL+K, Clean SQL.
      1826 12/5/2011 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL now has Average Night in TotalStay functions
    Extended functionality of TotayStay functions in ISQL to show Average Night Amount using parm value 8.
      1829 12/5/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue Report would use Rate Type when rate was free
    If Group block has Override Rate checked, but there were no actual rates (ie: Group Stays for Free) - the Forecasted Revenue Report would show income based on the Default Rate Type instead of free.
      1824 12/5/2011 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Sales Reports would only go to 2010
    Group Sales Detail Report, Travel Agent Sales Report or Company Sales Report would not allow selection past 2010.
      1823 12/5/2011 Low Resolved
    Version 14.50:
    Common Library - Enhancements to Print Preview Engine
    Print Preview engine has been enhanced: * Mixed document pages (Portrait and Landscape) are now displayed properly such as displaying the Night Audit Pack of multiple Paper type. * Paging Up/Down is now much faster/smoother with no flicker.
      1796 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - Night audit reprint would produce extra blank pages (regression)
    Changes were made to CLARUN causing extra blank pages to print during the night audit for reports. The reprint functionality has also been corrected to properly place the image on the page in the exact same location it was originally (xpos/ypos) rather than 1/2 inch off.
      1795 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Enterprise - Quick Reports no longer print correctly
    Regression: The Report Wizard would no longer be able to reformat the detail band for Landscape reports and incorrectly print the header.
      1772 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Enterprise - Report Wizard added to City Ledger Invoices
    Added Report Wizard to City Ledger Invoices. Also corrected some text for the City Ledger Detail fields.
      1779 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - CompanyProfileModifyRQ sending empty fields (OTA Requirement)
    Changed iQ-WorldLink to not sending empty address/phone/fax and contact information in the message for company profile updates (IQCRS)
      1789 11/23/2011 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink communication error detection enhanced
    The error handling in iQ-WorldLink has been enhanced in many ways to handle communication issues.
    • Communication errors that receive blank/no response will gracefully retry in the next interval.
    • Root error messages returned by iQ-CRS will now be gracefully retried in the next interval rather than deleting.
    • Root error messages will now display in iQ-WorldLink.
    • Service Maintenance messages are now detected for most remote systems including iQ-CRS.
    • Full Load Inventory/Rate message will not be deleted/lost if there is no response or service maintenance.

      1791 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink will send Rate Closures during each inventory update
    Since rates are being updated during a daily update, it could reopen a rate closed by a rate closure. Rate closures are resent during each update for room types affected by the change.
      1811 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink would send wrong rate if Deriving Rates after Yielding
    If Yielding is turned on, and Apply Yielding Before Derived is selected, and the rate is in a derived and yielded situation, the rate is calculated incorrected when being sent to the GDS. Expedia rate updates are not affected by this issue.
      1786 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Modifications to existing reservations could fail if were More Names attached
    Modifications to existing reservations could fail if there were more names on the reservation.
      1806 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Access to Guest Profile from Availability Screen for Folios/History
    You can now right-click on Folios and History Folios and have direct access to the Guest Profile, similar to how user can access Guest Profile by right-clicking on a reservation.
      1787 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added ability to include Group and Company information on Special Receipts
    You can now check a box to include any GROUP or COMPANY information on a special receipt.
      1782 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added CheckOuts for Tomorrow to Current Snapshot
    Current Snapshot feature now includes number of checkouts for next audit date.
      1802 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added new "Locate Group" functionaity to Availability (F4) screen
    Added new functionality on the F4-Availability screen (Show by Room Number) to only show the items which pertain to a particular Group Code, while everything else is grayed out.
      1790 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added Occupancy with Unavailable wording to Availability by Room Type screen
    The option to 'Include Unavailable Rooms in Occupancy' on the Availability by Room Type screen is no longer a workstation setting. The option would have to be selected each the time screen is loaded and when selected the wording will change to 'Occupancy with Unavailable' to indicate the figures include unavailable rooms.
      1805 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added prompt to automatically unassign a room number when changing room type
    Users will now be prompted to remove the assigned room on a reservation when attempting to change the room type.
      1804 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added Tax Invoice number to City Ledger Memo
    Added Tax Invoice literal and number to the City Ledger Memo.
      1785 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Availablity screen now automatically resizes all columns dynamically
    Availability screen would not display daily columns with equal widths. Screen now shows all daily columns with equal widths at all times -- when resizing window or selecting different range of dates (one week, 10 days, two weeks).
      1797 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Display Date on voided charges not same as original transaction date
    When voiding a Guest Ledger charge, the Display Date (FOT:DISPLAYDATE) will now be the same as the original transaction's display date.
      1775 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Enhancements to Messages and Mail
    1. When a reply is sent to Messages and Mail message, the message's icon reflects a reply has been sent. 2. The Return Receipt icon has been changed to a Return Receipt icon similar to icon used by Outlook. 3. There is a new "Unread Only" checkbox in bottom-left corner of Messages and Mail screen to filter the list to only show unread messages.
      1792 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Enhancements to Total Stay window on a folio/checked in guest
    The Total Stay window will include Actual Posted charges when using Total Stay from a Folio/Checked in guest. This will allow the Total Stay to reflect a more accurate amount when a guest changes their rate or different rates are actually posted than the current rate type/rate amounts.
      1776 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Increased Room Type selection to 30 room types on Reserve & Availability screens
    The pull down which displays room types on the Reserve screen and Availability screen has been standardized to display 30 room types.
      1798 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - iQ-Gift Card report enhancements for expired cards
    InnQuest Gift Card users can now run a report to list all cards prior to an Expiration Date. Cards will only appear in the report if there is a balance. This is located under Gift Card Maintenance. In addition, the Card Inquiry report will display an expiration date if the card is expired.
      1809 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Keyboard shortcut changed to access Help > About roomMaster
    Help/About would use CTRL+A which conflicts with Windows Standard CTRL A on a TextForm. The keyboard shortcut has been changed to CTRL+SHIFT+A.
      1771 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Letters that failed under MAPI reported as successfully sent in Change Journal
    When sending an RTF confirmation letter, using MAPI, and the user clicked cancel in the Outlook form, the system would report the user cancelled out, however, it would still mark the letter as successfully sent and still journal that the Email was sent.
      1777 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Many fixes to Global Currency Pictures
    Many fixes to screens using global currency pictures that were still showing as US Dollar, especially in City Ledger, Shift Reports and Chart of Accounts.
      1784 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - No error displayed to user when Updates directory could not be created
    If the creation of the updates directory failed, no error would be displayed to the user.
      1773 11/23/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Quicker Access to reservation via Folio Special Properties
    In addition to showing the Reservation Confirmation or Share Confirmation on the Folio Special Properties screen, the confirmation number is a clickable link to the actual Reservation. Also, Folio Special Properties will show "WalkIn" for Confirmation Number instead of "0".
      1781 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - System would appear to freeze when printing large Group Folios
    When very large group folios (500+ entries) were generated, the progress window would not update to reflect the actual progress. This has been corrected, and the generation of group folios is now faster.
      1778 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - TotalStay would reflect wrong amount when using custom rate with credits
    If there were a Daily Charge or Package, and one of the entries were a credit, the amount would be added to the TotalStay rather than subtracted.
      1794 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Unwelcome Guest List not checked after "good" Guest Profile is already selected
    If a Guest Profile without Unwelcome List checkbox is assigned to a reservation, system would continue to check other similar Guest Profiles for Unwelcome List checkbox. System no longer checks for similar profiles if Guest Profile without "Unwelcome List" option is already attached to a reservation.
      1803 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Added ability to Print a Server Report from a previous business date
    Premier Only: A Server Shift Report can be printed for a previous date after the end of day processing after been completed in iQ-POS. The option is available by selecting Reports > Reprint User Report in iQ-POS Premier.
      1800 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Added Global option to suppress confirmation of closing a check in iQ-POS
    A Global setting was added to suppress the prompt to confirm closing a POS check. When selecting, the end user no longer receives a prompt to close out a check after posting payment.
      1808 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Business Date added to Server Shift Report
    The business (audit) date has been added to the Server Shift Report in iQ-POS. Previously, the report only included the system date and time of printing.
      1799 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - POS Server Report now shows checks on hold as well as Classification Breakdown
    The POS Server Report will now show the number of checks on hold as well as classification total breakdown at the end of the report.
      1810 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Tips processed on a date other than audit date could be excluded from reports
    The check which is added for TIP processing would set the check date equal to the system date instead of the audit date in the system. This could cause Server Shift Reports to exclude the tip processing and affect custom SQL queries.
      1801 11/23/2011 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Enhanced Report Wizard to use existing Filter List in Premier Edition
    Where a Filter List option exists and the Report Wizard feature is selected, users are prompted to to use the active Filter List filtering instead of selecting/creating a query with the Query Wizard.
      1780 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Extended functionality for Wait List added to Premier Edtiion
    Renamed Upgrades function to be "Upgrades/WaitLists" and added full functionality to display reservations on the waitlist, and what the inventory/room status is for each reservation on the waitlist.
      1783 11/23/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - iQ-WorldLink could freeze when accessing Configuration
    The system would hang when shutting down or going into Configuration option if the database connection was terminated.
      1770 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL reports can print incorrectly in landscape format (Regression)
    Because of the change in the Clarion report engine, landscape reports being printed/previewed in ISQL could be incorrectly formatted (header overrun)
      1788 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - TPS-to-Premier Conversion could drop surcharge and profit center fields
    The TPS to Premier conversion could mix up or drop the Surcharge and Profit Center fields in the ACCOUNTS table.
      1812 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved

    SetupBuilder - TPS installer can be incorrectly installed over SQL/Premier installation
    The TPS Edition was allowed to be installed over a Premier/SQL installation. This was corrected.
      1793 11/23/2011 Medium Resolved
    Version 14.04:
    EPI - LodgeNet/Otrum interfaces will use override extensions
    For LodgeNet/Otrum interfaces, the system will use the override extensions added to the configuration file for LOOK/DISP/STAT messages.
      1759 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Messenger - iQ-Messenger Alert could have incorrect forecast occupancy percentage
    The occupancy forecast figures included in the alert message included any room types which are configured to be excluded from occupancy percentages (meeting rooms). This would cause the forecast occupancy percentage to be lower than actual.
      1754 11/2/2011 Low Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - iQ-Schedule Events can now be added to reservation confirmation letters
    Enhancement:iQ-Schedule events can now be added to reservation confirmation letters to confirm events and tours scheduled for the guest. The new variable *IQSCHED*will work for both HTML and RTF letters.
      1762 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Hotel Booking Rules message could include room types specified to be excluded
    The hotel booking rules message (HBR) could include closed to arrival and departure inventory controls for room types which are not included on the interface.
      1753 11/2/2011 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink could not recover when remote system aborted connection
    iQ-WorldLink would try to continue the next transmission on the same disconnected socket if the remote system disconnected during a previous transmission rather than disconnecting and opening a new socket. This has been resolved. Expedia clients should definitely upgrade to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
      1761 11/2/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Added ability to reply with quote when replying to a mail message
    When replying to a mail message, the ability to select 'Reply with Quote' and include the original message in the response is now available.
      1757 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added ability to start a new reservation from Availability by Room Type screen
    NEW: On the Availability by Room Type screen, you can now double-click on an entry in the column to immediately start a new reservation. The reservation will be created for the date/room type which was double clicked and will use the default number of nights and adults from configuration.
      1756 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Duplicate Reservation feature from Availability by Room Number screen
    The duplicate reservation feature does not prompt to use existing profile/name when creating the new reservation. This has been resolved and the system will now prompt whether to use existing profile and name when using the duplicate reservation feature from the availability screen.
      1755 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Enhanced Reservation Detail, Folio Properties, and Folio Display screens
    Streamlined process for opening these three screens to make program faster and more efficient. Terminal service users will benefit as screens will open much faster.
      1766 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Enhanced screen display on City Ledger Payment Record
    The display payment record screen in the city ledger payments will now show the actual posted amount and batch amount as two separate entries on the screen. The enhancement will clearly indicate the applied amount in red if the two figures do not match due to an existing credit being applied as part of the batch. The total amount applied will also appear on the C/L Customer History Report.
      1764 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Enhancements to Frequent Stay Export
    The Frequent Stay XML file has been enhanced to include the RoomType and NumberOfUnits of the Guest Stay as well as the LoyaltyID and Gender from the Guest Profile if it exists.
      1768 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added automatic formatting option to Interactive SQL
    Added a keyboard shortcut option to the Interactive and Embedded SQL which will clean up the SQL query and properly format it. The keyboard shortcut is CTRL + K to initiate the SQL Cleanup.
      1765 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added Header and Footer format options to Interactive and Embedded SQL
    Two new vendor extensions, SETREPORTHEADER and SETREPORTFOOTER have been added to the Interactive and Embedded SQL. The extensions provide the ability to add a report header and report footer text string up to 255 characters to custom reports. See SQL Syntax help topic for proper formatting.
      1767 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added SQL Statement to Filter on Letter Scheduler
    SQL Statement has been added to the filter options in the letter scheduler to further filter the group of guests to receive the letters.
      1758 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Letter Scheduler prompt to resend email when fixing an email address
    The Letter Scheduler now allows you to resend any emails previous sent by the Letter Scheduler, including those emails “bounced” back to your inbox due to an error.
      1752 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - New Prompt Options added to Interactive SQL
    Additional prompt options have been added to the interactive SQL for added flexibility with SQL queries. Users can be prompted for True/False, Date, String, Numeric and Decimal values when running embedded SQL reports. For detailed information, please refer to the help topic "SQL - Prompt Fields".
      1763 11/2/2011 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 14.03:
    iQ-WorldLink - Exception dates now checked prior to generating rates messages
    The Rate Exceptions sent through iQ-WorldLink are now checked to make sure the Exception Date Range is always between the Rate record's FROM and TO range. If it is not within the range, the exception will no longer be written out.
      1748 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Cancellation Warning for GDS Reservation did not always display
    The GDS reservation cancellation warning on the cancellation screen of a reservation would only appear if there was no room assigned to the reservation. This has been changed and the text will always appear if the reservation was booked by iQ-WorldLink.
      1738 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Closed Rate display issue on Availability Screen
    Availability screen would display 'Closed' for day prior to start of closed rate period. Issue is display only as system applies closed rates correctly for booking reservations.
      1746 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Confirmation Screen would not always save new entries
    Under certain circumstances, entries to the Confirm Screen in configuration would not be saved.
      1742 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Do Not Rent list will now be checked after scan of image using iQ-Scan
    The routine to verify name entered on folio properties against the Do Not Rent list will now execute after an image is scanned using iQ-Scan and alert the end user if the name matches a profile listed as an unwelcome guest.
      1747 9/26/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Adjustments posted to an invoice in City Ledger could have incorrect balance
    The adjustment balance on an invoice could exclude the tax amounts for taxes. The issue could cause the invoice to have an incorrect balance.
      1744 9/26/2011 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Wizard changes
    The following changes and fixes were made to the Interactive SQL Wizard.
    • Ignore highlighting on sub-totals will default to ON
    • Scroll bar did not function properly in the listbox when selecting all fields
    • Enhanced Change Field Values screen
    • Combine SUM and > into one button (Group By)

      1751 9/26/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Daily Charge and Packages Report did not include Voucher field
    The Daily Charge and Packages Report did not include the voucher information entered for the daily charge/package. This has been corrected and the report will now include text entered into the voucher field.
      1739 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

    Reports - Rate Variance Report could contain incorrect Rate Code amount
    The Rate Variance report could contain an incorrect amount in the rate code amount field.
      1745 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Package rates could display incorrect rate in two week availability on RM.Net
    A package rate could show an incorrect amount in the two week availability feature on roomMaster.Net. Package rates will now be completely suppressed from the two week availability and the word Avail will display for package rates when available and Sold for sold out dates. Language table entry 36 has been added to control the word displayed in the two week availability.
      1749 9/26/2011 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Two Week Availability chart could have incorrect rate on 14th day
    The Two Week Availability could have an incorrect rate on the last (14th) day of the calendar.
      1750 9/26/2011 Medium Resolved
    Version 14.02:
    Main System - Email field in Contact List increased to 255 characters
    New PDFEMAIL table created to hold email addresses saved to contact list. The email address field has been increased from 30 characters to 255 characters. Existing records in contact list will be added to new table.
      1725 8/4/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Fixes for Black Listbox Headers
    The listbox headers on multiple screens could be black on Windows XP Profressional workstations. The issue has been resolved and all screen will dispaly correct with no black bars.
      1723 8/4/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Journal Filter screen missing Prompt Fields
    The Filter Screen on the Journal was missing some of the Prompt Field titles in TPS only.
      1724 8/4/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Overwriting existing data in password protected field would lose first character
    Typing over existing data in a password protected field, such as credit card number field, would lose the first character.
      1727 8/4/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - PDF files not correctly sent to multiple recipients when using MAPI
    When emailing a PDF file to multiple recipients, the file could be deleted incorrectly by MAPI prior to sending to all recipients.
      1728 8/4/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Taxes could not post if configured with a Start Date and no End Date
    A tax account code used by the default rate code and configured with only a Start Date and no End Date will not automatically post.
      1737 8/4/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS could allow combining of check without starting new check
    POS could allow a user to combine an existing check before starting a new check. Issue has been resolved and user can only combine existing check after starting a new check.
      1733 8/4/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS Terminal Scroll Bars no longer function
    The scroll bars in the POS terminal would not work properly for large orders.
      1732 8/4/2011 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - iQ-WorldLink could send incorrect RACK rate when using Yield Management
    iQ-WorldLink could use the incorrect RACK rate when Yield Management is active and a discounted rate is closed and changed to RACK rate.
      1730 8/4/2011 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Quick Room Display FollowUp's Tab Can be Filtered for specific flags
    The FollowUp's tab of the Quick Room Display can be filtered for specific flags and the end user can clear follow up flags from records based on the filter applied.
      1718 8/4/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Account filter not properly applied to This Year/Last Year Comparison
    Applying an account filter to the This Year/Last Year Comparison report produces no results on the report.
      1736 8/4/2011 Low Resolved

    Reports - Arrival Reports could not display entire Notes field from a reservation
    Arrival Reports could not include notes beyond 4 lines.
      1731 8/4/2011 Low Resolved

    Reports - Batch print Confirmation Letters ignores date range
    The Confirmation Letter Batch print would ignore date range entered and print for all reservations with send in batch selected. Date sent was not updated on reservation when confirmation letter was batch printed.
      1735 8/4/2011 Low Resolved

    Reports - Report favorites will not run when Reports menu is opened
    If the Reports menu was opened, reports selected from Favorites drop down would not run.
      1729 8/4/2011 Low Resolved
    Version 14.01:
    Common Library - Domain checking could falsely return OK if a domain was part of a domain cache
    If the domain was part of the internal domain cache, then it would return as valid such as GMAIL.C would be part of GMAIL.COM
      1695 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Enhanced information on Dayend Close Results for better troubleshooting
    Added additional information to the Dayend Close Results log.
      1679 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Forecast TRUNCATE operation could freeze during night audit
    If the Forecast file had a lock on it, the night audit would freeze when rebuilding the forecast. The system was changed to only try to obtain a lock for 8 seconds rather than infinite.
      1684 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Some META data would appear in text portion of HTML emails
    XML Library would put META data and CSS Style information as text in the Text representation of the HTML email.
      1688 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Conversion - Standard/Enterprise (TPS) conversion does not create RATCLOSE file
    During the 14.00 conversion, the RATCLOSE file was not being created which would cause an error stating File Not Found when attempting to load RM.NET.
      1710 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Conversion - Standard/Enterprise (TPS) Version would drop VIPFILE notes
    The Standard/Enterprise (TPS) version would drop the notes from the VIPFILE when executing the conversion.
      1703 7/8/2011 Serious Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - SAFLOK did not respond properly for multiple encoders
    If SAFLOK 5000/6000 were used, and an encoder ID other than blank/zero were used, the response would be sent to the wrong encoder if multiple encoders were used.
      1677 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Ving 2100/2800 will now simulate multiple copies
    Ving 2100/2800 does not support multiple key copies, but the interface will now access the number of copies and send multiple messages to the encoder to simulate multiple copies for the keys.
      1699 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Ving 2100/2800/Vision response issues for Encoder ID
    The encoder ID in the response for VING was not interpreted correctly. Also changed OneShot key to issue Auto CheckOut request prior to creating the one shot key.
      1687 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Default rate code is always included in HBR message for min/max stay
    The minimum and maximum stay restrictions for the default rate code are always included in the HBR message regardless of the rate code entered in the configuration of iQ-WorldLink.
      1682 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Post Now window has a maximum display of 10 items
    The Post Now window in iQ-WorldLink is currently designed to display a maximum of 10 entries. Properties running more than 5 configuration entries will receive a runtime error when attempting to select the Post Now option in iQ-WorldLink.
      1700 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Rate Closure Message had incorrect closing tag for StatusApplicationControl
    The Rate Closure GDS message had the wrong StatusApplicationControl close tag causing the messages to be aborted or ignored.
      1693 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Added Description field to Pre-Defined Messages
    A description can be added for the pre-defined messages when emailing a guest folio and/or emailing a report.
      1717 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Always hide rate header option moves extra folio field into rate header box
    If the option is selected to 'Always Hide Rate Header Box for all Folios' the extra folio field (Direct Bill) is being moved into the rate header box when the folio is printed.
      1675 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Changed Group Checkout Option to be safer
    Changed the Group Checkout options to be "By Group, By Reference, By All" instead of "By All, By Group, By Reference" to avoid serious mistake of checking out entire hotel.
      1680 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Connecting rooms were calculated incorrectly during Rebuild of Forecast
    The connecting rooms are being calculated incorrectly during the rebuild of the forecast which will cause the total available rooms by room type to be incorrect. This issue will only occur during the rebuild of the forecast and not during normal updates to the Forecast.
      1691 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Disable Delete All button in Internal Mail when looking at Outbox view
    In internal mail, the Delete All button will be disabled when looking at Outbox and Archive/Save.
      1707 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Export file from Chart/Graph could fail to open with Excel
    The XML export file generated from the charts/graphs would fail to open in Excel if the any of the attributes contained two words with a space. This has been resolved and all XML exports can be opened without error in Excel.
      1708 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Firing Override Rate Checkbox won't clear Discount field
    When the checkbox is selected (On or Off), the discount percent would not clear on Reservations and Folio Properties.
      1690 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Frequent Stay Export could contain invalid XML characters
    The Frequent Stay export could contain invalid XML characters. The invalid characters would cause import issues with CRM and third party applications using the frequent stay export.
      1711 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Special Receipts can use its own printer assignment
    Special Receipts can use its own printer assignment and also handles a different printer assignment for Terminal Services sessions.
      1706 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - System allowed unavailable room to be assigned when changing CheckIn date
    If an existing reservation is changed to a different arrival date, the system is only checking for conflicts against the room bookings. This could cause a reservation to be changed without alerting the user the room is unavailable for the new dates of the reservation.
      1676 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - Adding a TIP to a Shift Closed Check will reopen the check and remove shift
    If a check is closed to a shift, and then recalled later on, and a TIP Is added, the POS system will now unclose the check, so TIPS can be declared properly.
      1715 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Auto hide of toolbar in terminal mode and adjustments to placement of screens
    Multiple adjustments to the placement of various POS Terminal screens and the toolbar will be automatically hidden in terminal mode to accommodate smaller monitors.
      1709 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    POS - Clicking unused space in Modifer List will duplicate line above
    Terminal > Modify Item > Clicking the separator space between the modifier groups will fill the space with the modifier from the line above and leaves it as selected
      1713 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - Modifer window could exclude sub-modifier when displaying multiple modifers
    A POS item which has multiple optional modifier categories selected AND one of the modifier categories is the last entry (ie the last category number), any items with that modifier plus at least one additional selected will not properly display all of the modifiers.
      1714 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS Discounts could be rolled back incorrectly
    Rolling back (Removing) a discount could cause the discount to be applied twice or incorrectly.
      1689 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS item entry field was not returning focus after each item entry for scanners
    FIX: POS item entry field would not receive focus after entry of an item, causing issue with scanners.
      1673 7/8/2011 Serious Resolved

    POS - Printing a receipt from Check History causes check to be recovered
    Printing a receipt from a POS check in history would cause the check to be recalled and added to the current day's reports.
      1716 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    POS - Select button missing from Declare Cash Tips
    Declare Cash Tips > Change Employee Information > Select Button is missing from Employee Lookup screen, which prevents user from being able to select a different employee from the list
      1712 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Day of week labels display incorrect on Housekeeping chart
    The labels on the x-axis for the day of the week always start with M (Monday) regardless of the actual start date.
      1701 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Standard to Premier Conversion did not check version
    The Standard (TPS) to Premier (SQL) Conversion would allow 13.50 and higher when it should be 14.00 or higher only.
      1678 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yield Management percent and percent rounded calculation incorrect
    The system did not properly calculate the percentage increase/decrease for yield management profiles. The issue has been corrected and the yielding increase/decrease will calculate correctly for both percent and percent rounded options.
      1697 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Payment by User report displays either no total or incorrect totals
    The Payments by User report either displays no totals or could display incorrect totals for the payments. The DEBIT and CREDIT fields were not binded to the report.
      1681 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - RM.NET Availability Calendar would not display properly when days prior used
    If the room types are configured to require a certain number of days prior to checkin, the two week availability calendar will not display for dates within 7 days of today's date.
      1683 7/8/2011 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - RM.NET Rate breakdown suppressed for weekly and monthly rates
    The rate breakdown will automatically be suppressed if a weekly or monthly rate is selected from the rate dropdown. This will enable the rate breakdown to be used for daily rates only.
      1694 7/8/2011 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - RM.NET Two Week Availability Calendar excludes yield modifications
    The two week availability calendar does not include the rate modifications from yield management. The rates displayed are the base rate without the increases/decreases from yield management being applied.
      1705 7/8/2011 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - RM.NET Two Week Availability doesn't display weekly and monthly rates properly
    The two week availability calendar on roomMaster.Net will now properly display both weekly and monthly rates. The calendar will display either the weekly rate or monthly rate for each day.
      1692 7/8/2011 Low Resolved
    Version 13.57:
    Corp Reporting - All Corporate Jobs will no longer run in Archive or Training mode
    All Corporate Jobs will no longer run in Archive or Training mode (Ideas, XML Extract, CRM)
      1660 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    Corp Reporting - The Frequent Stay (XML) Extract will now transmit after the backup is completed.

      1661 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Added “Posting Interval” to EPI Trace File.

      1662 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Alcatel HeartBeat Fix
    Change Alcatel HeartBeat to be more efficient as well as fix issue with Bi-Directional Posting.
      1663 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    EPI - EPI now handles NAK's on ENQ's.
    EPI now handles NAK's on ENQ's. The system will wait 2 seconds and try the ENQ again. This process will occur three times (2 secs, 2 secs, 2 secs) before failure.
      1664 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Group Block Buffer Issue
    Selecting a Reservation from a Group Block that was in-use would cause the GROUP record buffer to be erased.
      1665 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - Discounts were printed prior to totals on WMF but not on Direct Print.

      1670 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - Made sure TABLEID always printed at top of detail receipt

      1672 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS Discount Remove Issue
    If the discount is removed, the discounted amount is subtracted from the discounted total rather than added back to it.
      1669 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    POS - Recovery file is now saved prior to printing any receipt incase printer freezes.

      1671 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added logic to allow a manipulation of CURRENT DATE
    In ISQL, added logic to allow a manipulation of CURRENT DATE in the query wizard such as "CURRENT DATE + 7".
      1667 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Correct ISQL Column Filter when column had blank values

      1666 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Corrected ISQL Formula Editor DATEADD Syntax.

      1668 6/3/2011 Medium Resolved
    Version 13.56:
    Common Library - Compatible with Microsoft Security Essentials (Antimalware)
    The TPS/DAT files as well as the directory will now be automatically excluded from Antimalware.
      1653 3/22/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Daily Charge and Package Report shows reservation and folio entries
    TPS ONLY: The Daily Charge and Package report will show both the reservation and folio on the report when both are in status of inhouse. The report should suppress the reservation entries once checked in and only display the entries from the folio.
      1655 3/22/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Display incorrect on Zero Balance Transfers screen
    Journal > Zero Balance Transfers screen: The debit side will show the last transaction in the list when selecting display transaction for all transactions in the list.
      1649 3/22/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Monthly rate code for Anniversary date could post on incorrect date
    A monthly rate code configured to post on anniversary date did not properly account for months with 30 versus 31 days and the month of February only being 28 days.
      1648 3/22/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Reduce tax for long term stays rounding incorrect when used with VAT/GST
    System is incorrectly rounding when reducing the tax for long term stays with Inclusive VAT/GST. The issue would only occur when using inclusive VAT/GST and reducing the tax rate after certain number of days.
      1652 3/22/2011 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Signin Sheet does not display rate on same day stays
    The Signin Sheet would not display the weekday/weekend rate amounts for a same day stay.
      1647 3/22/2011 Low Resolved

    POS - POS Control Report Promotional Card section could include non promo card orders
    The Control Report in iQ-POS would include a check with either a special kitchen message or discount in the Promotional Card section of the report. This has been resolved and only POS checks with a promotional card payment wil be included in this section of the Control Report.
      1646 3/22/2011 Low Resolved

    POS - Splitting an item would not split any modifiers which have a cost
    A multi-quantity item with a priced modifier attached would not split the modifier cost when splitting the item on a POS check.
      1654 3/22/2011 Low Resolved

    Reports - Rooms Analysis report same day stay totals could be incorrect
    The Rooms Analysis report is adding same day stay totals and carrying them down each month. This has been resolved and the totals on the report will now be correct.
      1650 3/22/2011 Low Resolved

    Reports - Travel Agent Commission Checks has incorrect spacing in line 1 of address
    The Travel Agent Commission Checks will incorrectly add a space after the 24th characters in line 1 of the address printed on the check.
      1651 3/22/2011 Low Resolved
    Version 13.55:
    Common Library - Change Journal did not work properly with Notes
    New Reservations and Folio Properties did not save Notes, and changes to notes would only store the first 50 characters.
      1567 1/10/2011 Low Resolved

    Functions - Display CallStack memory corruption
    Displaying CallStack would corrupt memory if no trackdata was allocated on a thread.
      1566 1/10/2011 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia (iQWorldLink) did not always open Closed Rates
    Rates previously sent as closed (or zero) were not being re-opened when new/valid rates were being sent at a future time. (Change to XML message for Expedia QuickConnect)
      1570 1/10/2011 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Demo License Expiration 12/31/2010
    roomMaster 2000 would not operate after Dec 31, 2010 because of license expiration. All Demo Data has also been replaced with newer data and refreshed (US,UK,AU).
      1568 1/10/2011 Serious Resolved

    Main System - iQ-Messenger could have incorrect total for payments YTD/LYTD
    The payment totals for YTD/LYTD in the recap section of the alert from iQ-Messenger could have incorrect totals. The system was adding instead of subtracting any refund amounts included in the totals.
      1571 1/10/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Many enhancements to Online Help Text
    The online help text has been updated to provide better documentation on all products.
      1569 1/10/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Memory corruption could occur when parsing HTML Image Name
    When formatting an image name within the HTML document, memory overrun could occur.
      1565 1/10/2011 Low Resolved

    Main System - Reset System did not remove Rate Codes
    When selecting to Reset the system, and selecting to Remove Rates, the Rate Codes were not being removed.
      1564 1/10/2011 Low Resolved
    Version 13.54:
    EPI - EPI could freeze during posting cycle due to sleep timer setting
    In rare cases, the sleep timer setting in EPI could cause the software to freeze during a posting cycle. To prevent the freeze issue (if it does occur), the sleep timer setting can be set to zero in the configuration file in EPI.
      1553 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    EPI - Non POS postings could go to a share folio rather than master folio
    If there is more than one folio for a particular room (Share Folio), a Non-POS posting could be posted to the Share Folio rather than the Share Master. The system will now ensure that it will post always to the Share Master. This issue would only happen if the Share Master was changed at another point to another folio.
      1556 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    iQ-Schedule - Calendar with no attached resources could cause system to shutdown
    A calendar with no resources added to it would cause the system to shutdown (GPF) when viewing iQ-Schedule by week or month.
      1563 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia interface sends inventory and rates based on number of availability days
    TPS Only: iQ-WorldLink will create and send AR messages for the Expedia interface for the number of availability days set in roomMaster anytime a full load of rates and inventory is completed on the interface.
      1554 11/6/2010 Medium Resolved

    Main System - C/L Finance charge cycle incorrect when invoice manually added
    The late payment date defaults to net + grace when manually adding an invoice to the city ledger instead of calculating the late payment based on the finance charge setting. This will result in the finance charge being applied as net + grace instead of 1st of the month.
      1560 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger invoice remains open when using terms discounting
    City ledger invoices which include a terms discount will remain in an open status and does not update to closed once payment is applied to zero out invoice.
      1555 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - CRM registration logic would fail when iQ-Scheduling is purchased
    The registration logic for the CRM export would fail if a property had purchased the iQ-Scheduling program. The error returned indicates the CRM module has not been purchased.
      1562 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - System not always prompting to use overriden rate on city ledger/company account
    If the overridden rate from the company account matches either the weekday or weekend rate of the rate code selected on the reservation, the system is not prompting to override the rate when adding a city ledger/company account which has an override rate configured.
      1559 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - VAT/GST tax would post incorrectly if no tax is needed
    If the amount of the VAT/GST posting did not need tax (ie: the posting was small enough to not have a tax associated with it), the posting would be increased or posted incorrectly. (Example: a five cent posting with a 5% tax)
      1558 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Weekly Rate discount percentage incorrectly applies to the daily rates
    The discount option to 'Apply discount as percent for weekly rate only' on the rate code will apply to the weekly as well as daily amount configured on the rate.
      1552 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - POS discount 1/2 price will only apply to item and not modifiers with a cost
    Regression: The discount option to modify the price by half only applies to the item and not a modifier with a cost. The system previously applied the 1/2 price modification to the item and modifiers with a cost.
      1561 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Room Inquiry button not working for left handed terminal display
    The Room Inquiry button on the left handed terminal display in iQ-POS is not displaying the room inquiry screen. Left handed users would need to use the room inquiry option under Payment/Print screen.
      1546 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Voucher information not properly updated for POS transactions
    Regression: Any POS account code which is configured to require the voucher field no longer records the data entered into the voucher field on the POS transaction.
      1548 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - System fails reconnection to database on first attempt
    External applications (IQW, EPI, etc.) could fail reconnecting to Premier database when the connection has terminated on first I/O attempt. This would result in an incorrect CONFIG buffer containing the old audit date, shift and ledger balances.
      1549 11/6/2010 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Nights Analysis report could have incorrect totals for 22+ days
    The Nights Analysis report will include any same day stays in the totals for 22+ days.
      1547 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Reports - Room Revenue Detail report excluding other room revenue
    The Room Revenue Detail report excludes totals posted to a room revenue account code which is configured not to count as a room sold.
      1545 11/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Reports - User Activity Report does not provide totals for last user on report
    The User Activity report does not provide the user totals for the last user included on the report.
      1550 11/6/2010 Low Resolved
    Version 13.53:
    Common Library - Credit card receipts would print incorrect ExpDate
    If PCI configuration is turned on, Credit Card receipts would print expiration date as 00/00 instead of xx/xx -
      1536 8/18/2010 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Current batch date override sent to Shift4
    Currently, tthe batch date was calculated by Shift4 using a transaction date within 2AM or 5AM. The batch/business date will now always mirrow the roomMaster 2000 Audit Date, regardless of the date, time or timezone of the local workstation.
      1541 8/18/2010 Serious Resolved

    Common Library - Some license validations timeout too quickly
    Since version 13.50, the system was only waiting 4 seconds for a online validation response, causing TIMEOUT's and manually/revalidations. This was fixed to go back to the normal 15 seconds.
      1533 8/18/2010 Serious Resolved

    Common Library - Streamlined all receipts throughout the system
    Many changes were done to all the receipts (POS Detail/Summary, Credit Card Authorization, Server Report, and Gift Card) for both Generic Driver and Printer Driver. All receipts now use a standard Tahoma font, and all the Generic Receipts mirror the Printer Driver receipts as some information was different and/or missing.
      1538 8/18/2010 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Room Tax reductions could be applied to folios in a held status
    The room tax reduction settings and Australian long term accomodation could incorrectly be applied to folios in a held status. This has been corrected and the room tax settings will not be applied during the posting routine on held folios.
      1542 8/28/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Gift Cards did not save seat number of split check authorizations
    Gift card transactions posted on a Split Check did not save the seat number and were all being recorded at seat 0.
      1539 8/18/2010 Medium Resolved

    POS - Gift cards will now highlight Authorizations in Red
    When an authorization is done on a Gift or Promotional Card, they POS Payment screen will mark the Gift Card Payment button in Red like credit card authorizations.
      1537 8/18/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Loaded Gift Cards appear on Server Shift Report
    If a Gift Card is Loaded, it appears as a deposit on the Server Shift Report.
      1540 8/18/2010 Medium Resolved

    POS - New Promotional Card validation logic on tips
    TIPS were being able to be processed in the Point of Sale causing a cash disbursement on an "virtual" expense. The system is now corrected to stop tips from being added to POS checks with a promotional card, as well as promotional cards being used on checks with Tips. In addition, TIP lines are now being suppressed on POS Authorization Receipts for Promotional Cards.
      1534 8/18/2010 Serious Resolved

    POS - Promotional Card Breakdown added to POS Control Report
    A summary of Promotional Cards used in the IQPOS are now added to the bottom of the Control Report.
      1535 8/18/2010 Medium Resolved
    Version 13.52:
    Common Library - Current Snapshot enhanced to show rooms filled.
    The Snapshot (CTRL+P) now shows the number of rooms which will be filled.
      1530 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Enterprise - Forecast Revenue Report regression
    The Forecasted Revenue report had a regression where it could produce the wrong numbers. When the report runs, it is very clear to the user that the numbers are wrong because they are only including one room type.
      1517 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

    Enterprise - QuickBooks UK 2008 Edition supported
    There is now a checkbox that will allow the QuickBooks export to export dates in DD-MM-YYYY format for the QuickBooks 2008 UK Edition.
      1516 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger Statements enhanced to show breakdown of POS checks
    The city ledger statement has been enhanced to show a breakdown of all POS checks which were billed to the city ledger account. The statement will display the check number, voucher information (if entered in POS), POS outlet name and the amount of the check on the statement. The detail will only be displayed when the option is selected to show guest detail and POS checks for Combined Daily invoices on the city ledger account statement options.
      1522 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Enhancements to Total Stay Screen for Reservations/Folios
    The summary tab of the total stay screen has been enhanced to include the total pretax and total taxes for the guest's stay. This enhancement provides the ability to quote the total pretax amount of a guest's stay including any daily charges and package items added to the reservation.
      1524 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Forecasted Revenue Report Enhancement
    The Forecasted Revenue report has been enhanced to provide the ability to select how the room revenue is calculated on the report. The three options available are room revenue only, package rollup into room amounts, and package rollup into room amount plus all Daily Charges.
      1523 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Group Reservations imported from rooming list could have incorrect rate
    A group reservation created using the rooming list function could have an incorrect rate if the group block was configured to override the rate. This issue would cause the reservation to have an incorrect rate and cause the group folio to be incorrect. The issue has been resolved and reservations created from rooming lists will correctly use either the overriden rate or the check-in override rate (if entered) on the room type.
      1526 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - HTML Editor can now allow source code changes in Header
    You can now change the source code area between and in HTML confirmation letters, and the information is now saved and restored properly. This allows you to add your own Meta Tags within the HTML documents if you wish.
      1520 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - HTML Letter buffer size corrected
    When saving HTML source code inside the letter editor, or saving a letter, the record size buffer could incorrectly cut off at 10K (10,240 characters) instead of the proper buffer size of 64K (64,000 characters). This would only affect people with large HTML confirmation letters. NOTE: The maximum size of the HTML source code inside an HTML letter is 64,000 characters.
      1531 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

    Main System - HTML tables duplicated cell spacing and ignored cell padding
    When creating a table in HTML confirmaton letters, the Padding was ignored and duplicated the Cell Spacing.
      1529 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Quick Room Display would miss a room
    In TPS, rooms would be missed in the Quick Room Display if they were more than four digits.
      1514 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Runtime Variables in Confirmation Letter True/False
    When changing True and False Runtime variables in the confirmation letter, the True value could end up in the False value when changing each True/False value.
      1518 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Shows rates Popup in Availability increased from 10K to 20K
    The Show Rates popup drop down used a 10K buffer to fill in about 240 rates. It has now been increased to 20K and can now fill about 470 rates.
      1515 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - View Error when adding a Group Block
    Users could receive a View Error 37 when entering a new group block and not entering any block information for the group.
      1527 8/6/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Misc. Point of Sale issues
    There are a number of issues caused by the ITEMTYPE of modifiers changing from Blank to "M". This caused issues with Print Manager, POS Video as well as Discounts, Summary Receipts and report totals.
      1513 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Ideas Interface could include meeting room types in forecasting figures
    The Ideas interface could include revenue figures from room types configured as a meeting room. The interface has been changed and will now ignore all room types configured as meeting rooms.
      1528 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - iQ-Messenger enhanced to show Last Year/This Year information
    Added the following additional information to iQ-Messenger - both for This Year YTD and Last Year YTD. ADR, Rooms Sold, Total Unavailable, Total COMPS, Total Groups, Yield Variance, Payments
      1519 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Pace Booking Report Enhanced
    The Pace Booking report has been enhanced to include the current occupancy percentage and an option has been added to reduce the expected pickup of rooms when the pace occupancy percentage would be over 100%. By selecting this option, the report will reduce the expected pickup numbers to show a maximum pace occupancy percentage of 100%.
      1525 8/6/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Yearly Report does not show credits properly (Non-Premier Only)
    The Yearly Account Balance shows Credits as Debits in the non-Premier Edition.
      1512 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - Allow Travel Agent to book by room type does not work
    If you check the box that says that a room type can only be booked by a travel agent, in the setup, this does not seem to make any difference. The room type is still displayed and bookable by anyone.
      1521 8/6/2010 Medium Resolved
    Version 13.51:
    iQ-WorldLink - SynXis Loyalty ID's create issue with Expiration Date on Credit Cards
    SynXis now sends loyalty ID's which include an expiration date, which causes the XML specification to be read wrong with the payments accepted. This would cause an expiration date without a credit card or a credit card without an expiration date.
      1511 8/6/2010 Serious Resolved
    Version 13.50:
    Common Library - Process Interac (Canadian) debit payments through Shift4 interface
    Interac debit cards do not have a specific numbering scheme, so they cannot be processed by the Shift4 interface screen due to the Special Account Assignments and roomMaster comparing the account code type to the actual card being processed.
      1506 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - TPS File Checker Enhanced
    The TPS file checker has been changed to have a much larger buffer on pass 2 (four times the size) and then an extra third pass which an extremely small buffer. Some network cards can corrupt very small packets but succesfully transmit and handle large packets. This enhanced the TPS file checker to be more aggressive in testing.
      1494 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    EPI - Add 'Vacant Dirty' housekeeping status to NEC 2400IMS interface
    The housekeeping status to mark a room as 'Vacant Dirty' will be added to the NEC2400IMS interface. The code to on the NEC2400IMS will be 5 to change the status of a room to 'Vacant Dirty'.
      1465 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    EPI - LG-100 and LG-200 systems may not process housekeeping status properly
    LG-100 and LG-200 systems may not process "Maid Status Clean" messages properly.
      1464 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Tesa Keylock interface does not send number of keys to make additional keys
    The interface only sends the CC command operation to the key encoder for making additional keys. The CCx command needs to be sent where x indicates the number of copies to be made.
      1482 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    iQ-Keylocks - Ving Vision keys may not always work for iQPOS Bill to Room
    Ving Vision keys made from roomMaster would not work with Stealth Touch POS (double-track and no CR/LF) when using the keys for Bill To Room in iQ-POS.
      1486 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Hotel booking rules message excludes chain code and brand code
    The hotel booking rule XML message does not include the chain code and brand code configured in iQ-WorldLink.
      1467 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - More OTA Mapping Options available
    Four more mapping options have been added to automatically include Market and Business Source information sent from the GDS in the roomMaster 2000 reservation.
      1505 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - "Three nights with tax" advance deposit option enters three nights without tax
    The charge three nights with tax option from the total stay screen on a reservation enters three nights without tax on the transaction screen. The display on the advance deposit options correctly shows three nights with tax.
      1471 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Added ability to have unlimited VAT/Inclusive taxes and hide tax percentage
    Enhancement: The system has been enhanced to properly calculate multiple VAT/Inclusive taxes on an account code. An option has also been added to hide the actual tax percentage in tax summaries on the folio printouts.
      1485 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added HTML Confirmation Letters
    Enhancement: Added the ability to create HTML confirmation letters for printing, emailing and faxing.
      1488 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added iQ-Schedule
    Enhancement: Added iQ-Schedule module.
      1484 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Advanced queries are not saved
    When using the advanced query option, the advanced query is not saved and also does not apply to the report.
      1481 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger query for inactive accounts returns no results
    The query option for inactive accounts on reports and quick reports over the City Ledger returns no results, even if there are accounts marked as inactive in the city ledger.
      1478 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Confirmation letter Print/Email Preview Option
    A new option has been added to display a prompt window allowing you to edit Confirmation and other letters prior to printing or sending them. For emailing, the option will apply for sending letters using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) or MAPI.
      1507 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Dayend Close / End of Day PDF can now be emailed using SMTP
    Enhancement: The PDF of the dayend close in roomMaster and end of day in iQ-POS can now be emailed using SMTP instead only being able to use the default email client.
      1489 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Group Checkin can cause MDI error when inventory only reservation exists
    If an inventory only reservation exists for a group, the Group CheckIn will cause a MDI window error and the system will GPF.
      1473 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Group folio could be incorrect for POS bill to room when using VAT taxes
    The Group Folio could be incorrect when using the breakdown bill to room options for POS transactions and using VAT tax settings. The taxes are not rolled up and the balance will be incorrect on the group folio. The detail folio is always correct.
      1472 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Hide tax percentage on folio
    A new option is available allowing you to hide the actual tax percentage from printing in the tax summaries of a guest folio.
      1498 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Miscellaneous Fixes and Changes
    • All messages in the standmsg file which contain ‘File Maintenance’ need to be updated to ‘Manage’.
    • Socket error message needs to be updated from Net API to UTG2.
    • TPS to Premier conversions: IRTable2 will not convert, receive an error 47 on the conversion.
    • The check digit verification message (credit card invalid) needs to be suppressed when charging deposits thru iQ-WorldLink.

      1483 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - New Fully Formatted Address variable in Letter Editor
    *FORMATADDR* is a new Letter Editor variable that allows you to add the entire address to any letter with a single variable.
      1497 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Prompt to change rate to default rate for city ledger account
    The prompt to use the default rate on a company/direct billl account is not populating when adding a guest profile to a reservation. The user must remove the direct bill account and add it back on to the reservation in order to receive the prompt to use the default rate for the company/direct bill account.
      1461 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Shares included in total rooms for Group Sales reports
    Group Sales Revenue, Group Sales Detail, and Group Sales Recap reports would include shares in the total number of rooms for the group.
      1509 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Some Deposit amounts are incorrect on total stay and confirmation letter
    The two and three night with and without tax deposit options include the daily charges in the total deposit amount for package rates. However, all "night" fields did not take into consideration the Setup/Reservations setting "Packages roll up in room amounts for Total Stay information". Now, first, second and third night amounts on the F11-Total Stay as well as Confirmation letters are correct and also reflect an amount based on this setting.
      1474 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Voiding a COMP room posting incorrectly calculated for profit center reporting
    Voiding a COMP room posting would count as a +1 instead of -1 for city ledger, travel agent and group profit centers.
      1508 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Voiding transactions on history folios not prompting to return to guest ledger
    If the net result from voiding history transactions equaled zero, the folio would not be moved to current/guest ledger, resulting in an error during the dayend close regarding missing transactions. The system will now bring the history folio into current/guest ledger correctly.
      1475 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

    POS - Ability to Reassign line items to another employee
    With this new option, you can assign line items from a check to specific servers or staff members. This is helpful to assign different line items to different users for commission reporting.
      1502 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Added ability to prompt for Automatic Employee Tip Reassignment
    Enhancement: Added workstation specific setting to automatically prompt for Employee Tip reassignment in iQ-POS.
      1490 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Added enhancement to POS Screen Image Display
    Added additional option (via checkbox) in POS Workstation Setup (Image Name) to flash in random portions of the screen so the image would have a smoother effect.
      1495 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Added option to show individual tip line on the item level
    Enhancement: Added option on the item level in iQ-POS to show an individual tip line per item on the summary receipt.
      1491 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Attach Guest Profiles to checks (Premier Edition Only)
    You can now attach checks in iQ-POS to Guest Profiles in roomMaster 2000 allowing you to create guest specific reports on previous purchases.
      1504 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Changed Other Options to be single Screen instead of another layer
    Changed the "Other Options" screen on the POS so that "Transfer, Combine, Rename and Change Guest Count" are on the primary screen, rather than on an additional (background) screen for faster entry.
      1496 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Check history header could contain duplicate entries
    Premier Edition Only
    The POSHSTHD table which contains the check history for iQ-POS could contain duplicate check entries. The duplicate entries would affect queries/reports written over the POSHSTHD.

      1487 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Prioritizing Modifier printing in the kitchen
    Modifiers can be designated as Priority Modifers, having them display first in the check display screen and on the kitchen ticket. This emphasizes any modifiers the kitchen needs to take care of first, such as modifiers that need to be handled by the grill and then modifiers that have to happen after the item is cooked.
      1503 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Enhanced InnQuest vendor extension to ISQL
    HIDEDETAIL is a new extension that makes it easy to display only the subtotals and grand totals of a query. HIDEGRANDTOTAL will hide the total amount derived from a query.
      1499 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - In ISQL, Automatically append date to exported filename
    An option has been added to automatically add the system date or audit date to an exported file name on ISQL.
      1500 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Wizard could enter an 'AND' incorrectly in the WHERE statement
    When using the ISQL wizard, the wizard could incorrectly enter a 'AND' at the beginning of the where statement which will cause the query to error when attempting to run it.
      1480 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - New option to store room items and attributes (Premier Only)
    You can now maintain an inventory of the items in your rooms and log when items are replaced all within roomMaster 2000, such as Artwork, Warranties, Serial Numbers, furniture.
      1501 5/26/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Right clicking in certain browse screens could corrupt record buffer
    Right-clicking on some browse screens (F5 and F8) could cause the record buffer to be corrupted with the previously selected record.
      1510 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Voucher can be duplicated for adjustments on City Ledger Memo
    Premier Only: If a voucher is used when entering adjustments to the invoice then the last voucher is repeated for all entries when printing the memo in the city ledger.
      1476 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yielding modifications could be incorrect when all rooms are out of service
    Yield rate modifications could be incorrect for dates in the future where all rooms are set to be out of service. This would cause incorrect results being returned in the Y/M return set affecting iQ-WorldLink and in a very rare occassion under very rare circumstances affect a booking locked under yielding.
      1468 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Advance Deposit report hold type summary and balance summary could be incorrect
    The Hold Type and Balance Summary section of the Advance Deposit Report includes records with a zero balance in the deposit ledger of the reservation.
      1470 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Reports - Commission statement does not use Global Currency Pictures
    The Commission Statement does not use the currency picture selected in roomMaster and instead always displays the US dollar ($).
      1479 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Reports - Filter for specific classes on Sales Center reports produce incorrect results
    The option to filter for a specific class on the Company Sales report and Travel Agent Sales report produces incorrect results and does not include companies within the selected class.
      1477 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Reports - Reservations Cancelled by User displays incorrect results with filter for user
    The filter option for User Initials on the Reservations Cancelled by User report was filtering by the user who entered the reservation rather than the user who cancelled the reservation.
      1466 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Reports - Room Revenue Detail report does not include all room revenue accounts in Occ'd
    The Room Revenue Detail report only includes revenue posted to account 100 and 101 in the Room Rev and Occ'd totals. Any other account codes configured as a room revenue account will be included in the Other Room Rev totals on the report and will not count in the occupied totals.
      1469 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    Reports - Yearly Account Balance Report does not display credits properly
    The Yearly Account Balance report would print Credits as Debits, so all figures are added together rather than showing a difference between Debit accounts and Credit accounts.
      1493 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Deposit amount displays on confirm reservation when hidden on rate code level
    When 'CheckAvailDepositLbl' is configured to hide on the rate code level, the label is also hidden on the ConfirmReservationInfo.asp page in but the deposit amount still appears.
      1462 5/26/2010 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Reservations booked via rM.Net could exclude the guarantee information
    On rare occassions, a reservation booked via roomMaster.Net could not include the guarantee information. This was caused by the session not properly timing out on the BillingInfo.asp file. This has now been corrected and the guest will be prompted to start the reservation over if the session times out on the billinginfo.asp page.
      1492 5/26/2010 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - Reservations booked via rM.Net could use the default rate code
    A reservation booked via roomMaster.Net could be booked using the default rate code instead of the rates configured in the control panel (innres.exe).
      1463 5/26/2010 Low Resolved
    Version 13.02:
    iQ-WorldLink - Change to how rate exceptions are sent for OTA interfaces
    Rate Exceptions being sent through iQ-WorldLink (OTA) are now sent in reverse order (9 through 1) so the GDS/CRS will process rate exceptions to behave in the same way the rate exception precedence logic takes place in roomMaster.
      1455 1/8/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Rates message could incorrectly set all rates to the weekday rate
    All rates in rates message appearing after a weekly rate will show as ‘True’ for all days on the weekday entry.
      1447 1/8/2010 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Changes to foreign currency options on the total stay screen
    The two and three night figures are now converted to the foreign currency figure properly. In addition, the selected Foreign Currency is now "CHECKED" in the pull-down list. In addition, now the BASE CURRENCY will always populate the Add Transaction window, no matter what foreign currency is selected.
      1456 1/8/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Changes to rate code notes and deposit requirements on total stay & rate detail
    Two changes have been made which effect the notes on rate codes:
    • The notes tab has been removed from the individual rate records and will now only be available on the rate code setup. Any rate notes will only be entered on the rate code which will flow to the individual rate records automatically. In addition, derived rates will correctly use the rate notes entered on the rate code rather than displaying the notes from the rate record of the derived rate code.
    • The notes tab has been changed on the rate details screen and the total stay (F11) screen. The tab is now a split screen with the rate notes at the top of the screen and the deposit requirements at the bottom of the screen.

      1457 1/8/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Confirmation letter batch printing not generating print job
    The confirmation letter batch printing would not correctly send the print job to the printer. This has been resolved and the batch printing will now correctly send print the confirmation letters.
      1458 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

    Main System - Time out value increased for validation
    The time out value for validation has been increased from 4 seconds to 8 seconds in an effort to prevent errors during the validation of roomMaster.
      1454 1/8/2010 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Validation added to prevent keying errors on rate exceptions
    The 'End Date' on rate exceptions is now validated to ensure it is properly keyed and is greater than the 'Start Date'. The system will not allow the record to be saved until the end date is corrected.
      1453 1/8/2010 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Check Listing Summary could be incorrect when two checks are combined
    The Check Listing Summary report would incorrectly show a combined check as 'Still Open' and include the balance fo the closed check causing the total of all checks to be incorrect. The issue would only occur when the feature to combine two open checks was used in iQ-POS.
      1451 1/8/2010 Medium Resolved

    POS - Control report incorrectly displays price override for modifiers
    The POS control report includes a price override for any modifiers due to calculating the difference between the price of the parent item and the price of the modifier. This has been resolved and the modifiers will no longer be displayed as a price override on the control report.
      1450 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Happy Hour pricing could be ignored
    In certain cases the happy hour pricing could be ignored if the user selected 'Exit' on the prompt to enter the number of guests on the check.
      1452 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

    POS - Kitchen and secondary printer do not remain selected on the category
    The check box for kitchen printer and secondary printer on category level is not saving as selected, go out of record and back in, checkbox is no longer selected
      1449 1/8/2010 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Detail of checked out folios can show incorrect address information
    Detail of all checked out folios (Printed during audit, if selected) shows the address information from the first folio in FOLIOHD for all folios included on the report.
      1445 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

    Reports - Forecasted Revenue by Userfield could have incorrect amounts
    The Forecasted Revenue report could have incorrect totals when selecting to run it by user field.
      1459 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Check box to show deposit but do not post does not remain selected
    The option to show deposit but do not post in the roomMaster.Net control panel (Innres.exe) does not remain selected upon saving changes and exiting. This has been corrected and the setting will remain checked.
      1446 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - 'No Availability' message will only appear for no inventory
    The 'No Availability' message will now only display when there is no inventory available for the room type. Previously, the message was displayed when the room type was not available for the rate code and/or inventory. This has been changed and the room type will not appear on the check availability page if it is not available for the rate code/promo code entered. roomMaster.Net will not display a room type on the check availability page which has no rate and/or a zero rate.
      1448 1/8/2010 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - roomMaster.Net could lockup when exiting the billing page
    Fixed in Version 13.02b
    Regression: roomMaster.Net could hang when exiting the billing page due to a memory overrun in the credit card encryption if the CVV2 number was entered. This has been resolved and released as version 13.02b.

      1460 1/14/2010 Serious Resolved
    Version 13.01:
    Common Library - Australian Long Term Tax and Reduce Tax after certain days no longer works
    Because of the new enhancement in V13.00 for Alternative Tax rates (based on dates), a regression caused Long Term tax reduction not to work properly and be ignored.
      1442 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - Credit Card max workstation license check ignored
    When processing Shift4 in a training environment, the product registration does not need to be checked or validated for number of workstation licenses. This is ignored for /SIMULATE, /SIMULATEALL and Training Environment.
      1444 11/30/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - Folio Alternate Languages never worked and conflicted with Signon Language
    The Folio Alternate Language setup was always sharing the configuration with the Sign-in Sheet Language setup. There were inconstancies in how Folio and Sign-In Sheet language entries were handled. This is now corrected and user's may have to reenter their language entries after this fix.
      1421 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - Some tabs, prompts and checkboxes do not show full text
    * Account Codes / Languages * POS Category Form Sometimes the workaround is to hit CTRL+TAB until the tab appears.
      1418 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Expedia extraPersonFees were being ignored
    Expedia new field "extraPersonFees" was being ignored fro the Daily RateStay amount.
      1436 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink could incorrectly change Discounted Rates to Rack for Weekend Rates
    Because of an issue with testing Weekend versus Weekday, the IQWorldLink Rte (OTA Rate document) could incorrectly assign a Weekend Rate when the Weekend Rate was yielded, was a discounted rate, and was suppose to change the discounted rate to the Rack rate.
      1416 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink for iQ-CRS compatibility
    Assignment of room numbers to OTA/iQ-WorldLink as well as compatibility to handle Extrafields via TPE (trading partner extensions) was added as a requirement for GDS providers.
      1420 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink will not prompt for Clear Status Updates with single configuration
    Change: New in V13, the iQ-WorldLink would prompt to clear all Forecast Status Updates, however, a change is made so if there is only one active configurartion, the Forecast Status Updates are automatically cleared since there is only one configuration.
      1428 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Added ability to set left margin indent on credit card and POS receipts
    The ability to set the left margin indent on credit card and POS receipts has been added to the workstation level to assist with centering the receipts (if needed). The setting can be found by selecting Setup > Configuration > Guest Ledger > Credit Card Processing > Workstation > Ident Adjustment.
      1441 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Credit card number not added to reservation from profile for clerks and auditors
    If the system is configured to save credit card information to guest profiles, the credit card information was not copied to the reservation for users with clerk or auditor level access.
      1437 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Expand credit card window on cancelled, historical and inhouse reservations
    The expand credit card window can now be accessed on reservations in a status of cancelled, inhouse or history. The viewing of the full card number by a supervisor or manager is logged to the 'Credit Card Audit Log'.
      1432 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Invalid Group Description on Rate Header Entry for Min/Max Stay Restrictions
    TPS only: Rate Code > Restrictions need to add IQW to MIN/MAX stay restrictions; currently only says
      1423 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Move history detail option in guest profiles allows move to profile number 0
    The option to move guest history detail in guest profiles will allow the move to a guest profile number of 0.
      1433 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Out of Service rooms (Range of Rooms) only allows four characters
    Housekeeping > Out of Service > Range of rooms: Increase room number field to 6 characters. It currently only allows 4 characters to be entered.
      1424 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Rate Changes Window in TPS not resized properly
    TPS only: Rate changes window (More Options > Rate Changes) needs to be resized to show the clear all rates changes option
      1422 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Voiding City Ledger Payment Batch could cause existing credit to be doubled
    If a payment batch which contained an invoice with a credit balance being applied to an open invoice is voided, the credit is doubled and applied as existing credit. The original invoice which had a credit amount now has an open balance for the same amount. This has now been resolved and the invoices will be put back to the original balances (both credit and debit) when the payment batch is voided.
      1443 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    POS - iQ-POS does not show Connecting Modifiers properly
    iQPOS: Connecting modifiers no longer show in the terminal.
      1426 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Ideas XML files not being cleared once zip file is created
    The Ideas interface would not clear the XML files being created during the extract from the roomMaster folder after the ZIP file was created. This has been corrected and the XML files will now be cleared from the roomMaster folder.
      1440 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive/Embedded SQL may fail to run Batch Queries (GO)
    The GO; and GO_SKIPERROR; commands would fail to execute in I&E SQL if there was no space in front of it. This is resolved.
      1431 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - iQ-Messenger cuts off sometimes at October for YTD Room Revenue
    The iQ-Message HTML (Email) alert which sends Cell Phone/Email notifications will cut off YTD Room Revenue at around "October". The issue is that the response string buffer is not long enough to handle the full response.
      1419 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL HTML Export is now CSS (Style Sheet) driven
    The HTML Export in ISQL layout has been changed as well as uses an external CSS (style sheet file) called "iqsql.css". You can modify the iqsql.css file and then all HTML exports are generated with those changes embedded in it.
      1439 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Join screen on SQL Wizard did not retain values when going back in
    When going back into the JOINS screen on the SQL Wizard after the first time, the original values were not maintained and would have to be entered again. In addition, the wizard will allow for a JOIN ON clause rather than a WHERE clause for all joins when creating an SQL statement using the wizard.
      1438 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Reports - External Report - Externals cannot be updated immediately
    Regression: When entering a new custom report and selecting "External" as the option, the Command Line option is not accessible to enter the external program. The temporary resolution is to press OK and then select Change to re-access the entry and then the Command Line is accessible. (Display Update issue)
      1415 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    Reports - Inhouse Guest Master Report shows Firstname, Firstname instead of Lastname
    -Inhouse Guest Master Report: First name/last name selection displays first name/first name on the report.
      1425 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Multiple image additions to RM.NET Lightbox pictures
    The LightBox Large Picture Images have been enhanced to allow multiple images to rotate. To use multiple images, use the pipe character between images such as KINGROOM.JPG|KINGKITCHEN.JPG|KINGBATH.JPG - in addition, the images per room types are going to scroll related to the selected room type rather than all images on the page.
      1430 11/30/2009 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - RM.NET "No Availability" option in V6 issue
    The "No Availability" message next to the room type is not showing the "No Availability" when a room is not avail able due to inventory. It is showing the message properly when a room type is not available due to not being available for the rate selected.
      1429 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - rM.Net does not charge deposits and apply stay restrictions for default rate
    If there are no rate entries in the roomMaster.Net control panel (Innres.exe), the deposit requirement and minimum/maximum stay requirements are not being applied to reservations booked via roomMaster.Net.
      1435 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - Show Nightly Rate Breakdown changed in V6
    In Version 13.00, the Show Nightly Rate Breakdown was an "On or Off" switch for all rate types. You can now select whether or not to show the Nightly Rate Breakdown by Never, Daily Rates, Package Rates or both Daily and Package Rates.
      1434 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved

    rm.Net - The IQReservations.exe API only sends 5 rate types for RM.NET
    Regression: The IQReservations.exe sends back only 5 rate types to the RM.NET API rather than 10. This is an issue if the user is showing more than five rates types on (Affects V5 and V6 of Rm.NET)
      1427 11/30/2009 Medium Resolved
    Version 12.50:
    Main System - Version 12.50
    The following fixes are included in version 12.50.
    • Forecasted revenue report may not show very large numbers (fields larger than 9 million)
    • Commidea interface may incorrectly set the C/L account code when changing a credit card type
    • Group folio print excludes VAT taxes for transactions on a sub folio when selecting to print from A folio
    • Adding a void to a folio in history using the right click does not bring the folio back into the guest ledger prior to adding the void
    • Company Sales Report incorrectly counting voids as +1 instead of -1 on No Show folios
    • There may be a very rare case where during a posting or void, the shift may not reflect the actual shift (RM and POS). In POS, it may also affect the actual Audit Date for any bill to room postings.
    • City Ledger Account statement fields increased to handle numbers greater than 1 million
    • The Guest Analysis report was incorrectly including shares in the total of occupied rooms.

    Premier Edition Only
    • Display issue could occur when going in and out of group blocks on the 'By CheckIn Date' tab
    • Yield management may incorrectly lock rate when extending a reservation to an additional night
    • Pace booking report could incorrectly show holiday dates
    • Scheduled backup event was incorrectly being promoted to the RMTraining database
    • The estimated amount of time for backups to complete will always properly display.

      1410 7/13/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Version 12.50c
    The following fixes are included in version 12.50c.
    • iQ-POS would not return back to correct original path if saving or loading workstation settings from another directory. This would cause the inventory items to appear blank until the program was closed and re-opened.
    • Enterprise Edition Only: iQ-WorldLink could keep the config file open after processing reservations which would cause an exclusive access error when attempting to run the night audit. This has been resolved and iQ-WorldLink will always close the config file.
    • iQ-WorldLink will now include the tag 'TaxInclusive = Yes' for the additional guest amount in the rates file being sent to a GDS for all VAT clients.

    Premier Edition Only
    • Emergency/911 calls will now properly be diplayed as a severe message in the EPI logging file instead of informational.
    • The Ideas extract would include meeting rooms in the room capacity even if the option was selected to ignore all meeting room types. This has been corrected and the meeting type rooms will no longer be included in the room capacity figure in the extract.

      1412 8/11/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Version 12.50d
    The following fixes are included in version 12.50d.
    • EPI postings were not being correctly charge routed (when charge routing selected on the folio). This has been fixed and postings made by EPI will now be charge routed correctly.
    • The Group Sales Revenue Report would not correctly summarize the ADR when printing the report in a summary format.
    • iQ-WorldLink has been enhanced to allow InnQuest to control the default specifications for each GDS provider rather than being hard coded in the system.

      1413 8/17/2009 Low Resolved
    Version 12.12:
    iQ-WorldLink - Reinstate reservation not working for GDS interfaces
    Version 12.12c Reinstating a cancelled reservation did not work properly in iQ-WorldLink. iQ-WorldLink will now properly create a new reservation when a Add > Cancel > Modify messages are received. If the vendor does not support reinstating reservations, a warning message will be returned that the reservation is already cancelled.
      1334 4/17/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Calculation run time variables unable to be created
    Version 12.12c The calculation run time variable in the confirmation letter editor would always return an error and never be created. This has now been fixed and the calculation variable is correctly created.
      1335 4/17/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Changes to Group Block could not update forecast
    If a user made changes to the block information of a group block and selected the red X to close out of the group block, the FORECAST would not get updated with the changes made. A rebuild of the forecast would correct the availability. This has been changed and the user will now be prompted to save changes when attempting to close a group block by either selecting 'Cancel' or the red X in the upper right.
      1329 3/27/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Guest profile could be updated with incorrect guest information
    If a guest name is changed from the guest record properties, incorrect guest information could be added to the guest profile. This was a regression caused by checking for 'Do Not Rent' during walkin procedure.
      1327 3/27/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Housekeeping reports will ignore no service rooms
    Version 12.12c Enhancement: Added ability to ignore rooms marked as 'No Service' on the housekeeping and associates reports.
      1336 4/17/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - iQ-Messenger could have incorrect LYTD total
    The LYTD room revenue total could be incorrect if the total for the previous year is zero. The message from iQ-Messenger would display the same total from YTD in the LYTD instead of the zero amount.
      1328 3/27/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Rate changes cleared when adding group code to reservation
    Regression: This was a regression caused by a fix to clear rate changes when a group code is added to the reservation and the rate code changed for the group. If the reservation has an overriden rate with manually added rate changes and a group code is added, the system was clearing the rate changes. This has been fixed and adding a group code to a reservation will no longer clear overriden rates and rate changes.
      1331 3/27/2009 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - CommIdea Interface not populating card number for reservation deposits
    Version 12.12c When posting a deposit on a reservation using the CommIdea credit card interface, the user was not receiving the prompt window. This has now been resolved and the user will receive the prompt window populated with the credit card number from the reservation.
      1338 4/17/2009 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - iQ-POS Changes to mask all credit card numbers
    Version 12.12c Six items were changed in the way credit cards were handled in the iQ-POS terminal display, reports and credit card processing to allow for PCI PA-DSS Certification. This masks all credit cards numbers through-out the entire iQ-POS system, for all levels of security. Full card numbers must be obtained through the roomMaster 2000 journal only.
      1333 4/17/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Displayed rates on availability screen could include incorrect yield amount
    If the yield type is configured to yield by room type occupancy and one rate type is valid for multiple room types, the rates displayed on the availability screen could be incorrect. The reservation would always contain the correct rate as the issue was specifically related to the rate displayed on availability screen. This was caused by the system using the occupancy percentage for the first room type within the rate type. The system has been changed and will now process on the room type level instead of rate type level.
      1330 3/27/2009 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Wizard Enhancements
    Version 12.12c
    • Added relationship window to show all related tables
    • Added ability to group subtotals by every change, when exists, every month or every year
    • Added ability to change font in ISQL
    • Added ability to use row number for the highlight calculation

      1337 4/17/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Version 12.12b
    The following issues were fixed in version 12.12b as a work around to resolve issues with the SQL driver which could cause the night audit to freeze in the Premier edition.
    • WorldLink had an error where GROUPS table was not closing after inventory creation.
    • AddReserve (update to forecast) would keep the GROUPDTL file opened incorrectly each time it was called.
    • The API would hold the ACCOUNTS file incorrectly opened after a Cancel happened.
    • Any reports configured to auto run during the audit could corrupt the file buffer and stay opened until the program (RM) would be completely closed.

      1332 4/2/2009 Serious Resolved

    Reports - Changes to Dayend Close, Manager's Daily and Manager's Yearly reports
    The Dayend Close, Manager's Daily and Manager's Yearly reports have been changed to ensure all reports are using consistent titles for the information contained in the report. The help text has been updated to provide detailed explanations on each report. Please review the online help for detailed information on the changes to each of these reports.
      1326 3/27/2009 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 12.11:
    Common Library - Added new iQ-Scan functionality (ID and Passport Scanning)
    New Product iQ-Scan now added to handle full ID and Passport scanning. Allows all drivers licenses (in all 50 states plus D.C. plus Canada) to be scanned and information placed inside roomMaster fields (name, address, etc.) as well as ability to copy both ID and FACE image and integrate it directly into roomMaster 2000 for security purposes. (See InnQuest website for more information)
      1295 2/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - Freeze and Lockups
    Version 12.09 - Version 12.10b was distributed using the Clarion 6.3.9059 runtimes (C60RUNX.DLL) - once this was released, InnQuest received many calls from customers that involved freezing when opening forms (windows) and having to wait minutes for it to release or end the task. After a very indepth test of going back and forth with the previous runtimes (9058 versus 9059), we have found that the freezing is related directly to the C60RUNX 9059. InnQuest has no control over the codebase of C60RUNX but is trying to work with the vendor to resolve the issue. Rather than waiting for the issue to be resovled, we decided to release V12.11 of roomMaster with the 9058 build of C60RUNX to correct the issue. We will continue to work with the vendor to resolve the C60RUNX issue for future builds.
      1303 Serious Resolved

    Common Library - iQ-Keylocks now handles Virtual Encoding for Ving Vision
    Fixed in 12.11c: The iQ-Keylocks can handle Virutal Encoding for iQ-Kiosk for Ving Vision systems.
      1316 3/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - IQScan workstation functions moved to Global Area
    12.11b - Change The original design of iQ-Scan settings were saved on the Workstation level. To make on-going support easier when switching out workstations or adding new ones, only the IP and PORT address will be saved on the Workstation level. The rest will be Global.
      1308 2/12/2009 Low Resolved

    Common Library - QRD remember last screen regression
    There was a change in the QRD (Quick Room Display) to no longer save the last screen you were on when you exited and restore it when opening it. This is now corrected/put back to previous behavior.
      1294 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Database swap sends incorrect guest name
    Fixed in 12.11c: Regression: Any PBX interface that requests a database swap could contain the same guest name for all rooms in a checked in status. This issue is a regression caused by the enhancement to control how a guest name is sent for bi-directional interfaces.
      1313 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Enhancement to name display caused voicemail passwords to be incorrect format
    Regression: The enhancement which gives the ability to change the name display for bi-directional interfaces caused the voicemail password to be incorrect for Alcatel Omni PCX, InnLine Voicemail and Guestworks.
      1302 2/3/2009 Low Resolved

    EPI - Point of Sale (POS) interfaces will use sleep timer setting
    Fixed in 12.11c: The sleep timer setting will be used for all POS interface communication to prevent messages being returned too fast for the POS server to properly handle.
      1314 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Enhancement to handle decimal place attribute for GDS interfaces
    Regression: Adding the enhancement to read the OTA decimal place attribute for certain GDS interfaces caused a regression for other GDS interfaces which forces the rate to be overriden on all reservations posting through iQ-WorldLink. A checkbox has been added in the configuration of iQ-WorldLink to ignore the decimal place attribute.
      1298 2/3/2009 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Amounts printing on folios in the training environment
    Fixed in 12.11c: The training environment was not suppressing the amounts on folios when displaying and/or printing the folio. This has been resolved and amounts will no longer display on the folio when previewing or printing in the training environment.
      1311 3/3/2009 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Check for updates routine causes MIDI window error to occur
    Fixed in 12.11c: If an update is waiting to install and there are waiting messages, ToDo's, or notes, the system will show a runtime error and cause a GPF to occur. The system will now check for updates prior to checking for messages, ToDo's or notes to prevent the MIDI window error.
      1315 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Enhancement to Guest Profile lookup for Standard/Enterprise edition
    The guest profile lookup for the Standard/Enterprise (TPS) editions will not function in the same manner as the Premier edition. The auto lookup will provide exact matches on last name and display all possible first name matches. The auto lookup will continue to display any exact first and last name matches highlighted in red.
      1299 2/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Guest profile YTD total sales could ignore voids
    The guest profile YTD total sales would ignore voids on a folio pulled from guest history. This can only occur if a folio is pulled from history and a previous day void was applied to the folio.
      1301 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Having more than 10 rate exceptions
    12.11b - When making a reservation that uses all of the exceptions, the last exception reverts back to the first exception amount no matter what is on the last exception in the table. This only happens when you use all of the exceptions on one booking.
      1309 2/12/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Help text updated to include new InnQuest products
    12.11b - The help text has been updated to include documentation on two new products, iQ-Scan and iQ-Kiosk.
      1306 2/12/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - iQ Keylocks could not create keys for 6 digit room numbers
    iQ Keylocks would not successfully create keys for room numbers that are six digits long when using the keylock toolbar option to create the key.
      1296 2/3/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - iQ Keylocks KABA/Atlas Interface
    All KABA/Atlas interfaces must be running version 12.11 or higher for the interface to function correctly.
      1297 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - iQ Messenger payments total could be incorrect
    The payments total on the alert message from iQ Messenger was not including refunds. This has been corrected and the total payments now correctly accounts for payments and refunds.
      1292 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - iQ Messenger YTD/LYTD room revenue totals could be incorrect
    The YTD/LYTD room revenue totals contained in the alert message from iQ Messenger could be incorrect if negative room revenue adjustments were included. The negative adjustments were being added to the total amount instead of subtracted. The LYTD room revenue figure was based on last year through the system date rather than through the audit date.
      1291 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - iQScan Enhancements
    Added in 12.11e
    • Added ability to scan up to six ID/Passports on a folio
    • Added ability to print scanned ID/Passports from the folio
    • Purge options enhanced to include number of days
    • Enhanced ID image tab on folio properties to display up to six ID/Passports

      1324 3/19/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Level 2 password security not applied when creating new users
    Level 2 password security was not correctly applied when creating new user profiles. A password could be entered on the user profile which did not successfully meet level 2 security. This has been corrected and the password will be checked against level 2 security (if turned on in configuration) when creating new user profiles.
      1290 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Rate changes not clearing on group reservations with rate overriden
    Fixed in 12.11c: Rate changes could not clear from a reservation when a group code is added to the reservation and the group block has the rate overriden.
      1312 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Version 12.11d Changes
    • KEYLOCK: Ving Vision can now successfully create 30-minute (ONESHOT) keys
    • KEYLOCK: KeyLock will not go into sleep mode between 5:00 PM and 8:30 PM for faster checkin responses

      1322 3/13/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Version 12.11e Fixes
    • Mass print inhouse folios could turn off ability to print summary/group folios. This has been fixed and the mass print will no longer turn off printing of summary/group folios.
    • iQ-WorldLink will now include the deposit amount (if charged) in the confirm message being returned to the GDS/CRS.
    • EPI/Lucent GuestWorks interface has been changed to wait for a single character and pass the remaining bytes on to the next waiting message.

      1325 3/19/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Workstations would try to install waiting updates
    Fixed in 12.11c: All Workstations would try to install waiting updates if they were downloaded by another workstation who had authority to Check For Updates
      1317 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Desk folio could send transactions as manually keyed
    Fixed in 12.11c: If a desk folio was configured not to save scanned credit cards, all credit card transactions processed on that desk folio would be sent through as a manually keyed transaction.
      1319 3/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Enhancement to Shift4 Processing screen
    Fixed in 12.11c: Enhancement added to the Shift4 processing screen to display either 'Card Not Present', 'Scanned' or blank in the lower right corner of the screen. If 'Card Not Present' is displayed, you should always attempt to obtain the card from the guest and scan it. If 'Scanned' is displayed, the current card number in memory also has the scanned track data. If the field is blank, the system does not know if scanned data exists and you must check Shift4's $OTN website to see if the original authorization was processed as a scanned transaction.
      1320 3/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Guest profile YTD total sales could be incorrect
    The Premier Edition could duplicate YTD/Total sales if a folio was brought back from history and changes were made. The issue only existed in the Premier edition and all YTD sales totals will be corrected for 2009 during the conversion to 12.11.
      1300 2/3/2009 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL - Added ability to suppress highlighting on totals
    Enhancement: Added ability to suppress highlighting in sub-totals and grand-totals of the I&E SQL. This is done by a new attribute called "IGNORETOTALS" on the HIGHLIGHT extension. This can be done using the SQL Wizard new checkbox or by regular coding. Also added COLOR:NONE as a highlight color to remove highlighting from a previous statement if needed.
      1289 2/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL - Subtotals could be incorrect
    12.11b - The SubTotal column would not show all the digits if the digits in the total were greater than the digits of the field column.
      1304 2/12/2009 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Misc. Fixes
    12.11b - Miscellaneous changes/fixes in ISQL including Sample Font in Column Title shown on Button, Label Wizard incorrectly would generate wrong table name if "Show Descriptions" was checked, added {ThisField} to Wizard so if field positions changed, it would always be correct.
      1310 2/12/2009 Not Important Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL Regression - Total stay extensions return an error
    Fixed in 12.11d: The total stay SQL extension would return an error. This was a regression caused by the enhancement for multi-query.
      1323 3/13/2009 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Journal export excluded city ledger payments
    12.11b - The journal export would exclude any payments processed directly in the city ledger. This has now been corrected and all city ledger payments will be included in the journal export.
      1305 2/12/2009 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Save/Load Query Wizard in ISQL
    12.11b - 12.11 Regression Only The Load/Save Query wizard option in ISQL could be incorrect creating an extra picked field which always needs to be deleted.
      1307 2/12/2009 Serious Resolved

    Premier Edition - Version 12.11d Changes
    • KIOSK: Added ability to checkin and checkout from the Admin Screen easily.
    • KIOSK: Added Maintenance Remote Notification
    • KIOSK: Added "Kiosk Reported" to Maintenance departments
    • KIOSK: KeyRetries did not work and was always 1
    • KIOSK: Manager key creation now asks if New Key or Additional Key
    • KIOSK: Auditor can now control Kiosk functions from Night Audit menu (Menu Class Security)
    • KIOSK: Ability to create Employee Access Cards to access Administrative Menu without keying in Password
    • KIOSK: Kiosk now correctly handles credit card unaccepted by the hotel.

      1321 3/13/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - Reports enhanced to show *OVR for overriden rates
    Fixed in 12.11c: All reports which contain the rate code will now show *OVR instead being blank for overriden rates.
      1318 3/3/2009 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 12.10:
    EPI - EPI continously sending heartbeat message on IP based connection
    If the TCP and socket were not connected (i.e. remote system down), EPI would continue sending a heartbeat and link message to an empty socket rather than waiting for the remote device to be online.
      1280 12/16/2008 Medium Resolved

    iQ Anywhere - Enhancements to iQ Anywhere
    Added guest likes, dislikes and number of visits to IQAnywhere, enhanced some screens, and made the main menu for PDA devices more efficient.
      1268 12/16/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ Anywhere - Guest history search by folio number returns error 500
    An error 500 is received when searching guest history by folio number and viewing the sub folio transactions.
      1278 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

    iQ Anywhere - Snapshot returns error when all rooms in unavailable status
    If all rooms are in a status of unavailable, the snapshot in iQ Anywhere would return a run time error. This has now been fixed and the snapshot will display correct.
      1269 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Added option to allow sellable products for GDS interfaces
    Enhancement: In 12.10b An option has been added to the Inventory/Rates tab in iQ-WorldLink configuration to allow the sellable products feature. If the GDS accepts sellable products, the option should be selected in the configuration.
      1287 1/5/2009 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Discount not removed on overriden rates from GDS
    A reservation posting from a GDS with an overriden rate could not remove a discount which was applied from the rate code. This has now been fixed and the discount will always be removed when the rate code is overriden to match the room rate coming from the GDS.
      1270 12/16/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - CSV import ignored single character fields
    Fixed in 12.10b CSV imports through out roomMaster would return blank if the value was only one character in length.
      1288 1/5/2009 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group checkout does not update reservation status
    The group checkout feature does not correctly update the reservation status from inhouse to history.
      1272 12/16/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Housekeeping arrival notes omitted from housekeeping reports
    Regression: Fixed in 12.10b The housekeeping notes on arriving reservations can be excluded from the housekeeping reports. This is a regression issue caused by the change to include shares in the number of adults/children on housekeeping reports (issue #1274).
      1286 1/5/2009 Medium Resolved

    Main System - HTML Help files will now install locally
    The HTML roomMaster help file will be installed to C:\Program Files\roomMaster Help locally on the workstation when the workstation components are installed. This will resolve the issue of the HTML help files being blocked by Windows settings when accessing across the network.
      1285 12/16/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Internal users not filtered from internal email and ToDo's
    Regression: The four internal users (*AP, *KI, *RM, *WL) were not being filtered from the available names in the internal messages and mail and the ToDo's. The users will now be filtered and no longer appear in either list.
      1267 12/16/2008 Not Important Resolved

    Main System - Remove old rates option removes rates even if no is selected
    The option to remove old rates in the rate information will remove the old rates when selected even if the user selects 'No' on the confirm screen. This has been fixed and the system will not remove the old rates when selecting 'No'.
      1271 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Room chart on quick room display could be greyed out
    Standard and Enterprise Edition Only: The Quick Room Display would not preload the room statuses on the room chart when initially opening the screen. By selecting refresh after opening, the room statuses would be correctly displayed on the room chart.
      1279 12/16/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Special package filter by type incorrect
    The filter by package type on the daily charges and packages screen of a reservation did not properly filter the special packages.
      1277 12/16/2008 Not Important Resolved

    Payment Application - Credit card receipt reprint incorrect when selecting from journal
    When a credit card receipt is reprinted from the journal screen, the receipt could be incorrect. The credit card receipt reprint from the folio is always correct.
      1282 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - Credit card receipts could print to local default instead of assigned printer
    If the option to print using the printer driver is selected and print only customer copy selected, the credit card receipt will always print to the local default printer, even if another printer is assigned on the workstation.
      1284 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - Update to credit card receipts auto printing from roomMaster.Net
    If a credit card receipt is auto printed through roomMaster.Net, the receipt would previously state "Purchase - Internet Reservation". The receipt will now state "Purchase - Auto Process" for credit card transactions processed through roomMaster.Net, iQ-WorldLink and iQ-Kiosk.
      1281 12/16/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Group folio print returns a general error message
    When selecting the group folio printout, an error retrieving the record from FOLIOTRN is returned. The group folio will print after selecting 'Ok' on the error message.
      1275 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Scroll bars in ISQL Wizard do not allow scrolling
    The scroll bar on the selected fields in the Interactive SQL Wizard would not allow for proper scrolling.
      1276 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL driver could cause numerous issues
    Regression: The updated SQL driver released in version 12.08 could cause the adjustment wizard not to properly void and repost all items. The driver could potentially cause numerous issues and all Premier clients have to install version 12.10 update to ensure there are no issues experienced.
      1283 12/16/2008 Serious Resolved

    Reports - Guest history labels report not properly selecting records
    Premier Edition: The Group History Labels report does not properly select records based on the criteria entered on the report parameters. The report would return zero records for all parameters.
      1273 12/16/2008 Low Resolved

    Reports - Housekeeping associate reports not including shares
    The housekeeping reports, associates and custom associates, did not include the shares in the total adults and children on the report. The report would only include the number of adults/children listed on the share master.
      1274 12/16/2008 Low Resolved
    Version 12.09:
    Functions - iQ-Keylock enhancements
    Many enhancements to iQ-Keylocks including better debugging and more efficient communications. Also added compatibility for Kaba Ilco Protocols #1 through #4.
      1266 12/3/2008 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Hotel booking rules ignores room type translations
    The hotel booking rules message would ignore any room type translations configured in iQ-WorldLink. The message would contain the room types from roomMaster instead of the translations.
      1259 12/3/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Add group block records for weekdays/weekends only
    The option to add group block detail records for weekends or weekdays only was adding for all days instead of only the days of the week selected.
      1264 12/3/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Availability could be incorrect when negatives exist for group blocks
    The forecast can have a negative amount in group blocks which can cause the total number of rooms to sell to be incorrect. The issue will only occur when a negative exists in a group block and the group block is accessed. Upon exiting the group block, the negative amount is added to the forecast. A rebuild of the forecast will correct the availability.
      1263 12/3/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Availability could be incorrect when using allotments
    The forecast could be incorrectly changed when a reservation is made for an allotment that is in a status of released. The system was adding to the blocks causing the room to sell to be incorrect in the forecast.
      1265 12/3/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - iQ Messenger currency picture
    The currency picture in iQ-Messenger did not properly handle millions. The currency picture has been corrected to properly display millions.
      1262 12/3/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - System reset removes special package components
    When a system reset is performed, the components of any special packages are deleted. The special package remains in the system; only the components of the package are removed during the reset.
      1261 12/3/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - iQ-POS Modifiers not converted during upgrade to Premier
    During the conversion from TPS to Premier, the modifiers in iQPOS could not be properly converted. The INVMODC and INVMODO tables were not properly converted causing the descriptions on the modifiers to be missing.
      1260 12/3/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Override Backup Location ignored for night audit and forced backups
    If the backup location is overriden, the night audit and forced backups would ignore the override and continue to backup to the boot drive.
      1258 12/3/2008 Low Resolved
    Version 12.08:
    Common Library - Normalize and make FTP functions consistant through-out roomMaster 2000
    All FTP functions have been changed to use a consistant setup and transmission routine. All FTP functions in roomMaster 2000 (Dayend Close Options, CRM, Frequent Stay, IDEAS, QuickBooks Export, ISQL, etc.) will all use the new standard routines. You can also indicate on the server configuration if you want to use Passive Transfer Mode and Delete the local file after transmission. See new Help Text (Internet - FTP Settings) for more information.
      1225 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Regression issues from Socket Tools Upgrade
    The following regression issues occurred from the upgrade of the socket tools in version 12.07.
    • If no SMTP configuration information is entered in roomMaster and the EPI, rM.Net and/or iQWorldLink are configured to send emails, a blank error message is returned.
    • Failed IQWorldLink messages being sent to the remote server do not moved to the failed directory instead they are continually being sent to the GDS.
    • Some SMTP servers would return an invalid response code when sending emails in roomMaster. This was caused by an additional NULL character which has been removed.

      1235 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

    Enterprise - QuickBooks Export enhanced to handle FTP functions
    Added ability to transmit files within the Import/Export Wizard including QuickBooks, PeachTree, MYOB and all other exports.
      1226 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    EPI - Micros sales buckets would only pick up first bucket
    12.08b The EPI Micros sales buckets would only pick up the first bucket for posting.
      1254 11/8/2008 Serious Resolved

    Functions - Auto assign room function will now assign Vacant/Clean rooms first
    The API function which auto assigns the room for reservations booked through roomMaster.Net, iQ-WorldLink and group blocks rooming list assignment will now assign vacant/clean rooms (if available) for same day reservations. If there are no vacant/clean rooms available, the system will assign the room number using the normal process. The API function previously assigned rooms based on the auto location.
      1253 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Added Rate Translations to iQ-WorldLink
    Enhancement Added ability to do Rate Code translations on the vendor level in iQ-WorldLink. They will work in the same manner of the existing room type translations.
      1229 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-Worldlink sending hotel booking rules for rate types to GDS
    Premier Only
    The hotel booking rules message being sent by iQ-WorldLink would contain the rate types instead of room types. This has been corrected and the interface will now correctly send closed to arrivals and departures for the room types to the GDS.

      1231 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink would not close when opened more than once
    If iQ-WorldLink was opened more than once on the same computer, a window would prompt that it was already opened and press OK to shut it down. Once OK was pressed, it would still be in Windows Processes and must be ended by the Task Manager.
      1228 10/24/2008 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Levert Defaults added to iQ-WorldLink
    12.08b Added Levart defaults to iQ-WorldLink defaults.
      1256 11/8/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Availability could be incorrect when overbooking on group block exists
    If there are multiple group blocks for the same date and room type and one of the group blocks has more rooms sold than blocked, the overall availability for the room type could be incorrect. The issue is caused by the blocked total in the forecast file including the negative amount when calculating the total blocked. The breakdown of the availability is always correct.
      1237 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Change in charge incidentals flag added to external interfaces
    If the charge incidentals flag is changed on the guest record properties, a change message will be sent to the EPI bi-directional file for external interfaces. The properties change option must be selected on external interfaces for the change message to be created. Previously, the option on the external interface tab was name change and only created the change message when the guest name or optional checkbox flag were changed.
      1243 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Fixed by column not updated in the MAINLOG table
    The fixed by column in the mainlog table would not get updated when marking maintenance items as completed.
      1245 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group reservations created from rooming list could exclude rate exceptions
    If the rate code on a group block has exceptions and the reservations are created from a rooming list, the reservations could not include the proper rate changes for the exception. The issue would cause the reservation created from a rooming list to prompt a user regarding rate changes being applied when selecting the reservation.
      1244 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - iQ-Messenger contained invalid information from last enhancement
    iQ-Messenger would show incorrect information for Last Year Room Revenue Sales. This is only a regression for the new information appearing as of 12.07b
      1227 10/24/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - New/Additional logic to handle non rates for maximum persons
    Both roomMaster 2000 and iQ-WorldLink rate logic has been enhanced to handle non person rates. If there was a zero rate for any persons greater than 1, and rate exceptions or additional adults/children charges existed, then the rate would not be zero but show an incorrect quoted rate in roomMaster 2000 and the GDS interface. For example, if the room only allowed 2 people and the rate was setup as $90,$90,$0,$0 and there was a rate exception for +$100, the rate for 3 people would be $100 instead of $0 both in roomMaster 2000 and also sent to the GDS.
      1230 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Reservation created by rooming list could have incorrect room revenue account
    When creating reservations from a rooming list on a group block, the room revenue account could be pulled from the rate record instead of the room revenue account selected on the group block. The issue would cause the reservation created from a rooming list to have the incorrect room revenue account selected.
      1236 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - roomMaster and roomMaster.Net Setup Tutorials
    Enhancement: Two full tutorial videos on the proper configuration of roomMaster and roomMaster.Net are being released.
    • The hour long video on roomMaster provides step by step instruction on the basics of configuring everything from user profiles, room types, rates, account codes, user fields, folios, sign-in sheets and much more. A link to the tutorial video has been added to the Setup > Configuration screen inside all editions of roomMaster.
    • The video on roomMaster.Net provides step by step instruction on the proper configuration of the innres control panel. The tutorial provides examples and how to instruction on adding room types, rates and customizing the look of roomMaster.Net. A link to the tutorial video has been added to the Innres control panel.

    By selecting the quick start video link, the video will begin downloading and provides the ability to begin viewing the video while the full download completes.

    The link to the tutorial videos can be removed by disabling all Web menu options on Setup > Configuration > Security. This is a workstation specific setting and would need to be selected on each workstation where the link should be removed from the configuration screen.

      1240 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - ToDo items not displaying at start up
    Premier edition only The ToDo items would not automatically display at startup even if the option to show all items at startup was selected on the user profile.
      1249 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Unable to select foreign language
    If a foreign language is added, the language is not able to be selected from the drop down menus throughout the system.
      1242 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - Added ability to charge deposit in iQ-WorldLink
    Enhancement: Added ability to charge an advanced deposit to GDS reservations posting through the iQ-WordLink interface. The option will only charge one night room/tax and requires the credit card interface.
      1241 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Payment Application - Credit Card encryption displaying on reservations
    The credit card encryption would display on a reservation if the check in of the reservation was cancelled. The display issue would only occur if the check in of the reservation was started and then cancelled prior to being completed.
      1232 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - Electronic processing report did not show voids processed in city ledger
    If a credit card payment processed in the city ledger was voided, the void would not be included on the electronic processing report. The void would write to the journal and correctly process to Shift4 and the $OTN website. This has been corrected and any credit card voids processed in the city ledger will now appear on the electronic processing report.
      1248 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Enhancements to Shift4 Credit Card Interface
    The following enhancements have been added to the Shift4 ($OTN) credit card interface:

    • The terminal ID will now appear on the $OTN website for all credit card transactions processed through the interface. The terminal ID will be the computer name (NETBIOS) of the workstation where the credit card transaction was processed. A terminal ID for each credit card workstation can also be defined in the configuration of credit card processing in roomMaster.
    • The clerk ID on the credit card transaction in $OTN will now represent the module in which the credit card was processed. The following clerk ID's will be used for each module:
      • 1 - roomMaster
      • 2 - iQ-POS
      • 3 - roomMaster.Net
      • 4 - iQ-WorldLink
      • 5 - to be determined
    • The name on credit card will now appear on $OTN for all returns. In previous versions, the name on the credit card did not appear on $OTN for returns.
    • If a credit card is processed in the guest ledger and iQ-POS with no scan, the transaction will be processed as manually keyed, card present. All non scanned transactions processed in the city ledger, roomMaster.Net, iQ-WorldLink and advance deposit ledger will continue to be processed as manually keyed, card not present.

      1252 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    POS - Credit card expiration date displaying as YY/MM instead of MM/YY
    If the one step scan feature is used in iQ-POS, the expiration date on the processing screen when confirming the payment would display as YY/MM instead of MM/YY. This would cause the confirm of the payment not to process until the expiration date was corrected.
      1234 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

    POS - Daily Posting Report suppresses item description
    The item description would only be listed the first time it appears on the Daily Posting report in iQ-POS. The item description does not repeat on the report when the item does.
      1239 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    POS - POS Track Server Window
    12.08b Attempt to clear SALESPER record buffer so track server ID window would always appear when starting up the POS terminal. (random issue - we are unable to duplicate this issue at this time but this is an attempt to correct the issue)
      1257 11/8/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Closed to arrival / departure booking rules could be bypassed on reservation
    If a user selected cancel on the prompt for the override password, the user could then save the reservation and bypass the closed to arrival or departure booking rule. This has now been fixed and the user must either enter the override password or correct the arrival and/or departure dates to save the reservation.
      1246 10/24/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Kiosk Settings and Integration
    Fixed in 12.08b Enhancement: iQ-Kiosk functionality added to Premier Edition.
      1255 11/8/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Prompt variables for ISQL queries and reports
    Prompt Variables in the I&E SQL are now only saved in Interactive SQL but not in the Embedded SQL.
      1238 10/24/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Tables not properly created after system reset due to language setting
    If the language option in Windows is set to something other than English, the program would not properly create needed tables after a Reset System was performed or be able to properly recover from a Terminated Connection.
      1251 10/24/2008 Serious Resolved

    Reports - Increase character length for Room Revenue Detail Report
    The room number column on the Room Revenue Detail Report has been increased to 6 characters to display the entire room number. The report would previously only display the first 4 characters of the room number.
      1233 10/24/2008 Low Resolved

    Reports - Increase column width for folio number on journal listing report
    The folio number column on the journal listing report has been increased to 7 characters. It is currently at 6 which leave off the 1 if folio numbers are 100,000 or greater.
      1250 10/24/2008 Not Important Resolved

    Reports - Travel agent ID added to Travel Agent Billing report
    The travel agent ID has been added to the Travel Agent Billing report. The Travel Agent ID was removed in version 12 when the invoice and reference numbers were added to the report.
      1247 10/24/2008 Not Important Resolved
    Version 12.07:
    Common Library - Socket Tool (WinSock, FTP, HTTP) upgraded
    The Socket Tools for WinSock, FTP and HTTP have been upgraded to the V5.0 library. SMTP, POP and MIME are still using the V4.5 library.
      1197 6/19/2008 Unknown Resolved

    EPI - HCX-5000 added ability to further define the restriction class
    Ability to further define the restrict command for phones that are restricted. Currently, it is always using a "RST3", but it can now be futher defined with the /RST= special formula.
      1194 6/19/2008 Low Resolved

    EPI - HCX-5000 RST code is incorrect
    The Hitachi HCX5000 RST (Restrict) message does not put a space between the restrict code and the room number, causing the Restriction to not be applied to cash paying rooms.
      1196 6/19/2008 Serious Resolved

    EPI - Micros Voucher is Duplicated
    12.07b Regression in 12.07 Once a posting goes through from a Micros session, the voucher is then duplicated for all other transactions sent through on that session. This was caused by the Uniwell change/fix in Version 12.07.
      1200 7/14/2008 Serious Resolved

    EPI - Virtual positions regression in EPI for specific interfaces
    Regression: If the voucher is internally defined by the type of configuration (ie: uniwell, micros, fcs, etc.), then it would not look at virtual positions. This would cause the IRC-ID to not be used in virtual positions for Uniwell for example.
      1195 6/19/2008 Medium Resolved

    Functions - SMTP/MIME/POP socket tools moved to V5.0 library
    12.07bFinished socket tool V5.0 library conversion. New socket tools for Mail Controls including ability to select Character Set and Encoding on SMTP messages. SMTP functions completely rewritten and no longer use the SendMail.exe external application, for greater security of emails and better integration with user for error reporting.
      1199 7/14/2008 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Ability to handle large outbound files more efficiently
    The Socket Tools could GPF if the iQ-WorldLink HTTPPostData was greater than 4MB. To correct this, all the socket tools (HTTP, FTP, WinSock) for all roomMaster applications have been upgraded from the V4.5 toolset to the V5.0 toolset. In addition, you can now set the maximum group packet (room type for inventory and rate type for rates) per posting message to the GDS. We recommend this setting to be 4.
      1191 6/19/2008 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - IQ Worldlink could freeze when posting a reservation
    12.07bIf a reservation message contained fractions of a cent for the rate and total stay, IQ Worldlink could freeze when posting the reservation. Enhancements have been made for the interface to more effectively handle a rate and/or total stay which includes fractions of a cent.
      1202 7/14/2008 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink could incorrectly send wrong inventory date on final record
    12.07b There are some instances that the last record of the inventory would be incorrect where the EndDate value would be one less than the StartDate.
      1223 7/14/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - IQPOS Bill to Room transfer account excluded from charge routing
    12.07bIf the bill to room transfer accounts used with IQPOS are configured to be included in a reroute group, they do not automatically reroute when posting to the folio from POS. The charge routing does work when manually selecting to apply charge routing on a folio.
      1203 7/14/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Show Update History generates error due to invalid file name
    12.07b Regression - Standard and Enterprise Only
    An error 45 - Invalid file name is received when attempting to show the update history. The Show Update History was a feature added in version 12.07. The error is received due to the file name not being set and trying to access a blank file name.

      1204 7/14/2008 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - Credit Card Encryption
    If you create a new reservation and then immediately check it in, the credit card number may not be written to disk in encrypted form.
      1192 6/19/2008 Serious Resolved

    Payment Application - Encryption of credit card numbers not applied to change journal
    12.07b The encryption was not being applied to credit card numbers in the journal 2 (Change Journal) table. The Change Journal Report would display the full credit card number instead of masking the card number and only displaying last four digits.
      1201 7/14/2008 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Scanned payments on cards during checkin wizard
    Credit cards scanned during checkin wizard, select Checkin/Guest Ledger, insert a payment, the transaction is sent to $OTN as manually keyed. There are no issues with approvals, card can be scanned at any point during checkin process and approval shows card present.
      1193 6/19/2008 Serious Resolved

    Reports - Forecast Revenue Report Export to Excel
    The Forecasted Revenue Report export by UserField did not export to Excel like the standard options did. This was never part of the original design for the By Userfield enhancements in V12, and has now been added.
      1198 6/19/2008 Suggestion Resolved
    Version 12.06:
    Corp Reporting - CRM changed total rooms to zero
    CRM Export did not export the total number of rooms in the export file causing the number of rooms to constantly get reverted back to zero in the CRM application.
      1184 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Corp Reporting - CRM Export did not process DEMHIST table
    CRM Export did not process DEMHIST properly and did not export the data
      1183 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink could fail with large messages
    If a message was greater than 64,000 bytes (ie: Rates and Inventory), there is a chance that the message would be formatted wrong causing the remote GDS (SynXis for example) to not update on their end and give a generic XML Error message back. All GDS users must upgrade to this version of WorldLink immediately.
      1190 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink to handle Weekly and Monthly Rates
    iQ-WorldLink will now send Weekly and Monthly rates through the GDS/OTA specification. It would be something that the vendor can handle before it is turned on.
      1163 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added ability to add, change, delete email addresses within PDF window
    Enhancement: You can now add, modify, delete or delete all email addresses which are part of the PDF/Email option.
      1181 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Auto Override Rate cannot be removed manually
    When the option to default reservation and checkin screens to override the rate is selected, the override rate option cannot be manually removed to apply a rate code. The system will always default back to overriding the rate after you uncheck the override rate box.
      1166 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - BIND Errors during call to City Ledger lookup functions
    Call to lookup City Ledger Direct Bill and Company accounts that ended with an error (Account Inactive, Invalid Account, etc.) would not release the file buffer or unbind the file buffer, causing a BIND error. In addition, it would cause the buffer's USED count to be out of sync which could cause issue anywhere else in the thread.
      1186 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Do not mail and email option ignored on guest profile label report
    If the option for 'Do Not Mail and Email' is selected on a guest profile, the guest profile is not excluded when running the guest profile label export report. If 'Do Not Mail' is selected on the guest profile, the guest profile is excluded from the report.
      1179 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Foreign currency conversion on total stay not converting all fields
    The option to convert to foreign currency on the total stay (F11) screen does not convert all of the fields. The following fields are not converted: First Night with tax, First Night without tax, Two Night with tax, Two Night without tax and Average Night with tax. All other fields are correctly converted to the selected foreign currency.
      1178 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Frequent Stay File Name change
    Frequent stay file was changed to have a prefix of "FS_" in front of the XML file. This was done because all XML files in the RM directory were being sent during the FTP transfer (including non Frequent Stay files) so this was done so the FTP process would only send the correct files.
      1182 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Image is no longer included in PDF
    Regression: The PDF library no longer includes images in the PDF because the img_xchg.dll file is missing from the installation/distribution since the new library (2.5) is now being used.
      1164 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - No audit warning error for cancelled reservation with unposted deposit
    If a reservation is in a cancelled status with an unposted deposit, there is not a warning error received during the night audit pre-check. A warning error is received for either an inhouse or history reservation with an unposted deposit. This is by design, however, because of a suggestion, it is now changed to look at future reservations as well.
      1176 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Overriding rate on Guest Properties would not clear Rate Change Group
    When checking the box to override rate on Guest Folio Properties screen, if there were any rate changes in the record from the Rate Code or Yield Management, they would not be cleared out. Checking the box to override the rate on Guest folio properties now will clear the Rate Change information as well.
      1189 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Print statement automatically selected on import of Direct Bill accounts
    When importing companies into city ledger, if the Direct Bill flag is set to true, the print account statement will now automatically be set to true as well.
      1175 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Regression in More Options logic caused Guest Profile/Notes to overwrite
    Regression: When user would select More Options in a Guest Folio Properties, the MoveFromVip routine would fire, causing the Guest Profile information to always overwrite existing values on the Guest Properties screen including the Notes.
      1188 6/4/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Reservation rules display incorrect days of week on availability screen
    Premier Edition only:The days of the week for reservation rules display incorrect on the F4 availability screen. The rules are correctly applied on the reservation; this is a display issue only.
      1169 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Translations for default language do not print on folio and/or sign-in sheet
    If a translation is entered on either the folio or sign-in sheet for the default language, it is not saved and does not print on either the folio or sign-in sheet. The translation works correctly if the translation is entered on any added foreign language.
      1185 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Unable to view change journal from availability breakdown for a reservation
    An error is received when trying to view the change journal entries for a reservation from the availability breakdown screen. The change journal entries are correctly displayed for an inhouse room. When selecting to view the change journal for a reservation, user receives an error message stating only able to view change journal entries for an inhouse room or reservation.
      1180 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - VAT taxes are not included in the Group Folio
    Regression: This is a regression issue caused by the addition of the ability to rollup taxes on a detail folio for inclusive VAT/GST only. If this option is selected and a group folio is printed, the group folio does not include the VAT/GST taxes.
      1174 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Never print credit card receipts on workstation level has no effect
    The option to never print credit card receipts from this workstation has no effect on credit card receipt printing. When the option is selected, the credit card receipts continue to print from that workstation.
      1173 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added ability to force Yielding Recalculation on adults/child change
    Enhancement Added ability to force the Unlocking of Yielded Rates when changing the number of Adults and/or Children on a reservation. These new options are in the Yield Management setup screen.
      1187 6/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - SQL Wizard Enhancements
    Many Interactive and Embedded SQL Enhancements:
    • Added ability to set FontName, FontSize, FontStyle and FontColor to report fields
    • Added ability to override field Justification to report fields
    • Added ability to override field width and field height to report fields
    • Added ability to skip DataGridPreview and go directly to producing the report.
    • Ability to set Report Field Picture on Detail and SubTotal level
    • Ability to highlight formula fields
    • Ability to suppress fields if duplicated in printed report.
    • Ability to hide fields but use them elsewhere such as in Sorting
    • Added new enhanced formula window
    • Ability to set Printed Report as single, 1.5 or double space.
    • Ability to set whether or not to AutoSave Report Wizards when you are modifying it.
    • Added ability to select Report Fields from within the WHERE clause
    • Enhanced Formula Editor in Group By and ability to change Grouping option once it has been added as a field.
    • All keys have been described to the SQL Wizard to join fields are automatically populated for all common links.

      1177 6/4/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Reports - C/L Open Invoice Listing Report
    The option to only show past due items on the C/L Open Invoice Listing is ignored. The report always shows all open invoices instead of only showing the past due invoices.
      1165 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Reports - Confirmation Letter export changes and enhancements
    The confirmation letter export does not include the header information for the fields in the CSV file. In addition, all money fields did not handle values greater than N7.2 - The amount fields were also changed to handle negative numbers and also suppressed commas in numeric values so they correctly imported into Excel. Premier Edition Only The confirmation letter sent date (when chosen to be updated) did not update properly under the Premier Edition.
      1171 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Reports - Unable to select years greater than 2005 on Charts
    The Occupancy by Month charts would only allow a range of years between 1997 and 2005.
      1167 6/4/2008 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Minimum stay restrictions for multiple rate entries
    The system only handled the first six rate entries for min/max stay override and deposit 100%. In addition, once a rate type is matched, the min/max and 100% deposit is carried forward to the next rate types.
      1172 6/4/2008 Low Resolved
    Version 12.05:
    Common Library - Added ability to print Table configurations
    Enhancement: Added Print button to generic Table configuration browse screen, allowing user to print out configuration options like Room Types, Hold Types, User Fields, Rate Types, etc.
      1146 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - Changed to newer PDF Engine
    All PDF functions have been upgraded from the 2.0 PDF-Tools library to the 2.5 PDF-Tools library. Some WMF files could GPF when being converted to PDF and it seems the newer library resolves this issue.
      1144 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - Currency Picture did not adjust properly
    Currency Pictures with a "B" or "-" in the currency name would not work properly, for example, BHT for Thailand.
      1134 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Date and Currency Pictures use standard lengths
    Even though the currency picture was STRING(15), the global memory space allocated for this pictures in all the dlls were CSTRING(12) causing 4 characters to be missing should these pictures be greater than 11 characters. All libraries are now changed so there should be no issues with the size of the date or currency pictures.
      1150 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - Foreign Currency Enhancements
    Enhancement: A number of enhancements were made to the foreign currency functions in roomMaster 2000.

    • Foreign Currency amounts will now print immediately after the balance line and before tax summary.
    • Added ability to show Exchange Rate on the folio in addition to the name of currency.
    • The currency code was changed from 2 characters to 3 characters max to be compatible with standard abbreviations.
    • Made foreign currency window easier to use, making buttons bigger and having cursor default to proper field when printing Ctrl+K
    • Made Foreign Currency receipt easier to read, and corrected lengths of some fields.
    • Added ability to round converted exchanged amount to whole unit amount.
    • Added ability to show Foreign Currency on iQ-POS Detail Receipts.

      1135 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - PDF Reports did not always attach to email message
    Depending on the file name entered (as the PDF) and the location of the running target (drive map, UNC path, or fully qualified path), the PDF after creation may not attach to the MAPI which causes it not to attach to an email message. Functions have been changed to handle all qualified and non-qualified mapping.
      1145 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

    Common Library - POS Breakdown by account code may not void properly
    If the iQ-POS Post to Room was "By Account Code", and the account code on the roomMaster side was marked as taxable, the system would not void the entire transaction if done at a later point. In addition, the same would occur if the void was done via the POS as well. The system has been changed to link child tax transactions to their parent transaction as well as the master parent/original transaction so the void would work properly.
      1155 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

    EPI - Added Bi-Directional compatibility for Ericsson CIL4HOTEL Format
    Enhancement Add EPI Bi-Birectional compatibility (checkin, checkout, move room, name change, housekeeping) for the Ericsson CIL4HOTEL format.
      1128 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    EPI - Mitel 2103 dataset could change from IP device to COM
    There is a remote chance that the 2103 dataset session would change from being an IP connection to a COM connection and stall the interface. This would only happen if the 2103 dataset were running as a non COM1 device and the COM1 device was not in-use, and would only happen after a move-room command.
      1154 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - GDS Inventory updates not sent for multiple configuration entries
    Inventory updates are not sent for multiple configuration entries in IQ Worldlink. Only properties running multiple configurations for different GDS providers and/or multiple property ID's would be affected. The inventory updates are always sent for the first configuration entry in IQ Worldlink.
      1152 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink GDS Address Changes
    If the StateCode is included with the StateProv, the State Code is used instead of the State Province.
      1153 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink issues with large files
    12.05d Multiple issues may occur with large outbound IP transmissions in iQ-WorldLink.
    • Posting data buffer length was 2MB instead of 4MB causing only up to 2MB of data to be posted.
    • Large files being read in to memory before an IP HTTP POST was using the ASCII file driver with a 1024 record length string. This was changed to use the BINARY/DOS file driver and a 64K CSTRING giving a major performance boast (ie: 3 minutes to 3 seconds on a 2.6MEG file) iQ-WorldLink would hang for up to 3 minutes on large files causing close connections by the GDS.

      1161 4/21/2008 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink Memory Resource issue
    The iQ-WorldLink system does not release resources after registering HTTP socket events to the Windows event handler. Sometimes iQ-WorldLink would consume excessive memory (128MEG and more) and may also cause the iQ-WorldLink application to hang. The socket resources are now flushed after each process and the system no longer watches HTTP events. In addition, the iQ-WorldLink is now running under a threaded module rather than as an SDI application allowing better allocation of memory and resources.
      1149 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - WorldLink always returning NOTIF documents
    The iQ-WorldLink GDS interface always sends back NOTIF documents (OTA_HotelResNotifRQ) even if the GDS is sending non NOTIF documents (OTA_HotelResRQ). WorldLink is changed to respond back with the cooresponding response document that the orignal booking was from. (ie: Notif > Notif and NonNotif > NonNotif)
      1143 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Better display of Rates on F4-Availability
    Enhancement Display of Rates on F4-Availability screen was not properly justified, showing a snake-like column when the inventory is 1 versus 10 for example. The rates are now properly aligned as much as possible of what can fit in the column.
      1133 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Better resizing of Multi-Folio Window
    The MultiFolio window (Folio Display) will now resize (height resizing) better when opening in 1024x768 mode rather than just larger monitor settings.
      1131 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Changing to weekly rate does not update next posting date
    When changing from a daily rate to a weekly rate on a folio and using the adjustment wizard to void and repost room/tax, the next posting date is not correctly updated for the weekly rate. The next posting date remains as the daily causing room/tax to post with the auto post.
      1127 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Direct Bill and Company was not validated on Desk Folio properties screen
    When adding/changing company and direct bill information on the desk folio / properties screen, the information entered was not being validated when pressing OK.
      1129 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Extra Adult/Child Charge Ignored for Weekends Only
    12.05c If the rate is setup to only charge for extra adults/children on the weekend, the system is ignoring the amounts and they are not added to the rate amount. If the charge is entered for both weekday and weekend, the amounts are correctly added to the rate amount on a reservation.
      1157 4/10/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - List Journal shows Foreign Currency Amount
    The List Journal Report (from Display Journal) would not format to the set currency picture.
      1130 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - LogOut issue on ROOMS can occur after running night audit
    12.05c Regression: The ROOMS file was still attached to the night audit main procedure, causing the file inuse flags to be misread, leaving the file in an incorrect state. This would cause a host of issues including LOGOUT issues after the night audit was run with any procedure touching the ROOMS file.
      1159 4/10/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - ORIGDEBIT and ORIGCREDIT fields were not set properly
    Australian Long-Term Accommodation did not reduce ORIGDEBIT and ORIGCREDIT amounts after long-term tax reduction so the fields would show the original (overstated) posting amounts.
      1132 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Package Rates on Availability Screen incorrect on Weekend
    Package rates do not properly show the weekend rates on the availability screen. The weekday rates display correctly when using the show rates option.
      1124 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Rate information not suppressed on sign in sheet when printed from folio
    If a rate code has the option selected to hide rate information on sign in sheet, the rate is not suppressed when the sign in sheet is printed from a folio. The rate information is suppressed correctly if the sign in sheet is printed from a reservation or during a batch print.
      1121 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Report Wizard Notes fields added
    Additional Notes fields added to the Report Wizard (RESERVE.GUESTNOTES and FOLIOHD.NOTES)
      1123 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Request for Inspection added to Housekeeping screen
    Added the ability to turn on/off "Request for Inspection" from the F-10 Housekeeping screen and the ability to have all occupied rooms automatically marked as Inspection Requested during the night audit.

      1151 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - View Error received when entering work orders on Room Properties
    Standard and Enterprise Only
    Adding a work order through the Room Properties on the housekeeping screen causes a view error when selecting OK to close screen. The work order is properly saved, however, a VIEW Error appears. In Premier Edition, no error appears, however, the record cursor is incorrectly repositioned to the bottom of the Housekeeping browse screen.

      1120 4/2/2008 Not Important Resolved

    Main System - Watch Folios could remote all TABLE entries
    12.05d Premier Edition Only An issue could occur (rare) where going in and out of folios via the Watch Folios window, and making changes to the folio, could cause all the entries in the TABLES file to be removed. Once this occurs, all configuration is removed/missing from the system.
      1162 4/21/2008 Serious Resolved

    Payment Application - More names causes credit card encryption to show
    When going into Folio Properties > Other Information > More Names > OK, the credit card number shows the encrypted value on the GTD_NUMBER field rather than the readable value. This is just a display issue and is now corrected.
      1148 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Payment Application - QuickPay flag remains on causing issues after printing detail receipts
    When any SpeedKey button is pressed off the main terminal window (Print Detail Receipt, Print Summary Receipt, fast cash), the QuickPay flag remains on causing any subsequent payment being made on the order to bypass the Amount entry display. When using Shift4, a zero credit card transation is initiated. When not using Shift4, an empty/blank transaction is added to the order.
      1141 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

    POS - POS Payment was highlighted in red, for all seats
    If a POS check were split with multiple seats, and authorizations were done on each of the seats, the Payment window would highlight the payment type in red for ALL seats rather than just the authorizations for the current seat selected.
      1156 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added Highlighting capibilities to SQL Reporting
    Added Highlight ability to Interactive and Embedded SQL as a Vendor extension. The Highlighting extension enables you to apply conditional formatting to all fields. Based on a user condition (using Clarion Syntax), the appropriate highlighting is added to both the SQL grid view and the printed report.
      1138 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Added Weighted Average to ISQL
    Enhancement: Added ability to use "Weighted Averages" in the SUBTOTAL SQL Extension. SUBTOTAL 2,3,WAVG(4:2:3) - See online help for more information.
      1136 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL - Issues with Currency pictures, totals and extensions
    A number of issues have been resolved in the Interactive and Embedded SQL.

    • Using multiple InnQuest Vendor extensions in the same query could cause incorrect "SUBTOTAL" error message
    • Subtotaling Vendor Extensions would be incorrect when greater than 1000
    • Subtotaling did not use the column format picture
    • Added NOCURRENCYPICTURE extension to supress using roomMaster currency picture
    • Empty grand totals could appear if using InnQuest vendor extensions without SUBTOTAL.

      1147 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

    Premier Edition - ISQL now uses roomMaster 2000 Currency Picture
    If the field being returned in a query is DECIMAL(13,2), it is assumed to be a MONEY field and is converted to the roomMaster currency picture rather than @n-13.2 allowing foreign currency to appear correctly in Interactive and Embedded SQL.
      1139 4/2/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Reservation could show incorrect deposit amount on Total Stay screen
    Total stay screen and sign in sheet (when printed from checkin wizard) could show incorrect deposit amount if a future reservation with same guest profile exists. This is a display issue only affecting the total stay screen on the guest record properties.
      1117 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yield Management fails to close out discounted rates
    Regression: When closing out discounted rates in Version 12.03 and 12.04, the Yield Management functions failed to see that the rate code is marked as a Discount, so the rate would just be yielded rather than moving to RACK. This is now corrected.
      1140 4/2/2008 Serious Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yielding ignored for future days of guest stay on walkins
    If the option is selected to not apply yield rate modifications for the current audit date, the yield modifications are also ignored for future dates of the guest's stay. This only occurs for walkins. A reservation made for arrival on current audit date only ignores yielding for the current audit date and correctly applies the yield rate modifications for the future nights of the guest stay.
      1142 4/2/2008 Medium Resolved

    Reports - All Invoices by Account, Due Date report incorrectly calculates aging
    The All Invoices by Account, Due Date report is calculating the aging incorrectly. It is subtracting the Due Date from the Audit Date. The All Invoices by Due Date is correct. It is correctly calculating the aging by subtracting the Invoice Date from the Audit Date.
      1137 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Reports - Open Items Maintenance Report
    The current status of a room on the open items maintenance report is incorrect for unavailable rooms. If the current status of the room is unavailable, it will show as Occ (occupied) on the report.
      1122 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    Reports - Reports menu running Crystal Reports sends blank report name
    12.05c When running a custom Crystal Report from the Reports menu, the report name is blank and is not sent to the Crystal Wrapper.
      1158 4/10/2008 Low Resolved

    Reports - Room Availability report no longer displays in Forecasting category
    Standard and Enterprise Only
    The Room Availability report does not display in the Forecasting and Availability category. The report does show when searching and when viewing the reports screen by name.

      1119 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Discount incorrectly applied on roomMaster.Net
    If a rate with a discount is initially selected on roomMaster.Net and the availability screen displayed, the discount is being applied when going back and selecting a promo code that does not have a discount included.
      1126 4/2/2008 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - Maximum Night Stay restriction displays incorrect message
    12.05c The maximum night stay restriction on a rate would display the minimum night stay in the message on roomMaster.Net. The maximum night stay is properly enforced; the message received was incorrect.
      1160 4/10/2008 Low Resolved
    Version 12.04:
    Common Library - Added "File Delete' to Check All Files for Premier Edition
    Premier Edition only You would be able to delete a file for Standard Edition in the Check All Files system but not in the Premier Edition. This functionality has now been added.
      1106 2/13/2008 Not Important Resolved

    EPI - Micros sales buckets incorrect in Aloha
    The Micros Sales Bucket posting starts at position 90, however, the Aloha may start at position 93. The starting bucket position was hardcoded as 90 rather than using the POC:CHARGEAT field in the EPI configuration and is now corrected.
      1110 2/13/2008 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Rate changes after 8th night ignored on GDS reservations
    Reservations automatically posting into roomMaster from IQ Worldlink would ignore any rate changes after the 8th night of the guest stay. Rate changes between the 1st and 7th night would be entered correctly onto the reservation.
      1109 2/13/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Auto Rotation of Units based on number of uses in previous 60 days
    Enhancement: The system will now auto rotate rooms during the auto assign routine based on the number of uses in the previous 60 days. This enhancement will work well for Condotel properties as it will assist in ensuring all units are ranked based upon the number of uses. The auto rotation can be turned on by selecting Setup > Configuration > Dayend Close Options > Automatic Unit Rotation.
      1115 2/13/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Corruption of User Profile Buffer
    Under some circumstances, whether by certain reports assigned to run during dayend or the password being updated by the user, the USERS record buffer could become corrupted causing blank entries in User Profiles and/or User Profiles being deleted or missing.
      1108 2/13/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - EPI Logging Messages are now purged
    During the final steps of the night audit, the EPI Logging Messages are now purged if they are more than seven days old. The file is also packed and reorganized and only executes if exclusive access is obtained on the POSTLOG file.
      1107 2/13/2008 Not Important Resolved

    Main System - Group block in status of canceled allows new reservations
    A group block that has a status of canceled will allow additional new reservations to be made within the group. The description for the cancelled status currently states group can no longer be used. Instead, the description should state new reservations can no longer be made.
      1095 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group code not added during auto create of desk folio
    A desk folio automatically created during the group checkin or when the first reservation that is part of a group with charge routing is checked in does not have the group code on the desk folio. If an nventory only reservation is made and the group code entered on the reservation, the desk folio will have the group code entered once it is checked in.
      1096 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Guest Profile is not updated with changes made on checked out folio
    Any changes made on the profile tab on a folio in a checked out status are not saved to the guest profile.
      1105 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Inventory Item on zero night reservation causes availability to be incorrect
    If a zero night reservation has an inventory item added, the inventory item is removed from availability. A rebuild of the forecast causes the item to be put back into availability since the forecast rebuild is not properly recognizing the zero night reservation.
      1094 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Rate Exception allows maximum amount of 999.99
    The amount field on a rate exception allows a maximum of 999.99.
      1100 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Read Only Guest Notes (GDS/rM.Net) will now appear in notes Pop Up
    Enhancement: The read only guest notes (GDS/rM.Net) on a reservation will now trigger the notes pop up when selecting a reservation. Previously, only the staff notes would trigger the pop up.
      1113 2/13/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Remote Notification of Maintenance Items
    The remote notification of a maintenance item by department only sends to the first entry in the department. The remote notification is also now enhanced to show an interactive session while the email is going out and also return error messages if any occur.
      1091 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Sign-In Sheet Batch Print using Multiple Languages
    Regression: During the batch print of signin sheets, all literals are not being set back to the default language. If a signin sheet in the batch has a different language selected, the remaining signin sheets in the batch continue to print using the alternate language instead of reverting back to the default language.
      1101 2/13/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Sign-In Sheet Changes do not print Registration Header After Upgrade
    The option to print the registration header on the Signin Sheet is automatically defaulting to Do Not Print Registration Header after upgrading from a previous version to version 12. In previous versions, the option was a checkbox and if true the registration header was printed.
      1103 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Unable to add room block in groups for only block date below
    This is a regression issue caused by the fix to creating a block record for one block date on an allotment. The add room block for only block date below on a group does not accept a date range. The starting date range and ending date range fields are functioning as the block date and release date.
      1102 2/13/2008 Medium Resolved

    Payment Application - Scanned card does not show in Credit Approvals on CheckIn Wizard
    Scanning the card during the checkin wizard whether as a walkin or during checkin of a reservation, the scanned card entry does not appear under More Options > Credit Approvals window. However, the system still behaves in the proper way and passes scanned track information to Shift4.
      1097 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    POS - Bill to Room Credit no longer shows room number in voucher field
    The voucher field on the POS Bill to Room Credit posting on the POS desk folio does not contain the room number of the bill to room.
    Change/Enhancement The voucher field on the bill to room credit posting on the POS desk folio will now contain the room number and folio number that was billed.

      1099 2/13/2008 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - CheckExclusive View did not read audit flag properly
    The VIEW_CheckExclusive did not report the AuditFlag properly. An upgrade is required if you plan on using this view for external applications.
      1116 2/13/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Yielding Variance on Manager's Daily Report could have incorrect amounts
    The yielding variance on the Manager's Daily Report was including any variance, positive or negative, from the default rate (RACK). For example if a folio had a 5% discount off of the RACK rate, the yielding variance would show a negative amount due to the discounts being included in the calculation of yielding variance. Due to the totals being incorrectly calculated, all yielding variance amounts will be reset to zero when upgrading to version 12.04.

    Enhancement to Rate Variance Report: This report has been enhanced to include the yielding variance. The report will now show any yielding variance as well as actual variance from the default rate for individual rooms. This report is based on the current inhouse folios at the time the report is printed. If the detail of the yielding variance is desired on a daily basis, the report should be added to the auto run before dayend close. In addition, the yielding variance will be added to a new table YMVARNCE so queries can also be written.

      1111 2/13/2008 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Extended Forecast Report "Departure Count" is incorrect on first date
    The Departure count in the Extended Forecast Report could be incorrect on the first day listed on the report. All other days are always correct.
      1098 2/13/2008 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Guest Awareness and Arrivals (Detailed) Reports Enhanced
    Enhancement: The Guest Awareness and Arrivals (Detailed) reports have been enhanced to include birthday, anniversary and likes/dislikes of arriving guests. If there is an anniversary or birthday within the next 7 days (either past 7 days or future 7 days), it will appear on the report. The year entered in these fields on the guest profile will be ignored to ensure it always works properly. The guest's likes and dislikes will also be included on the report.
      1112 2/13/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - Added ability to set page background color in RM.NET Control Panel
    Enhancement: (V5.10) is now enhanced to allow the page background color to be set via the RM.NET control panel. The ASP's for Version 5.10 or higher are required for this to work. This setting is ignored for any RM.NET version lower than 5.10
      1104 2/13/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    rm.Net - Audit log for rM.Net no longer showing reservations booked
    The audit log in the innres control panel was not being updated as reservations were made on roomMaster.Net. The reservation would post into roomMaster will no issue.
      1114 2/13/2008 Not Important Resolved

    rm.Net - Discounts incorrectly applied on roomMaster.Net Reservations
    Reservations booked through roomMaster.Net for a rate code with discounts available for specific checkin days of the week will have the discount applied for all days of the week. The issue only exists for reservations booked through roomMaster.Net and a discount on the rate code for a specific checkin day of the week. (A fix for this is also available in V11.56, contact support for more information)
      1093 2/13/2008 Low Resolved
    Version 12.03:
    Common Library - Error on Config File during File Conversion
    Standard and Enterprise Edition Only: An error message is received during the conversion process on the config.dat file stating the file is not open. Selecting OK on the error message allows the conversion to complete without additional issues.
      1078 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - roomMaster in Stopped Mode after Upgrade
    roomMaster is not automatically coming out of stopped mode at the completion of an upgrade. To manually start roomMaster, select Night Audit > Restart roomMaster.
      1077 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Added ability to send EPI Event Notifications to email
    Enhancement: Added ability to attach an email address to an EPI configuration (on the session level) so that any changes which affect the EPI Status (Red, Yellow, Green lights) will trigger an email notification to a designated user. This could be used so a support person can be notified immediately if the EPI session goes into a disconnected state or a failed state. See the new /ALERT special formula in the Online Help for more information.
      1088 1/17/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Functions - Final Fixes/Changes to the RestoreWindow Standard Functions
    Regression in Version 12: The standard window functions were no longer trying to bring Windows which were out of range of the AppFrame back to the center of the screen. In addition, the system has now been enhanced to try and correct these orphan windows when they are also Non-MDI windows as well reducing issues with windows that 'fall off the screen'.
      1083 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Batch Print Signin Sheets with More Names Incorrect
    Standard and Enterprise Edition: If the batch print contains more name on one of the reservations, the Signin Sheet is printed with the previous guest's name under the first signature line. Once another reservation with a more name is reach in the batch, the correct name prints under the first signature line.
    Premier Edition: If there is an additional name on the reservation, the registered guest's name is not appearing below the first signature line. The text reads 'Signature' instead of the registered guest's name.

      1089 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Duplicate Group Master Folio
    When the first reservation that is part of a group block with charge routing is checked in, the desk folio (group master) is automatically created even if a desk folio for the group master already exists. System is not checking for the desk folio prior to automatically creating one and setting the charge routing to the new desk folio rather than the existing one.
      1075 1/17/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Filter List Removed from Journal Screen
    Standard and Enterprise Edition Only
    The filter list button no longer appears on the Journal screen.

      1084 1/17/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - FTP Passive File Transfer Checkbox
    Passive file transfer is still being used even if the check box for passive file transfer is null.
      1087 1/17/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group Blocks - Book by Room Number
    If a reservation is started for a room within a group block from the Availability screen and the user selects cancel on the reservation, the room number is removed from the Group Block. This issue only affects groups which are setup to block by room number. Also, it was found that if the GROUPCODE was changed or blanked out on a reservation which was originally using rooms from another Group Block, they could have been removed from the original group rather than put back into inventory for the group.
      1080 1/17/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - When printing history folio from City Ledger, VAT is applied to first recored
    Premier Edition Only The key to retrieving and printing history folios transactions was in TranType order instead of Posting order which caused the VAT posting amount to always be applied to the first record on the folio. This issue will only show when printing a folio directly from a City Ledger invoice.
      1090 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

    POS - Incorrect Service Name Prints on Kitchen Receipt
    If the services have been renamed in the global settings of IQPOS, the kitchen receipt is still printing the hard coded ***TAKE OUT ORDER*** and ***ROOM SERVICE ORDER*** for the services in the third and fourth position.
      1086 1/17/2008 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Closed to Arrival/Departures
    The Closed for Arrival/Departures option in Yield Management is not affecting reservations in roomMaster.Net. In addition, if the Room Type is different than the Rate Type, the Closed for Arrival/Departures was not working properly in roomMaster 2000. was not designed to handle this new function but is now enhanced to show language table entry 792 and 793 when Closed for Arrival/Departure is active. This functionality is added to Version 5.01 and higher.
      1079 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Prompt to keep Prompt Parameters on re-execution
    Enhancement: In Interactive and Embedded SQL, if a report has Prompt Parameters, and the query is executed in succession (ie: during development of a query), the system will prompt the user whether or not they want to keep the existing Prompt Parameters rather than having to enter them again.
      1081 1/17/2008 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Rate Exceptions are not cleared on override rate and connectors
    If a rate has Yielding or Rate Exceptions, and the rate is then overridden (either by selecting a Company Rate or just selecting Override Rate checkbox), the Rate Exceptions and Yielding colors are not cleared. This also occurs when checking in Connector rooms.
      1082 1/17/2008 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Yearly Account Balance Report has Incorrect Totals
    The yearly account balance report is placing the totals from 2007 in the 2008 column causing the report to be off by one year.
      1085 1/17/2008 Low Resolved
    Version 12.02:
    EPI - EPI could freeze sessions because of POSTBID lock
    Premier Edition Only Multiple issues resolved. During a database swap (DBE), the system may leave the trailing POSTBID record locked causing record locks on workstations. In addition, if the /NOSWAP parameter is used, non-posted POSTBID records are deleted from the Bi-Directional Queue when they should not be since they still need to be processed. Finally, the /NOCONNECT parameter processing in EPI TCPIP events were made more efficient.
      1068 1/4/2008 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink would create blank attributes
    When iQ-WorldLink would create the reservation response (OTA_HotelResNotifRQ/RS), attributes without values would still be written out causing errors in schema validation, such as in the ResID_SourceContext attribute. This mostly affected Genares.
      1069 1/4/2008 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Allotment Not Allowing Entry for One Block Date
    Allotments do not allow the creation of a block record for only one block date.
      1074 1/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Main System - Auto Recheckin of Folio Causes Error
    The automatic recheckin of a folio causes a General File Operation Error to occur. The error does not prevent the automatic recheckin process from completing once the user selects Ok on the error message.
      1066 1/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Mass Copy Rates Percentage Calculation
    The increase/decrease by percentage calculation is incorrect in the Mass Copy rates. For example if a 10% increase is entered, the rates are increased by 110% during the mass copy.
      1067 1/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Rebuilding of Sales Centers were incorrect
    Premier Edition Only Rebuilding of Sales Centers in Premier Edition would not work properly. The Standard Edition (TPS) would work properly.
      1071 1/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Column titles could be wrong in Embedded SQL
    When executing an SQL Embedded report from inside the Reports menu, the column titles could show up as FIELD1,FIELD2,FIELD3, etc. instead of the read column names. This had to do with the statements handle not pointing to the dynamic file driver but to the SQLFILE file driver.
      1063 1/4/2008 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Exporting numeric values in SQL would cause issues
    When choosing Export in the Interactive and Embedded SQL, and there were numeric or decimal fields, the commas should not appear during XML and TEXT exports. When values were over 999.99, they would export as 1,000.00 causing issues during an import to programs such as Excel. Also, if the XML Export field name had a space in it, it would cause an XML validation error. Spaces are now changed with a _ character.
      1070 1/4/2008 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - IDEAS Audit Date was one day off
    Regression in Version 12 from Version 11. The IDEAS interface was not sending the correct audit date to the interface file and was one day off. This was a resolution in Version 11.56 but was not rolled in to Version 12.
      1072 1/4/2008 Serious Resolved

    Premier Edition - SUBTOTAL incorrect in SQL
    The SUBTOTAL SQL Extension does not calculate correctly when a comma or other non-numeric element appears in the field being totalled.
      1064 1/4/2008 Serious Resolved

    Reports - Column length incorrect for Group Reservation List
    The room number column on the Group Reservation List displays a maximum of four characters. If the room number is more than four characters, the report only shows the first four characters.
      1065 1/4/2008 Low Resolved
    Version 11.56:
    Common Library - POSLOG would not reset in Premier Edition
    The POSLOG table would not reset (Clear) when choosing Reset System in the Premier Edition.
      1058 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - Premier Conversion
    Premier Edition Conversion can now set the initial database file size. Main entry screen closes before conversion runs to lower screen updates to make conversion faster.
      1051 5/15/2007 Not Important Resolved

    Common Library - RMCONFIG Default Database
    The RMCONFIG utility for the Premier Edition would always default to the database name of "roommaster". This would not work when sites would use the same server to server multiple databases on the same network. It will now use the default database engine name from the registry.
      1053 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - RMCONFIG fixes for restoring Night Audit
    Active-X controls changed to Version 25 to install this update. RMCONFIG would not restore Night Audit Image (Premier Edition) when roomMaster was installed in any location other than C:\Program Files\roommaster. It will now use the database properties to find the proper location of the roommaster.db
      1060 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    EPI - /NOSLASH parameter for Micros POS (Nomadix)
    Case # 738 was implemented in 10.09, however, not rolled into 11.x -- this is now implemented as well for 11.x. (Nomadix HSIA interfaces)
      1047 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    EPI - EPI - Isolation Level and Critical Stops
    The EPI Posting routines will wait to fire for up to 2 seconds if another thread is in the middle of a posting routine, controlled by a Critical Stop windows function. In addition, if EPIBusyHandling was used, the Isolation level for threads 2 through 8 would still run at the database's default Isolation Level instead of 0. Finally, all I/O to the database within the EPI CommSession routines are framed in a LOGOUT/COMMIT causing the database to commit all SQL transactions. This was causing a roomMaster workstation freeze randomly.
      1052 5/15/2007 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Enhanced Curent Active Users
    Enhanced Current Active Users Database Connections to show any Blocking Connection Numbers. (Premier Edition Only)
      1050 5/15/2007 Not Important Resolved

    Main System - Package Rollup was by Audit Date vs. Display Date
    All Daily Package RollUp's were by Audit Date rather than Display Date. When adjustments were made to packages, all rollup would occur as one item since the adjustments were all being done on the same audit date. RollUp's are now done by which Folio Print setting (Audit vs Display Date).
      1062 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Rechecking in Desk Folio Inventory Reservation
    When checking in an Inventory Only Reservation (to desk folio) and then selecting the Recheckin Option during Checkout, it would recheckin the desk folio as a Room Folio rather than a Desk Folio. This was caused by the First Name properties of the reservation being extended into the Desk Folio properties.
      1061 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Refresh on F4-Availability
    F4-Availability screen would not refresh and show new information when right-clicking and starting a new reservation.
      1048 5/15/2007 Low Resolved

    Main System - Right-Mouse click on F4 - MouseDownField issue
    Right-Mouse click on F4-Availability Room Block Detail would update hte MouseDownRow but not the MouseDownField FEQ. This would cause the selected column to not be accurate until a MouseLeftClick.
      1049 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Rooming List database record corruptions
    Premier Edition Only When creating rooming list entries from unfilled groups, a corruption could occur on the database driver level causing incorrect forecasting numbers. This was caused by the C60SQAX driver corrupting key fields when using SEND(key, /WHERE) clauses.
      1054 5/15/2007 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Rooms placed Out of Service would flip too soon
    When putting rooms Out of Service, they would be flipped to Unavailable one day too soon. This is a regression around version 11.02 and is a serious regression. Users putting rooms Out of Service should update as soon as possible.
      1056 5/15/2007 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Sub-Folios during Group CheckIn
    If sub-folio changes are selected during Group CheckIn, the next regular checkin has the Sub Folio from the Group Checkin created.
      1046 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    POS - Re-order Round in POS would cause sorting issues
    Once you chose Reorder Round in POS, splitting checks would cause the line item to randomly appear in the guest check.
      1059 5/15/2007 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Manager Daily Report Changes
    The COMP/RACK/OTHER section of the Managers Daily Report is now in the same order and text as the Dayend Close report for consistancy. The Override Rooms line has been removed because it served no purpose with the other data and caused confusion.
      1057 5/15/2007 Low Resolved

    Reports - Monthly Booked Occupancy Report filter text
    When selecting Unfilled Group Rooms or Unavailable Room check boxes when running the Monthly Occupancy Booked Rooms report, the filter text printing on the report was incorrect. This is now fixed.
      1055 5/15/2007 Low Resolved
    Version 11.55:
    Enterprise - Graphs only go to 2005
    Graph YEAR options only go to 2005. These have been corrected.
      1042 4/12/2007 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group Block Detail may be incorrect on Room List
    Premier Edition Only When creating a rooming list and then creating reservations immediately afterwards, the first day of the Group Block Detail may be off by 1 room. This is caused by a corruption in the Clarion SQL Anywhere driver, but a workaround is in place for this build.
      1041 4/12/2007 Low Resolved

    Main System - Rooming List Revenue Account Override
    When creating a group block using another room revenue account other than 100 (Room Taxable), and then creating reservations from the rooming list, the Room Revenue account is picked up from the Group level or the Profile level, not locked by the Group Level. The Room Revenue "Changed" flag is now set if the Room Revenue Account changed flag is set, and is now passed down to created reservations from the rooming list.
      1043 4/12/2007 Medium Resolved

    POS - Special Kitchen and reprint messages fail
    Premier Edition Only: Special Kitchen Messages and Reprint Messages do not print in the kitchen.
      1040 4/12/2007 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - EPI could freeze workstations at checkin
    Premier Edition Only There were some occurances where the EPI would hold the SQL Cursor in a locked state when updating a room via Housekeeping functions in EPI. If then the room was being used at the front desk during the checkin process, it would lock the front desk workstation until EPI was closed and reopened. This issue is now resolved.
      1045 4/12/2007 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - IDEAS may double state revenue PLUSWRK1
    The PLUSWRK1 file may not be cleared before the IDEAS extract. This file could contain information fro a previous run, or from running the Forecasted Revenue Report prior to running the IDEAS Extract on the same workstation.
      1044 4/12/2007 Serious Resolved
    Version 11.54:
    EPI - EPI PostBuffer Cursor is reset to stop locking
    Premier Edition Only There may be a case where workstations may freeze during the checkin process because of Bi-Directional messages in the EPI. This is caused by the ODBC cursor in a locked state even though the ODBC Driver is set to handle BusyHandling. This change is an attempt to resolve the issue.
      1037 3/22/2007 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - IQ-WorldLink assignment of rooms on changes
    If a Change Reservation is encounted within iQ-WorldLink (or the API), the room booking (ROOMBOOK) information is not updated. This affects only reservations that have a change in the Checkin date, Checkout date, Nights, Bedtype or Number of rooms. The error is that the room booking information remains in the original state of Checkin/Checkout dates. This is now corrected. All clients using iQ-WorldLink must update since this is a serious issue with availability and inventory.
      1036 3/22/2007 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - IQ-WorldLink inbound/outbound issue
    If the Transmission type is set to use folders (TravelCLICK only), then the system would always look for the inventory and rates files by mistake when posting reservation, giving a false error in the display. This is just a cosmetic issue.
      1038 3/22/2007 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - IQWorldLink enhancement to OTA (Travelclick)
    Some GDS vendors send rate records on the RoomRates/RoomRate level and others send it on the Rates/Rate level. The iQ-WorldLink program has been enhanced to handle it on either level, using the Rates/Rate level as the Primary and the RoomRates/RoomRate level as the Secondary. This problem appeared on reservations with rate changes for different periods for TravelCLICK reservations. TravelCLICK customers should update to this version.
      1039 3/22/2007 Medium Resolved
    Version 11.53:
    EPI - City Ledger Posting In Micros would not clear
    When using the /ROOMRC option (Allow Micros City Ledger Posting in EPI) and a C/L posting occurs, the next EPI Micros postings would still be attached to the previous City Ledger Account.
      1032 3/8/2007 Serious Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink enhanced to look at ResGlobalInfo
    The iQ-WorldLink interface will look at the ResGlobalInfo/Total AmountBefore Tax element if there is no RoomStay Total Amount Before Tax element. This will help with SynXis rates being overridden because this element is missing.
      1028 3/8/2007 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - iQ-WorldLink excluded too many rooms when oversold
    If the user has selected a number of rooms to Exclude from Inventory within the OTA/iQ-WorldLink interface, and less than those number of rooms are available, the interface would send a negative inventory amount to the GDS rather than zero. It will now send zero rooms available.
      1027 3/8/2007 Medium Resolved

    Main System - City Ledger could end up with zero/missing account
    There was a long-standing issue where the City Ledger would randomly (and quite rare) cause a city ledger account to change to blank/zero causing issue during night audit. This issue is now resolved and caused by putting a folio from history, within the City Ledger, expanding a transaction and voiding it.
      1030 3/8/2007 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Group Block Detail and ToDo's corruption
    Premier Edition Only If a Group Block is created (F7 / Insert) and then a Group Block Detail Record or ToDo item is inserts without first entering a Group Code, the window would display all Group Block Information or ToDo's after returning back from the error window, and also show a VIEW Warning error.
      1031 3/8/2007 Serious Resolved

    POS - Print Manager shows current process
    The POS Print Manager will show the "Current Status" of exacty what it is doing (Waiting, Sleeping, Printing, Committing, Reading, Deleting" so if there are any issues with it, the user will know exactly what task the Print Manager is processing.
      1026 3/8/2007 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - Browse missing X, Y and Z entries randomly
    On some screens (Reservations, Groups, SubFolio Guest Ledger Report, Inhouse Browse, Quick Room Display) could miss displaying entries beginning with X, Y or Z. This has been corrected.
      1035 3/8/2007 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Night Audit Image Recovery issue
    If the RMCONFIG utility is being used to Recover the Night Audit in the Premier Edition, and the Boot Drive is different than the Sybase Installation folder, the Night Audit Recovery Image option would fail.
      1034 3/8/2007 Not Important Resolved

    Premier Edition - ODBC Drivers would be reinstalled on Server
    The Active-X components would reinstall the ODBC Sybase SQL Anywhere drivers on the server even though they were not needed because Sybase SQL Anywhere is installed on the server by default. Reinstalling the Active-X on the server could cause the server to reboot itself without warning.
      1033 3/8/2007 Medium Resolved

    Reports - Transaction History Report running count wrong
    The Transaction History Report would show the wrong running Count total.
      1029 3/8/2007 Low Resolved
    Version 11.52:
    Common Library - Interfaces will now reconnect to DB Engine
    Premier Edition Only: - Hot Issue If the database is brought down and then brought back up, or an interface computer drops from the network and then reconnects, all interfaces (EPI, WorldLink, Keylocks, POS Print Manager) will end as a HungApp, GPF or would just freeze. Changes were made to the common library to disconnect from the database and try and reconnect to gracefully bring the application back up. If the POS disconnects from the DB, it will try and reconnect every 15 seconds. All other interfaces will try and reconnect every 5 seconds.
      1011 1/9/2007 Down Time Resolved

    EPI - EPI will not reconnect to dropped IP hosts
    11.52.03 When connecting to an IP device (such as Comtrol Device Master or an IPX Phone) and the remote host drops it's connection, most systems will come back online only in listening mode (slave). The EPI will now try and reconnect to all dropped connections every 5 minutes until a reconnection has established.
      1016 2/8/2007 Serious Resolved

    EPI - Updated CLACOM drivers
    This version recompiled with newest CLACOM32 drivers (EPI and Keylocks) for COM Port integration.
      1012 1/9/2007 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Change to how To Do's are handled
    11.52.03 Change A change has been made to the way the system handles past To Do items. Currently items older than 30 days are being purged from the system during the Day End Close. This function has been removed and will be re-evaluated for Version 12 for a more efficient and better solution.
      1018 2/8/2007 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Discount on rate level always applied
    11.52.04 If you add a Discount on the Rate Type Level in Rate Setup, and only select certain Checkin day of the week's it is valid, the discount would always been applied. This was correct.
      1021 2/19/2007 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Group Blocks Room Assignment(s) Issue
    11.52.03 Premier Edition Only Groups blocks that are booked by room number can cause Room Assignment Display Issues when two or more group blocks covering the some or all of the check in to check out date range have remaining assigned rooms without reservations. This issue causes assigned rooms to appear in the Available Room Display
      1017 2/8/2007 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Guest Profiles History Detail Display Issue
    11.52.03 Premier Edition Only When selecting the History Detail from a Guest Profile, the detail is duplicated and upon selecting and leaving one of the history folios the list is resorted to show only the last record in the display
      1014 2/8/2007 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Selecting Rate Lookup on Groups causes SQL Error
    Premier Edition Only: If a Group Block is set up to not have Checkin/Checkout dates, and the magnifying glass is used to look up rates, an SQL TimeStamp error would appear.
      1013 1/9/2007 Low Resolved

    POS - Point of Sale Bill To Room Sub Folio selection
    11.52.04 When selecting Sub-Folios C and/or D on the POS Bill To Room, there is a chance that it won't work or that the sub folios can be flipped.
      1025 2/19/2007 dium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Browse sorting issues fixed
    Premier Edition 11.52.04 Minor sorting and refreshing issues fixed on Guest Profiles and Work Orders. Work Orders can only be fixed on new ones entered.
      1022 2/19/2007 Low Resolved

    Premier Edition - New Environment option on command line
    11.52.04 New command line option (Environment) can be used to start RM in another default environment. This switch overrides any entry in the registry. Example: rw5main environment=Site2 would start the Site2 database engine instead of roomMaster.
      1023 2/19/2007 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - QuickRoom display Arrival column was blank
    11.52.04 The Arrival column on the Quick Room Display was always blank.
      1020 2/19/2007 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Shift Report User Filter
    11.52.04 When selecting Shift report, transaction details, filtered for a particular user, all the transactions for the user would appear in the report instead of those for that particular account code being selected.
      1024 2/19/2007 Low Resolved

    Reports - City Ledger Statements with no Invoice Detail
    11.52.03 Premier Edition Only When running C/L Account Statements, and selecting Invoice Detail, and printing statements without any detail, SQL TimeStamp errors can occur.
      1019 2/8/2007 Serious Resolved

    Reports - Payments Received Today Report Issue
    11.52.03 Premier Edition Only The Journal Summary of the payments on the lower left of the report are displayed incorrectly when a Payment made on a reservation is received.
      1015 2/8/2007 Medium Resolved
    Version 11.51:
    EPI - Core Changes to EPI
    Core system changes were made to the main events when using COM and IP communications in EPI.
    • Fixes were made to some of the INETRead operations to ensure that the right length of the string being returns was correct.
    • Tx/Rx strings were corrected so both NULL strings and NULL CRC/LRC characters were correctly sent to the remote system when using IP
    • Fixes were made to the trace files to show proper data being returned in the QuickReceive Event when using IP communications.
    • COM events would always Yield to the remote system before sending Bi-Directional messages, but IP sessions would not - this was corrected/enhanced.
    • Lodgenet/Otrum Dataswap would run slow when the hotel had a lot of Checked In rooms.
    • Added new /NOVER operation for Lodgenet/Otrum sessions.
    • When using IP sessions, the system would still send a ClrTrnBuf to the Modem/Com port which may cause a GPF when using a mix of COM and IP communications

      1010 12/22/2006 Serious Resolved

    EPI - Mitel 2103 NAM messages sent even if checkbox off
    The Mitel 2103 Dataset message would always send CHK0 and NAM as well as CHK1 and NAM, even if "Name Change" was unchecked (OFF) in the Bi-Directional configuration. The system will now only send NAM messages when "Name Change" is checked in the Bi-Directional Configuration.
      1005 12/22/2006 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - HTNG Headers on OTA documents were always on
    When the "Wrap with HTNG header" checkbox was not checked, the HTNG header would still wrap outbound Answer documents.
      1001 12/22/2006 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - XML TimeStamp incorrect format on OTA documents
    The TimeStamp of XML documents is incorrect. The IQXML.DLL engine was corrected. The timezone was in the format of HHMM instead of HH:MM
      1000 12/22/2006 Medium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - XML Version missing from HotelGetRQ message
    Added Version="4" to HotelGetMsgRQ message. This is a required OTA field rather than optional causing some parsers to display an error.
      1006 12/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Group Contract room value missing
    When printing the Group Contract, some rooms (or all rooms) would be missing the Room Value, when they appear after the first set (10 days) but did not appear in the original set of 10 days.
      1008 12/22/2006 Medium Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL field descriptions now show type
    Enhancement: When using "Field Descriptions" in the Interactive and Embedded SQL, it will now show which fields are Numeric, Date and Time fields. All others not mentioned would be strings.
      1004 12/22/2006 Suggestion Resolved

    Premier Edition - Interactive SQL Label Wizard fails
    Creating labels using the Label Wizard in Interactive/Embedded SQL would not create a label properly for any database/fields greater than 1000 (more than 1/2 down the list)
      1003 12/22/2006 Not Important Resolved

    Premier Edition - XML Ideas Interface would start at 1801
    The XML IDeaS interface would create records starting with year 1801 rather than just 365 or 45 days ago.
      1002 12/22/2006 Serious Resolved

    rm.Net - RM.NET / API would lock discount
    When a rate is used by the API (RM.NET or IQ-WorldLink) and the rate had a discount attached, the system would lock the discount. If the guest then changed their rate to another rate type, the discount would still be attached when it should be unattached. NOTE: This changed was rolled back in 11.52.04 - and WORKS AS DESIGNED
      1009 12/22/2006 Low Resolved
    Version 11.50:
    Common Library - RWTotalStay API Function structure changed
    The RWTotalStay API function second parameter has been changed from "Optional" to "Required" to be compatible with changes made to the Clarion 6 RunTime Library and the Clarion Report Writer. The second parameter must be either a '0' to indicate the first parameter is a reservation confirmation number or a '1' to indicate that the first parameter is a folio number.
      990 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

    Corp Reporting - CRM Data Export mixed Debits and Credits
    When the CRM (Corporate Reporting Module) export ran, it did not mark Credits in the TRANHIST portion of the export properly. Everything appeared as "Debits".
      998 12/7/2006 Serious Resolved

    Enterprise - Owner Statement "Percent of Fee" fee is zero
    If a "Fee" is selected as "Percent", it is not shown on the Owner's Commission Statement. You must use the "Before Fee's" option. This has now been corrected and you can base your fee on either Before Fee's or on the Full Amount.
      985 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

    EPI - EPI database swap could skip rooms
    Under some circumstances, if the EPI starts a database swap (Centigram, 2103, etc.), then some rooms could be missed. This is a regression as of Version 11.00
      995 12/4/2006 Serious Resolved

    EPI - EPI record buffer changed from 1K to 4K
    The EPI record (COM and IP) buffer has been changed from 1K to 4K to allow for larger data streams and systems which send large amounts of data.
      991 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Lodgenet/Otrum interface sends extra ACK in POST
    Lodgenet and Otrum interface ACK's the incoming POST message as well as another ACK is sent after the post to the folio is successful. Since these interfaces use a full message response, there is no need to ACK the actual posting. Lodgenet will show the following error is this patch is not installed: "Error: Received ACK without corresponding outgoing packet"
      989 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Micros Posting now allows billing to City Ledger
    Enhancement: EPI now has new special formula of /PREFIXRC which indicates that the user (server) will prefix all room numbers with an "R" and all City Ledger/Direct Bill accounts with a "C". This allows servers to post directly to the City Ledger from within Micros POS. When posting to the City Ledger account, the Credit Limit is checked (prior to posting), as well as Inactive Status, Direct Bill and Credit Hold flags.
      986 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - Rate Description in OTA_RateNotifRQ incorrect
    The Rate Description element was putting the description on the Formatted= attribute rather than as its own element causing an invalid document. This has been corrected.
      999 12/7/2006 Serious Resolved

    Main System - C/L Memo will print adjustments as invoice
    When C/L invoices are Added, and a Debit/Credit Memo is printed, the amount is showed as the Original Amount rather than as an Adjustment to make Added Invoices look just like regular invoices.
      987 12/4/2006 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Guest Profile Expiration reading wrong date
    When entering a "Last Responded Date" on the Guest Profile, the profile is unable to be used if that date has passed. The system mixed up the Last Responded Date with Guest Expiration Date.
      984 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Guest Profiles not auto-created on ChangeRecord
    "Require Guest Profile Information" checkboxes on the Setup / History tabs are only fired on InsertRecord. If the record is created in the database without a Guest Profile (RM.NET, API, WorldLink, and if checkbox changed after records created), Guest Profile information is not created/updated when OK or CHECKIN is pressed.
      992 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Inhouse Browse and QRD significantly faster
    Enhancement: Changes were made to the VIEW engines of the F8 and QRD screens giving a huge performance boost both in TPS and SQL versions. These changes are significant making it so a large hotel could open the F8 screen now in sub-second time rather than 1-2 seconds.
      997 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Travel Agent Billing Report missed names
    Premier Edition Only, the Lastname/Firstname would not print on the Travel Agent Billing Report. This report was also reworked to use SQL statements to generate much faster.
      988 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Unwelcomed Guest List did not work on WalkIn
    The Unwelcomed Guest List would not pull up properly on the Guest Checkin/Properties screen.
      994 12/4/2006 Medium Resolved

    POS - Multiple Qty Priced Modifiers are not discounted
    If a Modifier has a price, and the item is rung up as a multi-quantity item, and then a discount is applied to the entire order, the modifier is discounted or reduced to the first quantity. This is corrected.
      996 12/4/2006 Low Resolved

    rm.Net - CreateReserve API does not store Workstation ID
    Regression: When creating reservations using the API (RM.NET, WorldLink, etc.), the COMPUTER/Workstation information is not stored in the Change Journal.
      993 12/4/2006 Low Resolved
    Version 11.09:
    Common Library - Added Fee/Service Charge in Room Tax Options
    Enhancement: In Setup > Guest Ledger > Room Tax Options, added "Global Tax/Fee" option. This allows you to post a fee to every Room Revenue posting regardless of the Tax Options or Room Revenue type. It could be used for Room Levy's, Room Surcharges and Safe Charges so tax accounts no longer have to be used.
      951 9/22/2006 Serious Resolved

    Common Library - Cancelling Reservation did not journal changes
    When changing the Deposit Amount or Assigned Rooms on a reservation, and then hitting the Cancel button (cancelling changes), the Change Journal would not be updated with the affected changes.
      950 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

    Common Library - Event Log can now be sent to support
    Enhancement: AppLog can be sent to InnQuest Software support.
      941 9/22/2006 Suggestion Resolved

    Common Library - ODBC/Excel Import of Rooms includes blank lines
    When importing room numbers from ODBC or Excel, blank spreadsheet lines are included stopping the import from working.
      949 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Common Library - Tax by Adults or Flat rate does not split
    Old Issue. When adding a tax "By Adult" or "By Flat Rate", and splitting the posting among sub-folios, the amount would not split and become double-posted.
      952 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

    EPI - Alcatel OmniPCX Bi-directional messages invalid
    The Alcatel OHL OmniPCX interface creates invalid Checkin messages because of the length of the Language Set. (1 versus 4) - In addition, the password field is now created and the proper CRC/CC is attached to the messages.
      958 9/22/2006 Serious Resolved

    EPI - Interface with LG LDK-300 Hotel
    Enhancement: Added PMS Integration with LG Telephone System using LDK-300 Hotel software interface.
      973 10/12/2006 Suggestion Resolved

    Functions - Premier Edition Active-X change
    When Active-X components are installed under the Premier Edition, on the server, the Sybase ODBC components (DLL's) are not installed as they would already be handled via the Sybase Installations and EBF's. This will avoid rebooting the file server during Active-X reinstallations. Note: This change has been rolled back and removed in 11.09b as the ODBC components were found to be needed in some cases.
      957 9/22/2006 dium Resolved

    iQ-WorldLink - XML Files between 4meg and 19meg
    If a message of reservations came in with a size between 4meg and 19meg, it would not be processed properly.
      940 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Ability to quote rate on RM.NET with 100% deposit
    Enhancement: Finalized abilty to quote/use a rate on, but require that the deposit be 100% of the entire stay. Example: RACK rate at $150 a night, with 50% of 1st night deposit OR a $100 special provided the guest pay the entire balance up front at time of booking. This flag is on the Rate Setup tab of setup, on the Advanced ... button.
      970 10/12/2006 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Added Label functionality to ISQL
    Enhancement: Added Label printing to the Embedded and Interactive SQL. Instead of just creating reports from queries, users can now easily create a labels. The user can select from 18 different label formats.
      977 10/12/2006 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Assign Room taken by another workstation
    If two workstations pressed "Assign Room" at the same time, and a room was used by both workstaions, the second workstation would receive a 'hard-halt' error rather than a graceful message stating that another workstation (or Rm.NET) has taken the room. This would only happen if the window did not lose and gain focus between assigning the room.
      942 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Availability showing rates display issue
    Cosmetic issue ... when showing rates on F4-Availability, there are instances where the rates would be in parenthesis and other times when they are not.
      954 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Available Rooms screen faster
    The F3-Available Rooms screen should open and display data faster both in Standard and Premier Editions due to an improvement in ignore duplicate rate calculations.
      953 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Changed iQ-WorldLink to remove old Inv/Rte Files
    Before iQ-WorldLink sends Inventory and Rate XML messages, the system will remove all previously unsent Rate and Inventory messages. Since the new messages override all previous inventory and rate states, and could cause an issue with the remote system, these unsent messages are deleted and only the new inventory and rate messages are sent. In addition, all outbound re-queueing of messages is now done in chronological order to make sure all messages are processed in the proper order.
      974 10/12/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Dayend Close "Ignore Unavail Rooms in Occ%"
    Regression: Dayend Close checkmark "Ignore Unavailable Rooms in Occ%" was being ignored.
      965 9/30/2006 Serious Resolved

    Main System - DUPLICATE(key) returns true after DELETE(file)
    DUPLICATE(key) function returns true in the SQL Driver after a DELETE(file) is peformed. This causes an issue actually in many different points in the program. It seems to be an issue in the Clarion compiler, which we have reported to Soft Velocity and are waiting for a response. In short, if using Premier Edition and a record is deleted, then subsequent changes to that file would produce a "Duplicate Key" type of message even though this is not the case. (some places affected are Group Block Detail, Groups, User Profiles, ...) Work Around- Exit the screen that is producing the error and retry the function.
      966 11/6/2006 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Enhanced Restore Window
    The Restore window/function now also allows the user to select the "Shift" backup directory as an option. It also shows the date/time of the backups as well as the Shift backups.
      980 11/6/2006 Not Important Resolved

    Main System - F3-Rooms always includes Blocked Rooms
    Regression - Premier Edition Only F3-Rooms screen will always include blocked and booked rooms.
      961 9/30/2006 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Folio Display Height Adjustment code reworked
    The resizing of the Folio Display (Regular vs. Tall) was being adjusted based on the Video Display settings of the computer rather than the height of the Application Frame at the time the folio was being displayed. This has been reworked so the folio buttons are no longer clipped when the size of the AppFrame is smaller than 800x600 regardless of the Video settings in Windows. In addition, two common sizes (800x600 and 1024x768) were added to the Window menu option.
      975 10/12/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - GROUPNAME does not work on confirmation letter
    The *GROUPNAME* (Group Name) variable did not work in confirmation letters.
      982 11/6/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Hitting Cancel when Voiding Batch
    When Voiding a Batch Payment in C/L if you select "Cancel" rather than "Ok" it still Voids the batch.
      947 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - iQ-WorldLink rates sent with Discounts
    When rates are setup with Discounts to apply "For Entire Stay", these discounts are not applied to the rates being sent to the GDS (WorldRes, SynXis, Xenon, etc) This would work for both by Percent and by Amount, however, impossible to do for specialized discount period/days and is not supported.
      981 11/6/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - ISQL Label Wizard
    Enhancement: Added Label Wizard option which will write an address label SQL Statement simply by selecting any of the tables in the list.
      979 11/6/2006 Suggestion Resolved

    Main System - Maintenance Log slow when many completed items
    If the Maintenance has 100's and 1000's of completed items (not purged), opening the Maintenance Log could take a long time. This is not seen in the Premier Edition since the prop:filter of the data is handled by the SQL backend, but only in Standard Editions. Coding changes are being applied to the screen to filter the records via the driver rather than the application itself, speeding it up considerbly.
      968 10/12/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - OTA XML Rate message more efficient
    The OTA XML rate message (OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ) will now combine Weekday and Weekend amount StatusApplicationControl content when the weekend and weekday amounts are the same. This will create a smaller and more efficient transmission of rate notification to the GDS.
      976 10/12/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Packages do not RollUp VAT on Group Folio
    Package Folios that have a VAT posting will not rollup the tax on the Group Folio. It does however work on Detail and Summary but not the Group Folio. This is only an issue when Folio Type is set to VAT RollUp.
      946 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Premier Edition updates
    Many small changes to the Premier Edition including RMCONFIG fixes, ability to display correct database size, some enhancements to purging, elimination of Shift backup, path database information expanded, and HISTORY OFF parameter added to the BACKUP command to avoid History conflicts with other loaded Sybase applications loaded on the machine.
      983 11/6/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Purge History - Travel Agent Detail ignores date
    When purging Guest History, and selecting to purge Travel Agent detail, all paid invoices are purged regardless of the purge T/A date entered.
      978 11/6/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Quick Assign Room corrections and Assign Rooms
    If there were connecting rooms assigned to a reservation, the room would appear on the Quick Assign Rooms list even if the "Show Unassigned Rooms" checkbox was checked. In addition, for Premier Edition, the backend processing for this screen was changed for considerable speed enhancements. In addition, the flicker of Assign/Remove buttons on the Assign Rooms screen was corrected when using XP-Themes.
      955 9/22/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Quick Room Display (Premier) locator corrected
    The locator of room number (keying in a room number and having the browse screen auto-locate to the match) did not work in Premier Edition. This is now corrected.
      959 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Quick Room Display issues
    Regression - Premier Edition Only The Quick Room Display will not refresh sub-windows when a change is made to one of the sub-windows.
      962 9/30/2006 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Right-Click on Quick Room Display
    Regression The Right-Click options stopped working on windows which have more than one browse screen on them because of a change in the compiler (Build 9054).
      963 9/30/2006 Serious Resolved

    Main System - Room Import ignores connector rooms
    When using the Room Import features, the Connector room column was ignored both in Excel and CSV formats.
      956 9/22/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Room Revenue account not assigned on Groups
    If the user creates reservations using the Rooming List in Group Block's, and uses the Group CheckIn option to checkin the group, and the rate for the Group if Overridden, then the Revenue Account assigned to the reservation is zero. Then, if the reservation is also setup to transfer room revenue charges to a Desk Folio, and the room revenue charges are then voided, the room revenue is incorrectly reflected in the Dayend Close Recap and Manager's Reports. This type of scenerio is very rare but has happened to one client.
      971 10/12/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Room Revenue Detail report skips deleted rooms
    If a room is deleted from the system, and then the Room Revenue Detail report is run for a previous month when the room existed, it is not included in the report. The Room Revenue Detail report now includes all rooms where Room Revenue were posted including deleted rooms, front desk folios and history folios without a room number attached, so it always balances with the Room Revenue from other reports.
      969 10/12/2006 Medium Resolved

    Main System - Toolbar Colors mismatch
    Regression When changing the Toolbar colors in 11.09 only, four of the colors are not saved properly and saved as another color.
      967 9/30/2006 Low Resolved

    Main System - Uniwell special formula option added
    Enhancement: For Uniwell POS, if the third position of Special Formula is Y, then the ECR ID is added to the voucher in the form of ECR: (aa:).
      964 9/30/2006 Not Important Resolved

    Payment Application - Shift4 POS Transactions that affect C/L Fail
    If an account is marked for Credit Card Interface, as well as marked for A